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  1. dsmith2189

    Supercharger - Aiea, HI (6 stalls)

    I am one of those apartment owners in Honolulu that did not have access to my own charger for years and had to rely on chargers at Ala Moana, Ward and Blaisdell to charge my Tesla. 9 years ago there was very little problem with finding a stall to charge for 4 or more hours. as the years have...
  2. dsmith2189

    Sad day.... Rear Ended

    it's true Akikiki used to be a supermodel.
  3. dsmith2189

    CHAdeMO adapter

  4. dsmith2189

    Tesla car wash?

    Why do they open a new car wash right near an existing car wash? wouldn't' they get more business if they opened on another part of the island. I Guess people in Wapio are the only ones who wash their cars. the same goes for starbucks.:D
  5. dsmith2189

    Hawaiian Electric $50 EV charging credit

    Just install another charger at your house:D and get your own card.:rolleyes: does a kiddie car charger count?;)
  6. dsmith2189

    Car Needs Service - Car may not start

    Not sure if this is related, but, when I stopped by the service center yesterday they said that there was a patch being released that addressed a DC to DC converter issue. the 12VDC battery and onboard charger are on either side of the DC to DC converter. the patch also addresses 12V temp range...
  7. dsmith2189

    Hawaii touch up paint work

    I think you are missing an opportunity for an upgrade.:D https://www.amazon.com/Qingtech-Aluminium-Valve-Tesla-Modification/dp/B07D5QP13Z or even... dare I say.... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07L4VLNY6
  8. dsmith2189

    Free shipping to Hawaii from TSportline

    Roadster, S and X center cap measures 2.25 inches or 57.15 mm in diameter which is the most common cap size for many of wheels for Tesla models. I found OEM replacements for about $25. (OEM Part Number: 600587901B) T-Sportline says they are the same size. quote "A Model S owner can use a factory...
  9. dsmith2189

    Tesla rentals available on Oahu?

    Tesla Service Center was using the Enterprise location at 3255 Aolele St, for rental Teslas, if they run out of loaner vehicles.
  10. dsmith2189

    Powerwall 2 Installs in Hawaii

    if you do.:rolleyes: Please be kind and land so that your charger cord will reach my car.:D
  11. dsmith2189

    Powerwall 2 Installs in Hawaii

    Aikikiki you can just do the documentation and pics when you are up on the roof helping p fox with his panels.
  12. dsmith2189

    Touch Up Paint Hawaii

    I have had good luck with ShipToHawaii.com, but if they put a label on the box like they do for Li batteries you will be out of luck.
  13. dsmith2189

    Free airport parking in Honolulu is back!!

    didn't they used to have some chargers in the airport parking. worst case scenario if you did not let your car go into a deep sleep... you could just plug in for a while after arriving and just hang out at the airport until you are at a comfortable level to go home.
  14. dsmith2189

    Hawaiian Electric $50 EV charging credit

    it shouldn't take much to change the Model S/X CHAdeMo adapter to work with the model 3.o_O Its probably just a firmware change in the adapter to match the M3 Specs.:rolleyes: I stopped using my CHAdeMo adapter when they jacked the price up.:mad:
  15. dsmith2189

    Hawaii Model 3

    and don't forget some of us even had to go to the dmv reconstruction office to prove our car (and vin) was real.
  16. dsmith2189

    Hawaii - Let's Count Teslas!

    I am a do-it-yourselfer, but in this case I would consult a licensed electrician. an EV is pulls power constantly while charging and improper connections have caused heat issues and have resulted in fires for some people who did it themselves. if there is a fire and it is determined that your...
  17. dsmith2189

    Hawaii Auto Show 2019

    thank you for volunteering.:D
  18. dsmith2189

    Hawaii Model 3

    AP is only $3K I thought it was $5K before. if so, it looks like they dropped the price. and they list FSD ($5K)with a note of new features later this year.
  19. dsmith2189

    2019 Oahu Meet-ups & Events

    I will try and get there early so we can place some cones in an appropriate place.
  20. dsmith2189

    Front License Plate - reborn...

    Torklift Central "The Law" (which has always been popular.) The Law - Tesla Model 3 Front License Plate Bracket (Auto Pilot Compatible) XA1004 you can also get it on evannex The Law: License Plate Bracket for Tesla Model 3 (No-Drill) - Autopilot Compatible and others are making front license...
  21. dsmith2189

    Superchargers in Hawaii (location speculation, general discussion)

    I think I saw a post on tmc a few years ago with a similar setup. the chargers were portable so they could be used at multiple spots and then moved back to the "base" to recharge them. a bit foggy on the details (I wasn't able to find the old post)
  22. dsmith2189

    Hawaii - Let's Count Teslas!

    Well, he did say that they would install a supercharger in Hawaii:) still waiting for thato_O
  23. dsmith2189

    Pothole rash... Repair recommendations?

    time to buy another car:D
  24. dsmith2189

    Hawaii - 2019 Legislative Session - EV Related Bills

    Well parking enforcement has/does put a penny on the tire to see if the person has moved the car. if they have... they pick up the penny and reuse it, if the car hasn't moved they ticket. most people just memorize the schedule for the street and make a quick trip before or after parking...
  25. dsmith2189

    Free airport parking in Honolulu is back!!

    I have been saying for a long time they need to revise the definition of what an EV is. 100% electric. their definition of what an EV is may have helped with the adoption of EVs. but a hybrid is not an EV:eek:
  26. dsmith2189

    Free airport parking in Honolulu is back!!

    I am just hoping that they change the definition of EV to be 100% electric. (no hybrids:rolleyes:)
  27. dsmith2189

    Hawaii - Let's Count Teslas!

    me to, I bought a "blister pack card" with 4 batteries on it. all bad. of course they were an off brand. next time I will get name brand batteries for my fob spare batteries.
  28. dsmith2189

    Licensed Honolulu Electrician for Installation of Charging Outlet

    now all you need to do is connect it to a powerwall.
  29. dsmith2189

    2018 Oahu Meet-ups/Events

    spend the day today at work, but still had the opportunity to speak to new owners as they stopped by to say they finally bought a tesla. best story was from "Liz" she told me how her husband spent the past few days playing with summon. put the car in the garage, take it out... repeat.:D she said...
  30. dsmith2189

    Model 3 Speed Limit Display

    Well.. you could schedule Ranger service in Kauai. that's how they service the Hawaii customers not on Oahu.
  31. dsmith2189

    Hawaii Model 3

    mmm. sparkling "cider";) when you drove home did you look like this? ->o_O<-
  32. dsmith2189

    Visiting San Diego Tesla Delivery Center from Hawaii

    But what I really want to know is how many lottery tickets you picked up for me while you were in CA. 10? 20?
  33. dsmith2189

    Hawaii Service Center experience

    My screen just started delaminating and looks similar to your screen. this will be my second screen that this has happened to (although the first time was small bubbles on the side, not the entire top section.) figured I would give them a long lead time for my appointment since this is mostly...
  34. dsmith2189

    Version 9 upgrade Hawaii Tesla

    See if you had only kept you original car you wouldn't have to worry about it.;) I don't have many of the features being upgraded.:eek: Blind Spot detection, Dash cam feature... don't know what you are talking about.:(
  35. dsmith2189

    Shoddy customer service from Tesla Honolulu? Plz prove me wrong!

    I can only echo what nanimac and aikikiki have said. for the last 5 -3/4 years I have had no problems with either the ranger service or the service center appointments. although I no longer see same day service (when the service center was in Waipahu, I had a part break and dropped the car off...
  36. dsmith2189

    Tesla wireless phone charger

    mmm the ones on amazon were only $20 - $30
  37. dsmith2189

    Tesla wireless phone charger

    I have seen a few different wireless chargers on amazon that fit in the center console.
  38. dsmith2189

    Hawaii - News about EVs

    I guess I have been luckier than him I have had no major problems with my car (and I got my car before him:p) then again I opted for the extended warranty so I would not have to fix my own car.;)
  39. dsmith2189

    Hawaii Service Center experience

    and you could get same day service at 4PM.
  40. dsmith2189

    2018 Oahu Meet-ups/Events

    When you say "various Tesla related sites" - does that mean that one of the stops is going to be a stop a the super "secret" charger site?;)
  41. dsmith2189

    2017 Supercharger in Honolulu

    even a wrong location is possibly right, like a broken watch... its right twice a day.
  42. dsmith2189

    Lots of Model 3 Newbie Questions- Hawaii

    I was thinking an automatic car tent/Umbrella was a must have. World's 1st All-in-One Automatic Car Tent -- Lanmodo
  43. dsmith2189

    2017 Supercharger in Honolulu

    latest rumor that I heard is that they are waiting until Nanimac buys her 10th Tesla (not including pedal cars)
  44. dsmith2189

    Hawaii Revolusun EV Drive and Ride

    Revolusun probably forgot to invite Tesla (AKA SolarCity... AKA the competition) to their event.
  45. dsmith2189

    2018 Oahu Meet-ups/Events

    too bad you forgot to put your car in 007 submarine mode before the underwater part.:cool: must have been a pain getting all that water out of the carpet.:D
  46. dsmith2189

    2018 Oahu Meet-ups/Events

    road closures on H1 next weekend may impact time required to get to Mililani. we should allow for more time.
  47. dsmith2189

    Hawaii Model 3

    I'll do a 0-60 run for you... Oh forgot don't have a model 3o_O
  48. dsmith2189

    Hawaii Model 3

    Down at SC the other day and the lot was so full of model 3's I could barely get in. lots of people getting their cars. even starting to see more in the wild.
  49. dsmith2189

    Hawaii Safety Check Sticker Placement

    metal:( Plastic;) Even saw a carbon fiber one the other day.:cool:
  50. dsmith2189

    Hawaii 19 inch OEM wheels

    19 inch? :( I was looking for a 21" to replace my cracked rim.o_O had to get an aftermarket wheel FedExed overnight. Ouch:eek: Aftermarket rim costs about 25% what Tesla sells it for. but add the shipping and I only saved about 50% of the Tesla cost.:rolleyes:

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