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    Aberdeenshire charging costs

    Aberdeenshire Council confirmed today that they will abolish free EV charging on 4th January 2021 and replace it with a 21p/KwH charge. Their public car park charging will also be reinstated on the same day. Businesses are lobbying against these new charges but I doubt if it will have any effect!
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    Should I be pleased with this?

    Months ago in the first flush of a Tesla ownership I must have downloaded the Stats for Tesla app. I then promptly forgot about it! Clearing out my iPhone today I came across the app and had a bit of a look at it. I found this graph which doesn’t look too shabby to me. No idea how it’s...
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    Mobile Service question

    Having had my car for the best part of a year now this is the first time I have had to request a mobile service (smashed offside wing mirror). However hard I try I have been unable to put in the correct address as we do not have a house number and live on an unnamed road. It seems that you...
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    A90 Aberdeen to Dundee “navigate on autopilot”

    For those of you who know the A90 there used to be one stretch of several miles where NoA was available - near Brechin if I recall correctly. I am just back from a run down to see my old dad in a care home in Fife and it’s the first time I’ve been on this road since lockdown (late March). I...
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    2020.12.10 installing

    2019 MX LR installing 2020.12.10 currently, previously on 2020.12 5
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    2020.4.11 now installing - range upgrade?

    I’ve just started installing 2020.4.11 which, according to various accounts is the MS/MX range upgrade which was coming to new cars. I’d be surprised if this is what it is as my car is September 2019 build (ie 5 to 6 months old). I’ll just have to wait and see but if it is the range upgrade I...
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    I have been on 2020.4.1 for a fair few weeks now. 2020.4.10 appeared on the scene but it never seemed to go on general roll out and I didn’t get it. I am away for a week or so (in our motorhome not the Tesla) but my car tells me it has received 2020.4.10.1 which I won’t install until I get...
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    Negative watts per mile!

    Coming over the very snowy Cairn o’Mount Road this afternoon in lovely sunshine it was so beautiful at the summit that I stopped to take some pictures. Upon restarting, because the trip home from there is nearly all downhill I noticed when I got home that the trip meter showed an average of -...
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    How pleased I am with my MX

    I’ve had my Raven MX for about 4 months now and have really liked it. However this last week I reckon I put it through one of the hardest tests it will ever have and it came through with flying colours. We have just returned home after a 650 mile round trip from Aberdeenshire to Preston. We...
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    2020.4.10 anybody?

    Just noticed software version 2020.4.10 appearing on Stats app. Anybody got it yet or know anything about it? It is rumoured that S and X are both in line for range upgrades via a software update but I don’t know how likely this is, although new “long range plus” S and X have 390 and 351 miles...
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    Driving on snow

    I lived in Norway for 5 years and quickly learnt that the best way to drive on snow is not to use the brakes unless absolutely necessary. I live on a very steep road in Scotland that isn’t ploughed in winter as it is considered too dangerous to plough (a few years ago a plough slid off the road...
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    Royal ICE’ing?

    Local sports centre was officially opened today by Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. Apparently some guy charging his Tesla at the EV charger was asked to move on as they needed the space for her car (not an EV). Pretty blatant case of ICE’ing I would say!
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    Has sentry mode changed?

    I was going through a load of sentry clips today before deleting them. It seemed to me that the clips I looked through today (since the last update to 50.7) seemed to have the sentry incident near the start of the recording rather than towards the end as I recall it used to be when I last...
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    Installing 2019.40.50.7

    Above update now installing! Presumably just more bug fixes.
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    2019.40.50.1 installing

    The above update is now installing on my car. Unfortunately won’t be able to test it out for a while as the car won’t be used over Xmas.
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    2019.36.2.4 now!

    Just got notification of 36.2.4 now. Away in the motor home at present so will download when I get home but has anybody else got it? For some reason I seem to be one of the first in UK to get these updates as I got 36.2.4 early - not sure if that’s a good thing or not!
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    This update just came through - anyone downloaded it yet and if so any significant changes?
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    Looks like the good days are going for us in Scotland!

    There is a report in today’s Press & Journal that Aberdeenshire Council is proposing to do away with the free EV charging points and start charging 21p/KWh to help cover operating costs. It seems they are taking a decision next week.
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    Do I need therapy (A90 out of Dundee)?

    I love my 1 month old Tesla MX and try to be kind to it. One of my pleasures as an old man is seeing if I can keep the watts/mile average down for each trip. However I did it again today. Coming back up the road from Edinburgh and after all the interminable roundabouts round Dundee I come out...
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    Doors not opening fully first thing

    Whenever I get the Raven MX out of the garage I use summon as the garage is a tight fit. When the car is fully out if I open the trunk or the FWD’s they never open to their full extent but only about half way. At all other times wherever I am, even back home again they open properly unless an...
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    To the black M3 owner charging in a Banchory yesterday!!

    Needed a quick charge in Banchory (Bellfield Park) yesterday morning while the Farmers Market was on. Always a bit tight there but this time a black M3 was parked so far over in his charging bay that the only way I could charge was a) to get the fish mannie to move the legs of his stall and b)...
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    Leaving car untouched for several months

    We are very fortunate in that being retired we can take off in our motorhome (diesel I’m afraid!) for several months each year to enjoy warmer climes. We are also lucky enough to be able to leave our EV (Tesla Raven MX) in a garage plugged into a charger while we’re away. However I would like...
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    Stranger comprehensively photographs my car!

    Went shopping at Costco in Aberdeen this afternoon. When I got back to the car (Raven X) there were several sentry events recorded. Had a good look round the car, saw no damage so went home. I decided to review the sentry events at home to see a bloke and his wife (I assume!) come back to his...
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    Tebay supercharger for northbound travellers

    In our “pre - Tesla” life my wife and I were frequent users of Tebay services because a) we love the farm shop and b) we have/had parents living in Englandshire and Tebay was a convenient stop. On occasions we used the direct road between the north and southbound services. The first time...
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    LV tracker definition (UK insurance)

    My quote from Direct Line (my current insurers) for a Model X was horrendous so I looked around and have a very good quote from LV (less than 1/3 the cost of Direct Line with a comparable excess). The only thing is LV insist on a “monitored tracker” on their website. However I called and spoke...
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    Getting to Tesla Newbridge (Edinburgh) by public transport?

    Title says it all really! Barring unforeseen hitches I will be travelling to Edinburgh to pick up my new car next Saturday. A quick look at Google Maps, Trainline, Lothian Buses, etc shows that Tesla Newbridge ain’t an easy place to reach by public transport. To save me doing my own research...
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    How are Model S/X shipped to UK?

    Before the advent of the M3 in the UK the MS/X were built in Fremont then partially dismantled for shipping in containers to Tilburg where they were reassembled for onward transportation to UK, presumably for import tax reasons. Now that the M3’s are shipped from the States ready built to the...
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    A question for UK Model S/X owners only please!

    In mid August I ordered a custom Model X Raven LR for delivery to Edinburgh. A short while later while we were in Edinburgh for the Fringe festival I popped into Multrees Walk (Tesla Edinburgh) to ask about estimated delivery times and was told end October probably. A few days back I received a...
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    OLEV approved charge point installer N E Scotland

    I note that several of you live up here in Scotland. I am in Banchory, Aberdeenshire and am looking for recommendations for a charge point installer. I haven’t yet decided which charger to go for and may be guided by whoever any of you good people recommend. Has anybody had experience, good...
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    Please help me justify buying an X!

    There must be many of you who are or have been in the same boat. I want an X. I am fortunate enough to be able to afford an X. But I can’t justify spending the best part of £90k on a car. I only drive about 7000 miles a year in the car that a Tesla would replace, nearly all on non motorway...
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    “Raven” X - tow preparation query

    i cannot get a definitive answer from Tesla so am looking to you guys for help. Nowhere that I can see on the Tesla UK website does it state that the X is equipped with tow preparation as standard as it did pre-Raven update. Does a new Raven X come equipped with tow preparation and hitch as...

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