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  1. bobbyjae

    Would you buy a black car again?

    Yes, black is best. Just make sure you get ceramic. I keep it outside most days.
  2. bobbyjae

    19" vs. 20" wheels/tires -- comfort difference?

    The 23 MYLR is a bouncy ride, especially at lower speeds. It's better than the older suspension in some ways, but worse on others. The 23 MYP seems like mostly pros vs the older suspension. Perhaps because it was very harsh with minimal bounce? I have a 21 MYLR and although it's pretty harsh...
  3. bobbyjae

    Seats in Y?

    Not that great but not terrible either. Seats are a bit too soft and tend to be narrow.
  4. bobbyjae

    2023 Model Y no USS discussion, incl. Discussion of Tesla Vision Firmware

    No one knows. I would hope they keep them because USS appears to be much more accurate than Vision.
  5. bobbyjae

    2023 Model Y no USS discussion, incl. Discussion of Tesla Vision Firmware

    I have USS and it shows curbs when I drive (yellow circles). It doesn't give a distance for those though. The USS is very accurate down to the feet and is consistent when I park front-first in the garage.
  6. bobbyjae

    2023 Model Y no USS discussion, incl. Discussion of Tesla Vision Firmware

    Why doesn’t Tesla test it out first and achieve a high level of accuracy before they release something like this? Maybe before removing USS sensors. They can do this in-house in a controlled environment, unlike self driving.
  7. bobbyjae

    2023 Model Y no USS discussion, incl. Discussion of Tesla Vision Firmware

    Usually a drop of rain will render the camera useless. As for fog, I was thinking a mist over the camera which would distort any images (e.g., side cameras from condensation).
  8. bobbyjae

    2023 Model Y no USS discussion, incl. Discussion of Tesla Vision Firmware

    How does it work for the back if the camera is covered with rain/fog?
  9. bobbyjae

    MYP in for Service - Model X Loaner - Wow!

    Does Tesla quality and service improve with the Model X?
  10. bobbyjae

    First Drive MYP - most surprising features / behaviors

    The toggle is under Autopilot but it sounds like it can be used when not on AP? It would be nice to get a chime when I'm 10 mph over the speed limit.
  11. bobbyjae

    Washington Post: How Elon Musk knocked Tesla’s ‘Full Self-Driving’ off course

    Sounds like Elon and Tesla have no idea what they are doing. This is why I have avoided using any Tesla self-driving features (even AP).
  12. bobbyjae

    BMW folks comments on Tesla

    Tesla is definitely not a luxury vehicle. That being said, the BMW X series has been losing its way over the years. Lots of bad decisions including a softer steering, cheapening of trim, floaty suspension, etc. We like our X5 45e but alternatives are catching up.
  13. bobbyjae

    Comfort suspension on MY RWD

    There's pros and cons with the new "comfort" suspension. It's less harsh on bigger bumps, maybe up to 50%. However, there's more of a bouncy/floaty feeling over smaller bumps at lower speeds. It doesn't feel as planted as with the old suspension.
  14. bobbyjae

    Comfort Suspension

    I don't think that's possible. There's only one suspension. That's why so many owners go the aftermarket route.
  15. bobbyjae

    Comfort Suspension

    The newer "comfort" suspension is more bouncy than the older one. There's less harshness on the bigger bumps; however, the downside is a more bouncy/floaty feeling on smaller ones especially at lower speeds.
  16. bobbyjae

    Tesla Alternative?

    But Tesla is opening up its Superchargers to everyone else. The only reason why I chose Tesla is now not an issue, even though 99% of the time I charge at home. Pretty tired of Tesla service and the mediocre ride quality.
  17. bobbyjae

    Tesla Alternative?

    The Supercharging network is overrated IMO. I've owned a MY for about a year and a half and only used it maybe twice? People use EA all the time without issue. Not as reliable as Tesla but not as bad as how this forum makes it out to be. I am looking at the Rivian R1S, the new Porsche Macan EV...
  18. bobbyjae

    2024 Kia EV9 Revealed: The First Mainstream Electric Three-Row SUV

    That is a nice looking SUV. Very futuristic.
  19. bobbyjae

    Tesla Model 3 driven by the wrong owner

    This is a reason why you shouldn't get white. It's rare to see 2 black (or blue/red) Tesla's next to each other.
  20. bobbyjae

    How different is the new Comfort Suspension (October 22 -) to the previous gen (prior to Oct 22 change)?

    It sounds like the new "comfort" suspension is better for the MYP than the MYLR. It's almost too bouncy for the MYLR.
  21. bobbyjae

    Will Tesla offer suspension upgrade ?

    The 21 suspension is horrible but the new "comfort" suspension is even worse! I don't think most folks have compared them side-to-side.
  22. bobbyjae

    Will Tesla offer suspension upgrade ?

    They really missed the mark here. Why are they not able to reproduce the M3 suspension for the MY? It's a head-scratcher.
  23. bobbyjae

    Comfort Suspension Not Much of an Improvement

    OP, just rode in my friend's 2023 MYLR last night and it felt exactly as you reported. Very busy and a disconnect between the car and road. Can't say this is an improvement over the old suspension.
  24. bobbyjae

    Will Tesla offer suspension upgrade ?

    Finally got to ride on the new "comfort" suspension and it felt worse than my 21 MYLR. It cut down the harshness a bit; however, it was so bouncy/floaty. There's a disconnect between the car and the road. I would not upgrade to the new suspension even it was free.
  25. bobbyjae

    new comfort suspension switch over dates

    I am not sure but the new "comfort" suspension appears to have both pros and cons when compared to the old one.
  26. bobbyjae

    new comfort suspension switch over dates

    The old and new "comfort" suspension are crappy in different ways. Old suspension is way too harsh especially large bumps. The new suspension is less harsh on the biggest bumps, but bouncy/floaty at lower speeds.
  27. bobbyjae

    Recommended Model Y sun shade for windshield

    IMO Covercraft makes the best windshield sun shade. Not cheap but a quality product that will last a while. https://www.covercraft.com/us/en
  28. bobbyjae

    Is this too much guys 😂 [using a car cover]

    I have a 21 black MYLR and have left it out for over a year. No issues other than dirt. Getting a ceramic coating is a good idea IMO.
  29. bobbyjae

    Walk Away Door Lock Timer

    Is it a timer or distance? I always thought after a certain distance it would lock.
  30. bobbyjae

    Are all these new posters really real?

    They sound like regular folks to me. I am agreeing with much of what they say. I love my Tesla, but I am critical of it's flaws.
  31. bobbyjae

    Are all these new posters really real?

    Maybe more regular folks are buying the MY and not just the early adopters/enthusiasts?
  32. bobbyjae

    2023 Model Y Long Range Disappointment in boominess after Demo Drive

    Some cars come with the hatch stops perfectly aligned. Also, @ilovecoffee has mentioned that some cars have vinyl tubing already in the rubber around the hatch. Who knows when this will fully get resolved. The open trunk and glass roof may also add to the "boominess".
  33. bobbyjae

    Is it ok to manually push down the charging port door?

    I'm sure you are fine but I would not recommend if it's not stated in the manual.
  34. bobbyjae

    Motion sickness with Model Y - suspension?

    Folks with the new "comfort" suspension have reported that there seems to be more bounce/float to the ride than previous years. Haven't seen a solution to this outside of an aftermarket suspension.
  35. bobbyjae

    2023 Model Y Long Range Disappointment in boominess after Demo Drive

    There's ways to minimize the "booming" with simple, cheap solutions. First, you can tweak the hatch stops so there are no gaps when closed. Second, you can buy 5/16" vinyl tubing and run it across your hatch rubber lining. This helped a lot in my situation. Now instead of "booming", it's more...
  36. bobbyjae

    To all the "Is now a good time to buy?" and "should I wait till...." threads.

    Getting dizzy with all of the price changes as of late.
  37. bobbyjae

    Do the cars come without front plates?

    I give credit to Tesla that they assume that buyers will not want their plates drilled. Legacy car dealers usually go by their state laws.
  38. bobbyjae

    MYP 2023 Comfort Suspension on Fremont Builds?

    From folks that have done back-to-back comparisons, there seems to be an improvement in overall harshness; however, there's slightly more bounce/float especially at lower speeds.
  39. bobbyjae

    Tesla forced to open superchargers to unlock billions

    Sure it will cost more for non-Tesla users, but how often does the average EV driver go on long distance trips? The 2-3 times a year I go, I'd gladly pay more if I had the option of using the Supercharger network.
  40. bobbyjae

    Tesla forced to open superchargers to unlock billions

    Tesla will lose much of its advantage when they make this move. The competition is heating up.
  41. bobbyjae

    The competition is coming

    When Tesla opens up its Superchargers to everyone, there will be no more advantage.
  42. bobbyjae

    AC temperature.

    I set it to 72 usually and it's comfortable enough. Are you using AUTO and recirculation? Also, tint and a roof shield helps in the warmer months.
  43. bobbyjae

    MYSR is now $4k lower than MYLR. Which one to choose?

    Also keep in mind that most times you are only charging up to 80% or so of the full capacity. Add cold weather and it's even less. I would get the LR.
  44. bobbyjae

    Tesla Service losing their minds?

    Tesla service is so bad I am afraid to bring anything in unless it's truly a big issue or there are multiple issues. Anything minor, I will just live with it. Have heard horror stories of things getting worse after service, other damage to vehicle, etc. Good luck.
  45. bobbyjae

    Anyone installed these wheel wells for noise reduction?

    Have you tried anything that reduced road noise to an appreciable degree?
  46. bobbyjae

    Delivery Defects

    I think folks have been waiting so long for their car in anticipation that not accepting delivery and being put back in a queue is a difficult thing to do. I'm sure the defective car will be passed down to the next person in line that may not care as much. In my opinion, the only way Tesla will...
  47. bobbyjae

    Pearl white paint failure?

    Would PPF have prevented this?
  48. bobbyjae

    New MYP Owner: Learning Curve Tips Thread

    Adjust your hatch height before going into any parking garage. Some of the ceilings are quite low. Also, be careful when you close your frunk. Gently close until you hear it click, then use the two palm method.
  49. bobbyjae

    The competition is coming

    I think there's a good amount of people that use their EV for commuting only. In my situation, I would much rather drive our hybrid SUV than MYLR for long trips (better ride, quiet, run-flats, gas station wait-times, etc.), which only happens maybe 1-2x a year.
  50. bobbyjae

    2021 Model Y lots of road noise rumble on stock 19's - any advice for improvement?

    5/16" inch vinyl tubing around the hatch worked best for me. A $7 solution had the most impact. Good luck!

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