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  1. Timbo2

    Brake Dust Brand New Model 3 (Help)

    Original poster indicated the car is a week old. Assuming it is new in the US and probably up your way as well didn't they remove the ability to limit regeneration? I'm wondering if they changed the pad material because of the issues those of us in areas with road salt usage have. You'd know...
  2. Timbo2

    Owners Manual crashes Tesla's computer

    For anything consumer based I'm assuming this is rhetorical. Customers now do Q&A. Perfection is always just a one firmware revision away.
  3. Timbo2

    Quick Homelink question

    It's not 100% foolproof. You can have the beam under the bumper and have the door close on the trunk. The door is also supposed to reverse and the force needed to cause the reversing is often set too strongly as well. Even properly set you will still scratch and possibly ding the car. But it...
  4. Timbo2

    Any SAFE extension cords for either Wall Connector or Nema 14-50?

    They are expensive and heavy. Do you need all 50A? If not you could buy a 20A 240V extension cord of many lengths, the appropriate adapter for your mobile connector and and adapter for the 14-50 to 6-20.
  5. Timbo2

    How long for Camera Calibration ?

    From the manual: Calibration typically completes after driving 20-25 miles (32-40 km), but the distance varies depending on road and environmental conditions. Driving on a straight road with highly-visible lane lines allows Model 3 to calibrate quicker.
  6. Timbo2

    Owners Manual crashes Tesla's computer

    Enjoy one of the "perks" of Tesla ownership. They give you stuff, they break stuff and they take away stuff. I liken it to owning a classic British sports car. I'm sure you could put in a service request, but I'd bet reasonable money Tesla is already aware of the issue. I'm sure it's...
  7. Timbo2

    Whoever's designing the plastic clips at Tesla needs to be deleted

    I finally got around to checking these on my 12/2018 Model 3 and both were broken. I printed up the 3D solution and it worked well. I'm rather sure these are actually designed to break exactly where they do. Europe has rather strict pedestrian safety standards and my guess is that when you...
  8. Timbo2

    Please help - What is this? Pink residue on undercarriage

    From my brief experience the red is "heat cured". https://www.highsidechem.com/redepoxy.php
  9. Timbo2

    Please help - What is this? Pink residue on undercarriage

    G48 specification coolant. Used in current Mercedes Benz. https://www.benzworld.org/threads/blueish-coolant.1641843/#lg=thread-1641843&slide=0
  10. Timbo2

    Owners Manual crashes Tesla's computer

    No such luck for me and it still crashes on 4.18. It has been intermittent for me. So I'd recommend caution if you are driving and somebody uses the manual.
  11. Timbo2

    Glovebox suddenly opens very fast, any fixes or service center fix?

    There is a damper that lowers the glovebox slowly. It has likely either become detached or broken. Either way you will have to disassemble the glovebox and either reattach or replace it.
  12. Timbo2

    How to Add Gen 3 Wall Connector to Wi-Fi?

    Consistent with other parts of the Tesla ownership experience. My rule of thumb for the past 5 years or so is never purchase any device based on claims that a firmware update will give me critical functionality for my use case. As a result I've been much happier with many of my purchases.
  13. Timbo2

    Model 3 has no spare tire

    My Tesla didn't even have 1,000 miles on it before I had to get my tire patched. It was a slow leak so no need for the spare. Fortunately, my long time local independent garage had no issues with both lifting the Model 3 or patching the noise reducing tire. Although it did take him two tries...
  14. Timbo2

    Model 3 has no spare tire

    Be my guest! My only regret is that I already had a bunch of yellow straps. If it was black it would be almost invisible. But it doesn't bother me enough to buy new ones.
  15. Timbo2

    Model 3 has no spare tire

    The strap has two S-hooks that just fit into two holes in the brace that runs under the parcel shelf. You lose about 8-10 inches of interior volume at the very top as the tire leans into the trunk. But it gives you almost all the trunk floor. Also unless you look from bumper height you really...
  16. Timbo2

    Model 3 has no spare tire

  17. Timbo2

    Owners Manual crashes Tesla's computer

    Same. Happened twice. At the time I was plugged in although fully charged. Pulled the charger out and put the car in and out of gear a few times. Still unplugged tried again and it worked as expected. I haven't tried again with car plugged in.
  18. Timbo2

    front camera fog frustration

    I’m spitballing here, but it’s almost like the trapped moisture can’t get out. Can you try something counterintuitive like wedging (temporarily) a business card or something at the bottom of the camera and seeing if it allows airflow from the defroster to reach? It‘s possible it’s glued down...
  19. Timbo2

    No longer sleeping after 2021.4.11

    Take a look at this thread. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/no-longer-sleeping-after-2021-4-11.222691/ (moderator note: posts moved to existing thread on discussion, thanks for pointing it out)
  20. Timbo2

    Cup holder adapters for Hydroflask style water bottles?

    I just bought an insulated cup that fit the car. Seemed to be easier than trying to make a specific cup fit the car.
  21. Timbo2

    Cup holder adapters for Hydroflask style water bottles?

    Do you or somebody you know have a 3D printer? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4151721 You could use a commercial service, but I feel they are a bit pricey.
  22. Timbo2

    No longer sleeping after 2021.4.11

    This is the second time I've heard mentioned rental V6 Camaros. In the old days the domestic guys used to push two doors like this out be able to keep the lines going. It just seems an odd choice to add to a rental fleet other than cost. If you or I were going to buy something similarly...
  23. Timbo2

    No longer sleeping after 2021.4.11

    Has anybody with this issue taken the drastic step of the factory reset? You can erase all personal data (saved addresses, music favorites, HomeLink programming, etc.) and restore all customized settings to their factory defaults. This is useful when transferring ownership of Model 3. Touch...
  24. Timbo2

    $1200 to repair?

    I've done exactly that!
  25. Timbo2

    $1200 to repair?

    Some good points. I wonder if that's because in your examples you have representation. My experience is that at fault insurers nickel and dime much worse than my own carrier. Mind you I select my personal lines carriers based on claims experience and I have an enhanced form. If I were...
  26. Timbo2

    $1200 to repair?

    In general if you can afford it I think it is better to put the claim through your own insurance company and subrogate against the at fault party's carrier. Your insurance company is generally much more interested in maintaining a continuing relationship than the at fault party's insurance...
  27. Timbo2

    Getting "older" parts for 2018 - 2020 Model 3s in the future?

    US requirement for a manufacturer is 7 years. So that would be from the last model that used that part.
  28. Timbo2

    FM radio - is yours working?

    I happened to remember your post and checked last night after an update to 48.30. Mine works on HW 2.5. No idea about previous versions as I rarely listen to FM. Good luck!
  29. Timbo2

    Last update 48.26 Netflix [not working]

    I decided to check after your post. Mine works, but I had trouble exiting Netflix. The screen briefly froze black. I poked at the black screen and my trunk opened. I assume I poked the location where open trunk button is located. After a few more seconds the screen finally displayed the...
  30. Timbo2

    Model 3: Louder Horns

    Based on a quick Google - the stock horns seem to be made by Seger. I jumped onto their website and the closest looking horn there draws 6A for each horn (high and low). I know the Model 3 gets real picky about current draw on circuits so make sure whatever you plan to use draws the same or...
  31. Timbo2

    How many amps can you get from the 12V system for emergency situations?

    I did almost the same thing - although essentially manually. Momentary on switch passes through a current limiting resistor to charge the inverter and after that activate the relay and release the momentary on switch.
  32. Timbo2

    Overloaded cigarette lighter port with power inverter, no fuse to replace

    This is my tool bag for my 12V compressor in case of outlet issues. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072MZM74S/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  33. Timbo2

    12V Accessory Socket fails when I use it to power my 12A portable air compressor

    The 12V outlet can sometimes take some time to reset after the overcurrent protection trips. In the event that happens I tossed this in the trunk, for you boot: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072MZM74S/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  34. Timbo2

    Total braking system failure?

    Plus in typical Tesla fashion they can suck some cost out of the car.
  35. Timbo2

    Total braking system failure?

    My understanding is the OEM can either choose to blend or not blend with iBooster. Tesla chose not to and Audi wanted to mimic a conventional brake pedal and chose to do so. However, the underlying mechanics and electronics are the same.
  36. Timbo2

    Total braking system failure?

    I believe Audi uses the same iBooster. From memory watching this a while ago Jason explains how the booster works in the event of failure towards the end of the video.
  37. Timbo2

    12v info and charging hack

    I've heard that some of the newer German cars monitor the current the 12V battery provides and if you throw a battery tender directly on the 12V battery terminals they will throw a code. The way to get around that is to use a chassis ground. Now given that the negative terminal on the battery...
  38. Timbo2

    Anyone Purchased the Hansshow Heads-up Display?

    Let us know how you like it. Also the early 2019 or possibly just 2018s and earlier Model 3 have a different OBD connector in the center console. Let us know if the included OBD "tap" connector works for you. I've been considering this one as well, but we may have to use another OBD adapter...
  39. Timbo2

    ** Wallbox PulsarPlus EV Charger - Trouble? **

    Try the battery and charging subforum, but be warned there is a strong US bias here. If the spec sheet is to believed the the device is rated 220V to 240V +- 10%. Wallbox Pulsar plus https://www.coenergia.com/Apps/WebObjects/Coenergia.woa/wa/downloadFile?path=49997aee5e778a3c1222c9c86c6c3f54...
  40. Timbo2

    How many amps can you get from the 12V system for emergency situations?

    I'm currently using 150 ohms. I purchased a 2 pack, so for grins I tried them in series for 300 ohms and was unable to get enough power into the inverter to get the relay to close. So at least with my 300W test inverter less than 300 ohms.
  41. Timbo2

    Actual data on winter charging @ 120V (NJ)

    Really only an issue on days in the 20s or lower. I did exactly what you propose. Plugged in after driving down and it will add miles with no issues on the warm battery.
  42. Timbo2

    Actual data on winter charging @ 120V (NJ)

    On the coldest of days with a cold soaked battery you will get very little if any charge at 120V. On a vacation property at the NJ shore I gave up and ran an extension from the dryer. This year I put in an outside 14-50 as I got fed up with the extension cord. That said, if this is just for...
  43. Timbo2

    How many amps can you get from the 12V system for emergency situations?

    Look in the description of the video. He links to a followup video where he traces out the circuit and shows the current flow. The engineer who put out the original suggestion that the Model Y could output current conceded he was correct in his analysis.
  44. Timbo2

    How many amps can you get from the 12V system for emergency situations?

    The charge circuitry (at least up to the late 2019 one here) has diodes in it. This will specifically prevent the electric current from flowing back into the charger. It's designed to prevent it from happening.
  45. Timbo2

    How many amps can you get from the 12V system for emergency situations?

    Every click-bait driven Tesla fan site jumped all over that bit. And probably 25% bothered to follow up with the following:
  46. Timbo2

    Supercharger- Gettysburg, PA

    Fingers crossed as my son goes to college there. If it is EVGo there is still some hope as they've partnered with Tesla to offer Tesla's charging standard on their equipment. Although these deals frequently fall to pieces. They had/have a pilot program in Los Angeles.
  47. Timbo2

    Factory Reset Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector?

    From the manual: NOTE: The Wi-Fi network will only broadcast for 5 minutes. To have the Wall Connector broadcast the SSID again, hold the button on the charging handle for 5 seconds or turn the circuit breaker off, then on again. Page 22...
  48. Timbo2

    New Model 3 died in midtown Manhattan during rush hour

    I've no idea if Tesla pays "book time" or not to its techs. You realize these are employees that keep fixed hours - 8 to 5 generally with mandated breaks. I wouldn't be surprised if the CA team isn't the same. For example in my organization my support desk is required to pay hourly to comply...
  49. Timbo2

    U-HAUL hitch install anyone got 1?

    I wouldn't trust a random U-Haul franchise to bolt a hitch ball to my pickup tuck's pre-drilled rear bumper. No way I'd let them work on something as non-traditional a vehicle as Tesla.
  50. Timbo2

    One pedal driving

    Do any of you have to regularly parallel park on city streets or fit in a tight garage? I say this as somebody that drove a manual transmission for 30 years pre Tesla and runs full regen, but uses creep mode. With either an automatic transmission or a manual transmission I can move an ICE car...

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