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  1. Rshephorse

    Tesla MY haters on the highways

    That's the problem with cool cars- they're Asshole Magnets! I have an aircooled Porsche and interstate travel can really be a hassle. For every wide-eyed 8 year old who thinks your car is cool, there is a knucklehead out there in an ICE waiting for you...
  2. Rshephorse

    Car shut down in Autopilot/Autosteer, had to get out of vehicle to restart.

    On the interstate, using autosteer/autopilot, even though I had my hand on the wheel I occasionally had to wiggle the wheel a bit extra when I got a warning. Then I get a series of warnings- 'Reduced Power', 'Shutting down', car undriveable, a little bit of a shudder when I tried to accelerate...
  3. Rshephorse

    For those on the fence with PPF

    So, what happens if you put PPF over paint that has a year's worth of damage without 'paint correction'?
  4. Rshephorse

    Door leaks, stuck "open"

    I've heard where water goes in between the panels and gets into the wire bundle where it goes from the body of the car into the door- just enough to trigger the car into thinking it's being opened...
  5. Rshephorse

    Tesla only vehicle

    I though everyone had EV's down there already!? -golf carts!
  6. Rshephorse

    Voice choices in MY

    You CAN change it- to another language...
  7. Rshephorse

    Camping Locked Out

    I do some winter camping and am at isolated trailheads sometimes... this is why I have taped a keycard to the outside of the car, though it would be a pain to get to the keycard, I figure it might save my life at some point! Also consider getting a tesla-able rfid ring to wear when camping.
  8. Rshephorse

    No visitation on screen

    bike rack? bumper sticker over sensor?
  9. Rshephorse

    Road Trip: Stowing bike inside / both wheels off?

    With two people - we put the bikes in the care if we're driving over 100 miles- it saves us from the 8% loss on range when on the interstate. With four people.... I'd use the rack! I haven't done it, but I wonder, depending on your rack, if you could put bikes on the rack but with wheels off so...
  10. Rshephorse

    Drive.State.Power Codes (1,11,21,4,-9)?

    You are right, - the average person won't comprehend what's going on... my main concern is that a naïve person wandering into using a hacked api to allow access to their car will get into trouble It is a lot more risky given the liklihood that there will be ongoing efforts to hack into tesla...
  11. Rshephorse

    Multiple screen lines

    I had to check- turns out I have those lines in low light as well, I really didn't notice them because I kind of expect low light video images to be noisy and have artefact... Now, if my Nikon D6 did this I'd be ripped! And, to some degree even a $5K camera will do this if you bump the ISO up...
  12. Rshephorse

    Ear pain/Pressure help

    While I was able to fix hatch buffeting by adjusting stoppers- find the sweet point between buffeting vs leak/latch malfunction. Found an easier fix though- leverage the great stereo: play this loud while driving!
  13. Rshephorse

    Trailer hitch lock

    My 1Up trailer lock works OK, I just have to put it in from the passenger side and slide the 'lock' onto it from the drivers side, you can even slide the pin into the lock as you put the pin through, plenty of room for me on the drivers side. [Factory Hitch] And,,,,, I see that the lock on 1Up...
  14. Rshephorse

    Model Y Shuddering on Steep Downhill

    Not enough hysteresis on regeneration and you get an oscillation. also putting in a plug for ScanMyTesla - gives you tons of information. What would be interesting here is what is happening to the cars determination of "MaxRegen" - the maximum allowed regeneration- it kind of goes crazy and...
  15. Rshephorse

    Supercharging kills Model Y A/C

    Probably an error code or out of range reading from sensor getting triggered, that blocks HVAC. There was a similar thing this past winter which led to no heat. Doing a hard reset might get your AC back sooner, but you would have to wait long enough after charging for things to cool back down...
  16. Rshephorse

    Drive.State.Power Codes (1,11,21,4,-9)?

    Sounds sketchy to me: " What are the client_id and client_secret values? Authentication to the Tesla API is done through OAuth. These values were retrieved from somebody's OAuth session and are now being used for API access. Is this API official? Absolutely not. These endpoints are a result of...
  17. Rshephorse


    It's easy, all you have to do is Install Spouse into passenger seat.
  18. Rshephorse

    Easiest way to tell a Y from a 3 if they are not next to each other?

    Does the catfish look pregnant? If so, Y.
  19. Rshephorse

    Trailer Mode Icon Always Red

    a hitch rack is not the same as a trailer-- trailer mode is for when you are actually towing a heavy object. Don't use trailer mode for a hitch mounted rack. One snafu is if you plug in a 'hitch light' - the car may assumer you are plugging in a trailer. The reason I suggested a 'rack mode'...
  20. Rshephorse

    I love driving in snow! Regen braking seemed to turn off...

    I have been trying to figure this out. I have been using ScanMyTesla to follow the MaxRegen number- the peak amount of kW that the car could regenerate. There are two things I've noticed, 1) if I slip or slide on purpose it will drop regen 2) there is a section of road where the regen ALWAYS...
  21. Rshephorse

    Leaving a model Y parked in the snow for a few days?

    This is what I was thinking of, it is -22 farhenheit for over 24 hours.
  22. Rshephorse

    Leaving a model Y parked in the snow for a few days?

    Somewhere in the Tesla literature it does talk about not leaving the vehicle in below freezing conditions for more than 24 hours.... it got me paranoid at first that 'freezing the battery' would be bad. I can say that I've now had the car in 0/-18 below weather for a day no problem, below...
  23. Rshephorse

    Updated software and now upgrades are missing

    did you check, and see if you got FSD and Accel Boost by accident??
  24. Rshephorse

    How do you pass time at the charging stations?

    Same here! I actually kept a unicycle in the car last summer and did the same thing...
  25. Rshephorse

    How do you pass time at the charging stations?

    So, if I am taking a nap in the car while charging, is there something in the car that can be set up to wake me when charging is done? I think there is one 'airline boing' chime, but it would be cool if you could have the music come back on or something like that.... Elon?
  26. Rshephorse

    How do you pass time at the charging stations?

    in other words- new Tesla Accessory Coming!! Park-On Wheel Swivels for IN-Car Gaming! [Google 'Tire-Skate' - but we'll sell then for 300% mark-up].
  27. Rshephorse

    Supercharger - West Lebanon NH

    Head on over to the CT River behind the shopping center, the river cuts through a lava dike- cool eddies and deep water, might be great fishing.
  28. Rshephorse

    A Charger Holder/Holster that holds onto Tesla J1772 Adapter

    I've tried a similar thing, the problem is that the thick collar on the adapter hits the bottom of the holder keeping it from going in far enough to allow that nubbin to hold it in place... but, at least with something like that I could plane it down
  29. Rshephorse

    How do you pass time at the charging stations?

    Maybe there are enough Tesla users to support something like that now??
  30. Rshephorse

    A Charger Holder/Holster that holds onto Tesla J1772 Adapter

    Prob I have is that there are tesla cable holders, J1227 holders, Tesla Adapter Locks.... but no Tesla Adapter holders... but some of those look 'short' so might work. I can have someone make on of these, or find it cheap on Etsy I guess.
  31. Rshephorse

    How do you pass time at the charging stations?

    Someone needs to start a website about Charging Site Attractions. I have seen MORE Chipotle, Starbucks, Panera, Olive Gardens and Fast-Food chains since buying the Tesla... These are the high-traffic-area crappy chains that I work so hard to avoid. However, we have been pretty lucky and found...
  32. Rshephorse

    Received Model 3 Today - SO many problems

    Pretty funny, you totally got me on #8. When I fill my gas cans, I always park at the pump and open the charge port first and stand there with the gas nozzle a second....
  33. Rshephorse

    A Charger Holder/Holster that holds onto Tesla J1772 Adapter

    Tesla J1772 Adapter I have one of those cheap plastic doohickies* that allows me to dock the end of my tesla charger cable outside while the actual wall charger unit is inside the garage. Convenient and even survived getting popped off by me backing up into it, slid it back on its base and...
  34. Rshephorse

    Ear pain/Pressure help

    This is the problem I ran into, leaking. I think the proper set up includes getting all stoppers in contact, but Then, screwing them all in as much as possible -but still have them all in contact. You don't want over-extended stoppers to cause the rear hatch to 'stand off' the car. There's...
  35. Rshephorse

    Stealth Y Owners

    Having a stealth, though pressing the accelerator to the floor is awesome, I'm finding that for civilized driving and even passing in tight spaces I am NOT keeping my foot down! My guess is that with your Acell Boost Option, you'll be getting 99% of what you are actually going to be enjoying...
  36. Rshephorse

    FSD - monthly subscription

    I would love to try it for a month... that's money Tesla will get from me earlier than if I have to pony up a full 10K
  37. Rshephorse

    Ear pain/Pressure help

    So what would be cool is if someone calculate the resonance of a model Y interior cabin.... some of the solutions to this problem involved throwing blankets and other things over the back seats, hatch space. I know there is software for tuning audio systems that uses a feedback system to...
  38. Rshephorse

    Model Y Brake Controller

    Possibly a stupid question but - what is the interaction between the brake controller and trailer mode? I'm assuming the way this works is that the brake controller initiates trailer braking when the brake light comes on and intensifies braking by monitoring your deceleration? If so, light...
  39. Rshephorse

    Hitch Mounted Bike Rack Efficiency

    Check out the 1Up 2″ Super Duty Single, it can carry Three 75# bikes. They are expensive, but my hope is that it will still be usable in 10 years unlike any other rack I've had.
  40. Rshephorse

    Ear pain/Pressure help

    Just putting a vote in here for Hatch Buffeting as the main cause. It's the one thing that would be able to induce low frequency pressure changes in the cabin. Those little rubber stoppers that can be screwed in and out would be the primary point of adjustment, and I suppose in some cars there...
  41. Rshephorse

    All driving assist features disabled in cold weather on model Y

    obviously something was causing a fault in the ESC system... but there are dozens of causes. With errors like this tho, it always makes sense to do a hard reset to see if you can clear the fault - this will work for electric bogeys.
  42. Rshephorse

    Hitch Mounted Bike Rack Efficiency

    A lightweight platform rack [1Up] will have little to no effect when empty. A hanging rack is both heavier and more out in the windstream so might affect performance a bit... and might be more of a pain to get out of the way when opening hatch. I did a lot of research and felt the 1Up was best...
  43. Rshephorse

    New/Better Subwoofer for Tesla Model Y!

    By just swapping in a 'better speaker' you run the risk of messing with the stability of the 12 volt system..... ....if you don't also do some power management too....it might get interesting... remember, you're driving a computer not a Prelude. Some folks have noted that the system seems...
  44. Rshephorse

    Let's See Your Charging Setup

    That could get a little exciting after a snow-storm!
  45. Rshephorse

    Let's See Your Charging Setup

    No picture, but I'll throw in that I had 240v to industrial NEMA 14-50 socket and had the wall charger hardwired to a 14-50plug. This allows me to use the wall charger at a summer and a winter place.
  46. Rshephorse

    Model Y collision: repair estimates/thoughts?

    The good news: You drive the safest SUV in the world. The bad news: Your y is the safest SUV in the world because of where the strength and weight are and aren't. i.e. crumple zones. Plus- this car gives me more heads up about any spatial awareness shortcomings more than any other car I've...
  47. Rshephorse

    Startup Issues

    FWIW.. as side effect of the issue is that the MY won't wake via the app either to pre-condition. That actually sounds like you have a car that is not 'online' and is not getting the wifi or cell coverage it needs.
  48. Rshephorse

    Startup Issues

    It's funny how we want this car to have all the advantages of being a high performance computer, but none of the shortcomings of a computer despite it having to function in a much harsher environment where it has to rely only on tenuous veins of communication wifi/bluetooth/cell. You can't...
  49. Rshephorse

    Need for screen protector?

    I guess it depends on how fussy you are! I also still have the shipping protector on the screen- it looks perfectly fine and I'm sure it is a low tech relatively soft plastic film. When that it scuffed up I will take the protector off and figure the glass will last another 7-10 years...
  50. Rshephorse

    Regen Braking Temporarily Reduced - Every time

    Corners- tight corners with even the faintest hint of wheel slip causes the regen to go way down, for me usually down to 30kW whish is less than half of max.

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