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    Model 3 Phone Charge Cable Swap Thread

    Have usbc need iPhone. Dallas.
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    PSA: Be careful with sunblock!

    Happened to us this weekend too. My banana boat sunscreen did but my wife's fancy one did not. Mine rubbed out easily enough though with some spit and my tshirt.....
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    Random ppl scoping out your car

    Just picked mine up Friday. Saturday a guy in a Ford F 350 pulls up next to me at a light, honks and rolls his window down and he asks if its the third tesla, we chat a little normal questions. Sunday night my wife and I go to the movies and as we walk away, pass a group of teenagers heading...
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    Reports of slower accelleration after latest update.

    Not just butt feel but neck feel... I don’t have any before and after data but it’s not me getting used to it. Picked mine up Friday. Was updated on Saturday night and felt slower. Pretty sure it was it was on .3 software and now .13 but should’ve taken a picture. Anyway not as much neck snap...
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    Vinyl cutout files for Model 3

    Please send me the file as well. I'll give it a go before I probably just end up giving you $15 to cut it for me.
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    Blind spot

    Agreed. Hopefully that is just a software update and you can turn it on/off. I do like how my current car has the indicator light on the inside of the car by the mirror too. but... thats not an easy update.
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    VIN Assignment

    Congrats! Same config on 4/3. Same vin date. No email or call yet. How did they reach out?
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    VIN Assignment

    You can see the tracker full of end of March people who configured with no VINs yet but people who configured mid April already got VINs. And that’s just those that are tracked.
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    VIN Assignment

    Shouldn’t have take my $2500 deposit then if I’m not going to make my 6 week window if my config is going elsewhere. And made my config before these new config.
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    VIN Assignment

    Cmon gimme that MSM! Photos I like to see!
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    VIN Assignment

    Congrats! Hopefully I’m up soon if location isn’t a big factor!
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    VIN Assignment

    Configured 4/2 MSM, Aero, EAP - still no VIN :( maybe since all the others I'm seeing are in Fremont. I should've moved from CA after I got my M3. :confused:
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    Does the model 3 delay push back the store availability of test drive cars?

    I heard similar to the person I talked to at the LA auto show. Reservation holders will get emails to test drive. She said not exactly on date as she can’t release but next 1-2 months. She didn’t say anything about a touring group. I live in SoCal though so I would guess we’d get to first?
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    My Pearl White Model 3 with some early mods

    How’s the view at night through the back tint with the massively thick defrosters? My current car with thin defrosters already creates a lil double vision on headlights. Wonder if thicker is better or worse.
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    Aux 12v battery

    Read post 338
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    Vendor Model X Full Windshield Spectra Photosync

    They gave a recommendation.
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    Model 3 interior

    I hope the map doesn't always have to be up. I don't need this 99% of the time of my normal commute. I change it from the map display in my cars now. I find it distracting for everyday.
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    Two years of complimentary data connectivity

    Is there AM radio? Also are the maps all downloaded into the car and just updated when at home wifi? Or is it always using data and downloading every time you drive?
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    The first delivered Model 3 owners, please:

    Motortrend review has pics of frunk and trunk
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    First batch of Model 3s produced will be "Long Range" versions

    Maybe the employee discount gets them $35k car with larger battery??
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    Model 3 RC Trunk opening Picture

    Ya interesting they just didn't have a hinge location down lower closer to the opening like most cars.
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    Southern California to Las Vegas

    Agreed with warp last two times was Thursday to Saturday. Great traffic (none)
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    Have Model 3 design specs been revised?

    I think Elon tweets didn't help. Especially the tweet about waiting until you see the real interior. Like a spaceship. Except the interior didn't really change.
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    The day finally arrives. You get your Model 3! Then what?

    Planning on driving down the California coast. Then Oncehome probably going out and running random errands all the time for my wife. She'll be happy I'll be happy. Except for how much time I'll be in the garage looking at it, cleaning it.
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    Is it just me that is disapointed by the cargo space!?

    I'm good. I never use my current trunk now. If we haul anything we use my wife's full size SUV
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    RWD this year, or hold out for Performance in a year...

    Same thoughts as EricUSC. Only braving the new car issues bc of the tax credit. Otherwise would wait a couple years for issues and Elon likes to add features more often than Apple refreshes products.
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    Model 3 reserver rents Model S 75 for weekend-thoughts inside

    Nice. Thanks for the thoughts. I was thinking about doing the same before the 3 came out to make sure since I've only test drive an S for less than 30 minutes also. I've been watching Turo for a good price.
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    Model 3 "Spaceship" cabin...

    Clearly bc it's cold in space. You don't wanna freeze...
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    Hoping for Fremont delivery of Model 3. Will it be an option?

    Agreed. But not gonna worry too much about it as long as I get to stop every 10 miles along the coast to take pictures. :D
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    Model 3 maximum battery size is 75kwh

    300 works for me. Makes sense though with his other tweet saying MS would have more range.
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    Hoping for Fremont delivery of Model 3. Will it be an option?

    I'll try for other Bay Area stores then. I just want to take it down the coast. My first stop overnight was going to be Monterey so that store works for me!
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    Hoping for Fremont delivery of Model 3. Will it be an option?

    I have no idea but I'd like to do that too living in SoCal. I was going to fly into SJC though since I think it's closer to Fremont.
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    No self presenting door handles

    Luckily for me I have a prehensile thumb, a wrist that rotates at least 180 degrees, and somewhat ambidextrous. I think I'll manage to be able to open this door with one hand. :D
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    No self presenting door handles

    And on Aston Martins. Go check one out at the dealership.
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    opinion on delivery

    Quarter hit - full credit Quarter after - full credit 2 quarters after that - 50% of credit 2 quarters after that - 25% of credit But ya doesn't matter to me either in that I believe I'll be at the latest the quarter after it hits.
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    opinion on delivery

    Thanks for the link. What I've been wishing for!
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    No self presenting door handles

    I'm just gonna enjoy not telling people how to open the door. I wonder how long it'll take before my wife yells at me...
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    opinion on delivery

    Well best case would be the 200,000 to be delivered in January 2018 instead of anytime in 2017 so that full tax credit is available until end of June 2018. Elon has mentioned in tweets before he would try to maximiaze it. This would be my guess. But if we do hit 200k in Q4 2017 we still have...
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    Model 3 (Numeral)

    Exactly what I was thinking.
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    Model 3 Promo Videos in Europe?

    Anyone else see these promo videos being shown in Europe? Don't think there would be many changes exterior wise like we expect. Spy video: Tesla beginning to market Model 3 in European stores
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    M3 frameless doors, winter and "the dip"

    I prefer frames so I can grab the top and lift myself out of cars.
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    Model 3 cars in Tesla stores BEFORE we can order our cars?

    You should have gone to "work" and reserved it then worked on the approval after. If she denied it you could've gotten a refund maybe without her knowing. I went with setting the bar with wanting the S and then when I told her about the 3 that was an easier sell after she heard the price difference.
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    Anti-theft and security features on Model 3?

    Have it set so it requires pin unless it's in a set location like home or work or whatever and so it automatically requires a pin unless it's at home.
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    Extended bumper to bumper warranty.

    That's what Hyundai did with their 10 year warranty thing. They were horrid cars about 15 years ago. Now not so bad.
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    What are Autopilot "Safety features"?

    I enjoyed it. At least all these posts are making me check these forums less. Maybe I'll be able to move on with my life until we get to part 2
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    What are Autopilot "Safety features"?

    This thread is also diarrhea of the mouth you were mentioning in another thread I just read. :rolleyes:
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    Tips for new Tesla owners.

    That's just for ordering an S/X. It's like a down payment to get your car built. Who knows if there will be an additional requirement for when you configure your 3. Most likely not and your full payment is due on delivery.
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    Delivery of Model 3's?

    I'm hoping you can bc I plan on it. Already made a rough itinerary and supercharger stop plans. Hah!
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    Model 3 to get Hankook Tires

    According to this, they are continentals. Tesla — 21" Turbine Wheel and Tire Package - Grey Not to mention there have been tons of model s owner complaints of premature tire wear at low mileage. If it's the same on a model 3 I'll just keep it to the cheaper longer wearing all seasons for me
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    Model 3 to get Hankook Tires

    I'm not complaining. Trying to keep costs down so i don't mind an average tire. If it ends up terrible and wears out quickly, just replace it with what you want. Pretty sure they will have some nicer tire on the upgraded wheel packages. $4500 for the S definitely isnt just wheels.

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