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  1. spokey

    Side wheel well covers or inserts

    I'm talking about those recess wells in the back where things fall in to. Anyone know of covers or fitted containers for those areas? It would be nice to at least have a cover so stuff didn't fall in like a gallon of milk did recently to me.
  2. spokey

    How do I turn off SMS?

    I think this is TeslaFi, not Tesla but I'm not sure. I really want to turn off the SMS messages I'm getting. 20 some in the last 2 days. It's driving me nuts! They are coming from 312-600-4811. Assuming it's Teslafi, it would be nice to receive any problems when it say tries but doesn't...
  3. spokey

    Begin Charge without My Phone?

    Is there any setting that lets me start charging when the phone is not near by. For example, today I did not plug in when I came home because I was going to bring in the trash can and would plug in then. Of course I did not have the phone with me as I grabbed the connector (I use the gen2...
  4. spokey

    No Calendar Access

    I've only tried looking at my phone calendar a couple times and it has worked. But a couple days ago, I got the message something to the effect that I need to allow access. I checked the phone and it already allows it to the app (see screenshot). I don't know when this started but I'm on...
  5. spokey

    Getting Rear Seatbelt Warning

    Anyone else seeing this? On the 2/3 rear seat (I think that's the left) I get a seatbelt warning when it's down. Not sure if it's a regular one. Kind of looks like a child but maybe it's just the normal one. I don't get it 100% of the time but most of the time. The other side doesn't seem...
  6. spokey

    How do I get a Mobile Service Tech?

    I see posts from time to time for people getting a mobile service appointment. How does that work? I have a couple minor things (e.g. passenger door pull not closing all the way) and wouldn't want to spend hours waiting at a service center.
  7. spokey

    When is the brake applied during regen deceleration

    Don't know if this would be MY specific or not. And I guess the question may be specific Hold stopping mode. The manual says that the brakes are applied when stopped, but is that it? Maybe below 5mph? It doesn't seem to wait for a complete stop as when I am on a slight hill, the stopping is...
  8. spokey

    Wall Charger vs Mobile Connector vs Mobile Connector

    The Tesla store has two mobile connectors. $275 & $520. I guess the $520 handles higher current, but it appears to have a permanently affixed plug. Is that true? Seems like it's not very useful that way (although usually sold out) if it can only connect to one type of plug that you often...
  9. spokey

    Controlling the W/mile rest

    I'm looking for a way to control when the watts per mile display gets reset. The default appears to be when ever it comes out of park. So if I stop at the Post Office and get my mail, my trip is split in two. I'd like to see it keep going for the entire trip. In my wife's Camry Hybrid, I...
  10. spokey

    Tire Pressure for the Induction Wheels

    The manual states - NOTE: If your Model Y is fitted with Tesla accessory wheels or tires, some information may be different from the labels on the vehicle. I have 20’’ Induction Wheels. So are those "accessory wheels"? Seems like any but the 19" would be. And what the hell? "some...
  11. spokey

    Anyone get a Tow Bar?

    Just picked up my MY on Tuesday. Checked and I got the ordered hitch receiver, but I don't see any bar. Looked back on the Tesla site in configuration and the shop area and it seems to indicate you get a bar and no ball. Can anyone confirm this? And where is it? Maybe I do have it but...
  12. spokey

    Asking those with Lawrence NJ deliveries

    Wondering what others who ordered at the Lawrence Sales Center have on their MVPA I ordered directly at the store and last week got my MVPA. On it it indicates SELLER’S NAME AND ADDRESS: Tesla Inc. 1605 Route 70 West Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 Seems a little odd and I am beginning to convince...
  13. spokey

    Any idea on this App Error?

    Don't have my MY yet, but I did install the app. Fired it up today and got this screen. Anyone else? ANyone know what it means?
  14. spokey

    NJ Inspection

    Just learned to my surprise that I won't have to get my MY inspected. Is there some sort of registration sticker? Or you just risk getting pulled over from time to time? What is the NJ owners experience with this? thx
  15. spokey

    Central NJ Service Center Survey

    I'm looking for opinions on the quality of service from the Princeton/Lawrence SC vs the Springfield SC. Lawrence is a little closer (and I ordered from them), but only a couple miles. So if one is superior to the other, I would likely choose that one.
  16. spokey

    What about License Plates? SnapPlate

    What are people doing about license plates? Have people bought the SnapPlate? How is it?

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