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  1. MSEV

    New Model 3: No Loan vs TSLA: Which to Pick?

    I could have put this thread elsewhere, but I wanted to know what Midwesterners thought about it. Do you believe it would be better to buy a Model 3 outright using your cash for that or to take a loan for the car and invest in TSLA. Thoughts?
  2. MSEV

    Nebraska, OPPD Douglas County, $4500/$500 Rebate Thread

    I thought I would start a new thread, apart from the Nebraska thread, to focus on the OPPD Douglas County Rebate. I have a Model 3 on order and have been postponing it while waiting for AWD and standard battery. Given this rebate potential, I am considering ordering as soon as AWD comes out...
  3. MSEV

    Renting a Model X in MT, Missoula or Kalispell: Help, please...

    I have checked a bit with no luck. We (five of us) would like to drive electric and a Model X for a Glacier National Park trip. I have tried Turo, with no luck, and the Enterprise special cars site. This is for a summer trip, end of July next summer. Any ideas about renting a Model X for a week?
  4. MSEV

    Sioux City Charging Near the Orpheum?

    Any one know of anyplace I might charge near the Orpheum Theater in Sioux City? Thanks...
  5. MSEV

    Glacier National Park, Tesla, and My Dog

    We would like some help of how to spend a nice vacation this summer at Glacier National Park taking our Model S (85D) and our dog, Harper. The four of us (me, my wife, Harper, and the 85D) have made three major trips originating in Omaha: Santa Fe, Yellowstone and down through Colorado, and...
  6. MSEV

    Chevy Bolt a "Commuter Car?" Not Available Until April? Help!

    I have looked a bit to find information about taking a Bolt on the road and not been successful at finding it. I have looked at comparisons between the Model 3 and the Bolt. I even called the dealer. I wanted to know: How do I drive a Bolt to Colorado, 500 miles away? So I called and asked...
  7. MSEV

    Poll: How Many Model 3s Will Be Reserved In The First 24 Hours?

    There's a lot of speculation about the number of Model 3s that will be reserved initially. Of course, none of us know how many will be reserved. But what is your hunch/feeling/guess?
  8. MSEV

    Council Bluffs, IA, to Independence, MO SupC, Part II, CHAdeMO

    I have written in this part of the forum before about my (difficult) adventures in driving from Omaha to KC and back because of the distance between SupCs if the conditions are anything but ideal. I cannot make it without, previously, L2 (so slow) charging. So... I ordered a CHAdeMO adapter...
  9. MSEV

    Council Bluffs, IA, to Independence, MO and Back: Lessons Learned

    I have made the trip from Omaha to Kansas City a couple times now. I have made it to the SupC in KC (Independence, MO) with about 10 miles left both times. But I have had problems coming back both times, and both had inclement weather as a part of the problem, as well as me still thinking like...
  10. MSEV

    Buffett Comments Applied to TSLA

    Robert L. Bloch (H&R Bloch) is coming out with a book called, "My Warren Buffett Bible." In my local paper, given that I live in Omaha, where Berkshire Hathaway is and WB lives, there is a running Sunday morning article about bits and pieces surrounding WB. Four quotes of Buffett's were cited...
  11. MSEV

    7/22/2015: 85 is gone! [correction: still there]

    I went on the Tesla Design site today to price out my Model S (with what I currently have) only add 90 and Ludicrous. NO CHOICE FOR 85 ANYMORE! Wait: now it is back. What happened is I changed my choice to a 90, and the 85 went away as a choice. When I changed it back (I must have taken away...
  12. MSEV

    Why Tesla/Elon Musk Works: Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

    This thread is to be about, please, Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, What makes great leaders, and What Simon Sinek has to say about that. Please view this relatively short TED Talk: http://www.ted.com/talks/simon_sinek_how_great_leaders_inspire_action?language=en#t-351305 The link: Simon Sinek: How...
  13. MSEV

    Traveling in the Model S: A Road Trip

    Really, there are a number of things to learn about traveling in a Tesla Model S (MS). There are differences that come out that I never would have throught about before. I would, on this journey, write down some of what happens and what we learn. Number 1: Long Distance Between SuperChargers...
  14. MSEV

    Blog or Post: Which Should I Use for My 5000 Mile Roadtrip?

    My wife, my dog, and I will be taking the MS on a rather long road trip and I think I will post about the places (Black Hills, Yellowstone, Portland, San Francisco, etc.) as well as the Tesla along the way. But I don't understand Blogs very well on this forum (like how do you add a next posting...
  15. MSEV

    Advice Please: Charge Every Night or Not

    I have a short commute to work (6.5 mi). I may have another short errand to do on the way home, taking me up to 20 mi round trip. I believe Tesla recommends that you plug in every night. I wonder about things like the number of cycles of the battery. I have been charging to 80%, but only on...
  16. MSEV

    Rapid City to Billings in a Day via Broadus

    I have just read a number of threads in different places looking at the SupCs that aren't there in Gilette and Sheridan, though they may be there in the future. And others have taken 212 through MT because it is a little shorter and Broadus has a NEMA 14-50. So I want to check out what I am...
  17. MSEV

    Tesla: A New Order in How Cars Are Sold: Excitement, Disappointment, Faster than Fast

    Given the news of the 60 being discontinued, and not so recently the P85 and P85+, previously the 40, I got to thinking. The difference in price between the 70 and 85 seems high, with the 70D having more per dollar (now that every model gets SupC, which makes sense). If/when the S100D/P100D...
  18. MSEV

    At what speed can I go 318 miles (Rapid City to Billings)?

    In getting to Yellowstone on I90 this (late) spring, there is a SupC gap between Rapid City, SD, and Billings, MT, of 318 miles. I am guessing I will need to find an RV park in Sheridan or Gilette. But I was also wondering about the potential of driving 50 mph for 6 hours (go the 318 mi but go...
  19. MSEV

    Ford Focus Electric "vs" Tesla Model S: What I Learned at the Ford Dealership

    I just got my S85D a couple days ago and ended up at one of the nearby Ford Dealerships yesterday. First a list of a number of things I learned: The dealer was a very nice, pleasant person. I got free energy there (J1772 adapter worked well). I am welcome back for free energy 24/7. I might be...
  20. MSEV

    Missoula to Glacier National Park: How Do You Do It?

    I am a novice, don't even have my Model S yet. It is finished with production, however, and being shipped and I should have it in a couple weeks or so. My wife and I are taking a long trip and may want to go from Missoula up to Glacier National Park. My check of milage shows 147.5 mi, so one...
  21. MSEV

    Help Me With These Choices for Model S Vanity Plates

    Help me decide on plates for my Model S by selecting one of the choices in the poll above...
  22. MSEV

    Now, A Whole Bunch of Leafs Available at a Dealer Near You!

    I don't know if what I said in the naming of this thread is true, but here's what made me say it: Late last summer I was thinking I would not do what is necessary to buy a Model S so I was looking at the Leaf. Drove a new one, liked it, looked at used ones through CarMax, found one, had it...
  23. MSEV

    I80 Nevada, Reno to West Wendover SuperChargers, Anything?

    It would be nice for long distance travelers to get I80 across Nevada finished. The SuperChargers site shows one in/near Reno (maybe it's in Carson City) and a permit for one in West Wendover (on the opposite side of the state). Anyone know anything about this stretch and SuperCharger sites?
  24. MSEV

    S Dakota to Montana Gap: Anything?

    I would like to take a trip from Omaha to Yellowstone this summer and there is a gap in SuperChargers between west SD and the Montana SCs that will get you to Yellowstone. Anyone know of anything going on with SCs in this gap? Thanks in advance...
  25. MSEV

    85D/85 Is Often The Best Choice

    Obviously, the key word in my title is choice. Many of you will have made a different choice, and that is great. I think the 85D/85 is, in many ways, the finest choice for many buyers. But I would like to hear some of your thoughts about how the 85D (or 85 when you don't need AWD) is often the...
  26. MSEV

    Omaha Service Center

    There are rumors of an Omaha Service Center coming. I had heard, I believe, that a sales associate at the MN store indicated that the SC might be up in the next couple of months? Any one know anything about the proposed Omaha Service Center? My brother told me that, previously, there were...
  27. MSEV

    Kansas City SuperCharger (Independence, MO)

    I'm expecting my Model S in November and make intermittent trips to KC. What is happening with the KC SuperCharger Station? Any news?

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