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  1. someguy in KC

    Are V3 Solar Roof tiles readily available now?

    Most of what I read online mentions that solar shingles will be "readily available soon". are we there yet? will a local installer be able to get product to install at some point in the next six months (before the end of 2021)?
  2. someguy in KC

    when are we (not so safe drivers) going to get the Super-Duper update?

    I read where the "safe drivers" were to get this new FSD update a couple of months ago. when are the rest of us going to get it? if this has been beaten to death on this forum, then please just give me the short answer and point me to the thread if you don't mind. I cannot find it.
  3. someguy in KC

    autopilot can only be engaged at some moments and not others

    I have a "beef" with how the autopilot works: how can autopilot work and drive my car down said road but if autopilot is not engaged and I drive down said road, it will intermittently allow me to engage autopilot (the grey steering wheel goes on and off, but is mostly off). This means that it...
  4. someguy in KC

    Can a vehicle's bluetooth module be replaced?

    I've been having some odd bluetooth connection problems that I mentioned in a previous thread here: Bluetooth connection goes bad after 5-10 minutes of a phone call after quite a bit of effort on my part and a service appointment at Tesla dealer, they tell me that they cannot reproduce the...
  5. someguy in KC

    Trunk beeps at me when I walk away

    I have a 2020 7 seater and when I press the button on the trunk to close it, and i try to walk away, it beeps at me and stops closing. i find that I have to stand there while it closes. is this how it is supposed to work? does it have something to do with safety for someone in the vehicle...
  6. someguy in KC

    how do I report a map bug from my vehicle while driving?

    There is a place where my car swerves RIGHT INTO A CURB on my way home from work every day. I have to grab the wheel and take over and swerve the car back into the lane. it is where the road curves slightly. As I recall, there is a command that can be given to report this to Tesla, is there...
  7. someguy in KC

    Navigation image prefers zoomed out view

    I've noticed something over the past few days and I'm not sure if it is the newest software (I'm on 2020.16.2.1) or if it is a setting, but as I'm driving along, using navigation to direct me to my destination, i find this quirk: I'll zoom in to see the streets where I need to turn and greater...
  8. someguy in KC

    new MX / MS have wireless cellphone charging. how can I put this in mine?

    here is the link to an article I found online (thanks Spencer): https://electrek.co/2020/01/31/tesla-new-model-s-x-wireless-phone-charger-first-look/ what part(s) will I need to put this in my 2 month old 2020 Model X?
  9. someguy in KC

    Bluetooth connection goes bad after 5-10 minutes of a phone call

    when I call someone or if they call me while using my 2020 model X bluetooth, the call works fine at first, but after 5-10 minutes of the call, it goes bad. I hear nothing wrong, but the person on the other end of the line says they hear "banging and echoing" such that they cannot continue...
  10. someguy in KC

    side-view mirrors freezing folded in...

    when severe weather hits and my side-view mirrors are folded in, they tend to freeze in and are hard to get back out to safely drive the vehicle. I think it would make sense for tesla to program their system to NOT fold in the mirrors in freezing weather. is there anyway to get the mirrors...
  11. someguy in KC

    2019.40.50.7 doesn't see traffic lights?!

    I believe I am correct that this newest software is supposed to start recognizing stop signs and stop lights. with some careful testing, I AM able to get it to acknowledge that it sees a stop sign. it does so by me leaving the car in autopilot right up to a stop sign and at a point where it is...
  12. someguy in KC

    Phantom slow spot on 65mph highway?!

    there is an area, perhaps 20 -50 feet long where my car thinks the 65mph speed limit is 40mph. it slows down quite suddenly. The spot is on my way home from work so it happens every day. Is there anything I can do to fix the mapping data that is inaccurate with Tesla? or is it not Tesla...
  13. someguy in KC

    I have my vehicle, how do I get the "Federal Tax Credit"?

    is there some kind of a piece of paper that I need to turn in to my accountant?
  14. someguy in KC

    crash avoidance outside of autopilot?

    as I'm driving along, while Autopilot is OFF: will my car help me from crashing into things? (My cadillac will slam on the breaks if I get too close to a bush.) will the Tesla do that? if I am not watching and a car in front of me puts on the brakes, will my tesla slam on my brakes for me?
  15. someguy in KC

    new owner asks: how do you access the third row in 7 seater?

    I found the little (hidden) button that partly folds down the seatback of the second row seat, but what do I do next to get the seat to SLIDE forward so someone (small) can climb into the third row? also, when I flip the seat back up, then sometimes it locks in a different position: either the...
  16. someguy in KC

    new owner asks questions about autopilot and full self driving quirks

    I just got my model X a week ago. I've been using the "FSD" feature nearly constantly. I find that the way that the vehicle warns me that it thinks that I'm not paying attention is counterproductive. I'm watching the road, like I should be, and I'm getting thrown out of the FSD because I'm...
  17. someguy in KC

    Which tesla wheels will fit on a (new) Model X?

    Will all tesla 20” wheels fit? Will any 19 “ tesla wheels fit on a model x? Or are the wheels from a model 3 smaller? I seem to recall mention that some wheels don’t fit over the model X brakes.
  18. someguy in KC

    How soon will solar roof be available in midwest?

    I put down a deposit on a solar roof a couple of years all ago. I live in the Kansas City area. Does anyone have any idea when I’ll be able to get mine installed? 5 years? Less?
  19. someguy in KC

    does the vehicle's USB port connect a phone to the car or just power?

    same question, put another way: does an iphone that is plugged into the vehicle's USB port allow one to play music or do other things by wire? or is all of the connectivity through bluetooth and the wire is just to charge the phone's battery?
  20. someguy in KC

    getting the best price for a trade-in at Tesla

    I had read on this forum (or that I could get a value of my trade-in from Vroom, Carvana, or Carmax and that Tesla would match the best offer. when I asked my sales advisor locally, he said that they only will match Carmax (not Vroom or Carvana). he also said that they will accept a Carmax...
  21. someguy in KC

    I'd like to order today, but get a 2020 model X

    I'd like to get today's price but have my car come as a 2020 vehicle, being delivered sometime in January. is that possible? yes, I realize that I won't get the $1800 luxury tax deduction. I'm wanting a grey Model X with FSD and seven seat cream interior, by the way. thanks, someguy
  22. someguy in KC

    Can /will autopark back my model X into my garage?

    im planning on a new model x before the end of the year. I’m trying to decide where to put my charger. My car will be on the right side of the garage (as you pull in forward). We have one 16 foot garage door and if I put the charger on the left side, the wire will be lying on the garage floor...
  23. someguy in KC

    does "full self driving" option on a new vehicle add anything NOW?

    It looks like, for $6,000 I can add the FSD option and get these things now (not later when the FSD update comes out): This is what the ordering website says now. Just a few days ago, it said that this option would cost more if added later, by the way. Full Self-Driving Capability Navigate...
  24. someguy in KC

    Basic questions about Leasing a Model X

    I have some questions about leasing a new Model X: -how could I find out what the particulars are (residual, money factor, etc) on the lease currently? -do these numbers change regularly, or month to month? or are they locked in when someone orders? thanks, Someguy in KC
  25. someguy in KC

    Newbie asks: What is the current status of self-driving?

    If I bought a new model S or model X and updated the software, where are we currently in the progression to full self-driving? Is the model 3 at the same spot in this progression or is it somewhere else? thanks, someguy
  26. someguy in KC

    How soon will any Tesla drive itself, level 5?

    The main reason I am considering buying a Tesla is so that it can drive me to work while I do something else (work while it drives). I understand we are guessing, but how soon do we think this will be possible? Are we talking 1-2 years? 3-5 years? or should I get real about this and...
  27. someguy in KC

    P100D costs $42,000 more than a 90D?!?

    What are we getting for that $42,000? seems kind of ridiculous. the car configurator says that it comes with "smart air suspension" (which costs $2500 on a 90D) and "ludicrous speed upgrade" (which is not available on the 90D but I believe used to cost $10000) so how is 10wWh battery worth...
  28. someguy in KC

    "Tesla expects to enable full self-driving by the end of 2017"

    The thread title is a quote from this Wikipedia article on autopilot: Tesla Autopilot - Wikipedia Yes, I realize that Wikipedia is written by anyone. I am not a Tesla owner but like the idea of my car driving me to work every day. I am curious as to what this forum's membership believes or...

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