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  1. bryand

    Have you ever kerbed your Aero wheels?

    I have a 21 MiC SR+ and use Ford Magnetic Grey touchup paint, which is a good match.
  2. bryand

    Model 3 key fob Summon

    If the parking space is that tight, the delay between operating the fob button and the car responding could be critical. I always park in the remote corner of the car park to avoid other car doors damaging my car.
  3. bryand

    A positive article on EV motoring from the Beeb!

    £10 for a charge would be a total rip-off, and guarantee nobody uses it.
  4. bryand

    Model 3 key fob Summon

    I can't see how a key fob could possibly control Summon (not enough buttons). In any case, do you really need Summon? In the 6 years I had my Model S I used Summon once. However the key fob has other uses, like enabling walk-away locking without using a mobile phone.
  5. bryand

    Would you buy this? Second hand vs new Model 3

    When you buy a used car some of the warranty has already been used. Teslas can get very expensive once out of warranty. Buy new.
  6. bryand

    Engine Sound Modules? - Pedestrian Warning System (PWS) and Boombox

    One of the first things I bought for my M3 was a PWS canceller, only to find I didn't have PWS anyway, which is great because I value the silence. I take a Darwinian view; people who walk along listening to their iPods etc wouldn't hear a PWS coming anyway. And the old fogies move so slowly you...
  7. bryand

    What did you do to your Tesla Model 3 today?

    I need a holdall for personal kit when I go camping, and the Tesla bag I got for my old Model S is too big for the Model 3. This 60 litre bag should do the job and fits under the boot floor easily.
  8. bryand

    Which are the quietest M3 tyres?

    OK so apart from one vote for Vredestein Quadrac Pros, nobody has any suggestions for quieter tyres. Whilst looking for noise sources, I have added some more rubber seals which have reduced total noise volume slightly, and changed its character (high frequencies attentuated more than lower...
  9. bryand

    UK Model X out-of-warranty issues

    I decided to get rid of my 2016 Model S 70D because of the out-of-warranty repair costs. Some, like replacement front brake discs, were par for the course and to be expected. But there were too many unexpected failures e.g. the battery heater failed, necessitating the removal of the battery to...
  10. bryand

    Trickle charge at caravan site?

    I've used a 16A Commando socket on the UMC at a campsite. The socket was rated at 10A so I set the car to charge at 9A. To my surprise, when I went back the following year it recognised where it was and automatically set the charge rate to 9A!
  11. bryand

    UK For Sale / Wanted / Free [closed for new items]

    Yes, they are still available. Let me know when you're coming up this way.
  12. bryand

    Which are the quietest M3 tyres?

    I drove a Model S for 6 years before the Model 3, so I know what a quiet electric car sounds like!
  13. bryand

    Which are the quietest M3 tyres?

    I've done just over 1100 miles in my M3 SR+, and having dampened down the noise from most sources, I am now being bugged by the tyre noise from the Pilot Sport 4s. Does anyone have any experience/evidence suggesting a quieter tyre, either for summer or all-year use? I already have carpets and...
  14. bryand

    Another Range query....

    I learnt my EV driving on a Mk1 Leaf (80 miles range on a good day). Amongst the habits I picked up: Never pass up the opportunity for a charge Charge little and often because the last 20% takes forever Cruise control can't see the environment and rigidly squanders energy when the driver would...
  15. bryand

    UK For Sale / Wanted / Free [closed for new items]

    They were bought new in 2016, so I assume post-2014.
  16. bryand

    ICE-ing strategies & solutions

    When I was at uni the security staff had a neat way of penalising improper parking: they had some very sticky, A4-sized notices which they slapped on the windscreen right in front of the driver. Took about 15 minutes to scrape them off. Far more effective than a fine - you inconvenience us and...
  17. bryand

    UK For Sale / Wanted / Free [closed for new items]

    I have a set of four Model S wheels - 19" Turbine pattern - two of which have part worn Sottozero winter tyres on. The other two have no tyres but all 4 have the TPMS sensors. I'm open to offers above £50/wheel for two or four of them, preferably local to North Leicestershire.
  18. bryand

    M3 trailer experiences

    I intend to use my M3 with a small camping trailer for both local and vacation use. I would be interested in hearing any real-life experiences of other M3 owners who have been towing small trailers, for example: Noise Stability Impact on range Impact on performance Evidence rather than...
  19. bryand

    LFP battery, charge to 100% each night?

    Connecting the car every night is so it can download and install updates, most of which need the car to be plugged in. If you don't need it charged up to 100%, don't charge it that high.
  20. bryand

    Wiki UK Supercharger Site News

    Leicester Fosse park site was having wiring worked on this morning, so getting closer to comissioning.
  21. bryand

    What did you do to your Tesla Model 3 today?

    They're vinyl stickers from Abstract Ocean. Very easy to fit.
  22. bryand

    2016/17 Model S?

    A car of that age is going to have very little warranty left, if any. So even apparently trivial repairs, like a sticking door handle, will cost you upwards of £400 a time.
  23. bryand

    What did you do to your Tesla Model 3 today?

    They are the BougeRV ones from Amazon. I have some old Tesla Model S mats and adding these under the rubber mats a) fits surprisingly well, though the rear mat needed some attention with a Stanley knife and b) reduces road noise even farther.
  24. bryand

    What did you do to your Tesla Model 3 today?

    Picked up my M3 yesterday. Full marks to the Birmingham staff, who coped well despite being rushed off their feet. Only glitch was wrong reg num for my car, so had to wait for the insurance to get sorted. Still getting used to the differentrent noises compared to my old Model S. And I keep...
  25. bryand

    Does anyone wave anymore?

    The old model Ses with a nosecone were easy to spot and wave to, but the new solid-fronted cars are more difficult to recognise as oncoming targets. But I do a wave (two-handed if on Autosteer) and get a respose about 50% of the time.
  26. bryand

    New Maps in the UK

    Ever since a recent update, the onboard navigation describes the distance to an approaching obstacle in feet, not yards (e.g. "In 1000 feet, enter the roundabout..."). That's ridiculous, because 1000 feet is meaningless in a driving context, whereas 350 yards isn't. How do I turn the narration...
  27. bryand

    Construction Started at Brighouse and Grantham

    Work at Grantham is proceeding well. When I left this afternoon two Superchargers had the covers on and the other 6 were being worked on. So maybe ready by the end of the month.
  28. bryand

    Which after market audio?

    I believe the DAB and FM systems have different aerials, and your FM problems sound like a poor aerial connection/earth rather than anything in the guts of the system. Have Tesla check it out.
  29. bryand

    Brexit - The £ - and Tesla

    Yep, like death and taxes, you can be certain that the price of a Tesla will go up in the next 6 months. It always does.
  30. bryand

    Run a model S without a home charger?

    Is there any possibility you could charge at your workplace? This is often an acceptable way of keeping the car fully charged, at least during the week. The car would be static for long enough to get a decent charge from a low-capacity charger.
  31. bryand

    Home charging options

    Why do you think something like air suspension on a model 3 will cost less than it does on a model S? It will be the same hardware and software.
  32. bryand

    Switching between Powerwall and power company

    When my PowerWall was installed, it was made clear to me that the power utility would disconnect me if they found I was charging the PowerWall at cheap rate and selling the energy back to the grid at prime rate. So the issue may be with the power company, not the PowerWall. As a result, I...
  33. bryand

    Do Supercharger sites have stationary battery storage?

    My records indicate that I was using, on average, 27 kWh a night to charge my 70D in April. It would take 5 Powerwalls to supply that, and all the solar panels to keep them charged every day. It's not going to happen.
  34. bryand

    Any powerwalls in Europe?

    Yes, I was told that there was a batch of 90 PowerWalls shipped to the UK. Mine is one of them
  35. bryand

    Musk: "Version two of the Powerwall probably around July, August this year"

    The Powerwall itself was £4500, but it was fitted to a new SolarEdge-controlled PV system so there were some SolarEdge components installed which I wouldn't have needed if I had not had the Powerwall. In other words, I could have got the same PV performance for less, using non-SolarEdge components.
  36. bryand

    Musk: "Version two of the Powerwall probably around July, August this year"

    Here's another of the first batch of 90 Powerwalls to reach the UK, in my garage. and the SolarEdge web portal on day 1: It is now set up to avoid discharging during my off-peak (=car charging) hours so it replaces more expensive day-rate power. Will it ever pay for itself? I honestly...
  37. bryand

    Elon tweet re: lack of instrument cluster

    ...and then you get a stone chip in the windscreen and you have to replace the whole lot? I don't think so. Having the speedo on the central display may be legally acceptable but it's very poor human factors design. Information that important should be displayed unambiguously, not against the...
  38. bryand

    Paint Quality on Pick Up

    I used Perfect Car Care in Matlock, who applied Gtechniq Crystal Serum and EXO. The car was built at the very end of 2015. The paint cured in transit from the USA!
  39. bryand

    Paint Quality on Pick Up

    The swirls got fixed. This is how it looked after its first wash:
  40. bryand

    Paint Quality on Pick Up

    Picked up my red model S from Birmingham on Wednesday. It is currently being detailed. I made a point of not touching it after collection, and the detailer has found quite a few sanding marks which he is polishing out. He also showed me a picture of a new Porsche Cayenne which had much worse...
  41. bryand

    Best settings for Standard Soundsystem?

    Would you care to re-phrase that? My car doesn't have a rear driver seat at all, let alone one on the passenger side.
  42. bryand

    Smart Air Suspension: what does it mean and is it installable later?

    When I told my sales advisor that I was intending to keep the car for 8 years, he told me "go for coils".
  43. bryand

    2016's getting pushed back?

    Us folks in Europe had to wait weeks at the end of 2015 while the deliver-them-quick-to please-the-shareholders US orders were fulfilled. Now it's our turn.
  44. bryand

    'Driver' of An AP Equipped MS Making a Hand-Held Mobile Call - Breaking the Law?

    The driver is in charge of the car, whether or not they are applying any force to the controls. You cannot be driving with Due Care and Attention if you are concentrating on a phone call.
  45. bryand

    Tesla in Harrods

    Hmm. Taking an unfamiliar car out into Christmas Shopping traffic in central London isn't a recipe for a good test drive. Might be a few supercars available for traffic light GPs, though.

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