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  1. Sluggabed

    21" Uberturbine Wheels $1500 Model Y Cincinnati

    Anyone know if they would fit the Model S......Love the look of them. My be interested next time a set come up and if they me the specs to fit the S. Thanks in advance
  2. Sluggabed

    Plaid vs Plaid+ visual differences?

    To get to the CoD numbers that Elons promoted, I'm hanging onto the belief that there'll be a lower extendable lip on the front splitter, a more aggressive diffuser and the outside chance of side mirrors minimized or digitised and incorporated with FSD warning systems.
  3. Sluggabed

    Model S Refresh and Existing Orders

    And the Plaid. Well that's a hypercar in sheep's clothing. FIFY
  4. Sluggabed

    Model S Refresh and Existing Orders

    Anyone know if that new steering 'yoke' is legal here in Australia. Didn't think it was...
  5. Sluggabed

    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    And with quoted battery costs dropping by 56% and investment costs by 69%, that's one hell of a profit margin.
  6. Sluggabed

    Just pay the road user tax and then shut this excuse down.

    "World first tax" , seriously unbelievable. They talk about it like it's a cure for cancer or took some genius to come up with it and proud of it.....truly astonishing.Rather than coming up with ways to save the taxpayer from more stress. Meanwhile this country continues to bounce along the...
  7. Sluggabed

    Superchargers in Australia

    The only thing that eases my view of the 0.52c /kWh is the advance in battery tech around the corner. The 4680 battery should get the entire Tesla lineup to significant kilometre range which will minimize your Supercharger needs. Having said that, I still find it eating away at the core of a...
  8. Sluggabed

    Elon Musk: Tesla Model S Plaid To Have Structural Battery, 4680 Cells

    I'm somewhat disappointed that they unveiled the 'Tech' this far out. It really should've been when launching the actual vehicle and only weeks from delivery. They've give the competition too much notice and possible slow down in sales at the date narrows. I'm sure they've got other tech or...
  9. Sluggabed

    Ordered my MS Plaid

    For an extra $45k over the current performance S, for the extra performance and range yet significant cost savings as they're boasting, that's one hell of a margin.
  10. Sluggabed

    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    I'm astounded that the Plaid S is that far off. It's seems they've almost got too much going on. The Roadster delay is just not fair however I guess it's buyer (depositor) beware. Either way, I really think they've done themselves a huge disservice with the delay introduction for this battery...
  11. Sluggabed

    New Model S January 2021

    The update is imminent, make no mistake. There's no way they'd be announcing any new battery tech or format and saying it's 6-12-18 months away, they'd tank any form of sales for the S/X.
  12. Sluggabed

    Model S vs Golf R

    If you're even considering a Tesla, then there's no question. You'll always have that lingering question of what if, if you don't.
  13. Sluggabed

    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    I'm waiting for the race to start including all the electric motors in the car. ie. electric windows, seats, mirrors etc etc. Toyota is proud to introduce its new EV, market leading 37 electric motors....
  14. Sluggabed

    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    For those lucky enough to attend, I think everyone should be wearing it. This is the Dress Code people. No Plaid, No party.
  15. Sluggabed

    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    2021 Lucid Air obliterates Tesla's Model S range record | Drive 'Lucid Air electric sedan has a record-toppling driving range of 832km' Looks like the imminent Model S update just boosted our hopes of a significant range increase. EM won't sit still on this. Great work Lucid.
  16. Sluggabed

    Trading in with Tesla AU

    I recently sold my '16 Model S, got a lot more for it privately than what Tesla offered 2 years ago.
  17. Sluggabed

    205 kWh Battery Model S Soon?

    We definitely need that sort of range in Australia. With the roughly the same land mass as the 48 states we have a total of 16 Superchargers and a government that is against EVs, it's an up hill battle (latest angle from them is a kilometre tax for EVs only) Whether we get sort of range from...
  18. Sluggabed

    $4000 Door Ding.... Video attached, you have to watch until the end

    This is the bane of my existence. I'll never understand these people or the other end of the spectrum where they'll spend 12 minutes doing a 75 point turn to get into a spot, where they could go 4 spots further up and drive straight into a spot with 3 spaces either side of them. Surely there's...
  19. Sluggabed

    21” Model Y Staggered Uberturbines, with TPMS and P Zero Pirelli tires for $2,500

    By chance could you post the speed and load rating of those tires? I'm interested if they qualify for the specs of the Model S
  20. Sluggabed

    Model S - New Buyer Questions - Victoria, Australia

    Try RACV, I think you'll have to ring them directly (at the time out wouldn't show on the website). The price I was quoted was very competitive and couldn't find any cheaper for what was offered. Pleasure to deal with. Any issues (minor at best) were dealt with by Tesla without pushback. Fees...
  21. Sluggabed

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    I use to be a cutting edge, latest and greatest software person but since learnt from many a phone update. I've unfortunately been pushed into updating the car, (as previously I was more than happy with the cars faultless software [stopped updating just prior to the release of the autopilot nag]...
  22. Sluggabed

    Call from Tesla for new 400 mile range

    Dam, I land in LA on the 8th and stay direct opposite that Tesla location. Murphy rules again
  23. Sluggabed

    Model S Plaid

    I'm expecting it to be (hopefully) $120k at most, checkmating Porsche and also adjusting the Model S pricing in general, getting it a bit closer to the 3 and further driving S sales.
  24. Sluggabed

    Model S Plaid

    If it wasn't for our crippling multiple taxes in Oz, I'd be all over the Roadster. Didn't you recently get a Raven?
  25. Sluggabed

    Model S Plaid

    This ^^^. Sign me up, what I've been waiting for.
  26. Sluggabed

    How good are Tesla’s in Australia’s extreme heat?

    46 degrees in Melbourne 2 days ago, so confident in the car that I through the groceries in the car (no uncover parking either) and continued to shop while the air con kept the cabin at a fantastic 20 degrees. Told friends about it at dinner and they had to remind me of burning seatbelt buckles...
  27. Sluggabed

    This truck design had better be a joke....

    I certainly hope not............
  28. Sluggabed

    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    I think this time around, they may separate the Performance vehicle with a little more than 0-60 time (or at least I'm hoping, ie range, active-aero, battery etc)
  29. Sluggabed

    What happens when 3G is gone?

    If it's anything like the roll-out of the NBN I'd say they'll have to rollback that date. Nothings ever done on time in this country.
  30. Sluggabed

    Blog Tesla Owner Cleared of Criminal Charges After Explaining 'Dog Mode'

    Does the mother-in-law count? Happened only yesterday.
  31. Sluggabed

    Model S Plaid

    Interesting, a true performance Model rather than just 0-60 times. Actual discernible differences to the lower tier models. About time. I was along the lines of that it was the new chassis for all, I guess in time it eventually will be but not until they milk it first.
  32. Sluggabed

    Model S Plaid

    Hence the reason Ludicrous is now included, it's become the old Insane. I think it's sooner than Elon's letting on, otherwise he'd slow/hurt current sales.
  33. Sluggabed

    Model S Plaid

    The upgrade I've been waiting for :)
  34. Sluggabed

    Is P100D over 6,000 lbs GVWR?

    What's with the 20 inch rims on the manufacturing placard? Still showing 19s or 21s everywhere.
  35. Sluggabed

    Can someone confirm this Australian web browser rumour 100%

    From all accounts, better off using your phone. Pretty horrendous user experience. Been on the 'to be improved' list for a while.
  36. Sluggabed

    Tyre Replacement Melbourne (Not Tesla)

    Anyone got their 21s replaced lately and if so brand and price would be great thanks.
  37. Sluggabed

    Lotus Evija Hypercar

    When you consider the Roadster 2020 (2021 or 2022, whenever it hits and within the same category but 10x the price) with 600 miles, I think you're allowed to doubt its relevance.
  38. Sluggabed

    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    And also completely omitting that the dude that's designed numerous vehicles that no one on the planet can replicate, yet according to you can't figure out the dimensions of a cell to fit into an existing product. Elon would be pissing himself laughing. I'm pretty sure, it's you putting your...
  39. Sluggabed

    Lotus Evija Hypercar

    With a 70kw battery, I don't think it's going to cut it. Minus ~5kw for battery reserve, then minus the top and bottom 10%s for usability leaves you with approx 53kws. Working on their given 250miles off 70Kws, you'll be lucky to see 190 miles real world. Apart from that, I wish them luck and...
  40. Sluggabed

    Ludicrous and Standard changes Model S

    I've noticed that the Standard Battery has now been omitted from the Tesla website and Ludicrous option is now included in the Performance pack option with the price tag to boot. Whether this is temporary or just another tuning of their product by Tesla is anyone's guess. Either way, I'm sure...
  41. Sluggabed

    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    Of course Elon has to carry that line otherwise it kills sales. Of course there's going to an imminent improve. You can't have the lower class vehicle fitted with the newer tech and see sales continue to slide on the higher priced, higher yielding vehicles. If they don't, well it'll cost them...
  42. Sluggabed

    Problem w/ Goodyear tires and "shimmy"/vibration on new s p100

    I had a impromptu test drive of a 100D a couple of months back and was also very surprised at the amount of road noise and front motor noise compared to my P90D. Girlfriend also past comment on it. Sounds terrible but it really felt cheap compared to my current drive.
  43. Sluggabed

    Raven Model S: worth it or wait?

    Any word on a 5G being fitted to the car soon?
  44. Sluggabed

    Another car tax

    And yet will still put the industry and inturn, jobs at risk and business owners on the brink. New car sales already down 10% this year and these Muppets are completely out of touch thinking more tax is the answer. Personally, I hope the EU and US go the government as all these extra taxes, as...
  45. Sluggabed

    Another car tax

    The way Australia works, this thread should sadly become a sticky..... Victoria introducing a luxury car tax of it's own Passenger vehicles worth between $100,000 and $150,000 will be charged a duty of $14 per $200 of value, while cars valued above $150,000 will be charged a duty of $18 for...
  46. Sluggabed

    First Raven Refresh Model S P100D 1/4 time

    AO is the designation for Audi. TO is the Tesla spec tire.
  47. Sluggabed

    Would you upgrade your recent Model S to a new Long Range model?

    This mini refresh isn't enough. Been saying for a while now, the S should've been refreshed for several reasons prior to the 3 being launched. Firstly, it's the self professed premium of their line up and the yield is much higher than the 3 yet it's still behind on tech. It would have pushed 3...
  48. Sluggabed

    AU Pricing

    Once the initial pain of pulling this particular band off subsides, i think we, who haven't lost the faith, should be excited by the fact that there's an exciting upgrade around the corner. They're about to (next 3 hours) annouce 350kw charging and thus a premium flagship car to handle it and...

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