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    Ohmconnect and PG&E, SDG&E, and SCE customers

    Thanks for confirming that there's no longer a way to chose which times of the day are opt-in or opt-out, I was looking all over their site for that. I have the exact same problem with the solar calculation. My typical usage is around 1kW, and I used to have Diamond status with the powerwall...
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    Another View about Taycan - It will be a strong competitor

    That's nice that Porsche claims SOC has no effect, but real-world testing shows different results. Here's a discussion of how the maximum power available changes with SOC and temperature. Included are lots of photos and explanation of the grey bars which indicate max power and max regain, so...
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    FSD Beta Videos (and questions for FSD Beta drivers)

    One of the segments of Park Street ( Way: ‪Park Street‬ (‪682970835‬) | OpenStreetMap ) was tagged one-way in the wrong direction. Not sure if that was related to the odd navigation choice, but I just set the direction correctly.
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    p85 + deer = a lot of damage... What next?

    If that lowball value comes from a CCC report, make sure you get a copy and look it over closely. I got my valuation increased by 8k over the initial numbers: If you car is totaled, beware CCC One Valuation Report
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    Ohmconnect and PG&E, SDG&E, and SCE customers

    Yes, I remember when they tried that flat -2kW thing for solar users, it was a mess. Luckily they reversed that. Unfortunately, I can't find their post where they describe the changes. Currently, they calculate your baseline as the average of your usage during that time period (e.g. 7-8 PM)...
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    Anyone's Screen Brightness switching from "auto" mode for no reason?

    I don't use easy entry, and it's happened at times when nobody else has been driving the car, so no profiles would have been touched. I'll keep an eye out for software updates though, to see if it's tied to that.
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    Anyone's Screen Brightness switching from "auto" mode for no reason?

    Yes, I've been seeing this recently. 2018 Model S, MCU2, Version 20.48.30
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    Ohmconnect and PG&E, SDG&E, and SCE customers

    I've been doing OhmConnect for a couple years and earn about $300 per year. I don't have very high use ($100-$200/month bills) and don't play any games to spike my usage, I just set my PowerWall to zero out power usage when requested. They used to have a thing where solar users were expected...
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    If you car is totaled, beware CCC One Valuation Report

    I had a car totaled recently, and the insurance company wanted to pay me out based on a CCC One valuation report. I had looked at ev-cpo.com and had a ballpark idea what my car was worth, and that report was a ridiculous lowball. They listed my car as having no options, so that they could...
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    Salvage Car Owners Support Group.

    Well, the other party's insurance hit their policy limit, so my insurance took over. Still being sold via Copart, but now Lot #58944730. https://www.copart.com/lot/58944730/ A little more info: I was rear-ended by someone going (my guess) 35-40. Damage doesn't look too bad visually (tail...
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    2020 LR+ actual range 65% of rated

    Measuring range over a week's worth of short trips isn't accurate. Some energy is lost while the car is parked, and the beginning of each trip is much less efficient as the car gets the cabin and battery up to temperature. This is especially true in the winter. Take a longer trip for a more...
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    Hello and some questions...

    People have measured the EMF in Teslas and found it to be very low. Spark plugs produce a larger pulse of EMF with each spark than you’ll find in a Tesla. Also, EMF at these frequencies hasn’t been shown to cause cancer. For wind noise, I’ve heard of trouble with the rubber seals around the...
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    Would a solar generator power a Tesla?

    You might be able to charge your car from it, but Teslas are picky about some generators, and might not like it. Best case, the Tesla plugs in, charges for the entire 3KWh that this thing has stored, adds somewhere under 12 miles of range, and then the Yeti's battery is drained. The solar...
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    Gen 2 UMC

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    Gen 2 UMC

    Came with the car I just bought, appears to be unused. Includes Bag, UMC, and 5-15 adapter. Asking $225 local (San Diego) or $240 shipped in the U.S. For another $75, I'll add in the J1772 adapter that also came with this car.
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    Salvage Car Owners Support Group.

    I'm not sure if this is the right spot for it (let me know and I'll move this post), but insurance just totaled my car after a rear-end accident. If the future owner finds this post, drop me a message and I'd be happy to answer any questions, damage, maintenance history, etc. Or, I suppose if...
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    Vinegar smell inside in the morning

    It’s probably the hand sanitizer. I got one to keep in the car and started noticing a vinegar smell in the morning. Got rid of the sanitizer, and smell went away.
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    Nuclear powered nano-diamond battery

    Cute idea, but physics says it’s not nearly as powerful as they claim. C14 decays pretty slowly (5700+ year half-life) so even if they captured 100% of the energy, it would take 2365 pounds of C14 to generate 1 kW of power. Even the most conservative driver needs substantially more. it could...
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    Anyone install a powerwall in San Diego with SDG&E TOU5

    Correct, the house is being powered from the grid during this time, and all solar is going to the battery.
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    Anyone install a powerwall in San Diego with SDG&E TOU5

    No, I'm not charging from the grid, and I don't think that's possible (in our region) without some kind of hacking. I'm charging from solar on the weekends where the off-peak lasts until 2PM. During the week I don't charge.
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    Anyone install a powerwall in San Diego with SDG&E TOU5

    There's no point in trying to get the 1¢ difference, but there is a 15-16¢ difference available on the weekends. The schedule I use during the winter is Advanced-Cost Saving: Weekdays: Off-Peak midnight - 6AM, Peak 6AM - midnight Weekends: Off-Peak midnight - 2PM, Peak 2PM - midnight This lets...
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    TOU-B & Powerball Time-based control help

    Give this a try: Set to Advanced, Cost Saving. Then ignore the difference between off-peak and shoulder times, and set all that time to off-peak in the app. Because there's not enough solar between 10pm-8am to matter, the extra differences between off-peak and shoulder are just confusing the...
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    Hydrogen vs. Battery

    That's very similar chemistry to an aluminum-air battery, but they over-complicated it by throwing a fuel cell in the middle of the process. And, of course, the fuel cell version is less efficient. Wikipedia lists aluminum-air batteries at 1.3 kWh/kg, but the hydrogen-producing version is only...
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    Can I cause any harm by switching from Drive to Reverese at < 5mph?

    Unlike an ICE transmission, there's no physical parts that get moved around when you switch "gears" on a Tesla. The only thing you have done is to tell the computer whether the go-pedal is for requesting torque in the forward direction, or if you're requesting torque in the reverse direction...
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    Another Sudden Acceleration

    You can see the third brake light come on at 55 seconds into the video, and the car stops immediately.
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    Clean your solar panels!

    When you go to "Edit Price Schedule" where you currently have orange peak time defined for the whole day, I think you want that to be grey for part-peak. When you adjust the times, you get different results when you drag the handle just above the orange area vs the handle just below the orange...
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    Clean your solar panels!

    What do your daytime rates look like? Are you paid full price for electricity exported? Or part price? Or nothing? Different electric plans price that differently, and it makes all the difference in how you set things up. If you're paid full price for exports, there's nothing for the...
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    I bumped 3x4” piece of paper laying on the retractable cubby door.

    When the shelf comes off, the plastic below it comes with it, and it reveals a larger area than I expected. That includes the area where the door slides into. Give it a try, it only takes a minute or two to pop the shelf on and off.
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    I bumped 3x4” piece of paper laying on the retractable cubby door.

    You can pull down on the shelf below the screen and it will unclip. The shelf comes down and forward and then you can reach the hidden area where your paper slid. One time I had a credit card sitting there, hit the brakes, and it slipped in that same place.
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    MCU1 performance improvement & browser improvement. Simple trick by Thomas The Tesla Tuner..

    When I bought my Lexus, the salesperson demo’ed the voice command feature... He said “Set temperature to 72” and it did. He said “Dial 555-555-5555” and it did. He claimed it would import my phone contacts, and then I could dial by people’s names. In practice, I prefer it a little cooler, so I...
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    Question on Time Based Controls - Balanced

    I'm using TBC balanced. The Powerwall charges from all solar during off-peak, running the house from grid until the battery hits 100%, then it goes into standby until peak time. During peak, it runs the house from battery and exports all solar to the grid until the battery hits reserve. I'll...
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    Question on Time Based Controls - Balanced

    During the winter (on SDGE rates) you can still get the difference between the $.24 and $.09 rates on the weekends because the off-peak goes until 2PM. Fill up weekend mornings and discharge in the afternoons. I configured both peak and shoulder times as "peak" in the app, since the price is...
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    Setting schedule for mid-day off-peak

    Yep, that did what I wanted, though it feels weird to have my midnight car charging time labeled as “peak.” Cloudy morning, so there wasn’t much solar, but it did the right thing and waited until 10 to charge. It hit full at 1pm, then discharged from 2 until it hit reserve at about 8.
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    Setting schedule for mid-day off-peak

    Unfortunately, I can’t set 6-10am to part-peak because it seems that part-peak has to be touching peak. However, I think I found a solution, I’ll see tomorrow how well it works out. If you drag the end of peak to before the beginning, it will reverse and wrap around midnight. So, I set peak to...
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    Setting schedule for mid-day off-peak

    Hi, just got my Powerwall last week, and I'm trying to get the time-based schedule set up. I'm on the EV-TOU-5 plan from SDGE, which has a strange midweek schedule during March and April: Midnight-6AM: $0.09 6AM - 10AM: $0.24 10AM - 2PM: $0.09 2PM - Midnight: $0.24 So, my goal is to charge...
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    Charging two Teslas at once?

    Forum posts don't burn things down, but people following your advice might. Just because you're comfortable overloading a circuit, doesn't mean that overloading should be a recommended installation. The NEC has a certain margin for safety. Running at 72A on a circuit rated for 68A continuous...
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    Charging two Teslas at once?

    Why do you keep posting this? Are you trying to burn people's houses down? You can't use #4 wiring for a 90A circuit.
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    Charging two Teslas at once?

    No, you can't use the 90°C column on the table. Even if your wire were rated for it, the HPWC isn't, and you'll have that hot wire melting the plastic bits inside the HPWC. Assuming you ran THWN or similar wire, you're looking at 85A rated, 68A continuous, and the HPWC set at 64. Unless the...
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    Electrify America (VW's EA) to Install Tesla Powerpacks at High Power Stations

    And that's why the difference between kW and kWh is important. The article said: "a 210 kW battery system with roughly 350 kWh of capacity." 350 kWh is how much the battery holds and 210 kW is how fast it can pump out that power. There is nothing strange about having a larger storage capacity...
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    Who wants in on a class action lawsuit? ;-)

    Did you use a calculator for that math it your dash picture? Sure looks like you didn't. You claim: 80 x 300 = 24,000 left over 24,000 / 441 = 53 Mi projected (My calculator gives 54.42) Now, look at the numbers with the 295 Wh/mi that people have been suggesting: 80 x 295 = 23,600 left over...
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    Firmware 9 in August will start rolling out full self-driving features!!!

    You're assuming that the 99.999% number is based on miles and not on trips. If its a percentage of trips, then you're looking at 100,00 trips and probably over a million miles between accidents. At 100,000 miles, you're almost up to human driver safety, and at a million you're better than most...
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    Still missing most recent update

    Unless you've gone 3 months or more (which would be around version 2019.42) there's no reason to worry about it. Not everyone gets every version, and it's common to be a month or more between updates.
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    240 volt NEMA 14-50 outlet installation - any advice?

    Two suggestions: Make sure the ground pin is up, this will make the UMC hang down nicely with less tendency to get loose. My electrician initially installed it the other way, and turned it over when asked. Ask how much extra it costs to run larger wire. It's pretty cheap as they're...
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    Gen 1 UMC 40 Amp Mobile Connector $250

    Charge at 40 amps, 25% faster than the 32 amp limit of the new Gen2 UMCs. $250 + shipping (or local pickup in San Diego area) Includes: Gen1 Mobile Connector (with 20 ft cable) NEMA 14-50 adapter NEMA 5-15 adapter I bought an extra UMC so that I could leave one in my garage instead of...
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    HPWC shared circuit potential issue

    I just installed 2 HPWCs on a 60A circuit last month. To test that the installation was right, I plugged in both cars and started them charging. Each car correctly pulled 24A (half of the 48A continuous that the circuit can handle). Then I clicked "Stop Charging" on one car but left it...
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    Navigation sharing from Google Maps App - am I crazy?

    I most often use this feature from Yelp, sending the restaurant address to the car. That way I don't have to try to remember the address, I don't have to try to pronounce the restaurant's name (some are tricky), the car just knows where I'm going. I've also used it as a reminder feature. Wife...
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    Is my battery degrading faster than usual ?

    Based on that picture, you used 52% of the battery over multiple trips. Any power that your car used between trips (running computers, heating/cooling battery, etc.) will decrease the % charge on your battery but won't be reflected on the "Since last charge" trip odometer. For better accuracy...
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    HPWC Install

    No, that's not a legit 14-50 that he started with. Probably installed by someone who knew that it was only being used for Tesla charging. If an RV plugged into this outlet, it would be using the uninsulated ground wire as the return side of the 120V circuits. That could give a shock to anyone...
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    Differernces between 2016 X and 2018?

    I was looking on ev-cpo.com because it's easier to sort and filter which cars are interesting. One of the columns on there is "AP Hardware" so there's no guesswork in that area.

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