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  1. Arizona Willie

    Cabin noise

    The other day I was going through a drive thru fast food and as I was a the order station, a guy pulled in behind me with a souped up car that sounded like a nitro dragster. He kept revving the engine and making lots of noise. Made it difficult to talk to the kid taking orders. After I pulled...
  2. Arizona Willie

    New model 3s have handle to assist with vehicle exit?

    I see new models have an assist handle over the door to help getting in and out. I really miss that. I have a 2019 M3 MR and am wondering if those assist handles can be installed now.
  3. Arizona Willie

    Warning to take control immediately when I was not using AP

    The other day my 3 suddenly started beeping at me and put up the warning to TAKE CONTROL IMMEDIATELY. Only problem is, I wasn't using cruise control or Auto Pilot. I was already in full control. I have a feeling my sensors are defective. Hmmmm. I get warnings like this and similar quite...
  4. Arizona Willie

    Can suspension be fixed?

    I've seen quite a few complaints about the ride in the Model 3 and I've seen posts where people changed the springs to lower the car. I'm wondering if it wouldn't be possible to change the springs and / or shocks to get a better ride. If it is, why haven't people been doing it?
  5. Arizona Willie

    How can I get Alerts to show on the screen?

    Every so often Alerts come up on the screen. UsuaLLy while I'm driving so I can't take pictures of them. How can I get Alerts that have happened to come up on my screen?
  6. Arizona Willie

    Bad MCU?

    I have a 2019 M3 MR with approx 4500 miles. On Sat Feb 21 2021 I got in the car and put in my pin and got warnings that the Brake Regeneration was not workng and the AutoPilot was not working and the Cruise Control was not working. It was right. I was going from E. Mesa to Sun City...
  7. Arizona Willie

    AP can be dangerous

    When driving along in the slow lane and there is an entrance to the freeway or exit and there is no marking for the side of the road, AP causes the car to swerve to the right and it seeks to put the car in the middle of a lane and there is no lane.
  8. Arizona Willie

    Noise from rear of car

    Most of the noise I hear in my 2019 M3 MR seems to come from the rear end of the car. Anyone else notice this? Anyone got it quieted down?
  9. Arizona Willie

    screen display

    I have Santa Claus on the left side of my screen and I can't get him off. I would like to go back to the standard display. I can change the right side of the screen but not the left. What am I doing wrong??
  10. Arizona Willie

    Error messages

    Before this last update, one day I did something that brought up a list of error messages that had appeared on screen. I don't know what I did or how I did it. Anyone know how to do that?
  11. Arizona Willie

    Auto Pilot questions

    Yesterday I noticed the steering wheel icon went on and off and was gray. I wasn't using AP. Should it do that? Also when I was using Auto Pilot I was in the slow lane on the 202 and when I went past a right hand exit Auto Pilot would drop out. Also if I passed a concrete barrier on my right...
  12. Arizona Willie

    Auto Pilot purchase question

    Is it better / faster to buy via the app or the website?
  13. Arizona Willie

    Auto Pilot questions

    Is it any use in city driving? Is it worth the price? i swore I wouldn't pay that much but I'm about to break down and get it. I''m sure the day I do the next day they will drop the price to 2000 agaih. ;( What all does Auto Pilot do?
  14. Arizona Willie

    Air conditioning problem?

    Yesterday as I was driving around town it felt like I was getting hit with small drops of water. I heard a hissing sound that sounded like it was coming from the dash where the air comes out. I shut the air off and the hissing went away. I pushed the right button on the steering wheel and...
  15. Arizona Willie

    trunk opener?

    Has anyone got those frunk / trunk openers? How ared they? How much noise do they make? I saw a video of it and there was a horrendous screaching noise. I was going to get them installed but after seeing that video I cancelled.
  16. Arizona Willie

    One Plus 8 Pro phone

    Anyone using this phone with their T3? How is it? OK? Any problems?
  17. Arizona Willie

    Trunk / frunk openers

    Which companies make the best trunk openers / closers? Anyone got experience with them?
  18. Arizona Willie

    Tesla Ring pic

    Here is a pic of my Tesla ring. Works great.
  19. Arizona Willie

    More crap from my M3

    Yesterday, once again, driving down the road and the warnings that Hold and traction control and all those other things was unavailable. Got home and rebooted it but it still said the same thing. After sitting overnight, everything was ok today --- until I got home and took groceries out of...
  20. Arizona Willie

    Another stupid question I have...

    I have Chill and Standard acceleration listed. Is Chill slower or faster than Standard?
  21. Arizona Willie


    Things are getting bad. Every time I drive my M3 after a bit I get the warnings that regenerative braking isn't available and HOLD isn't available etc. etc. And, indeed, there is no regenerative braking. Gives me a sick feeling in my stomach, like going over the top of a roller coaster, when...
  22. Arizona Willie


    As I was driving today I pulled up a decible app on my phone and laid it on my lap. At our dining room table it registers 35 db. During the drive it registered a low of 62, an average of 72, and a max of 95. Max is almost as loud as a concert. Just driving on city pavement, mostly asphalt...
  23. Arizona Willie

    12 volt battery

    Does the model 3 require some special battery or can I get a battery at Sears? If it takes a special battery ... why?
  24. Arizona Willie

    Surprise surprise

    Took delivery of my M3 on 2/16/19. Drove it to MIL house on the other side of town today. On the way home it suddenly started flashing warnings that the regenerative braking and auto pilot wasn't working ( don't even have auto pilot ) and several other things. When I backed into my driveway I...
  25. Arizona Willie

    P85D ?

    Is a Model S P85D a current 2019 / 2020 model or is it from a prior year?
  26. Arizona Willie

    Speed charger?

    Is there such a thing as a device you connect to 120 volt and it charges up and then when you connect it, it fast charges your car at 440 volts or 240 if that's the max it can do. Not sure how much voltage the Model 3 can take.
  27. Arizona Willie

    My tires keep going down

    I get them blown up to 42 at Discount Tire and a week or so later they are down to 35 - 36 and I have low tire warnings. Thing is they don't go any lower than that. If I don't get them inflated they stay right there. Which makes for a better ride but I'm not sure about the safety of that. My...
  28. Arizona Willie

    Key card problem

    Yesterday we took my M3 through a touchless car wash. Not the first time it has been through there and probably totally unrelated. Now it won't let my wife in using her card but it will let her drive using her card. My card works fine. Lets me in and I can drive. Any ideas / suggestions / jokes?
  29. Arizona Willie

    Cable length?

    How long is the new Tesla charging cable? Never mind. I found the answer on Tesla's shopping site. Too bad it isn't capable of charging as fast as the original. Not worth the money.
  30. Arizona Willie

    Blank sentry films

    Yesterday evening we came out of a restaurant and I noticed a BLUE sentry notice. Usually they are yellowish. When we got home I checked the sd card and some of the films mostly from that evening were blank. What causes this? As far as I know no one messed with the car. Perhaps they leaned...
  31. Arizona Willie

    Finally !

    To all those patient souls who put up with my moaning about not getting any updates for 2 months and questioning if my wi-fi etc was up to par ... LAST NIGHT IT HAPPENED. Finally got updates to So I know all my stuff is ok. Tesla just didn't send one for whatever reason. Which is...
  32. Arizona Willie

    How strong does the WI-FI signal need to be?

    Sitting in the drivers seat with the car on and air conditioning running and windows and doors all closed, my signal strength is -45.1 DB. I haven't gotten an update in over 2 months and I wonder if low signal strength is the problem.
  33. Arizona Willie

    Charger placement?

    Why is it that the dinky little town of Superior AZ has 4 Tesla chargers but Mesa has NONE?
  34. Arizona Willie

    Adaptive suspension install later?

    I got my Model 3 in Feb 2019. It goesn't have adaptive suspension. I see where some later ones do have adaptive suspension. Can the adaptive suspension be installed as an after market / after sale?
  35. Arizona Willie

    No reboot

    It's been about 2 months since I last got an update on my T3. A couple of weeks ago I did a reboot holding down the brake and pushing both buttons but I never got the T. This morning I tried again and the only thing that happened was it kept going to my phone and / or wanting voice commands so...
  36. Arizona Willie

    Raise money / lower prices

    I keep seeing articles that claim Tesla is losing money even though they are selling record numbers of cars. If they really want to raise money, they should lower the ridiculous prices on AP and FSD. I know I personally wont pay more than $1,000 for AP. Especially since they have given it to...
  37. Arizona Willie

    Road noise?

    I've noticed that when I drive on rubberized asphalt the car is nice and quite. On other roads there is quite a bit of road noise. It seems to come from the back end mostly. Has anyone done noise abatement / added insulation etc. etc.? Where? Did it work?
  38. Arizona Willie

    Time between updates?

    What is the longest time you have had between updates?
  39. Arizona Willie

    Formatting your card for Sentry Mode

    There is a very easy way to do this. There is a FREE program called Partition Wizard which you can download and it will make the partitions and format them etc. etc. all from within Windows 10 and it's very easy to use. I found this today because after following the instructions for formatting...
  40. Arizona Willie

    Trend Micro identifies SentryKeeper as ransomware

    Decided to actually read the monthly report from my virus program and was shocked to see it claim that SentryKeeper contains ransomeware. Anyone else had this? Possible some bad actor infected the program after I downloaded it. But I haven't had any virus problems for a long long time.
  41. Arizona Willie

    My 3 charges but stops before it reaches the limit I’ve set

    It's plugged in and the charging circuit is hot but the battery is NOT up to the fill percentage 80% according to my app and TeslaFi. Says charging stopped. I hit start charging and nothing happens. It should charge up to 200 mi range but is stopped at 175 for no apparent reason. Anyone else...
  42. Arizona Willie

    Grossly unfair

    Automobile writers are writing articles about Teslas and inviting the tens of thousands of people who read their articles to use their Referral Code. Normal owners don't have that ability to offer their code to the wide wide world. Tech writers should be banned from having Referral Codes. Hell...
  43. Arizona Willie

    Been watching my Sentry videos and

    both my left and right " repeaters " ( not cameras? ) fail often. Either it says they don't exist or I get a 0 file length or a black screen. Often also they have pixelated bars about half way up. Occassionally the front camera pixelates too. I see lots of people complaining about the "cameras"...
  44. Arizona Willie

    How Much Noise Do Teslas Make?

    Has anyone been standing on the sidewalk when a Tesla went by at 20 or 30 mph? How much noise do they make?
  45. Arizona Willie

    This Is A Stoopid Question But My Wife Wants Me To Ask It Anyway :(

    She is driving a 2011 Kia Optima Hybrid and it has never given a day of trouble in the 8 years we've had it. But since I brought my 3 home it has had constant trouble. I know it is only coincidence. But try getting her to believe that. The people at the Kia dealers told her but ... :( She...
  46. Arizona Willie

    Dim inside lights - wth?

    Bought some lights that are advertised on Amazon as for the Model 3 to replace some inside lights. Especially in the console. This morning I got the front console light pried out and discovered it is half the size of the replacement light. IT WON'T FIT. In the video for the lights from the...
  47. Arizona Willie

    Failed trying to replace console lights

    They came with a pry tool to take out the old lights but I had no luck trying to use it. Couldn't even get it edged in beside the light. I quit before I broke something to come ask for advice on how to do this. Anyone changed their dim console lights for brighter ones? What is the trick to...
  48. Arizona Willie

    Steering Wheel lights?

    Looking through the menus on my screen the other day and I saw an item for Steering wheel light. It was turned on but I have never noticed any lights on the wheel. What the heck are they and where are they?
  49. Arizona Willie

    saw pic of Rivian electric truck

    Could only see a portion of the front but it looked like they never read an automotive history book. Looked like an Edsel with the vagina front end. Total disaster. just googled Rivian and saw a full frontal picture. Yep great big vagina just like Edsel had.
  50. Arizona Willie

    Using charging stations -- POLL

    This poll will be open for 7 days.

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