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    Defaulting to 5 amps

    I'm seeing the same issue with our Model X with AP2 on FW 2019.8.3. Our Model 3 is on FW 2019.8.5 with no issues.
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    $2000 FSD Poll

    Price is suppose to go up after midnight.
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    Mildew smell- no visible signs of water

    We're in SoCal also, have an X and a 3, both developed the similar smell. Took the 3 into the service center and they said it was due to tree sap getting into the vents. They used an ozium spray to get rid of the smell. It came back less than a week later. For our X, we had our 2nd year...
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    Lack of loaner cars?

    I have the same experience. My service center is Costa Mesa, which is the busiest in the US. They told me that there is an average of 10 people waiting for loaners on a daily bases. They offer Lyft as an alternative.
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    Card Lost in Center Console

    Same thing happened to me, I had to disassembled the console to get it out.
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    Left Headlight dimmer than right headlight.

    Update: Now both my "Eyelid" leds are dim. Also noticed other Model 3s driving around with one side dim as well. Seems like a common problem. Will visit my local SC and report back.
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    Left Headlight dimmer than right headlight.

    Had the same issue, but after FW 2018.24.1 it seemed to fixed it. Both are now the same brightness.
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    Painless dent removal - Recommendation in SoCal

    Thanks for the replies, I found a Painless Dent removal service that will do it for much less. Will report back after after the work has been completed.
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    Blackvue750s 2ch installation issues?

    Yes, everything stayed intact after SC replaced the 12v battery. I have 2 channels, no blackvue battery. No issue with the Blackvue draining the traction battery other than the normal vampire drain at about about 3 miles overnight. Been running three months 24/7 with no issues.
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    Blackvue750s 2ch installation issues?

    VIN 200x. Picked up my Car 1st week of Feb. 2018. Install the Dashcam right away. Received the Error message on the 2nd week of March, few day later got the rotten egg smell. Car had 2,746 miles on it. Invoice shows "found 12v battery was defective internally. Recommend replacing 12v...
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    Painless dent removal - Recommendation in SoCal

    Got a quarter size dent on my drive door. Got a quote of $450, saying they need to remove the inside door panel to access the dent in order to push it out. Is this the going rate? Any recommendation for a Painless dent service in SoCal?
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    Blackvue750s 2ch installation issues?

    I installed my BlackVue directly to the 12v battery in Feb 2018 and had issues where the battery was overcharging which caused a rotten egg smell. Tesla service center replaced the 12v battery and had not an issue since. It could be that I received a defect battery at delivery or new firmware...
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    Here we go again... Model 3 wont power up

    I received the Car Needs Service yesterday, rebooted and the message remains. I also have a BlackVue Dashcam connected directly to the battery. My appointment with Costa Mesa SC is also at the end of March.
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    Model 3 charging limited near 50 kW

    Supercharged first time yesterday at 40% SOC, the rate never pass 48kw. I'm on FW 2018.4.8.
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    QI Charging DIY

    Thanks OP, just installed the round Qi wireless pad per your setup and it works great!
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    Model 3 Sound Issues

    I also have crackling sound when playing streaming music. Currently on 2017.50.13 550ee35
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    QI Charging DIY

    Thanks for sharing! Did you mount the Qi charger with double side tape then replace the OEM rubber pad. If this is the case, will it charger with a case on your phone?
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    Rear View Mirror Mount for BlackVue Dashcam

    I'm planning to install a BlackVue Dashcam in my Model 3. I'm thinking of using a BlendMount bracket that connects to the rear view mirror to give it a OEM installation look. They have a custom bracket for the Model X and not sure if this will work on a Model 3. I'm concern that the autopilot...
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    Auto wipers

    First time seeing the auto wipers in action last night. The wipers had a hard time detecting rain; it rained for 5 min straight and the wipers didn't engage. Then as the rain turns into a drizzle, the auto wipers started to wipe as it was a heavy down pour. Hopefully this will be addressed in...
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    For owners of the 3. How many miles do you currently have? (and how many problems?)

    120 miles, VIN 200X Front USB, no power Minor bend chrome driver window trim (didn't see it at delivery) Garage Door programing not working (could be user error)
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    Containment Hold

    I was also delayed; original pick up date was 1/19. Talked to a few Tesla people at the Las Vegas office, one said battery issue, another said mechanical. Got a call a few days ago to pick up my car on 2/2 at the Costa Mesa office, The DS said the delay was due to the car not accepting...
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    Delivery rescheduled last minute?

    My was also delayed. Was scheduled to take delivery on 1/19 then got a call with no explanation of the delay. Sent emails and called for status with no response.
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    VIN Assignment

    Current owner, Orange County, CA, waited in line on 3/31/2016: Never received invite email but checked my Tesla Account on 12/22 and found the configuration option available. Selected Blue, with 19" wheels. Completed my configuration and paid the deposit on 12/27. Check my Tesla Account...
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    Any non-employee get to configure their Model 3 yet?

    Model S owner since 2013, traded for a X in 2016. Waited in line and order on 3/31. No invite email yet. I feel your pain K-MTG!
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    FS: Tesla Referral Code for Model S for Kids - $400

    Referral code is no longer available.
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    FS: Tesla Referral Code for Model S for Kids - $400

    My Referral took delivery on Sept. 30 and I got the code four weeks later.
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    FS: Tesla Referral Code for Model S for Kids - $400

    For Sale, Tesla Referral Code for Model S for Kids - $400 Fully Customizable, Click link for reference. Will take PayPal, please PM me if interested.
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    Squeaky Windows...

    Ditto on the window noise issue. Here's what my local SC did: Concern: Customer states the left front window was making a clicking noise when rolling up or down. Window regulator was special ordered. Pay Type: Warranty Corrections: Window Regulator - Front - LH Verified customer's concern...
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    Abstract Ocean LED Lighting w/o Premium Pckg?

    I don't have PUP. Purchased the Abstract Ocean LEDs and made a big difference, We replaced all but the rear hatch and glove box LEDs. We also added the missing LEDs under the driver and passenger seats. Thanks to LuckyX we found the connectors under the driver and passenger seats. Our MX...
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    All Weather Mats for Model X 5 Seater

    We got our mats here: Rubbertite Car Floor Mats - Rubber Car Mats | American Floor Mats Little over $100 after 5% off coupon (CARMAT5), no tax for CA and free shipping for the front and rear.
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    Model X December Deliveries

    My Tesla page now shows "Your Model X is undergoing final inspection, detail, and charging in preparation for delivery." Does that mean the car is at my local SC? Or is this the final step before they transport it to my local SC? My original estimated schedule delivery is 12/11.
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    Model X December Deliveries

    MX60D, MC Red, 5 Seat, Ultra White, EAP, Air, Tow 9/3 - Ordered 9/11 - Confirmed Order 10/17 - Switched to Air from Coil 10/19 - VIN Assigned 10/31 - Upgrade to EAP 11/18 - Finance Approved (US Bank via Tesla 1.74%) 11/30 - Build Started 12/1 - Build Completed (Est. delivery 12/5 - 12/19)
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    Randomized Referral!

    K-MTG, the site is stating: "To qualify, you must order your Model S or X by October 18." Can you update the date to reflect the current program date: January 15, 2017
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    90D with 5 seats confirmed for nearly 2 months. What's going on?

    I have a 5 seat, X60D scheduled for Dec. delivery. My first 6 characters are: 5YJXCD
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    Help deciding on AP 2.0 upgrade

    AP2 based on Nvidia's PX 2 super computer was introduced at CES 2016, nine months ago, I have an X60D on order and will definitely upgrade.
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    Holding Production to get a 2017

    Got my X60D 5 seater coming this December. For those in US, we get $7.5k federal tax reduction. Timing can't be more perfect in my case.
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    Model X purchased before the announcement

    Just received a response from my DS. I will have the new AP 2.0 hardware on my X60D, but there is a software upgrade cost $2k for Enhanced Autopilot and another $3k for Full Self Driving capabilities. She did however suggest I wait for more information for HQ before I make a decision to pay for...
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    Model X purchased before the announcement

    I also have a X60D, 5 seat, that just received a VIN. Have not gone into production yet. I'd emailed my delivery contact to confirm it's being build with the new AP hardware. If we do receive the new hardware, we'll still need to pay the extra $4k to enable full autonomy.
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    XP100D ordered, available in feb 2016 to

    Congratulations on your order. Do you mean Feb 2017?
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    My Tesla M3 Reversation Page updated

    From Electrek.co My own page says “Deliveries will begin in late 2017”. Others outside of the US has changed to “Production is planned to begin in 2017”, I'd order on 3/31, current S and future X owner, in California.
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    Any guesses when MX 75D, 5 Seat, Coil...

    Been lurking a couple of years here, thought I would finally contribute: I'm an early Tesla adopter and currently own a 2013 MS60 vin 14xxx. Also a M3 reservation holder. During the initial roll out of the MS, Tesla offered fog lights as part of the Tech package, but removed them after orders...

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