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  1. EVRider-FL

    GPS business location Google Calendar

    If you have the business name in the calendar entry, you’ll see it displayed there. If you meant something else, please clarify.
  2. EVRider-FL

    GPS business location Google Calendar

    If the appointment is in your phone’s calendar and you’ve enabled calendar sync in the Tesla mobile app, you should be able to navigate using the calendar entry. Not clear from your post how your client is trying to do this. PS: No CarPlay in Teslas.
  3. EVRider-FL

    Does anyone know Model S Weight and Dimensions compared to previous?

    I saw this mentioned in a different thread: Tesla Model S Changes. I think I also saw a side by side comparison in a different thread, but I couldn’t find that one. You can also check the new Model S owner’s manual at...
  4. EVRider-FL

    Autosteer penalty box for going too fast?

    When it happened to me, shifting into park was enough.
  5. EVRider-FL

    Parked my car at the airport…

    Are you sure you disabled Sentry Mode? This is an example of why I never park in airport garages anymore, I just Uber to/from the airport. Not only don’t I have to worry about the car, it’s often less expensive to Uber than to park at the airport, but I would do it even if it cost more.
  6. EVRider-FL

    Model S Plaid to rent in late August

    Check Turo.com, but I doubt anyone who buys the Plaid would rent it out.
  7. EVRider-FL

    USB music

    USB drives are inexpensive. Just try it for yourself. Your satisfaction will depend in part on which features you use.
  8. EVRider-FL

    Home charging [issue]

    No reason to limit the amperage unless you’re having problems at the maximum.
  9. EVRider-FL

    Premium Connectivity Yearly Subscription?

    It’s unlikely Tesla has any incentive to add overhead by offering two pricing plans, since it’s only $10/month. Maybe the FSD subscription will be different.
  10. EVRider-FL

    2021 Update Body Question

    If that’s an issue with the current (pre-refresh) Model S, as you seem to be suggesting, why do the changes matter? Or did you mean that the gaps were an issue that has since been resolved in the current model?
  11. EVRider-FL

    USB music

    The USB that comes with the car is meant for dashcam and Sentry Mode use. You can’t use it for music unless you create a second partition on the USB, which isn’t worth doing in my opinion. Buy a second USB large enough to hold your music and use them both. If you’re unhappy with how that...
  12. EVRider-FL

    Waypoints are coming to Tesla vehicles

    I wouldn’t call what Elon said a “commitment,” but at least now he’s open to the idea.
  13. EVRider-FL

    2021 Refresh - LR AWD Waiting Room

    Did you notify your insurance company?
  14. EVRider-FL

    Stopping at Green Lights [on FSD]

    Traffic light control has to be enabled in the settings. It’s disabled by default, in which case Autosteer ignores traffic lights. Maybe Jay Leno didn’t enable it.
  15. EVRider-FL

    Access Denied error from Tesla app?

    Not really the same issue. I can usually access the Tesla servers with NordVPN, but for some reason I couldn’t when using a particular VPN server (my iPhone was using a different NordVPN server and there was no issue there). When I connected to a different VPN server the problem disappeared...
  16. EVRider-FL

    Access Denied error from Tesla app?

    I didn’t disable the VPN, I just connected to a different VPN server. I wouldn’t use split tunneling because I would lose VPN protection when using the Tesla app.
  17. EVRider-FL

    Access Denied error from Tesla app?

    Turns out it was a NordVPN issue. I wasn’t even getting to the point where I could enter credentials — any page on tesla.com would immediately display the error. Since it was working on my iPhone with NordVPN, I compared the NordVPN settings on my iPhone with my iPad, and noticed they were using...
  18. EVRider-FL

    When you sell a Tesla does FSD stay with the car?

    No, I’m not a lawyer, but I know that just because someone from Tesla tells you something, that doesn’t make it legally binding or even correct. In the chat that you shared, you said you got two different answers from other Tesla employees, so why do you assume the answer in the chat is the...
  19. EVRider-FL

    Unable to Autopilot

    Yes, the partial blue ring means the car is calibrating.
  20. EVRider-FL

    Auto-updated firmaware without confirmation - confirmed!

    I’m betting you dismissed the installation dialog in a way that scheduled the update for later. Nothing you’ve said proves that you didn’t unknowingly approve the installation, and for reasons already stated above, it would be really bad if Tesla installed an update without confirmation, and if...
  21. EVRider-FL

    Anyone have Tesla Energy support phone number?

    I’m having an issue that prevents me from accessing the Tesla website, but I’d be surprised if you couldn’t find the number there.
  22. EVRider-FL

    When you sell a Tesla does FSD stay with the car?

    A chat session is not legally binding, and Tesla employees have been known to provide incorrect information before. If you sell a car with FSD privately, it’s a safe bet that the new owner will have FSD, but nothing else is certain.
  23. EVRider-FL

    Surprised by public FSD making turn onto city street

    There’s one exit off I-95 near me where NoA will make a left turn at the intersection at the end of the ramp, but I haven’t allowed it to yet, because there have been cars in the adjacent left-turn lanes and I didn’t want to risk it.
  24. EVRider-FL

    2021 Model S build quality vs Model 3

    We own both an S and 3, both 2018, and haven’t noticed a difference in build quality, assuming you mean defects and such. No problems with either car. Experience with the previous Model S isn’t representative of what the new S will be like, so no one can answer your question until Tesla starts...
  25. EVRider-FL

    Navigate on Autopilot not supported

    No, there’s no option on the touchscreen or mobile app to reinstall the last update.
  26. EVRider-FL

    Quick Homelink question

    You can use HomeLink without the automation features.
  27. EVRider-FL

    Access Denied error from Tesla app?

    I’m using 3.10.13 of the app. I tried logging in from the browser as you suggested, and I get the same error there, for any page on tesla.com. On my iPhone, both the app and browser work. It might have something to do with the VPN I’m using (NordVPN), but I’m using that on both devices, and...
  28. EVRider-FL

    AC not working.. Help.

    Reboot the car, and if that doesn’t work, make a service appointment.
  29. EVRider-FL

    Access Denied error from Tesla app?

    I started seeing the following Access Denied error whenever I launch the Tesla app (3.10.13) on my iPad: I’ve force quit the app and restarted my iPad, but no luck. iPad is running iOS 14.6. My iPhone has Tesla app 3.10.12 and iOS 14.6, and the app works fine there. I’ll try deleting the...
  30. EVRider-FL

    Summon question...

    The car has to calibrate before AP features are fully available, and if it isn’t calibrated yet, you should see a progress indicator on the screen. if that’s not it, make sure your friend has checked the settings and enabled everything. I think most AP features are disabled by default. Autopark...
  31. EVRider-FL

    Model 3 walk away lock.

    If the car is staying on after you get out, you might need to get the driver door seal checked.
  32. EVRider-FL

    Dashcam failure

    Also try rebooting.
  33. EVRider-FL

    How to tell what options a Tesla has?

    To answer your original question, the only way to know which options the original buyer purchased is to ask them, or inspect the car yourself.
  34. EVRider-FL

    Iphone wont connect to my model 3

    That’s one of the Bluetooth devices for the phone key. Don’t connect to that one, it’s used automatically when you set up the phone key. Not sure why you don’t see the Tesla Model 3 device. Is this a new problem? If a reboot doesn’t help, you might need a service visit.
  35. EVRider-FL

    Iphone wont connect to my model 3

    I should have asked this first, but are you in the car when you try to pair your phone? You need to be. If not that, do you have another phone or device you can use to see if the Tesla is visible to them (still need to be in the car for that)? Does your phone see other Bluetooth devices?
  36. EVRider-FL

    Iphone wont connect to my model 3

    Does your iPhone Bluetooth settings show the Tesla as a Bluetooth device? It will be listed as something like Tesla Model 3.
  37. EVRider-FL

    Iphone wont connect to my model 3

    Make sure the Tesla app has permission to use Bluetooth. You can see the app settings under iOS Settings.
  38. EVRider-FL

    Navigation issue

    Are you losing cellular coverage, or is it only navigation that’s acting up?
  39. EVRider-FL

    Powerwall firmware expiry?

    Here in the US, you implicitly accept the warranty terms as disclosed, they don’t have to be advertised. This isn’t specific to Tesla.
  40. EVRider-FL

    Car alarm

    Are you referring to the built-in alarm system?
  41. EVRider-FL

    Turn Off 2FA

    Log in to your Tesla web account, go to Settings, and you can manage MFA there.
  42. EVRider-FL

    Tried an Model 3 with Autopilot. Autopilot, Seriously?

    Your car won't follow the lead car if the light turns red before you reach the intersection. Not sure what happens if it turns yellow.
  43. EVRider-FL

    Tried an Model 3 with Autopilot. Autopilot, Seriously?

    Navigate on Autopilot does not function on local roads, unless you're one of the relatively few FSD City Streets beta testers, which you're not. The current implementation of the traffic light control feature will stop at green lights unless you're following another car, so working correctly...
  44. EVRider-FL

    Road trip: Fort Lauderdale to Cape Cod

    You asked about a pet-friendly hotel, so I assumed you were staying at a hotel for at least one night. Can't help with the question about overnight facilities, but you should be able to get that information from other sources. Good luck!
  45. EVRider-FL

    Road trip: Fort Lauderdale to Cape Cod

    I've made that trip several times, but I don't drive overnight, and most of the superchargers I've used have been near businesses that wouldn't be open during the night, so it might be hard to find what you're looking for. I haven't found the trip to be grueling at all, especially with AP. Have...
  46. EVRider-FL

    Tried an Model 3 with Autopilot. Autopilot, Seriously?

    Make time to RTFM. It's worth it, and necessary for using AP. Your initial post didn't say whether you have basic AP or FSD. I'm still not sure from your most recent post - is your reference to Navigate on Autopilot just your expectation or your actual experience?
  47. EVRider-FL

    Horn activates talk button???

    If rebooting doesn’t fix the issue, make a service appointment.
  48. EVRider-FL

    Navigation: Tesla needs to teach it to understand reversible express lanes on I-95 in Northern Virginia

    Following up on my previous post, the reason human drivers know an express lane is closed is because we can read the digital signboard that says so. Will Tesla Vision ever be able to read those signs? I would think it needs to.
  49. EVRider-FL

    Navigation doesnt work when not at home [no cellular connectivity showing]

    I’ve never used the keyboard to enter a destination. I’ve only used voice commands or addresses from calendar entries. Works perfectly.

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