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  1. Harvey Danger

    Rear trunk "TESLA" trim without text?

    I actually have a worse problem: I don't want to paint (or dip) the part that says "Signature". In principle most chrome delete jobs are reversible. I guess I'll ask whatever shop I take it into to just remove it entirely and hand it to me and then replace it with a new generic one and then they...
  2. Harvey Danger

    2021 Model X. Air con issue

    Could be louvers, could be worse. Check out "Air Conditioning Reduced" message Definitely service center..
  3. Harvey Danger

    Please Help me Understand Range

    Yep. Love that post. I have linked to it many times. But my question stands. How did a person conclude, based on no information from the energy app, that the OP's pack was supposed to hold a maximum usable capacity of 82 kWh when it was new (ie four years ago)? I agree with this assessment, just...
  4. Harvey Danger

    Please Help me Understand Range

    I understand general best practices but the OP said 'the top line' of daily and that gives me very specific information about the percentage he charged to, right? Is it not 90 exactly?
  5. Harvey Danger

    Please Help me Understand Range

    Agree. Disagree. Where'd you get that? Agree. Where'd you get that? I know where I always turn to get these numbers (I've basically boookmarked a famous TMC post with a handy table showing these numbers for various models, curious if that's where you are getting it also) Disagree. Where'd...
  6. Harvey Danger

    Please Help me Understand Range

    This is the way. If you are tying to get your actual-miles-of-distance-traveled to be the same as the rated-miles-of-energy-used, you will probably need drive in such a way that you achieve a consumption number under 300 Wh/mi in the trip meter. (In theory your target is 304, but in practice it...
  7. Harvey Danger

    Center cubby wireless charging mod

    Impressive stuff
  8. Harvey Danger

    New (to us) Model X! Question regarding FWD door seals

    Guess I should have added in the word 'probably'.. *My* service center was having none of it. Glad others have found locations that were more willing to entertain this idea.
  9. Harvey Danger

    Couldn't wait, bought a used 2020 LR++

    Enjoy that! Great report, thank you.
  10. Harvey Danger

    New (to us) Model X! Question regarding FWD door seals

    Welcome to the forum. There are a few threads about this here. Start with this one: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/falcon-wing-door-glass-seal-deteriorating.154053/ - yes they are considered cosmetic - no Tesla won't replace them for free - they are actually part of the glass -...
  11. Harvey Danger

    2021 Model X, Monroney Sticker Range Increase

    Hey there ohmman I see the mask is gone from the avatar- nice to see things getting back to normal..
  12. Harvey Danger

    The shudder problem: Current status (end of February 2020)

    Ah I get it! Wasn't even clear to me the car was in motion. Camera had a fast shutter speed I guess. I want to try this someday. I have zero experience but there is some kind of race track nearby that seems like the place to try it. I'm sure it will be a fun experience even if Insane+ is slow...
  13. Harvey Danger

    The shudder problem: Current status (end of February 2020)

    That view does look pretty sweet. As for shudder, I dont want to sound like I'm messing with you, but I'm honestly asking if that is low, high, very high or what? Drag racing in very high seems like it is begging for shudder?
  14. Harvey Danger

    Air suspension height?

    Well, I guess it's still functioning well enough by that criterion: just as you say, both sides were even (within 1/8" let's say) after a short trip. I'll keep an eye on it. But you're right, probably not going to get better all by itself...
  15. Harvey Danger

    TPMS Fault - This is a weird one...

    Ha. Worth a shot. Can I just compliment you on the titanium color and chrome delete? Very snazzy..
  16. Harvey Danger

    TPMS Fault - This is a weird one...

    Failing MCU1 eMMC can cause a *wide* variety of symptoms? Just spitballing here..
  17. Harvey Danger

    “Differential” wobble noise?

    Whoa. Be sure to follow up once you have an idea of whether this helped..
  18. Harvey Danger

    Air suspension height?

    Ok so what happens if my left front is 31 1/4 but my right front is 30 1/4 after being parked for a day or so? I measured because if you stand directly behind the centerline of the car it looks like it's 'leaning' to the right about a degree. Is my air suspension failing? I did hear a...
  19. Harvey Danger

    The shudder problem: Current status (end of February 2020)

    Looks similar to previous bulletins about shudder. Replace half shafts. Older cars, redo clevis mount while you're at it. Thank you for posting!
  20. Harvey Danger

    Post-2021 chrome delete with the new OEM parts

    Model 3 owners have already been through this whole scenario when that model switched from chrome to black: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/chrome-delete-retrofit.209923/ Basically, the parts are available, but it's a lot of work to, say, disassemble the entire door just to change a...
  21. Harvey Danger

    255s on front

    That's a great reminder actually: if I'm considering wheels, I should definitely consider a square setup. I'm just now beginning to research how all these specs interact. It's a pretty deep rabbit hole... PS I found this article interesting : How to PROPERLY select and size TIRES for...
  22. Harvey Danger

    255s on front

    I just noticed something relevant to this thread generally: depending on the Tire manufacturer, Tesla would specify 255's on the fronts as original equipment in some cases. This post has a screenshot of the Owner's manual. Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 255's clearly can be considered...
  23. Harvey Danger

    Homelink in the refreshed Model X

    I don't want to sound dense, but multiple people say 'dealbreaker', *and* the feature is clearly mentioned on a website: - is it a 'dealbreaker' that has already caused people to walk away because they require it and will not get it (meaning, I guess, that features listed on the website in...
  24. Harvey Danger

    Streaks on rear diffuser

    Ok, can't edit the above post (missed it by one minute argh!) but I *can* update.. It's definitely dark streaks on a faded gray background. So instead of 'erasing' the whole bumper first, I'm going to try to apply some kind of treatment (similar to whatever created the streaks in the first...
  25. Harvey Danger

    Streaks on rear diffuser

    Interesting! It's like the famous internet photo of the dress where people couldn't decide if it was white/gold or blue/black. I was looking at my bumper like it was a few black streaks on a lighter faded gray bumper. But your suggestion made me look at it like many white streaks covering the...
  26. Harvey Danger

    Streaks on rear diffuser

    I'll test again tomorrow but my recollection is it's much less noticeable when wet. I mean that's what's frustrating while you're rubbing it out with a damp cloth, at first you think it's working, then it dries and you realize you're right back where you started..
  27. Harvey Danger

    Streaks on rear diffuser

    Hi there auto detailing experts. What is happening in this picture? The streaks are always there, even after vigorously wiping with a damp cloth. Can I make it go away with something simple like armor all?
  28. Harvey Danger

    255s on front

    Thank you for replying. It sounds like not a lot of people do this. I still wonder why the previous owner thought this was good. Maybe they get more snow in Portland. Or their local tire shop didn't have 265s at the time and everyone figured the 255s were 'close enough'.. Anyway I'm going with...
  29. Harvey Danger

    Excessive front tire wear

    I'm sure Tesla checked it just fine and determined it was "within spec". The problem is Tesla's tolerances are so generous as to be worthless. 1 full degree toe out? Sure! It's "within spec"! Enjoy your car! Ok I sound like a whiner. I should quickly add I'm not proposing a class action...
  30. Harvey Danger

    Did you ever measure your Model X Cabin Noise

    Hi. Me again. Got a late 2019 (Raven) Dual Motor Long Range loaner from the service center today. Driving it around, it didn't strike me as particularly loud. Then I whipped out my phone. Recall from my first post in this thread, both of my 2016 X's were around 60dB. Using the exact same...
  31. Harvey Danger

    2017 P100D ludicrous slow to charge

    Your question has been so thoroughly answered by this point I'll just pile on and say it one more way: Observe a typical graph of charging speed vs how full the battery is and you'll see you don't want to be hanging around a supercharger trying to cram that last bit of energy into the pack. See...
  32. Harvey Danger

    Falcon Wing Door Glass Seal deteriorating

    "Within Spec". Love it. That 3.5° negative camber on the rear wheels? Sorry you're burning through so many tires, but hey it's "within spec". (Of course it better be since you can't adjust it.) Maintenance issues as a result of bad engineering? Just redefine the specifications so it's "normal"...
  33. Harvey Danger

    Falcon Wing Door Glass Seal deteriorating

    My seals are deteriorating. I had service scheduled for this week so I brought up this topic via the back-and-forth messaging in the Tesla app (still not sure if i love or hate this aspect of the service?). The service center made me answer so many questions to identify what I was talking...
  34. Harvey Danger

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Switch to percentage display and don't look back. As for the 14 "miles" overnight.. sentry mode perhaps?
  35. Harvey Danger


    BLUETOOTH GAH! Will somebody please fix Bluetooth. 2021.4.15 is making it impossible for my phone to stay connected. see also: this reddit thread Model X with MCU2 upgrade fyi Meanwhile, back to this user interface issue with the TMC 'like' feature: It does overlay the contextual pop up...
  36. Harvey Danger

    CF interior trim replacement

    Normally I have no use for CF (unless I'm riding in an airplane or something) but here I greatly prefer the look to the previous trim in the 'before' photo. Nice!
  37. Harvey Danger

    Which car next?

    Best way to reach a moderator is the "report" button. Yes, you can report your own thread. It won't get you in trouble.
  38. Harvey Danger

    Model X Non Staggered setup

    Um look at your door pillar?
  39. Harvey Danger

    Supercharging Degradation?

    The annotated graph is fascinating. I agree, way more detail than I thought possible. Impressive. And no I can't discern a pattern. There are two sharp drops. They both occurred some time after, but not immediately after, some supercharging. But the long stable periods also contained...
  40. Harvey Danger

    Supercharging Degradation?

    A couple other things that would be helpful to see annotated on that graph would be calendar dates (so you could see if there is maybe some warm-weather / cold-weather seasonality) and also the timing of any firmware updates that may have tweaked the charge estimation algorithms over the years...
  41. Harvey Danger

    Paint job. Saw this “beauty” on a trip today

    Looks like the door handles say "tesla" in tiny letters. Love the commitment. Not my style but this is a very distinctive look. Even the wheels were powder coated to match. Great follow through.
  42. Harvey Danger

    POLL - Reason you got your MX

    The reasons people reserved the first model X's in 2015, when the viability of the company was in no way assured and even owning an electric vehicle of any kind made a statement all by itself, are possibly very different reasons from those who bought their X's nowadays when there is no longer...
  43. Harvey Danger

    Mini Refrigerator in MX trunk?

    Challenge accepted. I've actually got one of these tiny fridge things lying around and I'm totally trying this.
  44. Harvey Danger

    Finally reserved a X!

    Just making sure you are aware there's an OEM solution for that. I assume you've seen it and have decided it doesn't fit your needs, but just in case: https://shop.tesla.com/product/model-s_x-wireless-phone-charger
  45. Harvey Danger

    2017 100D battery question.

    I see people talk about the need to "calibrate" the model X BMS from time to time. I think this is based on either older Model X firmwares or the challenges associated with model 3 / Y packs. Current Model X firmwares keep a pretty accurate estimate of capacity at all times You're welcome to...
  46. Harvey Danger

    Post-2021 chrome delete with the new OEM parts

    Do we know if the new dark trim (around windows, door handles, cameras, trunk, etc) will be the same dimensions as the chrome parts on pre 2021 Model S's (and X's)? If so, wouldn't retrofitting older cars with the new trim parts be a "superior" chrome delete method? I know many people will...
  47. Harvey Danger


  48. Harvey Danger

    Model X 90kWh battery pack degradation

    Ok, sure, all that sounds valid. But I still think most of that is general consumption-related common sense that falls in the category of 'all other things being equal'. Thank you for the reminder, my remarks above glossed over this somewhat. So basically the things that would cause a P90D...
  49. Harvey Danger

    Model X 90kWh battery pack degradation

    I'm not sure I'm agreeing with where this discussion is going. According to the first post in this legendary TMC thread, Both the 90D and the P90D (at least prior to the mid-2019 refresh) came with identical battery packs. The nameplate capacity was “90 kWh”, and they actually only held 81.8...
  50. Harvey Danger

    Is A/C motor really this loud?!

    Those videos taken from *outside* the car are definitely unlike my experience. And that "winding down" sound inside the cabin as you reduce fan speed also seems unusual to me. I'd be (politely) persistent in asking the SC to make a good faith effort at investigating this.

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