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  1. RNHurt

    In case you haven't seen yet - leaked v11 pics from refreshed Model S

    Just let me change the font size and I'll be happy with almost any updates!
  2. RNHurt

    Tesla will use camera to monitor driver behavior

    I just drove 500 miles yesterday on 2021.14.18 and didn't notice a anything different. A lot of the trip was on AP and I was looking out the windshield (and using the steering wheel as a drum) but the nag was still there and fairly prevalent. Maybe Tesla software versions are not sequential. 🤷‍♂️
  3. RNHurt

    What do you do if your Tesla is stolen?

    Is there some sort of a checklist? Someone had a checklist for accepting a new Tesla and I thought it might be useful to think about how to handle a theft in the same way. I use my phone as my key and more than once I've thought about someone grabbing my phone (say, at the gym) and driving...
  4. RNHurt

    service center charging

    This is all great feedback. The Service Center I'm interested in is located near the Tampa International Airport. I would like to charge the car before returning it back to the owner at TPA. If Supercharging is "free" at that SC then that would be great. If not, I can pay for the charge. I...
  5. RNHurt

    service center charging

    How much does it cost to charge at a Service Center? I'm thinking of renting a MX through Toro for vacation and there is a SC near the dropoff point. I was wondering if I could roll into the SC, charge for a bit, and then hand the car back to the owner. If SC doesn't charge for Supercharger...
  6. RNHurt

    Who uses automatic car washes?

    @wraithfive, you are absolutely 100% correct! I checked the manual and it does say to ensure the wipers are OFF but doesn't say anything about service mode. Thank you!
  7. RNHurt

    Is it possible to re-text the most recent contact?

    I love texting in my MY but creating repeated messages to the same person is a bit tedious. Answering incoming texts is fine, but sending multiple texts to the same person is a multi-step process. As an example, I'll text my wife about supper on the way home from work. When she doesn't...
  8. RNHurt

    Who uses automatic car washes?

    Question: why does Tesla recommend putting the wipers in "service" mode? Is it to make sure that they don't activate in the middle of a wash? Can you turn them off instead?
  9. RNHurt

    Has everyone's streaming audio been spotty lately or is it just me?

    Well, after the 2020.48.26 and 2020.48.30 updates it seems like it might be fixed or at least I am no longer noticing the problem. I wonder if they fixed something with the update or if the network traffic is lower after the holidays. Hmmmm....
  10. RNHurt

    2020.48.26 Did you get Boombox?

    So, just so I'm clear, in order to have the Boombox (or External Emissions) functionality you have to have the PWS as well. Is that correct? I love that my MY does not have PWS so it is silent backing out of the driveway at 6AM. However, I would also love to be able to play music from my car...
  11. RNHurt

    What do you do with your loose change?

    Just last night I went through the drive thru at a local taco place and the price was $9.52. I had a $10 bill but no change and I didn't want to get a bunch of change back so it could rattle around the car. So, I paid via debit card. If I would have had a couple of pennies I could have paid...
  12. RNHurt

    Where to find YouTube tv in MY?

    I've tried to log into YouTube several times on my MY but since I'm using MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) on my Google account it always fails. Any tips on getting this to work?
  13. RNHurt

    Ford Mach-e

    Ok, the first thing I noticed was that the fonts on the screen seem to be large enough to read. :D Seriously, that's a pretty big win in my mind. Taking in the rest of the car it looks like Ford might have a winner here. They seem to have paid attention to the charging situation and I like...
  14. RNHurt

    What do you do with your loose change?

    I've seen that and it could work in a pinch, but I was thinking of something a bit more purposeful. Maybe something like this or this but thinner and more vertical. My idea is that it would hold a couple of coins in a spring loaded slot that you could hide on the wall of the the center...
  15. RNHurt

    Side mirrors drooping?

    I've noticed the same thing in my MY. I thought it was just me or that maybe I was doing something wrong. Yes, every week or so I have to re-adjust my mirrors up slightly because they get a bit lower each time I back up.
  16. RNHurt

    What do you do with your loose change?

    I try to use my phone or debit card whenever I can but sometimes it's just easier to pay with cash. The problem is that there is no good place to store change in my MY. I don't want to just throw it in the console; it's hard to find and it rolls around/rattles. Other cars usually have some...
  17. RNHurt

    Has everyone's streaming audio been spotty lately or is it just me?

    Well, I'm sad that it's happening but I'm happy it's not a problem with my car. Maybe a future update will get it back to where it was over the summer. Thanx!
  18. RNHurt

    Has everyone's streaming audio been spotty lately or is it just me?

    One of the most loved features of my MY is the streaming audio. I love being able to think about a song and then request it! Lately (the past couple of weeks) I've been getting a lot of pauses and failure to play a song. With the latest firmware upgrade it's even starting to skip to the next...
  19. RNHurt

    Backup Camera Lens

    It really reminds me of my VW Corrado. That thing had just as much view out of the rear window as a MY. In fact, the view was so bad that VW gave it a speed activated spoiler that got out of your way at low speeds so you could see something, anything out the back window.
  20. RNHurt

    2020.48.10 SMS gray on gray text is hard to read

    Is anyone else having trouble reading the gray text on slightly lighter grey background when you get an SMS message? I really like the new conversation format that mirrors most "text" applications (your messages on the right and other's responses on the right). The white text on dark blue text...
  21. RNHurt

    Backup Camera Lens

    I love my MY but with the recent change in weather the backup camera lens seems to get dirty/smudgy/foggy easily. I've tried wiping it off, and it does help, but it seems to get "yucky" again pretty quickly. Is there some coating or lens cleaner that you might recommend? Would a ceramic...
  22. RNHurt

    Driverless Car Wash

    My mother is a big car wash person and knows the people at the local wash by name. We used to take my Honda Odyssey through and they did an excellent job. Lots of hand drying, vacuuming, washing the floor mats, etc. The only issue is that you don't ride in the car. In fact, you drive up and...
  23. RNHurt

    Software Update 2020.44.10.1?

    A couple of days ago I went to the park and as I walked away from my car I noticed that the drivers window didn't close completely. I opened the door and rolled it up all the way but it was really acting funny. When I came back an hour later I noticed that my drivers window was partially...
  24. RNHurt


    Ok, it makes sense now. Thank you for looking this up! No worries! I thought the same thing for the first two weeks of owning my Tesla. :oops:
  25. RNHurt


    I just installed 2020.40.8 and seemed to notice that the lane alarm feature didn't work the way I remember it working. Previously, if I approached either side of the lane and crossed the painted line my steering wheel would vibrate slightly to let me know I was drifting out of the lane. Last...
  26. RNHurt

    What do you do if you record an accident on the dashcam?

    Recently, a motorcycle passed me on the highway and ended up hitting an SUV in front of me. The motorcycle basically disintegrated and the rider was flipped into the air and landed without moving. It was actually a horrific sight and I've thought about it quite a bit recently. I saved the...
  27. RNHurt

    Headlight Bulb Replacement

    I was looking at my headlights the other day and wondered if/how you replace the "bulb", or even if it has one that can be replaced. What happens if a headlight goes out? Do you have to replace the whole housing?
  28. RNHurt

    Model Y minivan conversion kit

    I think I need that for cleaning the roof glass. I'm not a small guy but even I have to tippy toe and I still can't get the very center of the roof clean. Does this thing work? Does it damage the car/door?
  29. RNHurt

    Elon; The Y Needs this update..

    Confession time. I embarrassingly assumed that my MY *had* rear cross traffic alert capability. With all the advanced technology in the car it seemed nonsensical to think that it was missing such a basic feature. In fact, I've been pseudo relying on it's ability to warn me of moving traffic...
  30. RNHurt

    How many key cards come in the replacement order?

    I've lost a key card and want to replace it. So, I went to the Tesla store and ordered a new Key Card for $25 but I don't know if it comes with one card or two. All the pictures show two cards but the description only talks about a single card. Thanx! Richard
  31. RNHurt

    Can we automatically decrease radio volume in the morning?

    I generally turn the volume down as well but it always seems extra loud the next morning. :eek:
  32. RNHurt

    Can we automatically decrease radio volume in the morning?

    I really love my new MY but every time I get in the car the radio is set to the last volume level (read LOUD!) and it can be extremely jarring. Especially in the morning after I've been listening to SOAD or Tool the evening before. :D What would you say to having a setting that reduces the...
  33. RNHurt

    Battery drain is faster than expected or is this normal?

    I've only had my MY for a week but I've also noticed quite a bit of range loss. Now, being a new Tesla owner I do put my foot in it quite often so I'm pretty sure my range losses are my fault. However, I went to a friends house yesterday (30 miles round trip) and had to charge for 27 hours...
  34. RNHurt

    8.5 wall connector in stock right now at Tesla.com

    Dang. I registered my email so they would notify me when it gets back in stock; I guess there are a lot of people doing the same thing. :(
  35. RNHurt

    Is it normal for vehicles to jump around on the traffic display?

    Ok, great. I just wanted to make sure that I didn't have a sensor out or something and everyone else is seeing rock solid vehicles moving smoothly around their screens. BTW: the best "traffic cone" I have seen was a little girl squatting down on a hover board. It was funny to see a traffic...
  36. RNHurt

    Is it normal for vehicles to jump around on the traffic display?

    I understand that there should probably be some movement of the gray vehicles on the display, but mine jump around quite a bit and I'm wondering if that is normal. On the drive home, my kids and I joked that large trucks (tractor trailers) seem to dance around in their lane quite a bit. Even...
  37. RNHurt

    So, I got an old Model S as a loaner ...

    ... and boy do I miss my MY! The MS feels like something Mercedes or BMW would build; large, heavy, and full of all kinds of buttons and levers. By comparison, the MY feels like a rocket ship from the future. That "single pane of glass" works really well once you get used to it. At one point...
  38. RNHurt

    MY Floor Mats from AUTAILORS

    The weave looks a bit loose in the pictures I've seen and I'm wondering how a dogs nails might do with these mats. I want to carry around my pal but not if his nails catch on the floor mats and pull.
  39. RNHurt

    Chance to buy "test drive" model - Should I ?

    It would be neat if they included the FSD upgrade as the "discount". That would be enough for me to purchase a "demo" model.
  40. RNHurt

    Bluetooth profile doesn't store "Sync messages" choice

    I just purchased a MY and noticed that sometimes my Bluetooth sync is turned off and sometimes it stays on. I haven't worked out the conditions that it changes though. I keep Bluetooth on all the time on my phone and never touch the settings in the car (unless I have to turn sync back on)...
  41. RNHurt

    Slow speed tire noise (sticky sounds)

    Really?! It's the hubcaps / gemini covers? Well, when I get a minute I'll remove them and see if the noise goes away. I guess it doesn't hurt anything, but it is slightly annoying. o_O Thanx! Richard
  42. RNHurt

    Slow speed tire noise (sticky sounds)

    So, my MY is the first non-ICE vehicle I've ever had and it's so quiet that I'm hearing a "sticky" sound coming from the tires when I back out of my driveway. It almost sounds like there are stickers or tape on my tires that is sticking to my driveway. I'm almost positive it's just the...
  43. RNHurt

    I took delievery of a new MY today!

    I was able to figure out the problem this morning. The main feeder hose to the washers was not connected. After popping up the battery cover I saw the hose just laying there, so I just reattached it and it worked great. 10 second fixes are the best fixes. :)
  44. RNHurt

    I took delievery of a new MY today!

    Thank you everyone! Here she is getting her first drink from a watering hole in the wild. It's going to take a bit of getting used to but I already LOVE every single thing about this car. Except getting peed on when I try to wash the windows. :) Yes, I think the washer problem is probably a...
  45. RNHurt

    I took delievery of a new MY today!

    I'm so excited to get my first Tesla. I've been wanting one for years (and years) and was finally able to make it happen. My son and I went over (almost) everything and apart from some minor scratches / paint issues, it was great. We drove it home (2 hrs) without any squeaks or groans or...
  46. RNHurt

    SC gave me a free tool to keep..

    Free Tools! No, seriously, I would email them to let them know that a tool was left behind but I probably wouldn't schedule an appointment or go out of my way to return it. Just my $0.02.
  47. RNHurt

    Delivery this weekend (Aug 2th) with low VIN

    I'm picking my MY up this weekend as well and my VIN is 25xxx. You mentioned some sort of VIN tracker that shows the date range, but I can't seem to find it. Can you give me a link to it so I can check out mine? Thanx! Richard
  48. RNHurt

    L3 chargers at Petrol Stations now...

    I would like to have Superchargers installed in larger filling stations along major hightways because I travel with my extended family and they drive ICE vehicles. It would be nice for everyone to stop and fuel up at the same time in the same place. It usually takes us 15-20 minutes anyway for...

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