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  1. K

    Tesla Stanley explains why Tesla FSD rules

    Nailed it! I hope @Bladerskb sees this.
  2. K

    Funny FSD story

    That is simply not true. It varies by jurisdiction, for example. I've seen all kinds of things people try to justify under "privilege, not right", but that doesn't mean you lose your rights when you get into the driver's seat.
  3. K

    BMS-029 - Tesla Must Do Better

    But is it really dumb? When it's all resolved, I have to have a car to drive. My transportation either cost me $19k (new battery) and end up with a Model S... or roughly $19k (new car) to end up with a Nissan Versa (or equivalent). In the end, I end up with a car and X dollars left in the bank...
  4. K

    Funny FSD story

    I was pulled over for no front license plate. The very young officer gave a verbal warning. After that, he said something like "Now that that's done, can I ask you... how many miles do you really get?" We talked for probably 10 minutes about Teslas and EVs. I offered a test drive and even a...
  5. K

    Funny FSD story

    I was told by a cop that if they want to pull you over, they will. Follow long enough, and you'll do something they can pull you over for. If not, there's always "left of center", which is pretty much impossible to dispute (actually admitted to me by said officer). "Dim license plate light" is...
  6. K

    First Long Distance Drive

    You'll eventually get to know your car and how you drive it, and what you can expect. At first, trust the car and do what it says. My last trip, I asked my wife if we should leave the supercharger even though the trip estimate showed arriving at <0%. She said probably not. I convinced her to...
  7. K

    Does Anybody Else 'Wave' ?

    In 2015, I would see maybe one other Tesla every month or two. We waved. My wife and I would play "Punch Tesla". In 2023, I counted 11 Teslas driving by at the airport while my wife was getting something out of her bag. Nobody waves. "Punch Tesla" would cause severe bruising.
  8. K

    Here we go again with ‘unintended acceleration’…

    Tesla said: I strongly suspect this is the main reason why you were below set speed.
  9. K

    Daily commute is 10 miles - Should i charge daily ?

    Do whatever is most convenient. That's really the best answer. Whatever you do to baby your battery won't matter.
  10. K

    Vendor Upgrade your Model S/X at 057 Tech - More range, more power!

    Can you do that remotely, or do you need to be hands-on?
  11. K

    Tesla new model silhouette

    The sunroof may come back (though it's manual). I also hear it may have custom contour seats and a beverage-gripping dash.
  12. K

    Vendor Upgrade your Model S/X at 057 Tech - More range, more power!

    I'm not sure how much that relates to me, personally, in my 2015 S70, but I appreciate it very much. However, it does tell me that Tesla is trying to restore speeds even now, and not just nerfing us to limit warranty claims. (That seemed like a conspiracy theory even to me, and I'm pretty darned...
  13. K

    Vendor Upgrade your Model S/X at 057 Tech - More range, more power!

    I'm on 2020.12.11.5 because there's nothing in the newer updates that looks enticing and I'm happy enough with it. I'd love to hear more reports on 2023.X helping with charging speed. That would induce me to update.
  14. K

    Vendor Upgrade your Model S/X at 057 Tech - More range, more power!

    Is that confirmed? All I've seen are individual cases of "maybe's". What was the rate increase?
  15. K

    Vendor Upgrade your Model S/X at 057 Tech - More range, more power!

    Thanks for the great info. I'd ask why they nerfed the batteries, but do I really need to know? No. At least there are reasons beyond hobbling the speed to avoid warranty claims. I do wonder if the higher rates were ever a good idea. I'm a little less cynical now, but I'm still kind of horked...
  16. K

    Vendor Upgrade your Model S/X at 057 Tech - More range, more power!

    The 100's get great supercharging speeds, but what are the chances that Tesla will nerf those rates in a future update? Is it possible to restore charging rates in a nerfed car?
  17. K

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    What made you choose the Limited over the SE? It looks like the SE is less expensive and gets 50+ miles more estimated range.
  18. K

    Strange message in service mode regarding battery

    Maybe @wk057 would have some idea. If there's a problem, he may be able to fix it. He runs a business that does those kinds of things.
  19. K

    Life span per owner/ car? Are you happy with your Teslas over 5 years old?

    Don't forget the million mile batteries.
  20. K

    Life span per owner/ car? Are you happy with your Teslas over 5 years old?

    I haven't checked. I only extremely rarely use the app (or the phone), and the app is on an ancient version which probably doesn't have that capability. I had already gotten an MCU replacement before the recall, which I paid for in full. Then the recall came out, and Tesla sent me a check to...
  21. K

    Life span per owner/ car? Are you happy with your Teslas over 5 years old?

    If I have to drive later that day, I sometimes unlock the car and open the door just to get it to leave deep sleep. Otherwise, I have to sit in the car for a few minutes while "systems power up", and then I'm 15 to 20 minutes into the drive before I get the MCU in a workable state. After that...
  22. K

    Life span per owner/ car? Are you happy with your Teslas over 5 years old?

    Possibly, but that would compel them only to replace like-for-like, if I'm not mistaken. The upgrade from MCU1 to MCU2 was an unexpected option that I don't think they have to keep offering, though I am guessing they like it because they have to keep fewer MCU1's in stock.
  23. K

    Life span per owner/ car? Are you happy with your Teslas over 5 years old?

    I have not heard any rumors, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if that upgrade stopped being available. It can't be a big money maker for Tesla, and you know what that means. Also, not being able to update the older cars would probably result in a lot of FUSC cars being traded in, which they...
  24. K

    Life span per owner/ car? Are you happy with your Teslas over 5 years old?

    I have a 2015 S70 that I'll keep forever. It's MCU1 is dying, so I'll have to fix that. It's at 40,000 miles and still gets 216 miles at 90% charge, so battery degradation is basically zero. (It's started out above spec and hasn't changed, so I'm getting suspicious.) Insurance is low. "Fuel"...
  25. K

    Everything wrong with V11 update / user interface.

    For myself, I really don't care, in the least, what the aesthetics are like. It could be in a gothic calligraphy font with an illuminated text motif that looked awesome. However, real question I have is: is the Play-Skool version easier to actually use, aka "better"? Or was this another...
  26. K

    The beginning of the end of free Supercharging ?

    I completely agree. Even if the battery just dies, I would consider getting it replaced versus buying a new Tesla. I wish Tesla still sold cars like the one I bought, including the UI.
  27. K

    AP makes it so relaxing to drive!!

    But it doesn't have to be deadlocked. It could allow limited driver input that also serves as an attention notice without disengaging AP. I know this because AP1 used to do this. It was not only a 100% workable design, it was superior to what we have now with no downside. For example, without...
  28. K

    Chevy Bolt gets the ax

    Not by a long shot. General Motors EV1 - Wikipedia
  29. K

    Got any road trip advice?

    Staying at overnight locations that have a charger is nice, but not a necessity. You might be able to skip your first supercharger stop in the morning if you leave fully charged. Don't count on these destination chargers, though. If you're staying overnight near a supercharger, charge when you...
  30. K

    Tesla replacing ultrasonic sensors with Tesla Vision

    And bumpers that could actually bump into things without costing a week's pay in repairs.
  31. K

    Tesla is an AWFUL software company

    Hyundai agrees with you (as do I): Hyundai pledges to keep physical buttons in its vehicles for safety reasons
  32. K

    Supercharger - Sutherlin, OR

    It's actually on Saturday. Maybe you're free that day.
  33. K

    Tesla has officially removed the mobile connector as a standard accessory with every new car purchase; now a $400 separate purchase

    I used the mobile connector on a 14-50 for a couple of years. I moved about 5 years ago and I have been using the mobile connector on 120V ever since.
  34. K

    Autopilot seems useless

    That's Autopilot 1 (aka AP1). That has a different set of features than later versions with different hardware. I believe that the lane changes are now in "Enhanced Autopilot", not the basic feature set. Lane change in AP1 was sort of grandfathered in.
  35. K

    Autopilot seems useless

    Mine did not have nags, not with the original software - 7.0 or 7.1. Nags were a brand new thing at one time - AP originally didn't even have the concept. I could literally drive for hours without touching the wheel. I didn't, but I could have. Then an OTA update brought nags. Nags were every...
  36. K

    Supercharger - Sutherlin, OR

    Is there going to be a meet-up? There was an unofficial get-together for the Fort Stockton, TX opening since it was the "golden spike" that connected up I-10 and it was a fun event.
  37. K

    Autopilot seems useless

    Not being able to nudge the car anymore has nothing to do with safety. It's the opposite, since I can no longer tell the car to drift *away* from a truck riding the line in an adjacent lane. The rest, I agree with to a point, and I understand the history - I drove a Model S through it. Even...
  38. K

    Autopilot seems useless

    The old autopilot, AP1, never nagged. It wasn't even a thing it was programmed to do. You could nudge the wheel to deviate within a lane quite a bit - useful for passing a truck, for example - without disengagement. Those things were taken away. It's sad that autopilot is less useful now than...
  39. K

    How to charge when leaving Tesla at airport -- want to be polite

    In my opinion, that's what they're there for. If there aren't enough, then I that's a clear indication that more chargers need to be installed. In Portland, OR I got the last spot and felt a kinda bad because there was a Model 3 parked nearby that I assume arrived with no unused chargers...
  40. K

    Supercharger - Sutherlin, OR

    I brought it up because our neighbors have a longer-range Tesla than I do, and they make it sound like they can't get anywhere from here. Meanwhile, I'm skipping chargers on I-5. I was wondering what was up with that - was I missing something? Be careful of the read conditions outside Bend. I...
  41. K

    Is leaving Tesla plugged in while not charging really beneficial?

    I used to do that until one weekend when I wanted to do a spontaneous day trip and didn't have the miles to do a round trip. It kinda kills the spontaneity to sit around waiting for a charge before leaving.
  42. K

    Supercharger - Sutherlin, OR

    Why not user Myrtle Creek or Creswell? Those two are less than 80 miles apart. I live in Newport, OR and I can make it from home to Myrtle Creek in my S70.
  43. K

    2023 Model Y Unacceptable Build Quality and Issues

    I would reject delivery. I would also start looking at what other auto manufactures could deliver within the next year.
  44. K

    Thoughts and experience of 110 volt charging

    Yeah, but that's the time to reach the set charge. If you get 30 miles of charge a night and drive 31 miles a day (for example), you could go many months without using anything else. And a no-driving day or two on a random weekend will top you up.
  45. K

    Thoughts and experience of 110 volt charging

    I've been using 110V exclusively, other than road trips, for years. With my driving habits in my climate, it's been just fine. Yes, it's slow, but it's not like I'm in the garage twiddling my thumbs while it charges.
  46. K

    Why do people always park next to me?

    I was at a supercharger in a nearly empty lot and somebody parked right next to me. He said something like "A Tesla's less likely to give me a door ding." Yeah, but you're parking in a spot with people constantly coming and going, when just one spot away nobody is going to park next to you all...
  47. K


    I started with Version 7.0. In my opinion, every update has made the UI worse, sometimes by a lot. I would return to 7.0 in a heartbeat if I could. I was wondering what your first UI version was. Which was your favorite?
  48. K

    Supercharger - Grants Pass, OR

    I went to supercharge.info, found it on the map, clicked it, and clicked "discuss", which brought me to the existing thread.

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