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  1. J

    Thredbo/ Snowy Mountains in 2021

    Yikes. I can imagine. I’ll be arriving Sat and departing Thursday... 🤞
  2. J

    &^%$% Owner's Manual!

    It’s incredible how poorly implanted this is. Even on MCU2 it’s hopeless. No search??
  3. J

    How reliable is Spotify these days?

    It has improved quite a bit since you had your S. Not everything has... But for me the big change was when I had my cars updated to MCU2. Spotify is very solid and voice searches for music are are very quick.
  4. J

    Thredbo/ Snowy Mountains in 2021

    Thanks Ted. Yeah I have the Chargefox app and saw those chargers. But, was really only planning on using the Superchargers in Cooma. But your ponts are well made and will keep this in mind. I had my car upgraded to take the CCS2 but not my wife’s car - I guess I had better get that done. I...
  5. J

    Thredbo/ Snowy Mountains in 2021

    Thanks. Yeah I will put her into deep sleep for the week. Might do a top up in Jindy too
  6. J

    Thredbo/ Snowy Mountains in 2021

    Hey guys I am taking the fam to Thredbo at the end of June. Haven't been for 25 years and certainly not in an EV. I found a few posts but they are fairly old now. Has anyone been up there recently (last 12 months or so?). We will be taking my wife's 250WH/KM Model X... The charging options in...
  7. J

    MagSafe and Model 3 in Australia

    I have it in my car. I mounted a MagSafe charger to the right side of the dash and tucked the cord behind the dash down to the power in the console. The MagSafe holds the phone even through hard acceleration all while charging at a high rate. No need for a different case or bulky mount. Best...
  8. J

    MCU1 upgrade

    I had my car done in Feb. $2300 with no tuner. My wife’s car is going for the same on Tuesday. The quote they sent for approval is at $2900. I wrote back and said wtf? They came back and told me there had been a price increase but that they’d honor the old price since I’m a loyal customer etc...
  9. J

    SW version 2021.4.12 - hopeless (in Aus at least)

    Yeah. I’ve seen it for years with overpasses, large signs above the road. But never from trucks in the next lane. This is different. But you’re right, even (dumb) cruise control would be better than this.
  10. J

    SW version 2021.4.12 - hopeless (in Aus at least)

    Wanted to share my experiences after a lot of driving in the past 72 hours with this software. For context I have a Model S P100D with HW3, MCU2 and FSD. I drove from Sydney to Beechworth VIC and back. Up and down the Hume. Overall, I would say the autopilot experience has never been worse...
  11. J

    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    Thanks I have since figured that out. In fact yesterday I had the MCU2 installed and it has the same (2020) update. Strange.
  12. J

    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    Thanks. But, I’m afraid that’s not it. The files are downloading and installing ok - they just seem to be weeks out of date...
  13. J

    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    My FSD Model S is downloading 2020.48.37.1. My wife’s non-FSD X doing the same. This despite there being 2021 software for some cars... I don’t get it.
  14. J

    MCU upgrade/replacement for early vehicles

    Having mine done next week. What is the latest thinking on the best SSD storage solution for the dash cam?
  15. J

    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    Both my cars are still on 2020.48.12.1. One of which has FSD.
  16. J

    2017 MCU1, HW2 FSD - should I see anything yet?

    Thanks everyone. As it happens, I had to book my car in this week to have the rear glass replaced (surfboard strap buckle got caught at the top of the lip while closing...ugh). Anyway, a day or two after confirming the appointment I got an email setting out some some parts that had been...
  17. J

    ModelX heading out of warranty - any tips or suggestions?

    Very helpful. Thanks.
  18. J

    2017 MCU1, HW2 FSD - should I see anything yet?

    Thanks both.
  19. J

    ModelX heading out of warranty - any tips or suggestions?

    My wife’s car also about to come out of warranty. Is the eMMC replacement a “no questions asked” agreed thing?
  20. J

    Ovens site management encouraging ICEing of Supercharger stalls

    100%. How else is anyone supposed to know that this is even a possibility? (Putting aside the question of how realistic this really is - what if the owner of the car is off somewhere else, doesn’t want to hand the keys over etc...). In fact, the sign should say sting like “Tesla vehicle...
  21. J

    2017 MCU1, HW2 FSD - should I see anything yet?

    Can someone help me out with a quick baseline check? I have FSD on my MCU1, HW2 Model S. I upgraded from EAP (the enhanced autopilot they once offered) to FSD earlier this year, but there has not been a single change in functionality. I already had NOP, auto parking etc, (simple) summon... But...
  22. J

    Elon tweets "no waypoints", "car will autonavigate to your destination."

    I’d settle for some phone numbers favorites...‍♂️
  23. J

    watch your power meter after fitting a [email protected]

    This is very troubling. But, how can you tell what you were billed for overnight? What provider is giving you that kind of granularity? Thanks in advance.
  24. J


    Just adding my voice to KOL2000. I have had my fixed roof P100D for three years. The car has been great and I would trade into a new one but have been waiting for some kind of facelift/ refresh and in particular the return of the pano roof. I had a loaner car for a while a couple of years back...
  25. J

    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    My wife’s Model X has had the window venting for months. My (newer) Model S still doesn’t have it. Same thing with the option to beep on locking. Not a big deal, but curious the older car would have it first... While I am at it, my car is a HW2, MCU1 car with FSD. I still don’t have street...
  26. J

    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    2020.36 is worse than a disappointment for me. It has essentially killed voice control, in both cars. Most of the time I get a message that says “Connection failed. Try again”. Or just nothing. And, Spotify/ other data performance is very spotty. Nav too - I am regularly offered offline...
  27. J

    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    Here’s how they’ll get another A$200k (+) out of me for a new Model S: - better range and 250KW charging - new shape (and not another facelift) - significantly improved interior, materials, fit and finish. even simple things like decent wipers (speed/ pressure adjusted as with BMW) Also...
  28. J

    First MY delivery

    For the love of god, please video in landscape...
  29. J

    New Model S "Plaid" Version Release in 2020

    I’m approaching 3 years in my car. I don’t typically keep cars past year 3. The Taycan is tempting, but the dual gear setup and poor range are deal killers for me. If TSLA releases Plaid this year, but in the same 9 year old chassis and with the same interior, I am going to wait. I don’t need...
  30. J

    Navigate On Autopilot in Australia

    Just confirming my MCU1/AP2.0 car without FSD (but with EAP) now has NoA.
  31. J

    Navigate On Autopilot in Australia

    There is no reason why the AP2 cars can’t have NOA. They do in the US.
  32. J

    HW 3.0 Upgrade Tracker

    I have a 2017 HW1 car and they are still offering me FSD thru MyTesla. Hard to believe they’ve determined there is no upgrade path if they’re still selling FSD to 1.0 cars.
  33. J

    Navigate On Autopilot in Australia

    So, I have since looked into this and while FSD is now required for NOA, it should be included in cars that have”EAP” (Enhanced Autopilot) - no longer an available package but it was when I bought my car. This explains why I have smart summon and auto park etc without FSD
  34. J

    New 40.50 Software

    Got it. Thanks.
  35. J

    Navigate On Autopilot in Australia

    Are there any others here that have NOA but not FSD? My understanding was that FSD was not required for this. (FWIW, I have not paid for FSD and I don’t have NOA as yet - I am on MCU1/ HW2.0).
  36. J

    New 40.50 Software

    I have a 2017 car with MCU1 and only HW 2.0. I don’t have the message in my app inbox so I guess the HW2.0 cars never getting these features?
  37. J

    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    For all you guys with Model 3’s on their way to Oz... I am just back from a week driving a Model 3 around California. It was fantastic. I rented it through Turo - a Performance model. I had my wife and two kids in it and plus our bags. TBH the luggage space was a bit limiting and the trunk...
  38. J

    White Interior on the Model 3 in Oz

    I get that we’re a low volume market. But, the cars are made in Fremont on the same line as every other Model 3. And, the seats are not LHD or RHD specific and even if they were, they are making white seats for the UK. Not the first time Tesla has removed choice in the name of efficiency where...
  39. J

    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    Me too
  40. J

    Software Update 2019.16.x

    That is great news. I don’t doubt you but - are you 100% sure? ‘Cause I am holding off the 16.2 (or later) upgrade on my S because of it (too late on the X...). Still no NoA for Aus of course...?
  41. J

    Software Update 2019.16.x

    What are we looking at in that screen grab? Is that your router software?
  42. J

    Superchargers in Australia

    And Eastern. Great to have the Narooma SC but mot much point without options further south
  43. J

    Wrap Color - Satin Dark Gray or Satin Black?

    Had it done at Concept Wraps in Lane Cove
  44. J

    HWY 1 trip

    Guys, I am planning SYD MEL trip and would appreciate any advice/ input, because I want to do the southbound trip via the coast. I have searched the forums and found some helpful info but of course a number of the threads are a few years old. So, here is my plan. I will be driving solo in my...
  45. J

    Wrap Color - Satin Dark Gray or Satin Black?

    I just had my wife's Model X done in Satin Dark Grey. You'll love it.
  46. J

    Supercharger - Berry, NSW

    Swung by there today. No signs of progress I’m afraid.
  47. J

    Spotify on version 9

    This is just so disappointing. More than three months and no fix now to a coding error. And with Tesla’s walled garden, no open-source approach, there is no 3rd party to blame. Hard not to see the obvious lack of resources devoted to fixing UI issues as emblematic of a work force that is...
  48. J

    Spotify on version 9

    I have one car on 48.1. Getting all the same freezing issues. The other car is on 50.6. The freezing issue occurs less often, but, it is impossible to log in without a reboot. Sometimes it takes more than one go. And even after logging in, if I choose another source or turn the car off, I have...
  49. J

    Tyres for a model X

    What did you do to your suspension settings?

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