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  1. RocketMan777

    Model Y SR Battery Size

    So it took 34KWH to bring my SR Model Y from 25% to 90%... Simple math will tell you that it looks like it is a 55 KWH battery... I just brought it back from a 220 mile road trip (each way). I noticed supercharging at the 150 KWH supercharger was exactly the same as doing it at the 250 KWH...
  2. RocketMan777

    Picked up 117xxx 7 seater LR in NY yesterday

    That I don’t know...I have an iphone 11 and it works perfectly on this old wireless charger...it seems the wireless charger area in the new console is smaller than the new one...but again its just an observation...I dont have the facts...
  3. RocketMan777

    Picked up 117xxx 7 seater LR in NY yesterday

    Yep...VIN #s are bot sequential...what matters is the born on date... Since you have the new center console I bet you the born on date for your car is Feb 7 or later... I picked up a MY on Sunday that had a Feb 5 build date and yet my VIN is 121xxx... I did not get the new center...
  4. RocketMan777

    Picked up 117xxx 7 seater LR in NY yesterday

    The car looks so beautiful in red against the black rims... congratulations! I am sure you meant (2021) when you mentioned the year...;)
  5. RocketMan777

    SR MY - Took Delivery Today

    Now I know where to go to for the next toilet paper shortage...lol Congratulations! The car looks fantastic...I love driving my Model Y...
  6. RocketMan777

    117xxx VIN - What to Expect?

    Thank you to all... you guys are great Yes...I had all these upgrades ready and waiting for the car to arrive...I also purchased PPF for the rocker panels and I will install this weekend... here is the link to the center console wrap I purchased...
  7. RocketMan777

    If I place order today, will I get the new console?

    You can always reject a car when you go to pick it up...its called “unmatching” and just wait to get matched to a different one...you dont have to accept the old center console if you dont want it...
  8. RocketMan777

    117xxx VIN - What to Expect?

    Congratulations! I also took delivery today... @srlawren you are correct! Feb 5 build (Vin 121xxx) did not come with a new center console... However this car was immaculate! Zero Issues! Surprised because I had already rejected two Model Ys earlier in the month... I love the old center...
  9. RocketMan777

    117xxx VIN - What to Expect?

    Any Model Y built after Jan 7 has a heated steering wheel...
  10. RocketMan777

    117xxx VIN - What to Expect?

    I will let you know tomorrow
  11. RocketMan777

    117xxx VIN - What to Expect?

    I am picking up a Feb 5 build tomorrow... I am expecting dual pane windows...heated steering wheel... 50% chance I get the new center console... 0% chance to get the new headlights... However neither of these two are that important to me...
  12. RocketMan777

    Took delivery -

    Congratulations! She looks beautiful!
  13. RocketMan777

    Model Ys delivered in Feb...

    What is the born on date for your Model Y?
  14. RocketMan777

    Impossible to Remove Stain/Mark on White Seats

    There are a few options in Amazon. I purchased a DIY ceramic leather coating for $50. Haven’t tried it yet...I pickup the car tomorrow (fingers crossed)
  15. RocketMan777

    3 Reasons Not to get the White Interior

    Thanks for the reply...I live all the way down in Florida so picking it up is not an option
  16. RocketMan777

    Heated Steering Wheel on 2021 Model Y

    What is the “born on” date of your Mode Y? I was told by my SA that any Model Y produced after Jan 7 has heated steering wheel...
  17. RocketMan777

    3 Reasons Not to get the White Interior

    Jokes aside...did you sell that white dashboard? I ordered a black interior but I want a white dashboard...
  18. RocketMan777

    How does Tesla ship cars Fremont to East Coast USA?

    If you call a SA they can actually track the vehicle and tell you exactly where it is... I am assuming they use the car’s GPS position to tell you where it is located...
  19. RocketMan777

    MY Color and Delivery Date?

    I initially ordered a white SR MY with the black rims...the black and white contrast looked sharp especially since the trim is now black as well...I agree the pearl white is multi coat...however keep in mind that when you look closer at the vehicle the “second” coat is only applied to the...
  20. RocketMan777

    Help! I need your eyes...is this normal?

    Hey guys. Has anyone had an issue with the Model Y driver window? When it goes up after you close the door, do you have to put pressure on the window so that it sits correctly inside the window housing? Attached are two pictures...one is of the window not flush with its housing and another...
  21. RocketMan777

    How are quality issues with Model Y currently

    Great article... the question is... since Tesla does not park their cars in dealership lots and since they are shipped quickly from California to the consumers, is the paint “fully” cured?
  22. RocketMan777

    How are quality issues with Model Y currently

    If I was you I would inquire more before installing PPF right away. I was reading online that it is recommended to wait 30 days before installing PPF. The paint still emits gases while it is curing and covering the paint with PPF before the paint cures can damage the paint. As far as your...
  23. RocketMan777

    Has anyone rejected an order this year?

    Yep...she was a beauty...too bad I had do reject her...here is a picture of her “good” side:
  24. RocketMan777

    Has anyone rejected an order this year?

    BTW...zoom in on the picture (on the black trim) and you will see it better...
  25. RocketMan777

    Has anyone rejected an order this year?

    I agree with you...it is hard to see in the picture...if you had been there in person you would have seen it more clearly... Basically on one side of the car all the windows were flush with one another...but on the other side that little corner window was much deeper in and not flush with the...
  26. RocketMan777

    Has anyone rejected an order this year?

    Went today to take delivery of MY SR Vin 104xxx car looked good except for one item...the back “corner” window was one inch deeper and not flush with the other windows...and the black trim surrounding that little window was sticking way out and not flush with the panels....the service center...
  27. RocketMan777

    Model Ys delivered in Feb...

    Thanks! Yeah I finally read that in another post... They should stop playing with our emotions with these VIN#...lol
  28. RocketMan777

    Better panel gaps?

    Don’t be too concerned...it is my understanding that Tesla is pumping out truck loads of Model Ys in anticipation for a higher demand... I am willing to bet your MY was NOT a reject... To give you an example...my original MY was supposed to be delivered on Feb 3rd...which was too soon for me...I...
  29. RocketMan777

    Vin number off?

    My SR MY is going be delivered next week (Feb 11)...white...black rims with white interior... And my VIN is 104xxx... So I wouldn’t be too concerned with VIN sequential order...I read in another post that VINs are not as sequential as we think...what matters is the “Born on Date” Hope this helps...
  30. RocketMan777

    Has Tesla changed the glossy center console in the 2021 Model Y?

    There is a video on YouTube of a guy who swapped out to the new center console in his Model Y...he ordered the new center console...I think he said he paid $900...and I don’t think it was as easy as you think...
  31. RocketMan777

    Model Ys delivered in Feb...

    I don’t understand why the disparity in VIN #s...I got matched with VIN 104XXX...delivery Feb 11...and I have read this week about Model Ys matching with VINs 115XXX... Why the big disparity in such a short time? Are they building 20,000 cars in one week?
  32. RocketMan777

    Model Ys delivered in Feb...

    Any Model Ys out there with the new adaptive headlights? Any with the new center console? VIN #? Pictures? Quality of build? Issues?
  33. RocketMan777

    Better panel gaps?

    It’s quite normal...in a few days they will match you with a VIN number and then the delivery estimate will be more accurate... Basically...if the vehicle you asked for exists as inventory somewhere out there then you will get your car closer to Feb 14th...if they have to wait for one to be...
  34. RocketMan777

    US interior refresh?

    So, I test drove a 2021 MY 2 Saturdays ago at the Tesla “dealership” in Orlando. So the one I test drove already had the dual pane front windows (For better noise cancelling). It also had the heat pump. It also had the black trims instead of the original chrome. It did NOT have the new center...

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