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    Rubber oem trim by hood popping out

    Anyone else having issues with the rubber trim by the corner of the hood popping out? I’ve pushed them back in up eventually makes it’s way back out.
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    sparks while tapping into 12v

    Was trying to tap into the 12v at the driver panel and encountered sparks when removing the terminal. I had disconnected the 12v battery in the front and also powered the car down via the screen. What’s causing these sparks?
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    Spark sound from rear?

    Removed the trunk paneling and woofer for some deadening, and there’s now an occasional spark sound. Sometimes it happens when I hit a bump. It sounds like an electrical spark. Anyone experienced this before?
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    Model 3 Matte Carbon Fiber Dash

    Brand new in box. Real matte carbon fiber dash cap that covers the wood. $220 shipped.
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    SF Bay Area: MPP Comfort Coilovers fits awd

    These are basically new. Mounted for less than 1k miles and only two months old. Went with a different direction. Comes with everything in box and ready for direct swap. Selling for $1600 and looking for local pickup only at the moment. Located in SF Bay Area
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    Rear shelf rattle

    There’s a consistent knock somewhere in the back of my car and I think it may be the shelf. I didn’t really see an apparent way to quiet this. Seems like the adhesive in the shelf is failing.
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    Eibach Pro Kit for P3D

    Springs are only a month old and have less than 1k miles. $250 Doing local pickup only at the moment in nor cal Bay Area. Updated Part no E10-87-001-05-22
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    HRE FF01 wheels discontinued

    Seems like HRE confusingly discontinued the FF01 wheels for the Model 3. This is a headscratcher as this is their best looking wheel and there are tons of 3's being produced. Are any shops still stocking these wheels in 20"?
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    Rear wheel liners coming apart

    Both my rear wheel liners in the wells are pulling apart. When I hit big dips on the freeway I’m sure the wheels would scrape them since the liner is in the path of the wheel travel. I didn’t see how they can pop back in anywhere on the fender. Is there a fix for this?
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    Car disconnects from Phone after re-entry

    I’m getting random repeated disconnects from my phone when I restart my car. I need to manually conned the phone again in order to use it. Rebooted few times to no avail. Anyone experiencing this? I’m on 12.5.
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    Caps for screws in wheel well

    I have a few open screw ends in my rear wheel wells I want to cover up. Anyone find something that works?
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    Nomad charger surging when accelerating?

    Does anyone else’s Nomad charger surge when you accelerate? My iphone 11 lights up/powers the display on the dock when I give it some acceleration. Surely, this isn’t good long term for your phone battery.
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    Dyson handheld attachments

    I have a dyson v8 limited that works great around the house but is limited for vacuuming the car interior. It can’t reach areas like the dash and vents. There are a bunch of aftermarket attachments out there. Anybody have any recommendations and with success for attachments?
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    Phone key unlocking issues after recent updates

    Anyone else experiencing phone key unlocking issues? I have an iPhone 11. Worked flawlessly since the phone came out but after the last update, the car has trouble unlocking with the phone in my pocket. I need to take the phone and put it right next to the handle for it to unlock.
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    599 Sentry Mode Events

    I've encountered this a few times. I come back to my car a few hours later and it shows I have hundreds of sentry mode clips. When I go home and replay, sentry mode recorded every minute of the few hours with no events. Anyone else experience this?
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    USB Drive not accessible via dashcam

    I’ve been getting this error lately using my sandisk usb. “usb drive is not accessible via dashcam- reformat the drive to a supported format”. The sandisk has been working perfectly ever since I got the car months ago. But lately I got the repeated error. I reformatted it and it worked for a few...
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    Can't fast forward Sentry Mode recordings after new update

    Has anyone experienced this? I used to be able to fast forward to any part of the sentry mode clip recording. But after the latest update, the clip goes all the way to the end when you fast forward. This is getting difficult reviewing recordings without a fast forward function.
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    Tesla is not honoring demo discount

    When I picked up my P3D+ in March, the sales matched me up with one that had a $1,080 demo discount. It had a hundred or so miles on it. On the day before pickup, he re-matched me with another "demo" car with only 50 miles. He mentioned the same discount will apply. I should receive the refund...
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    MPP Comfort Coilovers for Model 3 AWD/Performance

    Ordered these a while back and they finally came. Priorities have changed and I've decided to stick with the factory suspension. Comes with the MPP helper springs. Current lead times for the awd comfort coilovers are long. KW box is brand new unopened. There are two boxes. The other with the...
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    Basic AP owners

    I have basic AP equipped in my 3 (not FSD or EAP). How does ap handle freeway junctions? Are you supposed to disengage AP everytime there is a junction, or when the freeway splits? What about freeway turns? For example a 65 zone enters a 40 mph turn. Will ap know to slow down in time for the...
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    Model 3 Performance oem Suspension (Shocks/Springs)

    Selling the shock/spring setup off my Performance. Setup is like new and only has 2,500 miles. Looking for $650 + ship.
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    Automatic Car Washes

    With Teslas now being mass produced, there are tons of non enthusiast owners who have no idea on maintaining paint. On the Tesla fb groups, most owners run their cars through automatic car washes regularly, non touchless at that and all say it has no ill effects. I'm not surprised since fb group...
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    Sentry mode recording cut short

    Lately after the 12.1.1 update, I’ve been noticing that the last saved clip of a sentry mode event is cut short. When an event occurs, usually the last clip or the one before (with all 3 camera angles) is the one that triggered sentry mode. At times, the last clip would be cut short to about 10...
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    Lost 95 miles in 2 weeks while on vacation

    not too worried about it, but does this seem in line with what people are normally getting in terms of vampire drain? I left with 245 rated miles left and came back to about 150. Seems a bit high for 2 weeks in sitting. My car stays in a garage in the 60’s temp range.
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    Sentry Mode not working during break ins / Removing rear seat latch

    There have been numerous rear quarter window break-ins in the Bay Area over the past couple of weeks. The local fb group page is filled with depressing broken window posts. All of them mentioned that Sentry Mode didn't go off when the rear quarter window was broken. It appears the Sentry alarm...
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    Refund for paint/wheel/interior option for 2018 models?

    For those that had an option thrown in for free (paint, interior, or wheels) for taking delivery of a 2018 model, have you received your check yet?
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    Non AP deliveries- are you ordering AP before price increase?

    For those that didn't order AP at delivery, are you ordering AP before the price bump? Even though basic AP doesn't include lane change, I feel like $2k is a pretty solid deal for traffic awareness cruise control. I don't commute, which is why I didn't order AP at delivery but it seems like a...
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    Recent 2019 deliveries should get AP

    Just spoke with Tesla and they mentioned owners that took deliveries of their vehicles in 2019 should get some sort of autopilot depending on your original ap config. If you didn't order ap originally, you will get the new basic ap package. If you ordered EAP, you will get FSD. This should be...
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    Paint overspray on door jam

    any of you have this paint overspray in your door jamb? It’s an excess blob of dried paint. Took delivery of a 3 last week and wondering if the dealer would correct this.
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    Tesla Rate Match approved

    I submitted a pre-approval letter from my CU for 3.25% vs Tesla's 3.75% rate over 60 months and they approved the rate refund within an hour. Looks like they're sending a check for $700 in a few weeks. I'm refinancing once I get my registration in at 2.99% over 59 months. I'm assuming I can use...
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    Performance suspension settle?

    For those with Performance models, did you suspension settle after a while?Just took delivery of a P and noticed the ride height is the same as my old non P with 20s. I went into service earlier and and compared the wheel gap to other P's on the lot and they were lower. The P's on the lot could...
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    Sold my AWD non P for a Performance

    Just sold my awd non P and bought a Performance. I originally got a $1080 inventory discount for a 300 mile P but was re-matched with another P at the last moment with 60 miles. Not sure why I was rematched but I think it was because I removed autopilot at checkout which the original one had...
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    Best Rate Guarantee and Refinancing

    There was an inventory 3 in my preferred config and I had to accept next day delivery in order to lock it in. My credit union won't be able to finalize a loan in a day so Tesla recommended I go through their financing program and utilize their Best Rate Guarantee program. My credit union already...
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    Demo Model 3's

    A rep tried to sell me a demo Performance today with 600 miles and a $1600 discount. What seemed weird was he said you cannot look at Demo vehicles before delivery. Is this the norm? I know those 600 miles are hard stop light launch miles but if the vehicle is in new shape otherwise, I would...
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    Twisted rear seat belt?

    Just noticed my rear seat belt is twisted. Not sure how that happened or if it came from factory like that. Is there an easy fix to this?
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    Consistent driver side rattle at speed

    Can anyone take a stab at what’s rattling here at highway speeds? Tesla mobile came out a couple weeks ago and secured some connectors behind the door panel but the same rattle is still there. It only happens at 50+mph and is coming from the front driver side somewhere. Video link: Any idea...
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    Rear License Plate Frame

    What rear license plate frame are you guys using? I've seen some Model 3's with a plain chrome non oem frame that look pretty clean. Also seen this neat silicone frame on amazon that supposedly doesn't rattle and won't scratch the paint. There's a Model 3 running the frame in one of their...
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    False Collision Warning alerts

    I’ve been occasionally getting false collision warning alerts where a series of a few loud beeps come on. It usually occurs when I pass a stopped car. It’s a little alarming when I’m casually driving and these warning sounds come on. Anyone else noticing this?
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    Possible to drive without door panel?

    There’s a consistent rattle that driving me nuts. Its a metallic tapping sound that’s coming from somewhere in the driver front panel. It happens over 50mph and may be wind related. A mobile tech had came out once already and affixed some connectors in the back but the rattle is still there. Is...
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    What is this plastic piece rattling?

    I’m trying to pinpoint a rattle coming from the driver front area, and noticed a piece of black plastic that is loose and rattling. It’s located behind the corner of the driver side hood. What does this piece do? I jiggled the passenger side and it’s also slightly loose but not as free as drivers.
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    Power outtage from 14-50?

    Had a 14-50 outlet installed last week and it was my first time using it. The whole house had a power outtage an hour into it. All my neighbors still had power. I checked the breaker box and nothing was tripped. Any ideas what this could be?
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    New tires that look hazy and old?

    For those that got new tires, did they come hazy? I got some new Continental Extremsports. I tried scrubbing with goof off as recommended by tirerack but they look just as bad after a deep clean. I understand some tires come with a waxy residue but this is frustrating for brand new tires. Any...
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    Is tsportline and unplugged “ricey?”

    I’ve been through the days of lowriding bodykit cars and I thought it’s a bit past that but I’ve been seeing a lot of the same stuff only on Tesla’s. I’m not sure am I seeing things or does that scene just apply to all cars nowadays. I’m not disagreeing with anything but I’m just speaking from...
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    What do you guys leave your HVAC settings at?

    Under normal conditions, do you guys always have your fans blowing? At what temperature is it considered “heating”? I usually leave my fans on at the 1 speed just to have some fresh air. Temp is usually at 63.
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    Milky/brown film on new Continental tires

    just installed some brand new Continental Extremecontact 245/35/20 from tirerack and they all have this milky brown substance or film on the front. They look like some old dirty tires. The last few sets of tires i bought didn’t have this issue and looked clean as a whistle. You guys noticing...
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    NEMA 14-50 installed

    just got a NEMA 14-50 installed right under my breaker box. Cost would’ve been the same for the hpwc but I didn’t need the extra power. It was $500 which seems to be on the lower end in the Bay Area. Seems to charge at around 26-29 mi/hr at 32amps.
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    The Tesla hate is real

    It was my first time driving out to SF and parking on the streets since I bought the car 2 weeks ago and it has already been vandalized. Looks like someone kicked the rear driver quarter panel and also maybe keyed the rear driver side door. My last car was a BMW 5 series and it has never been...
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    USB-C Lightning Cable swap

    Anyone in the Bay Area want to swap their lightning cable for a usb-c?
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    245/35/20 on oem 20” wheels?

    i’m ordering new tires for the oem sport wheels and wanted some Michelin Pilot A/S+ but the 235/35/20 are on backorder everywhere for a few weeks. 245/35/20’s are available however. Should I wait for the 235’s or should I just go with the 245’s?
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    OEM floor mats Model 3

    Just took delivery of my 3 last week and I replaced the floor mats. Selling the oem carpet floor mats for $60 picked up in Nor Cal Bay Area.

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