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  1. smjbh5

    Tire recommendations

    There are a ton of tire threads already, sorry for adding another one, but I couldn't find what I was looking for. I have a 2018 RWD with 36K miles on it. I'm going to need new tires soon as I'm down to 4/32. I have stock 19s with the stock Continental ProContact. I haven't had any issues with...
  2. smjbh5

    Rim Savers?

    What are your thoughts on these? Do they really protect the rims against curb rash? Are these secure? I just had my stock 19s powder coated in satin black and I need to figure out a way to protect them against curb rash (for when the wife takes the car :))
  3. smjbh5

    For those of you with a ceramic coating...

    What are the pros and cons of getting a ceramic coat? I'm undecided. I received a quote for $2k. How does it handle rocks chips? Do you have to re-apply it every once in a while? how does it handle scratches? If get in a fender bender, will insurance cover the cost of re-application?
  4. smjbh5

    powder coating stock rims

    I'm thinking of doing this. Does anyone know a good place in the bay to get this done?
  5. smjbh5

    RPM trunk/door light flicker

    I installed some trunk and door lights from RPM. They flicker. Its completely random too as which one flickers. One day it the door, another day it's in trunk. Could it be a voltage thing? Should I try another brand?
  6. smjbh5

    Experience at the Dublin CA SC today

    Thought I'd share my experience at the Dublin SC today. I took the M3 in to have the items on the due bill addressed. I bought the car in October and there was some fitment issues with the rear doors and trunk. I drive up to the drop off area, and there were only 3 other cars there. I was a...
  7. smjbh5

    New “50mph” caution

    has anyone seen this before? I get this caution thing once I hit 50 mph. I can understand seeing this on residential/side streets, but im getting it on the freeway as well. Started noticing it a couple of days ago (before I receive the sentry mode update)
  8. smjbh5

    rattle coming from front passenger door

    I just noticed a rattle coming from the front passenger door. Hear it as I accelerate/break on a smooth road. Basically anytime there is tension/torque on the frame. Anyone else notice this?
  9. smjbh5

    Model year?

    My car was manufactured in 10/18. Is it a 2018 or 2019 model? If it was an ICE car, it would probably be considered a 2019 model. Does this concept of "model year" apply to Teslas?
  10. smjbh5

    Have a nail in my tire

    I have a nail in my tire. A few weeks ago, the TPMS card indicated that my left rear tire was low, 36psi. I pumped it up with my compressor to 42psi, and it's been fine ever since. Today I notice a nail, there was not warning on the TPMS card or anything, still shows the tire at 41/42psi. Tesla...
  11. smjbh5

    Tint the "sunroof"?

    For all of you who have already or are interested in tinting your windows, what to do with the sunroof? My tint shop tinted mine. I didn't pay for it, they said it was included in the price. Not sure whether I like it or not. It's kinda dark. Not sure whether I'll keep it on. Taking it off...
  12. smjbh5

    Low tire pressure warning

    i was out for a drive today, and when i parked, i saw a low tire pressure warning on the screen. I got out of the car to take a look, but all the tires seem fine. Anyone else see this? Ot not that cold, in the 50s.
  13. smjbh5

    Windshield noise reduction kit

    Anyone have these? Model 3 Windshield Wind Noise Reduction Kit Do the cut down on the noise. Im thinking about getting them. The gap between the windshield and glass roof just looks odd, like it's missing a rubber gasket.
  14. smjbh5

    frequent charging bad for the battery?

    Is frequent changing bad for the battery? I usually charge at work everyday (cause it free), but only get about 60 miles worth, I top up at home a couple of times a week to get it to around 85% of capacity. Is this too frequent?
  15. smjbh5

    Tesla App and IOS

    For those of you have have iPhones. What's the face id for? When you sign out of the app, it makes you log in with your email and password, face id doesn't do anything. Am i messing something?
  16. smjbh5

    Auto park issues with V9?

    When I try to back into a parking spot, the auto park symbol would show up, I would press it and sit back. Ever since I installed V9, seems like the auto park feature is no longer available. I'm parking in the same spot, so it's not that, and the lines are clearly visible. What's going on?
  17. smjbh5

    Tesla not honoring referral code

    My uncle gave me his referral code to use when I ordered my M3. I couldn't use it when I ordered the car because it was only valid on the MS, MX, and PM3. I placed my order on 9/29. On 10/4 they changed the referrals to be eligible on all M3s ($100 superchaging credit). I called Tesla and tried...
  18. smjbh5

    iPhone and Tesla app

    Has anyone had issues with face id with the app? I've selected it, but it doesn't do anything. When I log out, i have to type in my credentials, face ID doesn't do anything. When my phone is locked, it still unlocks the car doors. Anyway to make this more secure? Log out of the app or something?
  19. smjbh5

    No AM radio?

    stupid question, is there no AM radio?
  20. smjbh5

    New Model 3 floor mats

    Did Tesla just release new floor mats for the Model 3?? Model 3 All Weather Interior Mats
  21. smjbh5

    Just ordered, now what?

    Hi all, I ordered my model 3 over the weekend (at the Dublin CA "dealership"). What happens now? Estimated delivery is sometime this month. What are some of the things I should look for at the time of delivery? What are "Gen 1 seats"? sorry for all the questions. The buying process is a little...

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