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    Bristol delivery collection

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    Bristol delivery collection

    Yes, me too. I'd sort of given up on it when the lockdown began. Took me a while to get excited about it to be honest, I forced myself to accept it might not happen till I saw it actually on the drive. Now it's here though I'm loving it. Surprised how much better it seems than my 2017 90D S. It...
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    Are there any Model S F battery packs in the UK?

    Just looked at my new S, Looks like F I think. Ordered end January, delivered 1st April. It's a Performance though so I don't think the Long Range + stuff applies.
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    Bristol delivery collection

    Bristol delivered my car yesterday. Model S Performance, originally planned for Bristol collection. Had text last Friday saying I could collect from Heathrow before end of month, phoned them and said can't do that (I'm in Swansea) so they said they'd try to get it to Bristol or deliver. Monday...
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    Alloy wheel insurance?

    Is it really worth getting this? Generally insuring fairly inevitable events (has anyone ever owned a Tesla and not kerbed at least one wheel??) isn't cost effective. The insurers wouldn't do it otherwise.
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    Are there any Model S F battery packs in the UK?

    According to VIN Decoder | TeslaTap the 7th digit in the VIN is battery type: E = Lithium-Ion Battery - Electric As stated just above my post, you need to look at the battery label. I'm hoping my new S Performance gets delivered from Bristol today so I'll have a look.
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    2020 Shipping Movements

    I've had a text about my S Performance also. Delivery by end of month from Heathrow. Was also going to collect from Bristol, I'm in south Wales and Heathrow not far off 200 miles away. Wonder what the situation is driving that far in the current climate. I'm a key worker (GP) but hardly an...
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    2020 Shipping Movements

    I think my concern will be what happens to all the car batteries if they're left standing for a couple of months - surely vampire drain will see them hitting zero?
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    2020 Shipping Movements

    Ah, no, I was wondering if it's been unloaded from the ASIAN KING ready to go to Tilburg. I don't think there's been enough time from my VIN date for it to be shipped over, moved to Tilburg, assembled and moved back to the port. Or has there?
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    2020 Shipping Movements

    Just called Tesla about my S - had hidden VIN around 23 February. West Drayton unable to see any info so put me through to Bristol who couldn't see which ship but said system shows my car's location as around Zeebrugge. I presume this means it's on SAFMARINE MAFADI or is it possible it was on...
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    2020 Shipping Movements

    From my previous experience they get shipped from Rotterdam to Tilburg (? on barges I think) then get assembled and prepped there. Then they get shipped over to UK and to delivery centre. ISTR it took about 10 days when I got my S in March 2017. Have you checked for a hidden VIN - on your My...
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    2020 Shipping Movements

    Thanks Mr M. Next question is at what stage do they allocate the VIN? Is it when the car leaves the factory or is it once it's on a ship? ISTR the rail journey from Fremont to Houston used to take up to 10 days? Trying to work out which ship mine's likely to be on with VIN allocated 21-23...
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    2020 Shipping Movements

    Another not very patient waiter here. Seems things have changed since my Long Wait in 2017 when I took delivery of my Model S 90D. I've ordered a new Model S Performance and my hidden VIN appeared last weekend, I spotted it Sunday morning (23rd) having last checked on the Friday morning. I know...
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    New Octopus Go tariff and off peak options?

    I'm on Go and thinking about Agile. I have solar and a Powerwall2 along with the Model S and on many days can avoid using the off-peak electricity altogether, in which case savings on Agile would be minimal and I guess could actually work out more expensive when the night time electricity isn't...
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    Taking Model S 100D on a Scottish Highland adventure - advice please!

    You can plan your route and charging stops in advance - A Better Routeplanner The in car route planner is good but it's nice to think about it beforehand - for your journey I guess I'd be deciding beforehand whether to go up the east route or the west. If you go the west route it's a long hop...
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    2017.46 3387a54 is out

    Just installed it on my S 90D. Release notes just say easy entry mode a d chill mode but already had that with 2017.44
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    UK tax incentive issue

    Yes, the OP can do this. I'm self-employed but not via a company. I buy my cars privately but claim via my tax return for finance costs, depreciation and running costs. I was still entitled to the 100% first year write down but of course the amount of tax saved was reduced according to the...
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    How to Monitor Grid + PV etc. Electricity?

    I had solar pv installed recently and was looking for a monitoring solution. I ended up with emoncms - an open source raspberry pi project that does everything I want. My situation is complicated by the solar installation being on my detached garage 10 metres from the house. I've got 2 solar...
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    How terrible is your DAB reception?

    My DAB was awful when I got my Model S in March. Pretty much unusable. Tesla took it back in and said there was a problem with the signal booster which they fixed. It's been great ever since - better than my Porsche and BMW reception, rarely drops out anywhere and we have quite a few signal...
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    Construction Started at Warwick Services - M40(N)

    I wonder how certain the 4 stalls bit is? My understanding from most discussion and from Georg Ell's clubhouse presentation at Bristol recently was that all new installations would be 8-12 stalls?
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Quick post here from Wales in the UK - no, it's NOT in England!! Look on Google maps :) Picked up my Model S 90D yesterday from the Bristol service centre. I paid my deposit on 30 October and confirmed the spec on 31 October. Because of Tesla's mad push to get as many US cars out as they could...
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    Model X UK deliveries in 2016

    I think the other point about using the UMC as your full time charging solution is that I've heard stories of them not lasting all that long. I also gather the warranty on the UMC is only 1 year.
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    Model X Insurance UK

    I avoid companies who insist on a tracker. I've had trackers on previous cars and come insurance renewal time when asking the company if they offer a discount for a tracker they usually say no so I've just not bothered renewing the tracker subscription. The tracker's entirely for the insurance...
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    Waiting for 100D....while current delivery estimate for 90D is March?

    I think that's likely. I'm in the UK and confirmed on 31 October, I was told 2 weeks ago by my DS that the build date is 19 December, delivery end February/early March (takes 8 weeks to cross the pond). That's a 7 week delay between confirmation and production start.
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    Bristol East Filton Supercharger Closing 30-Nov-2016

    Thanks for you patience, helpful as ever :)
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    Bristol East Filton Supercharger Closing 30-Nov-2016

    Sorry for being a bit dim but can you explain that?
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    Bristol East Filton Supercharger Closing 30-Nov-2016

    I guess a lot of the folks travelling into Wales from England won't be going beyond Cardiff and Sarn's 20 miles west of Cardiff. The superchargers at Sarn are very accessible though, they're within the motorway service area and accessible from either west or eastbound.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    I confirmed on 31st October and the website updated pretty quickly to show late January/February but within a couple of days changed to late February/early March. Seems all the UK orders have been pushed back presumably to allow them to get as many US cars delivered in December as they can.

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