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    Model S Roof Rack - never used

    I am happy to pay $425 including shipping to my home in Denver. Please let me know if this is still possible.
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    Vendor DIY Xpel ultimate plus or stealth precut kits

    I have two cars in need of some PPF: Model 3 Performance and Model S P85D. I would like front bumper and hood coverage (at minimum) and would consider a full wrap if the prices were really good. Also, if I do this, will I need a heat gun or other tools? Please PM me if you have any good options...
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    Rent a model S in Denver on Feb 18 for Father-Daughter Dance

    I live in Littleton, but I might be able to help you out. Can you send me a message somehow - I am not a power user on this system :)
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    2012 Model S 85 For Sale

    Ok, this is good to know - thanks. If I buy the car, I will want to see the range after a 100% charge. I expect other interested parties would want to see this too. My 70D has lost about 3% in the past 12 months, but your car has more miles and a lot more batter cycles on the clock. If you can...
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    2012 Model S 85 For Sale

    Do you know what batter pack you have? I read some early cars had battery issues, but that many were replaced. I am an interested buyer at your posted price.
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    AWD with Autopilot

    I can sell you my white 70D with autopilot #1 for 63K. My car has almost nothing (no pano, no air suspension, etc) and 40K miles. Let me know if you are interested.
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    WTB: Model S 85/85D/90/90D

    I can sell you my white 70D with 40K miles, body color roof, autopilot #1, and just about nothing else for 63K.
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    Used Model S Wanted, cash buyer with 5 kids

    Sorry for the slow response, I have been traveling. I think we should be able to make this work as long as you hold clear title on your p85d as I do on my 70d. Can we chat by phone somehow?
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    Rear seat pass-through

    @skitown - here is a link to the rack I have: Otium SoftRack It works ok, but I would rather have the skis inside because we never go up with more than 4 people. If you want to buy my rack I will sell it to you for $100.
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    Used Model S Wanted, cash buyer with 5 kids

    Here is an idea - phaseid buys my car, and I buy Nosken's car. I have a white 70D from late 2015 with ~40K miles (less, but we drive a ton, so by the time we do a deal it will have 40). My car is very basic - no pano, no air suspension, no winter package, etc - but it does have autopilot. There...
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    Powerwall 2 for sale

    Sure, how much do you want for it, and where are you located?
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    Rear seat pass-through

    I have this problem/interest too, so if you ever find a solution, please let me know. For what it is worth, I did find an after-market roof rack that works on the standard (non-pano) roof, but I hate having to take it on/off all the time and I would much prefer a simple Audi-like pass-though.
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    P85D W/ Ludicrous, P+ Suspension and 52k miles, Extended warranty for 78k

    Can you please post a pic and description of the filled crack?
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    Parting out 3 2015 model S's (70D, S70 and S85)

    Do you have any key FOBs?
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    WTB 2014 Model S

    I can let my white 70D go for 68K. It has black next gen seats, autopilot, and that is about it. Oh, it does have 24K miles.
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    Used 70D Pricing

    Another option My 70D, which is white, also had an original price of ~82. My car has 14K on it as of this morning and we drive it a fair bit. I love the car, but if someone would give me 60K for it today I would probably take it. With the cash in had I would turn around and get a 90D from...
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    General chit-chat in "For Sale" threads

    Actually, I did send the post to the seller before I posted. He never got back to me about it. - - - Updated - - - Thanks to all of you for your well argued and rational defense. Based on these comments, and in the spirit if fair play, I expect the moderator might want to think about moving...
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    General chit-chat in "For Sale" threads

    I have not done much research on the market for used 60s, but my first reaction to this post is that I have to be missing something. http://ev-cpo.com/ I count 13 cars on the CPO site that are at or below the asking price for this vehicle, 8 of which have fewer miles, better warranty...
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    NEW VERSION USB to iPhone 6 or 5 Charger Flexible yet Rigid - NOT iPhone 6 plus

    Perhaps I have something in common with other readers on this forum. If so, perhaps some of you can learn from my mistake on this item. I was, to say the least, very excited when I finally placed my Model S order a few months ago. I spent a good portion of the agonizing time between order...
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    Getting ready to place an order

    Her are a few additional considerations: 1 - you said you plan to move soon - if you are moving to a state with better incentives, that might well be reason enough to put off the decision. Just check the tesla site for the state you are considering and see if your total costs change much when...
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    WTB: 2013 Model S 60kwh

    I can make you a below market deal on a 70D with autopilot and almost no other options. If interested, please PM me today.
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    For Sale - Late 2014 Model S 60 with Autopilot - No Longer Available

    You have it right davidc18 - my plan is to either put more money into my existing car OR upgrade to an 85D and put the extra cash into that. In essence, while I love my 70D, I regret not paying up for the 85D. I guess I didn't expect to love the car quite as much as I do, but it is exactly this...
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    For Sale - Late 2014 Model S 60 with Autopilot - No Longer Available

    Since you asked... I have a 70D with 4K miles on it that I would gladly sell for 68K. My car has autopilot and next gen seats, but literally nothing else. I am about to put 2k into a radar detector and another 2K into opticoat so if anyone on this board is seriously willing to pay me 68K for...
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    2015 TESLA 85D FOR SALE - LOS ANGELES - 9,500 MILES - No Longer Available

    I agree with you MsElectric - for someone who is looking for a base version of a great car (the 85D), this is a very attractive option. For someone who is interested in a base version of another great vehicle (the 70D) they could buy my car for 10K less. I am willing to sell my white 70D that...
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    2015 TESLA 85D FOR SALE - LOS ANGELES - 9,500 MILES - No Longer Available

    I am not following your math here. With federal incentives at 7.5K and state ones (in CA) at 2.5, an 85D like this (with pano and autopilot) comes to ~80K. Not sure how that is 1500 less than a new one. Also, when I searched for inventory 85Ds I could not find one anywhere near this price. The...
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    2015 TESLA 85D FOR SALE - LOS ANGELES - 9,500 MILES - No Longer Available

    Those windows look tinted - if so, please let us know what percentage and which brand of tint you used.
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    2015 TESLA 85D FOR SALE - LOS ANGELES - 9,500 MILES - No Longer Available

    If someone wants to buy my white 70D with autopilot, 3K miles, and black next gen seats for 65K then I will buy this 85D for 75K. Any takers please PM me.
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    2015 TESLA 85D FOR SALE - LOS ANGELES - 9,500 MILES - No Longer Available

    If this seller gets a deal done in this price range I will gladly sell my new white 70D with autopilot and black next gen seats for $70K. My car has 3000 miles on it at the moment, and I already find myself so in love with Tesla that I regret not paying up for the 85D or 90D. Anyone who is...
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    Tesla Referral Program

    Yet another $2K referral: http://ts.la/steve2468 Please PM me if you are interested.
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    COLORADO -- activism to fix Colorado's franchise law

    I am interested in learning more about this, and would definitely be willing to attend a few meetings. I grew up in Colorado Springs and now live in Littleton. Please keep me posted.
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    Wooden center console - No Longer Available

    Nice work Jerry - any chance you might be willing to post the wood cut pattern you used to make these? I imagine several members of this forum might be interested in developing their own version of this center console using other materials.
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    Black Next Generation Seats. Will supply 3 month old 4,000 mile Black Leather + Cash

    Are you still looking for next gen seats? I have a new inventory tesla on the way that has black next gen seats - for the right price I might be willing to switch with you. Please send over a PM if you are interested.
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    Tan next generation seats

    I am about to buy an inventory 70D that has black nextgen seats... that said, I would like an all tan interior. Did you ever make the seat switch happen, and if so, what was the general process?

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