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  1. Radlaw

    Unable to Autopilot

    Since rebooting, Autopilot does not work. I notice the blue rim around the steering wheel on the screen is only 3/4 complete, see attached. It slowly progressed to that point, but no further. Any thoughts?
  2. Radlaw

    No Home Auto Park

    Saw on YouTube that the Tesla 3 can self park in my home garage. I tried it, didn't work. Drove up to garage, put in P, tapped stalk 2 times; nothing happened. I have all the autopilot enhancements. I have used Summon in the past; but it was erratic. What am I either not doing or doing wrong?
  3. Radlaw

    Supercharger Pins

    Can the Supercharger Pins on the display be removed and re-inserted? Unless I need to get a charge, I prefer not to see all the red pins scattered over the screen with numbers in them. If and when I need to get charged, then I would like to display them.
  4. Radlaw

    Top Three Modifications

    Here are my top 3 modifications to my T-3" 1) SUMA tinted door mirrors with lighted directional signals-love them every time I make a turn 2) Modified screen angled to driver-so easy to see the monitor 3) Stronger trunk struts & springs (not automatic)-trunk pops open for grocery pick-ups While...
  5. Radlaw

    External Speakers???

    Rumor has it Tesla will be creating the ability to warn pedestrians, since the car is so quiet. Apparently this will be for cars with "external;" speakers. I just walked around my T-3 and didn't see any speakers. I don't know whether to go to Best Buy and get some or not. ;) What are "external"...
  6. Radlaw

    EVE for Tesla App [reported issues with functionality and support]

    Has anyone checked out EVE for Tesla app (EVE For Tesla | Premier Dashboard Experience For Your Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, Tesla Model III | Powered by Evolved Vehicle Environments)? I looked into it, installed it and can't get it to work on my model 3. I even got the premium version. If...
  7. Radlaw

    Love My Angled Screen

    I recently installed the Tech Forum Products' angled screen kit. I love it. The screen is in a more practical position and very easy to glance and see all you need to see. There's been a couple posts on this forum talking about it. But from an unsolicited individual personal point-of view, it's...
  8. Radlaw

    Adjustable Rear Control Arms

    Received email ad for Adjustable Rear Control Arms for Model 3. EV Tuning Model 3 Control Arms. What are they and what do they do? I understand coil over kits for lowering the car. Do these do the same?
  9. Radlaw

    Video Removal

    I spent almost an hour deleting videos. Is there any way to delete the videos, other than 1 by 1?
  10. Radlaw

    Did You Know.........?

    Did you know that when your stop light indicator comes on at ~600 ft from the light, and the light is green, and you hit the gear selector to disable it, and then the stop light turns yellow or red, before you reach it, the stop light indicator comes on again?
  11. Radlaw

    Lowering Coilovers

    Are you pleased with your lowering springs/coilovers? I'm thinking about doing it; but can't decide which brand. State your brand and whether or not you are satisfied.
  12. Radlaw

    Front Fender Liners

    Has anyone seen, or tried, front fender liners intended to decrease road noise? If so, do they significantly reduce the "noise" and are they worth it? They can be seen at: Model 3 Front Fender Noise Reduction Kit 1 Pair- $129.
  13. Radlaw

    Emergency Response System

    Do Tesla cars have an Emergency Response System? If not, why not and shouldn't they and how do we suggest it to them?
  14. Radlaw

    No Stop Signs; No Stop Lights

    Just got upgraded to HW3. Have most recent software 2020.12.1. I see cones; but never see stop lights or signs. Why?
  15. Radlaw

    Lightweight Touch Screen Gloves

    Tired of fingerprints! Any recommendations for a pair of lightweight gloves for driving that can be used on the touchscreen to prevent fingerprints?
  16. Radlaw


    Does Tesla 3 have any type of an automatic Emergency Response System (ERS) that alerts 1st responders in case one has an accident and is alone and unconscious?
  17. Radlaw

    NaA or NoA?

    I'm beginning to like and use Navigation on Autopilot (NoA) less and less and using Navigation and Autopilot (NaA) more and more. NoA is too erratic with frequent, sometimes inappropriate, lane changes, which I invariably cancel, and sudden lane changes as it approaches an exit. NaA...
  18. Radlaw

    Seeking opinions on EV Tuning Airtekk Air Suspension and Model 3 lowering concerns

    Has any one looked into the new EV Tuning air suspension unit? Model 3 Suspension If so, what are your thoughts? It seems like an answer to model 3 lowering concerns.
  19. Radlaw

    Too Many Different Charging Adapters!

    Pulled up to a charging station yesterday and could not plug in. Turns out it only used CHAdeMO. No luck. I have a J1772 adapter, didn't fit. Do I need a different for each type of station?? How many charging adapters do I really need??
  20. Radlaw

    NOA Steep Learning Curve!

    Just started using Navigation on Autopilot (NOA). It scares the heck out of me, especially the automatic lane change; so I disabled it. The moves from lane to lane when exiting the freeway are also quite sudden & jerky. Hopefully, I'll learn it, or it learns me. Anybody else out there have a...
  21. Radlaw

    Turn Signal Not Cancelling Autopilot-Sometimes

    When I'm on navigation and autopilot (I do not have NOA) and turn the turn signal full on, it does not cancel autopilot. However, if NOT on navigation and autopilot, it does cancel autopilot. Is that how it's supposed to work? If so, why? I would think it would cancel autopilot in both...
  22. Radlaw

    Car Changing Size on Screen

    As I drive, I notice the size of the car changes on the screen. What causes that? And can I control it?
  23. Radlaw

    Window Tinting

    I'm planning to tint all my windows, but can't decide what % to go with. I realize all lot is personal preference, climate and local laws, but would like to get a feel of where fellow T-3ers are.
  24. Radlaw

    Lowering Springs for Tesla 3

    I've seen lowering springs for sale for Tesla 3. The sellers claim a "softer" ride and sleeker look. However, they don't mention the downsides. I spoke to a technician at an approved Tesla collision shop, who in essence said: "No way". He told me about the dangers of lowering including...
  25. Radlaw

    Lowering Springs for Tesla 3

    I've seen lowering springs for sale for Tesla 3. The sellers claim a "softer" ride and sleeker look. However, they don't mention the downsides. I spoke to a technician at an approved Tesla collision shop, who in essence said: "No way". He told me about the dangers of lowering including...
  26. Radlaw

    Door Edge Protectors

    Does anyone know of a vendor that has door edge protectors made specifically for the Tesla 3 in the particular car color? I bought some clear generic ones, but that wasn't what I preferred. Had trouble lining them up with the door contour.

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