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    Location and fix of rattles in new m3p

    The tesla service center near me just wedges a little piece of high density foam btw the windshield side of the speaker grill and that little narrow strip of plastic trim. It's enough pressure to keep if from making noise, but it's a crappy 'fix' and it creates a gap btw the grill and trim...
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    New M3 2020 Owner….Maybe…

    Make sure you are buying what you think you are buying. Carvana might list it as have Enhanced Auto Pilot (EAP) but it might only have basic Auto Pilot. Or they list it as have Full Self Driving (FSD) but it does not. Perhaps they claim it's a Performance but it's just the Long Range. There...
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    Replaced Air Filters, still musty/old smelling.

    So the PT Sensors (2 HP, 1 LP) were replaced not because of the smell issue but due to "Bulletin Replacement of A/C Pressure/Temperature Sensors". So those were just a TSB and 100% covered. The odor issue was addressed just like it is for everyone else. "A/C Odor Removal (Using Evaporator...
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    Replaced Air Filters, still musty/old smelling.

    FWIW, my '21 M3 is only 4 months old with around 5K miles and the smell is pretty bad at startup. The car it replaced was 9 years old with 214K miles and never had a musty smell from the HVAC system. I've got a service appt for next week and they've updated my service ticket that they've...
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    Just venting over “first scratch”

    Since you are in Dallas, I can highly recommend Roberto of Premium Wheel. He's a mobile service and does excellent work. Just send him a text with a pic and he'll give you a quote. He quoted me $75 and performed the repair at my house on a Sat morning. Roberto Avitia 214-475-1729
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    Location and fix of rattles in new m3p

    Dash speaker grill is notorious for rattles as well...especially on driver's side (US).
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    Wheel Rash...while in body shop

    Moral of the story: document the condition of your vehicle upon arrival at a service center and don't leave the service center until after you've inspected your vehicle. At this point there is zero proof that the curb rash occurred at the shop.
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    Sport rims curb rash

    I couldn't agree more. I used a mobile service that did all the work at my house. The cost was $80 (DFW) to repair the one rim that was damaged. Additional rims would have been less expensive had I damaged more than one. It took the guy about 30-45 min and the repair is perfect in all regards.
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    What's your best piece of Advice for a newbie?

    I'm just hoping you fully scoped out those public chargers near you prior to purchase. How often and at what times are they generally occupied, what is their actual current output, cost, etc. As much as I love my Model 3, if I couldn't charge overnight in my own garage I would get rid of it.
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    Charging Questions for Possible M3SR[+] Owner.

    My advice is to install a NEMA 14-50 outlet in your garage. Call around and get some quotes; don't mention it's for Tesla as that doesn't matter and many electricians like to gouge for EV related installs. Depending on your panel's location the cost might not be much at all. It's well worth...
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    Hansshow Audio Upgrade? (SR+)

    From the looks of the harness/instructions as well as knowing the dedicated molex connectors for the A pillar tweeters are no longer present in the 2021, I believe the only real differences are step 3 and 6. Instead of inserting a molex that the adapter provides into vacant plugs in the pre...
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    Hansshow Audio Upgrade? (SR+)

    It actually does pretty well down to about 60hz and then drops off at about 15 db/octave. RTA of 2021 SR+, EQ flat, fader center, immersive sound off:
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    How did you tint rear window?

    So illegal in AZ on the front windows and windshield :-).
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    Sound when doors are locked

    To each their own hence why I wish there was an option to increase the honk volume (not even sure if that's possible), the length or the honk, or perhaps the number of honks. By the time the car auto-locks I'm pretty far away (perhaps my phone has strong bluetooth). Yes, I can open the app but...
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    Sound when doors are locked

    You can definitely set it to make a short honk when they lock. The problem is the honk is quick and not very loud. If there are any sort of ambient noises the chances of hearing it are fair to none.
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    How did you tint rear window?

    In TX you can only go as low as 25% on the fronts while the rears are completely exempt from regulation. As tint generally comes in 50%, 35%, 20%, and 5%; 35% is the lowest you can go on the front. Going with 20% on the rears allows you to go a bit darker but isn't much visually different from...
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    How did you tint rear window?

    Fronts 35%, rears 20%, and nothing on the back glass. I did this with the thinking that if I didn't like it I could always tint the back glass later. It's now later, and I've got no desire to get the back glass tinted.
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    Add Polyfil to factory subwoofer

    Perhaps I should have said Bose instead :). Notice that the reference curve includes an increase in bass that starts at around 160 hz and increases to about a +9dB boost from 50 and down. This curve is one that will appeal to the masses with enhanced bass and gradual roll off of higher...
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    Close to buying a model 3

    Well, what exactly do you mean by 'final price'. In Texas the buyer has to self-register the car with their local tax office at which point all taxes and registration fees are paid directly to the state. Tesla isn't involved in that aspect of the purchase whatsoever in Texas. As such, it's...
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    Add Polyfil to factory subwoofer

    Another thing you could try is plugging the port (along with polyfill). I've never been a fan of bass reflex enclosures in automotive environments. They have a 24db/octave roll-off while sealed enclosures roll off at 12db/octave. When you take into account the fact that cars typical have a...
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    Model 3 Standard Range vs. Long Range acceleration?

    You really need to find an SR+ to drive. Depending on where you live you might be able to rent one on Turo for about $100/day. The SR+ and LR drive quite differently from one another besides just 0-60 times. You have to remember that AWD and RWD cars are quite different from one another...
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    Blind Spot Monitoring

    I think you are missing the original person's point. It's not that they don't use turn signals; they are probably like myself who doesn't choose to activate their turn signal until they know it's clear to change lanes. This is a courtesy to other drivers as the driver in the lane next to me...
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    Sounds system sub in LR

    FWIW, here's the 1/6 octave RTA curve of the SR+ stock stereo measured roughly where the driver's head is with the eq set to 0 on all bands, fader in center, and immersive sound off. This is pretty good sound curve (flat is NOT what you want) down to about 50hz; a sub would definitely help.
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    Rear tinted window peel off problem !

    The tint shop apparently doesn't know what they are doing. Perhaps their techs aren't smart enough to know how to get the window to go all the way up with the door open so that they can install the tint properly.
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    Max volume on startup

    But that's just it. Absolute volume is a bluetooth feature that attempts to sync the phone's bluetooth volume with that of the bluetooth device. It is a feature that takes control over the phone's bluetooth volume setting. It often leads to abnormalities with the resulting overall volume.
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    Max volume on startup

    I'm pretty sure this is a bluetooth absolute volume issue. If you own an iOS phone you are screwed because Apple doesn't allow it to be disabled. If you own an Android phone just go into developer settings and disable absolute volume. Personally, I hate absolute volume. It is supposed to...
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    YouTube Music after Spotify?

    Seeing as how YouTube Music is behind both Apple Music and Amazon Music in the number of paid subscribers, I wouldn't hold my breath about it being the next music service that Tesla integrates (if any).
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    Hansshow Audio Upgrade? (SR+)

    I don't think trying my EQ settings would work for you as you've installed the DIY upgrade harness. Once you've made such a change you can throw my EQ settings in the trash.
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    Hansshow Audio Upgrade? (SR+)

    I figured some of you might be interested in seeing what the actual RTA curve of the stock SR+ audio system is. All measurements were done with a calibrated microphone, audio tool app (loaded up with the calibration file), immersive sound OFF, the mic at roughly where the driver's head would...
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    Waiting for Delivery.....Random Questions

    Go ahead an order Homelink while waiting for your M3 to arrive (Model 3/Y Automatic Garage Opener). I too just assumed Homelink was included since every car I've bought since about 2000 had it as standard. Had I known I would have ordered it prior to delivery of my M3. Once we received the...
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    cheap 20 inch tires on performance

    Easy, the P comes with 'Performance Brakes' which are different than those on the non-P.
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    cheap 20 inch tires on performance

    I agree with you. Unless people are tracking their cars most wouldn't be able to tell any performance difference btw the vast majority of tires out there. Rarely do people get the opportunity to test tires side by side in an apples to apples comparison. Generally it's a comparison of one's...
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    cheap 20 inch tires on performance

    Prior to my Tesla I used Achilles ATR Sport 2's on my Mazda 6 (225-45R19) and was extremely happy with them. I went through 3 sets of them and got about 45K miles out of each set. I thought they were plenty quiet and had zero issues with their performance in dry or wet conditions. A couple of...
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    Phone key versus key fob

    Both my wife and I use phone keys for our M3 and our garage is close enough to the living spaces that our phones are often connected to the car from within the house. However, I don't find that this affects sleep unless I actually open the app which will then wake the car. Also we have the car...

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