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  1. fiksegts

    $3.6M Chiron vs Plaid

    Crazy, even from a roll the Chiron had trouble...
  2. fiksegts

    T Sportline M3115 Forged Tesla Model 3 20" Wheels and Michelin Pilot 4S Tires for Sale

    I traded in my Model 3 Performance and am selling the Tesla Model 3 20" M3115 Forged Tesla Wheels. These are in PERFECT condition, no wheel rash, car rides perfect with them, they are much lighter than the OEM Tesla wheels, saving over 8 pounds per wheel. All 4 are 20x8.5" with 245/35ZR20XL...
  3. fiksegts

    Plaid Event June 10th - who is attending?

    I will be attending, who else will be there? Just got the confirmation that it will be at the Tesla Test Track, so sounds likes some fun driving experiences... :)
  4. fiksegts

    Tesla OEM Arachnid Lightweight Forged Wheels Satin Black for Sale with Tires

    Tesla OEM Satin Black Finish Arachnid Lightweight forged wheels with Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires and TPMS, staggered. $3,500 plus shipping. No curb rash, plenty of tread left on tires. Located in Davie, FL.
  5. fiksegts

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    20x8.5 all around
  6. fiksegts

    Model Y Performance vs. Model 3 AWD+

    maybe I should put my model 3 20" wheels on the Y and test it...
  7. fiksegts

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Signature Customs installed the Eibach springs, Unplugged Performance Sway Bars and some XPEL tint on my Model 3. Wheels are M3115 by Tsportline...
  8. fiksegts

    Model S Performance Raven available in the Dallas/Ennis, TX area on March 7th, 2020?

    There is a YouTube call out event on March 7th that I will be attending and I was looking for a Model S Performance Raven to make a few passes with against some muscle cars. Please PM me any leads... thanks! Brooks DragTimes
  9. fiksegts

    $2k boost upgraded Model 3 does 0-60 in 3.5 seconds...

    and gives my Model 3 Performance a really hard time from a roll....
  10. fiksegts

    Arachnid Wheels for Sale

    ride in GT included.... :)
  11. fiksegts

    Arachnid Wheels for Sale

    yes, Staggered....
  12. fiksegts

    Arachnid Wheels for Sale

    I have a set of brand new Silver Arachnid wheels for sale, no tires. $2k plus shipping, located in Fort Lauderdale, FL.
  13. fiksegts

    4 Powerwall 2s for sale

    all 4 are spoken for, thanks!
  14. fiksegts

    4 Powerwall 2s for sale

    I have been contacted by Tesla that my powerwalls are ready to install, I don't think I'm going to install them at my house and will probably listed them for sale. PM me any offers. 4 Powerwall 2s, 4 energy gateways and a 1k install credit for each.. thanks!
  15. fiksegts

    Lamborghini Urus vs Model X P100D 1/4 mile

    awesome race Jason, what a fun time out there, thanks!
  16. fiksegts

    S and X take on new BMW F90 M5...

  17. fiksegts

    Model 3 Performance 11.8s 1/4 mile time

    was hoping for a bit better.... P85Ds run 11.5x @ 116 MPH... I'm sure Ludicrous and Launch Mode for the 3 will come out later and we'll get low 11's from the Model 3..... was hoping to beat a Hellcat in a Model 3, going to be tough...
  18. fiksegts

    Dual Motor Performance 0-60 times

    I have some feelers out, hope to get in one soon... :)
  19. fiksegts

    Dual Motor Performance 0-60 times

    can you run power tools and grab the peak power in kW?
  20. fiksegts

    Dual Motor Performance 0-60 times

    yikes, can't do it uphill, and don't forget dragy doesn't do 1 foot roll out, so subtract about .25.... I would like to get in one to test...
  21. fiksegts

    Arachnid Wheels for Sale - Set of 4

    just the wheels as pictured...
  22. fiksegts

    A Redditer finally drives a P3D and is doing An AMA now!

    I'll fly out to LA to test it.... :)
  23. fiksegts

    Arachnid Wheels for Sale - Set of 4

    I have an extra set of 4 arachnid wheels including the TPMS sensors. Wheels are brand new, never had tires on them. $2,500 plus delivery.
  24. fiksegts

    Dreamcase Bed for Model S for Sale

    sold! thanks!
  25. fiksegts

    Picking up tomorrow, Tesla said I have a 15 minute window to pickup, BS

    I was there almost an hour picking up my Dads 3....
  26. fiksegts

    Dreamcase Bed for Model S for Sale

    I have a Dreamcase bed for sale that fits the Model S, everything included sheets, pillows, mattress, etc. Opened and in perfect condition, but never used to sleep on. Case is multi-coat red. $600 plus shipping. product info here: Tesla Model S – Dreamcase thanks!
  27. fiksegts

    Here's a good performance goal for the Model 3 Ludicrous

    I'm going to try it, a good reaction time and I should be able to beat a moderate driver in the ZR1...
  28. fiksegts

    Model 3 "Performance Brake Calipers" just red or different altogether?

    Trying to decide on the $5k performance upgrade, does "Performance Brake Calipers" mean just painted red, or are they indeed different?
  29. fiksegts

    Pack Performance and Launch Mode Limits

    no this in reference to my X 100D tests I did a long time ago, I said Tesla could make it quicker/faster if they wanted... a few said it's not possible or wouldn't happen...
  30. fiksegts

    Pack Performance and Launch Mode Limits

    guess there is more power after all.. Tesla is coming out to "uncork" my X 100D.... :)
  31. fiksegts

    Tesla Model X vs S Power Graph, 55 more HP in the X

    11.2 vs 11.6 in the 1/4 mile...
  32. fiksegts

    $32M Elevator with the new Ford GT

    thought I would share this pretty cool experience I had this weekend...
  33. fiksegts

    Dodge Demon melts its tires prepping for P100D race...

    Dodge Demon Melts its Tires Drag Racing a Tesla Model S P100D
  34. fiksegts

    Model X Pirelli PNCS Tire Foam came loose inside

    the Tesla service center?
  35. fiksegts

    Model X Pirelli PNCS Tire Foam came loose inside

    Our X was shaking like crazy, after taking the tires off, which had plenty of tread, we noticed the foam inside came loose, this is ridiculous, anyone else have this problem? Pirelli should replace? thoughts?
  36. fiksegts

    Model 3 vs Mclaren 720s at dragstrip vid!!

    someone already did that, kind of boring...
  37. fiksegts

    761HP Audi RS-7 vs P100D

    761 HP Audi RS-7 vs Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous 1/4 Mile Drag Racing
  38. fiksegts

    Model 3 vs Mclaren 720s at dragstrip vid!!

    look at the data and you'll see... not to mention none of those cars are even in production anymore, and the 720S just ran head up vs the P1 on Top Gear and was within .5 seconds on the road course.... 720S is a monster considering the price and what is currently available to buy new...
  39. fiksegts

    Model 3 vs Mclaren 720s at dragstrip vid!!

    we should have done a P100D vs 720S at the dragstrip that day, missed that one..
  40. fiksegts

    Model 3 down the 1/4 mile vs McLaren

  41. fiksegts

    Model X P100D vs Jeep Trackhawk Video..

    ahhhhhhh, I forgot to add that in!
  42. fiksegts

    Model X P100D vs Jeep Trackhawk Video..

    Jeep Trackhawk vs Tesla Model X P100D Ludicrous
  43. fiksegts

    Model 3 makes big torque on Mustang Dyno...

    Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dyno Testing
  44. fiksegts

    Exclusive first Model 3 Dyno

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