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  1. vcor

    Model S spontaneously catches fire on California Highway

    Yep. Lithium will ignite in water. Magnesium must be ignited first, then it can burn in water, although water doesn't act as an accelerant. Less than 1% of the battery is made from Lithium, and it is in a different form than bare metal lithium. My understanding is water on a battery fire does...
  2. vcor

    Buying a 2017 Model S 75 - Newbie, need advice!

    Yes, it has MCU2. Seems like a good deal. I sold a 2016 S75 last year for $52K (with MCU2, FSD, and FUSC), with 38K miles. Used prices were a bit higher back then, but your potential car was manufactured a year later than mine too.
  3. vcor

    Frunk latch recall

    The hood latch recall is an inspection, and if not properly positioned, it is adjusted. I didn't see anything in the recall about replacements. If the latch has failed, and it's out of warranty, I'd expect they would charge for it. The 8 GB eMMC in MCU1 is only replaced if Tesla determines it...
  4. vcor

    2013 Model S Dead Battery and no Keys

    Here are my worries: 1) Main battery is dead. Very little doubt as Tesla expects the main battery to be recoverable after 4-6 months at 0% SOC. Beyond that, it seems so unlikely the main battery is recoverable. A very rough cost is $15,000 (there are cheaper used options, but likely at least...
  5. vcor

    Model S spontaneously catches fire on California Highway

    If there is not enough water or any water, just like an ICE car the vehicle burns itself out over time. I'd think the larger concern is items nearby catching on fire. I wonder how long do EVs and ICE cars take to burn out if no fire suppression activity takes place. Once Google search claims...
  6. vcor

    Discovering Great Apple Music Quality

    This could have changed, but the premium Slacker on Tesla topped out at 160 kbps (regardless of what was set in your Slacker account). Years ago the 160 kbps option disappeared, and it was unclear if it dropped to 128 kbps or if all cars got 160 kbps, or if the Slacker account had some control...
  7. vcor

    Trip Meter issues

    1) Go to Audio settings (an icon), then Sources. Likely XM was set off, and you can turn it back on. 2) For Slacker, send Tesla service a note about it and that you need the password. They should send you your Slacker password (it's unique to each car).
  8. vcor

    Model S/X Retrofit steering wheel sold out already

    It appears the round steering wheel is available now and is no longer sold out. Either production increased or the pent-up demand has been satisfied.
  9. vcor

    charger wand aluminum plate

    I took a quick look in the Tesla parts catalog but didn't find the cover plate as a single part - only the entire cable. I'd open a service case via the app, and ask to purchase the cable cover part. I give it a 50/50 chance they will sell you just the plate with a new adhesive pad. Service...
  10. vcor

    Possible 35% battery degradation after 57k miles?

    As others pointed out, it doesn't appear to be a battery issue, but a consumption issue. A few possibilities somewhat in order of likelihood: 1) The HVAC compressor is running at maximum speed due to an HVAC problem like low refrigerant (this makes a lot of noise outside the car). 2) Brakes are...
  11. vcor

    Domelight 12v tap reduced to 9v

    Here's my fuse guide. It depends on the manufacturing date of your car as the fuses have changed quite a bit over the years before they got rid of them entirely with electronic fuses. Fuses and Current Protection – TeslaTap Have you measured the voltage at the power plug in the center...
  12. vcor


    To be clear, owners of cars sold prior to Jan-17-2017 do usually have transferable SC for an unlimited number of subsequent owners. Zero changes have been made. I had two cars that were bought before this date and FUSC transferred fine. Tesla was clear about the change at the time that free SC...
  13. vcor

    Domelight 12v tap reduced to 9v

    That's not the dome light connector, but the optional intrusion alarm connector (which it appears you do not have the alarm). It should be in the 13v range, never 9v. It's a good place to tap for a dashcam - I've used it on several Teslas I've owned without a problem (a 2013 and 2016), both...
  14. vcor

    Hardwiring Accessories in Newer Model Ys (2022-2023)

    I spend weeks analyzing S/X/3/Y cars with different accessory power points, determining when they are powered, the amount of current that could be used, and other factors. Here's the entire write-up: Accessory Power Guide 12v/5v – TeslaTap. Lots of photos and a few videos I created too.
  15. vcor

    Solid Black PBSB touch up substitute

    Yep. Dr. Color Chip is the way to go. Tesla's paint kit is actually Dr. Color Chip. I've had good results with different cars over the years, but test the color somewhere hidden before using it on your chips like inside the door jam to confirm it's right. Here's my writeup on using it on my...
  16. vcor

    Urgent, Neither handle working (interior/exterior), I screwed up!

    Wouldn't the rear hatch still work? If so, open it, then remove the parcel shelf, drop down the rear seat, and crawl through.
  17. vcor

    Starting a phone call takes too long

    Sorry, I may have muddled the issue. I was just talking about how what the car sees for its cellular signal can be different and unrelated to what your phone sees. The car's LTE is not used in any phone call. Your cell phone talks to the cellular network, and the car communicates and sends...
  18. vcor

    Slow wireless charging?

    Another thought - is the phone on (i.e. display fully active and/or Bluetooth being used and/or phone call in progress)? I'd expect faster charging when the phone is not being used. I don't have an iPhone so I can't say if this would explain the appearance of slow/no charging and limitation on...
  19. vcor

    The stag beetle steering

    @Pluta - A clever hack! Nice!
  20. vcor

    Premium Connectivity

    You can order it via the app. In the main menu, select Upgrades. Even at $99/year, it's a bargain compared with most other companies. Legacy automakers often charge $20-40/month for far fewer services.
  21. vcor

    Model S Trunk will not open or close electronically and will not lock if you manually push it down

    Sounds like the latch has failed. Seems like your car is under warranty and I'd let Tesla fix it.
  22. vcor

    Tesla X and S owners Sue over software updates causing battery issues

    I guess Tesla could modify the software so that battery problems are not detected and just leave owners to have the battery die unexpectedly. As wk056 and others have pointed out when you do a software update, it does a reset of some BMS data to do a deeper battery analysis, which can result in...
  23. vcor

    Autosteer/TACC false forward collision warnings

    @mtbwalt - Has the original problem cleared up now that radar is no longer used? I know it was over a year ago, but looking at the photo again, I wonder if the sign that is directly in front of the car was causing the problem. Flat signs create a very strong radar reflection.
  24. vcor

    Anyone receive their $7500 check yet from Elon's own end of year Model S rebate?

    @6auzzys - Seems most got the rebate months ago. I'd contact Tesla as yours might have gotten lost in the mail.
  25. vcor

    Model 3 to Model S…

    The Model S is a great upgrade. I made an extensive comparison guide that may help if you're still deciding: Vehicle Comparison Selector – TeslaTap
  26. vcor

    2G/3G modem only, MCU2 inevitable?

    Forgot to say, there is also an option to connect to a cell phone via a WiFi hotspot. This could be a free solution to get connected again without any expense.
  27. vcor

    2G/3G modem only, MCU2 inevitable?

    AT&T shut down 3G service in February 2022. So yes, if your MCU1 does not have the LTE modem, you'll not get any cell service. Tesla used to offer a $500 cellular modem upgrade for MCU1 owners. I bought that for my 2013 S years ago. The price might even be lower now. So that would be the...
  28. vcor

    FSD Hardware Upgrade Question

    Well, HW 3.0 might have some benefits, but they are hard to quantify. My expectation is HW3.0 would improve the safety systems that use it. For example, AEB (Automatic Emergency Braking), could benefit from having a more robust and powerful processing with related software to detect...
  29. vcor

    Climate Control Issue Model S 2017 100D

    You didn't say what year your car is, but it may be the temperature sensor is blocked or the temperature fan is failing. There is a tiny fan that blows air across the sensor which is very quiet. The vent is below the center armrest for the older Model S (2014 to 2021). You should see a bunch of...
  30. vcor

    Model S AC Sensor Calibration

    I'll also add that in most years (perhaps not 2012-2013?) the temperature sensor includes a tiny fan to pull air across the sensor. It wouldn't surprise me if after 9 years this fan has failed, so it can no longer reliably detect the cabin temperature. In the BrownOuttaSpec post above, the...
  31. vcor

    New Issue - Headlines stay on and the car stays unlocked sometimes.

    A few possible reasons: 1) You left the 2nd FOB in the car somewhere 2) A door is not completely closed. 1/4" open is enough to prevent locking (it should show as an open door on the display) 3) The Frunk or Liftgate is not completely closed (it should show as open on the display) Can you...
  32. vcor

    For tall drivers, the yoke is (unfortunately) the best option.

    That's because the yoke has great ergonomics for many owners and improved safety. As for ergonomics, every owner, no matter what size can see the entire instrument cluster. A round wheel can block the view, depending on the size of the owner and various wheel and seat positions. Then there...
  33. vcor

    Cold air at HI setting

    There was a software change in the last few months that is not supposed to blow cold air and waits until there is heat available to warm the cabin. Perhaps you are encountering this feature and or relates to overriding automatic operation? I have older software (FSD beta owners are 6 months...
  34. vcor

    Starting a phone call takes too long

    When you see your phone with a better or worse cellular signal than the car, keep in mind that it's likely Tesla is using a different network than your car. In the USA, Tesla uses AT&T. So if your phone was on Verizon, you'll have two different signals where one is likely better than the other...
  35. vcor

    How to turn off "auto pair and play music" upon entering car?

    Well, not exactly a solution, but if the podcast or music is on the USB drive, it will not restart automatically if the car was off. For many years USB would start automatically, but this was broken about 5 years ago and has never been fixed. To restart where you left off, the voice command...
  36. vcor

    HVAC smell after/during rain

    When you open the frunk, you'll see vent inlets near the windshield.
  37. vcor

    HVAC smell after/during rain

    Sounds like a bit of mold growth that can happen in any car, especially if you use the A/C a lot or are in a high-humidity area. You might try and open the windows, run the fan on maximum, recirculation off, and then spray Lysol into the cabin air inlet for 15 seconds or so. Let the fan...
  38. vcor

    Man fatally shot during altercation at Tesla charging station

    Disappointing to hear of this. While not clear, it doesn't appear any Tesla owners were involved. Roped off area looks like two ICE cars.
  39. vcor

    Losing range when parked for an hour (not a parasitic drain question) (at least I don't think)

    Also depends on the ambient temperatures. If cold out, you can lose 30+ miles of range in 15-30 minutes if parked and at low SOC (< 40 miles). If you're at low SOC, it's best to find a charger and get it charging without delay. The battery has less power when cold, and Tesla will heat the...
  40. vcor

    Apple Music - "Choose Media Source" every time entering the car

    You can remove sources from the audio settings menu, but there a minimum of 4 sources. Tesla hasn't done much for USB in years. Two tricks can help: 1) Use Sentry mode everywhere. USB will start when you get into the car. If the car powers down (i.e. no Sentry mode), then USB does not start...
  41. vcor

    Trip Meter issues

    Note that MCU1 has an extended warranty of 8 years. Here are the details: Warranty Adjustment Program | Tesla Support
  42. vcor

    Is Tesla software limiting the launch and 0-60 times of the refreshed non plaid model s/x ?

    The current M3P is 531 lbs lighter than the S LR! That's quite a difference. While the CD is lower for the S LR, the frontal area is smaller on the M3P, so perhaps that's a wash.
  43. vcor

    2023 Plaid - Booming noise

    @scot - This a long shot, but do you have noise cancellation turned on? I've never used it myself, but I do see other owners complain of some odd effects.
  44. vcor

    Seeking Advice on 4K Dashcam Setup for 2015 Model S - Cross-Country Trip

    480P? No way. Most do a fairly good 1080p nowadays. Now I do agree dashcams with 4K are not the crystal quality of a $1K digital camera with a good lens. Dashcams spread out the view to cover more area so you may think it's lower resolution than you're used to with a digital camera and a...
  45. vcor

    Salvage Car Owners Support Group.

    Ok, consider me chastised. I was thinking more of the 99% of issues owners encounter and their ability to repair them. I've had no problems getting parts from Tesla from 2013 to fairly recently on a variety of years and models. Now I've never needed or tried to buy a battery pack or a DU...
  46. vcor

    Salvage Car Owners Support Group.

    Tesla has no problems with you or anyone else doing repairs. The schematics and service manuals are free to anyone. Now some people are not qualified to do high-voltage repairs and for that reason, Tesla does have some small restrictions on select parts to reduce homeowners from killing...
  47. vcor

    Seeking Advice on 4K Dashcam Setup for 2015 Model S - Cross-Country Trip

    I've been a fan of BlackVue, like the DR900X, but it only offers 4K for the front, and 1080P for the rear. It does have cloud storage and it works automatically. When I park at my house, it connects via WiFi and uploads the last recordings. Perhaps others have a suggestion on a product that...
  48. vcor

    OBD II port covered with wire

    My Dec-2016 S did not have the wire. Is the car your original car or if pre-owned, maybe someone added a modification?
  49. vcor

    camp mode and 12v outlet

    Depending on which car model and year, the HV battery through the DC-DC inverter provides up to 200-250 amps at 12v (actually 13-16 v depending on the model). The 12v power outlet is limited to about 12.5 amps continuously. Currently, when the car is on, the DC-DC inverter is powering the car...
  50. vcor

    Parking and cameras

    I wonder if HW4 cameras are more low-light-sensitive? Seems HW3 and having no USS or radar is not the best combination at least with the current version of Tesla Vision. Glad USS still works on my 2022 S. The advantage of at least the front cameras is they can be cleaned by the windshield...

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