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    Charging at 44mph

    There used to be an option that ended I think in 2018 for a 72amp circuit in model x/s. If your boss has an older wall connector that supports 72amp charging, that’s the difference. It would need to be on a 90 amp circuit breaker.
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    Help with Nema 14-50 Install (with pictures)

    Agreed. best guess is that the outlet is wired incorrectly, panel wiring looks fine.
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    Tesla app disappearing as Apple maps sharing option - found a solution

    I've got the same problem, didn't realize restarting the phone (iphone 8+) would help, so thanks.
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    Nema 14-50 install location/garage

    i think if you install the 14-50 on the front wall of your garage, you're going to have a tough time reaching the charge port with the mobile connector. if you can, have it installed close to the garage door opening, either side.
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    Can you run a PC from Tesla 12v with an inverter?

    i think the 12v plug is tied to a 15A fuse, so i wouldn't use more than 150 watts. if you want to attach a 500 watt inverter it should be attached directly to the battery with a fused connection, likely more work than you want to do.
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    Wall connector installation and cold weather

    I’ve got two gen 2 chargers which have thicker cables (they can charge at up to 80 amps) on the inside of the outside garage wall in Connecicut, and there’s no problem with stiff cables.
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    Trying to reuse the existing wiring for HPWC. A sanity check for me, please?

    If for some reason you decide to run new wire, upgrade it to support 100amp service and use a subpanel for future expansion. As for now, there’s no point in replacing wiring without an upgrade.
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    Trying to reuse the existing wiring for HPWC. A sanity check for me, please?

    I would avoid the switch. There are simple/cheap junctions you can use and just put it in a junction box. Look for “Al/Cu wire connectors”, and get the ones that screw down, not the fancy wire nuts. Use corrosion inhibitor (Noalox) on the aluminum connections. As long as the junctions are in a...
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    14-50 outlet on a 120V circuit?

    I wholeheartedly agree. If you don't have experience wiring a circuit breaker you shouldn't do any of what i told you. i learned this stuff as an electrician's apprentice, not reading forum posts or watching youtube. that said, it would be very reasonable to ask an actual electrician to wire a...
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    14-50 outlet on a 120V circuit?

    It is simple to convert a standard 120v-20a outlet (NEMA 5-20) into a 240v-20a outlet (NEMA 6-20) by changing around the wires at the breaker. keep in mind it will affect everything on that circuit, so if youve got anything else on that circuit you'll start a fire. a 6-20 outlet will give you...
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    What Extension Cord Do I Need For 14-30 Drier Outlet

    $100 sounds reasonable actually. if you buy the wire itself (8/4 SOOW), without ends, at home depot, it costs $3.24/ft. the male/female ends are probably $15 each.
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    250V 20A from two NEMA 5-15 outlet Charging different phase?

    that's technically sort of possible, but if those outlets are using 14 gauge wire and/or connected to 15 amp breakers, you'll only be able to use a 6-15, not 6-20. having two circuits allows you to double the voltage, but the amperage is based on wire gauge and breaker rating. if the outlets...
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    Voice Commands List

    Tesla Voice Commands
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    Wheel dolly jacks for long trip?

    They're fantastic for parallel parking.
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    What floor jack to use with pucks?

    If you’ve got a jack that is too high, just drive up on some wood blocks (I’ve used sections of a 2x4) before using the jack. If you don’t have a jack, get any one that says low-profile in the description and it should fit fine. The car isn’t too low.
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    for sale Model 3 Snow Chains

    where are you located?
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    Cybertruck Home Charging - New Onboard Charger?

    If you want to future proof a little, look around for a second generation Tesla wall connector. It supports charging at up to 80 amps if you wire it properly. If the cybertruck supports more than 48 amps, that should help.
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    The vote should have been “Anti-Trump” or “Pro-Trump” instead of political parties, which seem to have changed significantly since 2016.
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    Bioweapon defense mode fan speed

    The air goes through the same filter no matter what. Bioweapon defense mode just turns the fan to the max.
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    Well, the US president called for a boycott on Goodyear tires, so you should clearly get them. Trump calls for boycott of Goodyear, claiming company banned MAGA hats
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    Can I install a 240 Volt NEMA 14-30 outlet off my 30 Amp garage subpanel?

    an electrician can use a clamp meter to see how much power your garage door openers are actually using, and you can replace your light bulbs with LEDs. if your openers only use a few amps each, a 24 amp draw from your car isnt bad. you could also set the car to always draw just 15-20 amps, and...
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    Mobile Connector Dimensions

    Make sure the 14-50 outlet is installed with the ground on top, not on bottom. If the ground is on the bottom the whole charger will be hanging very strangely.
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    Text vs Email notifications

    I emailed Tesla in Fall 2018 to ask a question about the new enhanced anti-theft accessory. im still waiting for a response, getting tired of holding my breath for almost two years.
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    Retractable Ceiling Mounted Wall Charger

    Thats pretty cool, make sure you post the finished product.
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    Have 14-50...ordered Wall Connector 3. Questions...

    Agreed. That way you have the wall connector and you can always unplug it years from now. you dont break any electrical code, since youre not supposed to have a wall connector and socket wired separately to the same breaker. a 14-50 socket is tough, and the plug isnt going to fall out.
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    Shame - Elon admits to part-taking in coup in Bolivia for Lithium

    Can’t find that confession in Musk’s Twitter history. You sure that’s real news?
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    The interface will be a lot faster, you’ll have a web browser, and you’ll lose the radio. It doesn’t really have much to do with autopilot. That said, I doubt they would offer you MCU2 if you hadn’t already been invited. I’ve got a 2017 model S with MCU1 and AP2.5, supposed to be one of the...
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    Wall Charger what amp for breaker

    i think in your situation id put in the 60 amp breaker and set the car to charge lower. ive got my cars set to charge at 40 amps regularly, but if im in a rush i can increase the model S to 72 amps and the model 3 to 48 amps.
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    Frunk jammed and hinge rust

    Troll much?
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    Ground wire routing

    You should NOT use a separate ground, it’s against code to have more than one ground. In case of a fault you can get a ground-ground electric flow which starts fires (theoretically). As for that strange outlet, it sounds like it’s breaker should be disconnected. A 30 amp outlet should have at...
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    HPWC retrofit calamity

    you can buy a clamp connector at home depot (search the site for 100113541) and have the 6/3 pass through it into the HPWC. that part number is for a 1 inch opening which is i think the right size. no worries about replacing the screw. a regular steel machine screw should be fine. as for the...
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    Power sharing with mixed gen2 + gen3 connectors

    You can’t load share between generations
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    Sentry recording throughout night.

    short of turning off sentry mode, getting a garage, or putting tape over the cameras, i think your'e out of luck. personally i just ignore the clips unless i find damage on the car.
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    Are quad breakers safe?

    perfectly safe. its just a way to fit more circuits in a panel. a quad takes up two regular sized spaces but might have two double pole breakers or one double pole and two single pole breakers.
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    Circuit breaker suddenly tripping

    I agree with checking the screws. The higher amperage you charge at, and you charge high, the bigger the temperature swings which can slowly loosen screw lugs. tighten the lugs inside the charger and at the breaker, and any joints in between. If you don't actually need to charge at 72 amps all...
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    WC 3rd gen wiring question

    Romex 6/3 is only rated for 55 amps, individual wires (THWN) in conduit is rated for 65 amps and can get a bit hotter before failure. If it’s a long but simple wire run you should use the biggest wire you can for future expansion and to avoid voltage drop. I had run 2/0 gauge aluminum, which...
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    2016.5 90D Charging Questions

    Range mode doesn’t change the charge, but it does change how many miles it reports by a small amount. My car has been in range mode since the day I got it. You should have the dealer charge it to any level really, then extrapolate. If it’s set to 50% charge and reports 135 miles, then a full...
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    2016.5 90D Charging Questions

    there's a setting for the maximum charge, and it should usually not be set to 100% (that's bad for the battery if done too often). also, charging all night on a standard outlet might have only put 50 miles of charge on the battery.
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    How to identify Supercharging capability in Model S?

    actually i think when the model S first came out supercharging was an option you had to purchase. not sure when it became standard.
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    Anybody who's 5' 0" or under driving a 3?

    My wife is also 5’0” and was driving the 3 daily before the quarantine. She absolutely loves it.
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    Want to install new Gen 2 HPWC. Top/bottom mount needed for over 60a?

    If you use wire in conduit (THHN), you can use 4 gauge individual wires, and it will be a little easier to bend. i used the top mount, and i think it would be tricky to make the turn with the low profile bracket.
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    Quoted $8,000 to install 220V. Help!

    if you fail miserably to get a cheaper quote, you should probably just buy a 5-20 adapter for the standard 120v outlet. at the least, you can get from 120-12a charging to 120-16a charging. you may have to change an outlet to support the plug after verifying the breaker is 20 amp (lots of...
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    240v Charger Installation Advice

    What circuits are in that sub panel? I can’t imagine it’s just for the door openers and lights.
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    License Plate Holder Removal

    i think that's stock. on mine there were two strange screws underneath i removed with locking pliers, and double sided tape on the front of the bumper/behind the plate which i just peeled off slowly.
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    Tesla wall charger installation question

    Half inch conduit is too small. You're not allowed to use less than 3/4", and frankly it would be really hard to pull the wires through it. use 3/4" (or 1" if you plan on putting bigger wires in later). use a wire snake to pull the wires through, and if its difficult you can put some liquid soap...
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    Tesla wall charger installation question

    4 gauge would be a better choice if you want some future proofing, but 6 gauge THHN in conduit is okay. Use individual wires, not Romex, and use conduit everywhere, even through the cinder block. non-metal conduit is fine, and easier to bend (with a foot +/- hair dryer), compared to metal...
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    TeslaMate Super Thread

    Hassio shouldn't get in the way of Teslamate. Just install Docker and follow the Teslamate instructions.
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    TeslaMate Super Thread

    I imagine you’d have to dump the Postgres database from your windows docker to the pi, as Postgres is where all the data is stored. enter a shell inside the source server's Postgress docker, go into a folder that's mapped to the host, and use the pg_dump command. $ pg_dump -U {user-name}...

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