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  1. Electric Steve

    Tesla Model Y T-Sportline 19" TSS Winter Tires and Wheels, for pickup in SW CT, barely used

    4x 19x9.5" Wheels 4x 255/45-19 Tires (Matte Black Pirelli Sottozero 3) 4x Tesla Factory Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor (TPMS) 4x T Sportline Wheel Center Caps Under 15 miles driven. This is the configuration with identical tires. They're small, so their sidewalls are tall enough to avoid...
  2. Electric Steve

    Installing OBD2 reader

    I was looking for any existing threads on the topic, but I can't seem to find any, and I'm a bit nervous. I have this adapter and I was watching videos like this one and that one. The key step is making sure the car is completely off before unplugging the cable to insert the adapter, and I'm...
  3. Electric Steve

    The purity of the drive.

    He's right. Driving an EV is a purer experience. No engine, no gears, no noise. Just you and the road. The Tesla grin is very real, and it's not just the wide one you get after testing out its acceleration. There's also the grin you have after a long drive that just doesn't feel that long...
  4. Electric Steve

    Commentary on exteriors seen in Tesla dealer parking lot.

    Two things, really, and one of them is mostly a humble-brag. I was sitting around in my Tesla dealership yesterday and look at the cars in the lot, many of which are customer cars. The overwhelming majority of the cars did not have a front license plate installed. Mine doesn't, either, even...
  5. Electric Steve

    Stuff Tesla fixed today

    Writing this up in case anyone finds this interesting or useful. I had a slow leak in my front left tire. It wasn't that slow; took maybe a day or so to drop after I pumped it up to match my other tires. But it also didn't drop more than about 7 PSI before it stabilized. Tesla said it was a...
  6. Electric Steve

    Model Y review from Model S/X driver

    I love this guy, but he normally drives a Model S and he's really snobbish about the "sluggish" acceleration of a Performance Model Y. His wife is a bit more sensible and less picky, but she still winds up choosing to get a Model X, not a Y (as shown in the next video). She loves those falcon...
  7. Electric Steve

    Which Winter/Snow Tires

    To be honest, I used to just have all-weathers, even though they're not the best at anything, but my MY came with summer performance, so I need to do something about my tires before it gets cold. (I'm told that winter is coming.) I could get all-weathers, but like I said, they're not the best...
  8. Electric Steve

    Where to mount an E-ZPass in a Model Y

    Does anyone have any experience with this? On my previous car, I had it mounted behind the mirror, but that's not going to work for the Model Y because the cameras are there. Also, the instructions say it doesn't work with a non-metallic roof.
  9. Electric Steve

    Topfit Phone Holder

    I ordered this a little while back, mostly for use with a Dragy. I figured I'd stick the Dragy unit itself in the sunglasses holder while having my phone mounted so that the camera points forward. This hasn't worked out for me, mainly because Topfit screwed up. First, they only sent me the...
  10. Electric Steve

    Abstract Ocean Key Fob Holder

  11. Electric Steve

    Geico covers FSD

    Pretty much what the subject says. I wrote in to ask whether they'd cover the cost of FSD on a replacement vehicle if my current one gets totaled. Their initial answer was no: We apologize for any frustration; however, we are unable to presently add the self-driving option as a covered...
  12. Electric Steve

    I got my car today.

    Tesla Model Y by Electric Steve posted Jun 28, 2020 at 4:50 PM The good: The service was excellent and they didn't lie about quality.. They pointed out some of the flaws, politely recorded the ones I pointed out for them, and made it clear that they take responsibility for fixing them...
  13. Electric Steve

    What kind of ceramic coating goes with PPF?

    I was watching this video, which shows a car getting partial PPF, with ceramic coating all over. What I found interesting is that they used two different types of CQuartz ceramic coating. For the PPF, they went with CQuartz Skin, which is apparently designed for PPF and vinyl wraps and is...
  14. Electric Steve

    My delivery

    Well, it's scheduled for Sunday and I'm scrambling to get my insurance squared up, now that I have a VIN. Here's my plan: It's an hour away, so I'm going to take a one-way Lyft and drive myself home. Before I accept the delivery, I'll take some photos and go on record with whatever defects I...
  15. Electric Steve

    Can't apply referral code to existing Model Y order

    To be eligible for referral benefits, orders of Model S, Model X and Model 3 must be placed on or after Oct 1, 2019, and orders of Model Y must be placed on or after June 9, 2020. Awards will be provided to eligible customers after delivery. Orders of Cybertruck and used Tesla vehicles are not...
  16. Electric Steve

    Is this real?

    I got an email from Tesla yesterday that read: Thank you for completing your Model Y order. We appreciate your patience and will contact you with available delivery dates as soon as possible. Soon, you’ll be able to go anywhere with up to 316 miles of range and Tesla’s expansive Supercharger...
  17. Electric Steve

    Ryan Shaw got his Model Y detailed and ceramic-coated

    Interesting video. Based on this, whenever I eventually get my own Model Y, here's my plan: Take it to a detailer first and pay them to list all of the defects, on paper. Why? Because they're going to be better at catching them than I ever will, and I'll be paying them for more work later...
  18. Electric Steve

    Question about Model S touchscreen in TV series

    In a season 2 episode of "Big Little Lies", two of the characters are in what looks like a Model S. The steering wheel has the Tesla "T" in the center, and it's a sedan with a vertical touchscreen, so it can't really be anything else. What's odd is that the touchscreen was dark. Can you think...
  19. Electric Steve

    Performance of Y vs 3

    According to this video, the Y has more horsepower and torque, but less on the low end. I suspect that this might be as much a matter of software as anything else. (Oh, and some of his other recent videos are pretty informative, too.)
  20. Electric Steve

    Wall Connector with 18' cable is back in stock

    Wall Connector I just ordered mine. And, no, I never did get an email notifying me of the availability.
  21. Electric Steve

    No NY deliveries

    Official word from Tesla: So with the NY state closure (mainly the DMV) we are not able to do any NY state deliveries. We are monitoring everything very closely and trying to do our best to get customers cars as soon as possible. And NY, particularly NYC, is hit especially bad by the pandemic...
  22. Electric Steve

    Model Y on the lift AMA

  23. Electric Steve

    It's coming!

    I just missed a phone call from Tesla, but I responded to their follow-up text. They wanted to confirm my financing and trade-in details and that I was going to be taking receipt of the car this month!!! Given that my order was placed in late Feb, this is exciting news for me. I called them...
  24. Electric Steve

    Perpendicular parking in driveway?

    I've been watching videos of the automatic parallel and perpendicular parking feature, and I'm wondering whether this would let it automatically back into a driveway. As far as I can tell, it needs to automatically detect a parking spot and then offer the park option, but it might not recognize...

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