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    Reverse instead of Drive by Mistake?

    I'll have to remember to do that.
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    Poll: How many are still using original 12V Battery that came with the car?

    That's just insanity and a straight out fleecing!
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    Tesla Dealership/Service coming to San Luis Obispo, California

    At the speed that Tesla normally gets things built, I would have thought it would already be open by now. Guess they got slowed down with SLO red tape.
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    Funny FSD story

    Oh stop! Anti Police, hmmmmm.
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    What Percent is Your Tesla Charged to While at Home?

    There are no good free ones.
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    Funny FSD story

    You can be legally stopped for a simple safety check of your vehicle. Driving isn't a right, it's a privilege.
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    Effect of Acceleration Boost on insurance rates

    Clearly you have to call them and talk to a real person to find out.
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    Newbie - should I buy monthly FSD?

    That's not entirely true. Tesla caused the firmware update changes when they added things like heated steering wheels, different battery configurations and yes, removing ultra sonic sensors. It had nothing to do with the NHTSA.
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    Funny FSD story

    I find it hard to believe that a police officer wouldn't know that Tesla's can do most of the driving. This has been common knowledge for years and the police are knowledgable about many vehicles. I remember probably 3 or 4 years ago reading about some officers that discovered a driver was...
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    Inside view of the Cybertruck

    Why couldn't have put the blinker buttons left turn on the left side and right turn on the right side? But overall I see insurance to be very expensive for this truck, because parts and repairs costs will be enormous. Imagine how much that windshield will cost to replace!
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    Poll: How many are still using original 12V Battery that came with the car?

    I can say that I've never proactively changed out a 12 volt battery in any vehicle I've ever owned and don't ever plan to. In ICE vehicles you can tell when it's time to change it as starter motor will turn over the engine a bit more slowly. But in an EV we don't get that kind of warning, so...
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    Weird FSD beta Issue

    It's a software issue probably never find a solution, but I think I was just venting. A month or so ago when I started to backup into a Supercharger the rear camera went blank, so tried putting it in forward and nothing happened. Put it back into reverse and carefully backed in, without the...
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    Weird FSD beta Issue

    I doubt they'd be able to replicate it and then that would have been a wasted 2 hour drive to my closest Tesla Service Center. Plus, it's outside the warranty period, so I'd have to pay for them to try and figure it out.
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    Newbie - should I buy monthly FSD?

    I miss the days when all the cars mostly had the same options and got the same firmware updates. Now things have gotten complicated with who gets what update.
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    Any advice on FSD usage after 2 false strikes

    It actually says that in the latest update release notes.
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    Antifungal spray for cabin air filter

    What did you used around the edges of the screen?
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    VIN Question

    Yet more reasons why I won't buy used from Tesla.
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    Newbie - should I buy monthly FSD?

    Well, for me Autopilot was very good on the highway and made long drives stress free. But FSD beta has had a lot of issues on my drives. Using it on the highway is kind of okay but in the City is just a nerve racking event.
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    How much abuse can the M3Ps drive unit take?

    My Model 3 isn't a performance model and doesn't have track mode. :)
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    Is it bad to supercharge all the time?

    Charge where you can, when you can and don't worry about it. Yes, there is a concern about the battery health but most people won't keep their car as long as the HV battery warranty.
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    Newbie - should I buy monthly FSD?

    I'd honestly just wait because I don't feel it's worth the price, even the monthly price. I paid $5k for Enhance AutoPilot back in 2018 when I bought my Model 3 and didn't think paying an extra $3k was worth it for FSD. Then in 2019 Tesla offered FSD to me for $2k, so I bought it. From my...
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    Any advice on FSD usage after 2 false strikes

    Just to be clear you don't apply pressure the steering wheel, you apply torque. Some might confuse pressure as meaning to squeeze the wheel when it's actually torque resistance that it senses. But, you could just use the scroll wheel instead. I got several strikes within a week because on my...
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    Cameras not working warranty ended

    This is the downside to owning a high tech vehicle outside of the warranty and it sucks, so I feel your pain. But you didn't say if you let the service center try to fix the issue or did they just diagnose it? However, obviously the computer didn't die and there is just a short somewhere...
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    Reverse instead of Drive by Mistake?

    This just happened to me today! Luckily the car behind me at the stop light wasn't too close and I didn't back into him. Really freaked me out, because I didn't initially catch it that I was going backwards and then didn't understand why. And I don't even recall if the rear camera came on, it...
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    How much abuse can the M3Ps drive unit take?

    I never said any street car sold this way carried a full warranty. I said it's interesting they don't warranty a vehicle for the purpose of doing something they advertise it for. What other purpose does the track mode software have, but to be used on a racing track. Any auto manufacturer...
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    How much abuse can the M3Ps drive unit take?

    I would disagree, especially the Model S Plaid. If a Tesla performance car isn't "track ready", then there is no need for track mode software in the car or crazy stupid acceleration.
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    Weird FSD beta Issue

    So today while using the FSD beta my route was planned to go home, as it got off the highway turning into a curve on the off ramp the car went nuts and told me take control. I did so but then it completely shut down the beta, acting like I got a strike, the rear camera and repeaters were blank...
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    Turning Off Sentry Mode Sounds

    And it what situation would anyone not want alarm sounds if someone is breaking into their car?
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    How much abuse can the M3Ps drive unit take?

    True, but if you sell a track ready vehicle, which should use beefier components, then it should hold up under those conditions and early wear would be a defect.
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    Phone Call Controls

    Everyone doesn't have the same latest update. For instance, my car yesterday just got 2023.7.10, which is for those of us with the FSD beta. Not sure if I have the ability to change the function of the scroll wheel, as I haven't looked into it and the release notes don't say anything about it.
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    Newbie Question about charging at home

    It's not a wall charger or mobile charger, they are connectors as the charger is built into the car. And it's not 110/220v it's 120/240v. :)
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    Calibration of Radar sensor (not cameras) on m3?

    Tesla turned off the radar, so no need for a calibration.
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    Wheel color recommendation

    Whatever color works the best with curb rash. Because unless you have tires that stick our farther than the rims, you will get curb rash.
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    Underbody of the battery bent from impact

    Let the Tesla Service Center determine if it's safe and if you have to rent a car, so be it. They could take a deeper look at it than anyone on this forum can by looking at the pictures. But, I'd rather have to rent a car than have the battery spontaneously combust later, due to the impact.
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    VIN Question

    I'm not a fan of buying used from Tesla, just because they don't show pictures of the actual car and once you're locked in that's it. So imagine seeing the car in person and it has curb rash or scratched on the paint. And because of that I think I'd rather buy from a third party. But then...
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    How much abuse can the M3Ps drive unit take?

    I find it interesting that Tesla sells performance cars with track mode and Plaid cars, that were designed to do exactly what their warranty won't cover.
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    Sentry Mode Alarm

    Since now with Sentry Mode the headlights don't flash but instead they pulse (which is good but I'd still rather have an option so they don't come on at all), and there is a setting to turn off the horn honking if the alarm goes off, does this also prevent the music from playing, if someone...
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    Turning Off Sentry Mode Sounds

    You're correct it didn't honk unless the alarm went off, my mistake. But it did used to flash the headlights on my 2018 LR Model 3. Now with firmware 2023.7.10 (FSD beta v11.4.2), the headlights pulse and there is a setting option so it doesn't honk. So I'm trying to understand if that...
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    Turning Off Sentry Mode Sounds

    I understand that using this setting prevents Sentry Mode from honking the horn, which is great because I hated that it did this whenever someone walked by my car. But will it still play the loud music if someone breaks in? Reading what it says in the settings, it kind of sounds like the music...
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    Poll: How many are still using original 12V Battery that came with the car?

    I still haven't had to install the new 12 volt battery, still no warning. I'm kind of hoping the original battery dies soon, so I can install the new one. It cost $85, with tax came to $92.44. For a small battery, I was surprised at how heavy it is. I'm wondering if those that had to replace...
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    Tesla safety score penalizes night driving..

    Yes, shame on Tesla for this money grab move! It's bad enough my Tesla insurance premiums seem to increase almost monthly for no reason, now the added penalty for night driving increases things even more. And here's something to think about for anyone that thinks this isn't big deal. Will the...
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    Raise your hand if you feel forgotten on the trunk camera harness recall

    My replacements still leaked, I guess it was old inventory from their supplier before anything was brought to their attention to correct. Unfortunately I never made it back to a service center to see if they would replace the again before my warranty ran out, even though it should be considered...
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    Drivers seat material melting??

    I hope you are right but the good thing if it's just grunge on the seat, you will pay attention to it more often and clean it regularly. Good luck!
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    Raise your hand if you feel forgotten on the trunk camera harness recall

    It would actually be less than 5 minutes if I take the old battery with me to drop off when I make a Costco run. That saved $28 will get me an extra case of beer at Costco.
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    Drivers seat material melting??

    No, perspiration should not cause this. It really looks like someone used some kind of cleaner that wasn't compatible with the seat material. The OP stated nothing was used but maybe someone borrowed the car or it's a used vehicle.
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    Drivers seat material melting??

    You mean artificial leather, vinyl is artificial by design. :)
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    Oh crap! Do I have a leak?

    Look closely at the edge of the asphalt to the left of the yellow line.
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    FSD Beta on 2023.12.* - when?

    My 2018 LR Model 3 is on firmware 2022.45.15, FSD beta v11.3.6. Kind of sucks that beta users don't get as many updates because we miss out on some great new features and it can takes months for us to get them. Wish we could just get the new feature updates without the beta updates that...
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    FSDb losing all visualization every drive through same intersection

    It's kind of a mess honestly. Whenever I've used it and gotten to a specific intersection with a traffic light, the wipers with windshield washer fluid go off. It's to the point that I don't use it anymore in the City. Just so you know, doing the two scroll wheel reboot doesn't completely...
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    Steering Assist Reduced

    Are you sure the SSD being full for Sentry and Dashcam would have anything to do with the system that controls the steering. Aren't they using different computers?

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