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  1. KBurbridge14

    Tesla 19" Slipstream Winter Tires?

    I am finalizing a purchase of a new LR+ S with Tempest 19" wheels, because I don't want 21" wheels due to range decrease and other issues. The Tesla website offers the 19" Slipstream wheels with Winter tires. Where I live in California, I have zero need for Winter tires. Should I expect any...
  2. KBurbridge14

    Range/Battery Improvement

    I understand why Tesla does not advertise upcoming battery improvements—as it might impact current sales. But does anybody have a hunch when we might see the next incremental battery improvement, specifically for the Model X. I’m looking to buy another once the max range approaches 340 Miles...
  3. KBurbridge14

    Front License Plate Solution

    In California, it is mandatory to have a front license plate. Like most Tesla owners, I don’t want to drill into the front of the car. I Purchased “the law“ to install the front license plate without having to drill into my precious X. I found it a rinky-dink and overly complicated solution...
  4. KBurbridge14

    Signing today...or so I thought.

    Wife and I headed down to Tesla in Rocklin for our 1PM signing and walk-through. On the way—about 10 minutes before 1–our Salesperson called us to tell us that during the final detailing of my wife’s Model 3, Tesla discovered a leak (or something) that allowed water to accumulate in the trunk...
  5. KBurbridge14

    Rust on brake rotors and discolored calipers

    I've had my X for 17+ months and I noticed something today which is a new problem. Suddenly, all four (4) brake rotors are covered with rust. in addition, the screws/bolts attaching the calipers are also rusted. And, all of the calipers are discolored. See picture. Anybody experiencing this? I...
  6. KBurbridge14

    Softening Leather Perforated Seats—Advice Needed

    I have the (now discontinued) perforated leather seats and want to really soften up the leather. Recommendations for what to use and how to do it without compromising the padding under the perforated leather?
  7. KBurbridge14

    8.1 has eliminated my AP1 features

    Since updating to 8.1, my X no longer changes lanes while using AP1. Also, before 8.1, I was able to go 4-5 mph over the posted speed limit--while using AP1. Now, it only matches the speed limit on 2-lane highways. Anybody else experiencing these issues? Suggestions?
  8. KBurbridge14

    Business purchase and the $7500 FEDERAL tax credit

    (Please only reply if you can speak with authority, or personal experience, on this topic. Thank you.) My business purchased an X in September of 2016. The vehicle is in the business's name and qualifies for the Hummer Deduction--so on that issue I'm good. I've looked at IRS form 8936 in an...
  9. KBurbridge14

    SiriusXM Radio has taken a big step backwards with 8.1

    I'm very disappointed that 8.1 has, for some unknown reason, tweaked what was a really good thing. As a audiophile and fan of music history, I always loved (past tense) the way Tesla allowed the 17" screen to display ALL of the song details: full title, artist, year, etc. Since 8.1, however, a...
  10. KBurbridge14

    Tesla LTE Connection is Unusable.

    I learned early on that the beautiful 17" Touchscreen's internet connection is a joke. Even with 2 or 3 bars, and even connected to wi-fi, the speed when surfing the net is an absolute joke. Has anybody ever had success with this? It's like a throwback to using dial-up.
  11. KBurbridge14

    Extension Cord For 14-50 Charging

    I'm preparing to embark on a road trip from California to the Northwest. Undoubtedly, I'll be using the Washer/Dryer 14-50 outlets of friends to charge my X. Keeping in mind that I have the High Amperage Upgraded Charging capability, what extension cord would you recommend? Any trial-and-error...
  12. KBurbridge14

    Need USB Stick Advice for Audio

    I have a music library of about 8,000 songs. I'd like to move high quality files to a USB stick to take advantage of my upgraded sound system. Any recommendations on a good USB stick for audio files? Thanks.
  13. KBurbridge14

    Best time to charge X at home--if you have Solar?

    So, I have a very robust solar system at my home in Northern California. I know, typically, most charge their EV overnight--much like a mobile phone. However, because my solar is generating the most energy between 1-4 pm, I'm wondering when the best time to charge my Tesla. I'm home throughout...
  14. KBurbridge14

    Radar Detector for the Model X

    I know there are some limitations created by the X's "special" windshield, but does anybody have a Radar Detector setup that is successful?
  15. KBurbridge14

    Wipers Jumping and Skipping

    As the rains have started here in California, I've discovered that my wiper blades are an abomination. Even if I wait until the windshield is drenched, the wiper skips and jumps across the windshield. It's untenable. Any suggestions?
  16. KBurbridge14

    Why was Titanium given a death sentence?

    I'm still wondering why the Titanium color was removed as an exterior color selection. I've been kicking around different potential reasons since the announcement, but am still unconvinced. I ordered and received Titanium at the end of September and really like the color. I don't know if I...
  17. KBurbridge14

    magnetic phone mount

    Anyone use a phone mount that they love? I could use a recommendation for a DASH MOUNT with magnet. Thanks.
  18. KBurbridge14

    Driver's Seat "Sensor" is No Bueno

    So, the sensor in the front seat--the one that tells my X that I am in the front seat--is "broken." Apparently, my car thinks I am in the seat when I am not--and vice versa. The SC have decided to just replace the entire seat. The wait? 6-8 weeks minimum. I got my entire car delivered inside of...
  19. KBurbridge14

    FYI: 8.0 Software Bug Confirmed

    FYI--I just spoke to a Receptionist at the local Service Center (Rocklin, CA) about my Tesla X starting and running on its own and being nearly impossible to turn off--even when powering down from the touchscreen. He mentioned that there is a BUG in the Software and they are receiving a number...
  20. KBurbridge14

    X won't turn off

    I updated my X Friday. Since then, when I exit the the vehicle, I'm unable to lock the car with the Fob. I have to manually select "Turn Off" from the Touchscreen. Additionally I have self close set to on, but the door remains open and runs the radio and air until I shut it off.
  21. KBurbridge14

    Since 8.0 Update, X is Misbehaving

    FYI On Friday night, I updated the Software to 8.0 on my new X 90D. Since that update, I've noticed some weirdness in my car. Here are a few issues: 1. Auto-present driver door is sporadic, at best--working correctly sometimes, not-at-all other times, and refusing to open the correct amount on...
  22. KBurbridge14

    Are Tesla X Onyx Black Wheels Matte Black or "Shiny?"

    I'm preparing to have my 20" (factory standard) Silver rims painted black. Does anyone know if the Onyx option is a Matte Black or are they shiny? I want to match the look of the 22" Onyx--as closely as possible.
  23. KBurbridge14

    EVannex Cubby Compartment--POOR fit

    I read some reviews about the EVannex Cubby Compartment (CCOMP-MB) for the Tesla X that were generally favorable. However, after receiving my X last Thursday, i slid the Cubby Compartment into place--only to be surprised, and disappointed, that the lower left corner does not fit snugly or...

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