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  1. dendenyc

    Every drive now takes an hour longer :-(

    Dear Tesla Thanks for releasing games getting my family hooked on Fallout Shelter in the car. Because of this, getting to places takes longer in an EV. - soccer practice takes 2hrs now, 1 hour on the field 1hour playing FS - food runs used to take 15min, now they’re 1:15 I get police peeking...
  2. dendenyc

    HOWTO: Remove the rear deck

    I did some videos while installing and the Hanshow v3 Tailgate a few weeks ago but I ran into a thread today that wanted to know how to access the rear deck...so kill 2 birds with one stone, here you go.
  3. dendenyc

    HANSSHOW Trunk Liftgate v3 install

    Completed the install last night, it took me 10hrs (though the printed instructions were only 25 steps) to install mainly because there weren't any good videos or install guides. Hansshows documentation is lacking BIGTIME. The main headache of the install was to remove the panels from the car...
  4. dendenyc

    USB too slow for TeslaCam

    On 2019.32.2.2 and today I got this message. Ironically I was using my regular (fast) usb stick however the stick was getting full which I know decreases the weird performance of fat32, it’s good to see Tesla picking up on that
  5. dendenyc

    Lowering springs need special installer?

    I got a set of Tsportsline lowering springs on the way, does our cars need anything special to install the springs or can an ordinary shop handle the job? Or anyone who's done it, are there any gottcha to look out for?
  6. dendenyc

    Yearly Fitness Inspection - Too Easy (NY Edition)

    Friday marks one year since I took delivery of my LR M3 so naturally my annual inspection is due. I took my M3 to my local SONOCO gas station and pulled into one of the service bays and told the mechanic Im here for an oil change...should have seen his face. We all had a good laugh out of it...
  7. dendenyc

    Sentry Mode - Right camera not recording?

    I’m on 2019.5.15 that enables Sentry mode, I tried it last night and all but the right camera seem to record. I see files on the USB from the right repeater but all the files from right cam is zero bytes. Autopilot appears to be working fine. Anyone having the same issue?
  8. dendenyc

    All I can do is just laugh

    Tell me again how much winter testing was done? It snowed, went in the trunk to grab the broom, all the snow on the trunk and some of the rear glass promptly and comically slid into the trunk. People passing by must have been wondering why I’m shoveling snow OUT the car.
  9. dendenyc


    Its one of the seven deadly sins, however that's what happen this weekend at a Mercedes Benz dealership with one of its dealers. Back story, my mom drives a C-Class and it was time for her to refresh her lease. As usual she invites me (master negotiator) to broker the deal between her and her...
  10. dendenyc

    Bumper bender, now what?

    So it finally happen, some inconsiderate bastard backed into my car while parked. Now what, it’s the rear quarter panel and bumper. Do I need to take this to a Tesla shop or can joe down the block buff that out?
  11. dendenyc

    First Snow Experiences - North East Edition

    In a NY suburb yesterday we had the first snow of the season and I have to admit, while I hate snow I was excited to see how the 3 (RWD) performed because it would form the basis of whether I keep her or sell it and get an AWD. Overall experience was positive, fanboy or not. The temp outside...
  12. dendenyc

    Can you "upgrade" RWD to AWD?

    So I see Tesla no longer offers the RWD which is a bummer. I wanted the AWD but it was not available when I ordered my car. Has anyone heard of Tesla retrofitting RWD cars with a front motor? Are there any challenges or do they just slap a motor to the front axle?
  13. dendenyc

    Jeda Wireless Pad - Model 3

    Jeda Wireless pad for the Model 3 - $90 shipped. Had it for a month, works perfectly Retails for $99 + weeks of wait time. Read More about it here: Tesla Wireless Pad
  14. dendenyc

    My charging routine

    I've read that the best way to preserve longevity of the cells is to charge frequently to 80%. However with my daily driving habits this is not practical. I drive about 8miles a day which doesn't take much energy out the battery so I've opted to fully charge the car to 70% on Sunday night and...
  15. dendenyc

    Water settling in door after rain

    Its been raining in NY on and off all summer and I've noticed that after it rains, I wake up the next morning open the rear driver side door and a pool of water dumps out on the floor. The inside of the car doesn't appear wet or even humid and as far as I can tell it only seem to be occurring on...
  16. dendenyc

    $7500 Federal Credit, anyone actually got it?

    Ive heard mixed messages about what the 7500 credit is. Some say it lowers your federal tax liability by $7500 but you don’t get a refund. Can anyone clarify? For arguments sake let’s say my federal tax liability is $0 will I get back $7500 tax refund from Uncle Sam? If that’s not indeed the...

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