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    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    Can you tell me exactly how you do that?
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    Blind Spot Monitering - After Market

    Just leave your rear view camera on all the time. It's almost 160 degrees wide angle, so captures anything in your blind spots. Just have to get used the fact that objects are closer than they appear. After one year of using this, I find it painful to drive any of my other cars. I keep on...
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    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    Depends how aggressive of a winter tire you want. R2 would be best for more extreme winter days, and the other two would probably drive better on the average cool but not slippery day. I got the R2's because I wanted maximum traction when it's bad out, but with the last winter being mild it had...
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    Canadian Model X delivery thread

    Congratulations. Nice colour combo. Is that a small model of the X you are holding in the first pic?
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    Canadian Price Increase Imminent

    How is this possible? Sport Utility - 2016 Tesla Model X SIGNATURE P90D in MONTRÉAL, QC $140,000 Model X P90DL for sale in Montreal with 547km on it. Only $140,000!!! Is this a scam?
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    Cross Border Lease

    A friend of mine leased an Audi A8 from the US a few years ago. But he needed a US licence and US registration. Fortunately he had dual citizenship and frequently traveled back and forth. It was a headache and insurance was a grey zone if anything had happened. Not worth the hassle.
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    My Tesla was Broken into - Dash Cam Footage Leads to Arrest

    Great story. Thanks for sharing your unfortunate experience. I'm forwarding this video to all my friends. Btw, I have a Thinkware F750 Dashcam which I think is as good if not better than the Blackvue. Similar features but is 1080P on the rear cam vs 720P on Blackvue.
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    Canadian parts prices.

    Last September I purchased 4 TPMS sensors for close to $50 each from Vancouver. Was a bargain considering the Canadian dollar at the time. Now they appear to have gone the opposite way. I just purchased 4 more for $75 each ($70 for the sensor and $5 for the silver or dark sleeve).
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    "Blind Spot Detection is disappointing"

    I agree with the majority regarding the useless blind spot sensors, but the Tesla's have one advantage.... Running the rear view camera all the time. I leave my rear view cam on the top portion of the center screen all the time. It's a great Blind Spot Detector.
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    Alberta Tesla Buying Experience

    I can understand your frustration, Edmonton Buyer. Most of the sales force at the Calgary Store probably know less about the car than you do. I've been there a few times and the few people I talked to were clueless. My brother in law (a hard core Tesla fan) had applied for a sales position but...
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    Flood of inventory cars has replaced CPOs in Canada and US

    This is just like what happened last year to my brother when he got his 85D. Tesla prices cars based on when they are ordered. So right after the significant price increase last August, all of Tesla's inventory cars were still at the old price(almost $10k lower). So my brother got a new 85D...
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    Tesla Quietly Discontinues the 85 kWh Battery Option in Canada

    I got my 90D in mid September and my brother got his 85D in early October. We both have a similar amount of Km's on our cars (close to 10k km) and take similar care of them. His 90% charge is 386km and mine is 401km. His 100% charge is 430km and mine is 448km. Given that his car is rated for...
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    Tesla Owners Club of Alberta

    Welcome Skrenes, Noticed you too have TSW Bathurst wheels. Are they your summer or winter wheels? Do you have pics of your car with them on? Curious to see how they look on Red. Thanks.
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    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    To those of you who are familiar with Edmonton's chargers, I looking for some advice for a future trip. On Feb. 19-21 I will be in Edmonton to attend a course that is being held at the Marriott River Cree. Unfortunately that hotel has no charging infrastructure other than a few parking lots...
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    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    Exactly. All they need to know is that the car is disabled. The main thing is that if any of us have mechanical/electrical failure far outside of Calgary, the 80km Tesla tow is not going to cut it.
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    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    How much to ship to Calgary? Because Calgary has a dealer but not a service center, all ranger visits within a 80km radius of the dealership are free and above that are charged a certain amount per km (according to Mark from Vancouver Service). So if you have a catastrophic failure with your...
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    That crazy Loonie!

    I had run into a Tesla engineer in Disney Land and he told me that almost of their effort is now focused on the Model 3, so I'm assuming any changes to the model S won't be dramatic. Also I'm hoping any changes can be retrofitted. Chances are the price will go up by more than it would cost to...
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    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Looks awesome. Very light weight. Compared to the factory 21's the weight savings would be even more than the 19's. Did you go with a Square set up?
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    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Beautiful wheels. Between 2 to 4 pounds lighter than even the relatively light weight TSW Rotary Forged 21" wheels. Looks and performance in one.
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    Rear view mirror -- "wide mode"?

    I have a 90D, and the rear view is definitely distorted. Most cars look better in the rear view mirror and then look disappointing in real life.
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    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    That's a great price for that much coverage. Thanks for sharing.
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    How does Tesla compare with an AWD car in snow

    This was the exact reason my Tesla sales agent highly recommended that I get the Smart Air Suspension. Especially since I live in Calgary and on an acreage. I do agree though that once a vehicle has been propped up by the deep snow and the weight transferred away from the wheels, the lack of...
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    CPO 2014 P85D or 2016 90D

    Ultimately comes down to Range vs Accceleration. Does the P85D have sufficient range for you? If so, take the P85D. This is is coming from a 90D owner.
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    Three Metal Pedal Set (In Stock)

    Very interested in getting your pedals. Saw the Panjo ad and it mentions that you only ship to US. Can you ship to Canada? If so how much? Postal code is T3R1B7. Thanks
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    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    Dropped by the Chinook Tesla Store on the weekend. A few interesting points: - current location is temporary because it's too small for them to have a Model X or even merchandise for display. Eventually will move somewhere else in the mall to a larger bay. I asked because I wanted to buy some...
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    Tesla Owners Club of Alberta

    Congratulations!!! It great to hear more people in Alberta still buying Tesla's in our soft economy.
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    Canadian Price Increase Imminent

    At the same time I can completely understand why Tesla has had to do this. My car is the US is $108,000, which converts to $144,070 CDN based on today's dollar. And especially when you factor in the duty of 6.1%, then Tesla is making significantly less in Canada.
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    Canadian Price Increase Imminent

    Yes. Price just went up. Not as significant of a change as August. My 90D was $124,200 when I ordered in early August, then $133,300 until today, now is $136,450. Feel bad for future owners, but my first year depreciation has been mostly covered by these price increases.
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    P90DL delivery and lightweight Pulse ADV.1 Wheels.... :)

    Beautiful wheels!!! How much do they weigh? Can't wait for more pics.
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    Ludicrous with 19s: dumb? or negligible difference?

    I would recommend getting the base 19's and with the money you save go aftermarket. My TSW 20" Bathurst wheels weigh 8lbs per wheel lighter than the 19's and 12lbs per wheel lighter than the OEM 21's. That's 48 pounds of less unsprung weight!!! It's crazy how heavy the factory wheels are. If...
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    Tesla Unplugged Body kit installed!

    Love it!!! What wheels do you have?
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    Aftermarket wheels with squared setup with Dual motors?

    The limiting factor is the front. I have read in many posts by different people that 255 wide tires on 9" wheels will rub slightly when turning in reverse. Btw, those examples are for 20" wheels, with 9" 35mm offset.
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    Winter Tires and Rims - Canadian Availability

    Sweet looking winter package. Where did you get your CF spoiler?
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    P85D vs S85D for test drive?

    Those are good options. I would also recommend the Next Gen Seats (unless you prefer cloth over leather). Smart to order the Premium Package with the Third Row, because your kids can have their own switch to open and close the hatch.
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    Calgary Location opening - Chinook Center

    Instead of a service Center in Calgary they will have a roaming Service tech very soon permanently based out of Calgary. Unfortunately for those of you in Edmonton or Saskatchewan the service visits are going to get much more expensive. Because they are going to charge a certain amount per KM...
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    P85D vs S85D for test drive?

    Congratulations! I'm sure you'll love it. Btw, good decision on the 85D:wink:. I'm curious what other options did you decide on?
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    P85D vs S85D for test drive?

    I've driven all three models in the summer (70D, 85D, and P85D). The power difference between each one was very significant. Although the difference between the 85D and P85D in sport mode was very close. I eventually chose to get the 90D model because it had in my opinion the best bang for the...
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    Thinkware F750 Dash Cam

    Is this camera system not called Thinkware F750?
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    What do you do with your dashcam? Why did you get one?

    Was answering a question regarding using the Tesla Rear cam. I'm using the Thinkware rear camera, so obviously I wouldn't be using the Tesla cam (would even know how to hook it up to a recording device).
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    What do you do with your dashcam? Why did you get one?

    Im having it installed later this week at Mobile Solutions in Calgary. In theory it's installation should be no different than other front and rear camera systems out there. Ideally to enable the parking mode, it requires to be connected to both a constant 12V and one that turns off when the car...
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    What do you do with your dashcam? Why did you get one?

    After reading how many on this Forum have the dual channel Blackvue 650, I looked into buying it. But after spending a lot of time on the Dashcamtalk forums, I quickly realized there are superior systems out there. Eventually I bought the dual channel Thinkware F750. Except for the slightly...
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    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Unfortunately don't have too many other pics of the TSW 20" wheels. The pic of the car on the drive way has my suspension set to High. I have already put my 19"s with winters back on. I did find some pics of a a square 9" Silver version of the TSW Bathursts as well.
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    85D vs 90D? Upgrade worth $3,500?

    I got my 90D on September 9th and my brother got his 85D in mid October. I started off close to 416km at 90%, and I seem to have settled to 405km over the last few weeks. It's to early to say if my brother's car has settled like mine, but he currently gets 389km at 90%. We both agree it not...
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    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Thanks for the compliment. I had ADV wheels for my GTR that were not too different from these, which I loved. Would have got another set of ADV wheels for the Tesla, but the price savings of the TSW's was massive for something of similar look and weight. I feel bad for ADV; truly an amazing...
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    Square vs. Staggered for 85D

    I had noticed the chrome delete, but some how missed how it matches your wheels perfectly. Perhaps if I wasn't distracted from your beautiful hub caps. The chrome delete around the side view mirrors must have been particularly difficult. Well done. Where did you get the hub caps from? Also...
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    Square vs. Staggered for 85D

    More unexpected, the 20x10" wheel is lighter than the 20x9" wheel!!! Check out the TSW website: Bathurst Alloy Wheels by TSW The 20x10" is 0.25 lbs per wheel lighter. Perhaps range may be better with a staggered set up after all. Sweet looking wheels btw. Since the Nurburgrings don't have...
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    Tires and wear... a little frustrated about it

    Recently I had met with the service manager of Vancouver (Mark). He had warned me that low profile summer tires will wear extremely quickly along the inside just like yours did. He said to expect 12-15K KM maximum; which is close to what you got. He blamed the excessive wear on the way the...
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    Square vs. Staggered for 85D

    I had researched quite a bit the implications of a staggered set up on range. Three factors come to play: weight, rolling resistance, and aerodynamics. Interestingly enough both the 245/40 and the 275/35 Continue DW's weigh the same (27lbs according to TireRack). Rolling resistance does very...
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    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    Unfortunatly 3s-a-charm parked elsewhere. Otherwise there were 8 cars present. - - - Updated - - - After the meet a few of us were heading back to the Tims, when we ran into a guy driving a Fisker Karma. Turns out he owns a Tesla S85 as well. He's not on this forum, but I got his contact...
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    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    Wow. While driving an ice is going to suck during your initial excitement period of your Tesla, to get a fresh battery is awesome on a used vehicle. Should perform just like new. Hopefully you get it back soon. It will be interesting to hear back from you on the charge difference between the two.

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