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  1. gg_got_a_tesla

    Lag in "off the line" acceleration

    Any recent learnings on this one? Happens fairly often when I drive my wife’s 2017 3 even at the front of the line at lights. She says she has no idea as to what I’m talking about as she doesn’t umm… exercise the accelerator pedal like I do. I’ll go turn that setting off and see if I can...
  2. gg_got_a_tesla

    Model Y vs Mustang Mach E

    One word: Superchargers. Having owned Teslas for 8 years now, and having lived with an e-Golf to tide us over till the Model 3, beyond all the other considerations around price, performance, etc., I’d say that a huge consideration that folks don’t usually think about up front when making the...
  3. gg_got_a_tesla

    Model Y sighting in Squaw Valley

    (Don’t we have a “Random Model Y sightings” thread?) VIN 656 with MFG plates, at the Squaw Valley charging stations in Tahoe. I mistook it for an X first and didn’t pay attention until a passerby and his young son pointed out that it was a Y. My S completed the whole family.
  4. gg_got_a_tesla

    Anyone wants my Model Y reveal invite?

    No, sorry. Wanted to give it to Eddy but, before we figured things out, the event filled up :(
  5. gg_got_a_tesla

    Anyone wants my Model Y reveal invite?

    See Anyone wants my Model Y reveal invite? Working with Eddy now. Thanks for the interest.
  6. gg_got_a_tesla

    Anyone wants my Model Y reveal invite?

    Hehe, party pooper; but, right on all fronts. Been to a few of these starting with Model S and Model X events from way back in 2011/2012 (thankful to Tesla for that) and, the ROI has indeed diminished.
  7. gg_got_a_tesla

    Anyone wants my Model Y reveal invite?

    Thanks, all, for the interest. @eddy009 is the fastest gun in the west! The RSVP page does allow me to change my first/last name + email address and also allows me to specify a friend’s email address.
  8. gg_got_a_tesla

    Anyone wants my Model Y reveal invite?

    Oh, lest I wasn’t clear. I’m not selling it; it’s free. Thanks.
  9. gg_got_a_tesla

    Anyone wants my Model Y reveal invite?

    Invite screenshot attached.
  10. gg_got_a_tesla

    Anyone wants my Model Y reveal invite?

    Got my invite a few minutes ago. Not going to be able to go to SoCal in the middle of the week. You can presumably use my link to invite yourself and another friend, it appears. Please send me a private message. First come, best dressed. (Calling it a night; will get back to you in the...
  11. gg_got_a_tesla

    Model S Beta Test "Rides" and the Fremont, CA, Factory tour!

    It's been 7 years since we had our first look at the Model S in its Beta form! Just experiencing a dose of nostalgia this Saturday morning :)
  12. gg_got_a_tesla

    Should EVs Make Artificial Sounds at Low Speeds?

    The Jaguar I-Pace's noisemaker isn't so bad?! Jaguar I-Pace originally sounded like a UFO, but people kept looking up
  13. gg_got_a_tesla

    Software Update 2018.39.5 a1c2332 (first 9.0 release)

    Hehe. Sorry guys, wanted to rant briefly and didn’t catch up on the thread otherwise :)
  14. gg_got_a_tesla

    Software Update 2018.39.5 a1c2332 (first 9.0 release)

    Folks, did I miss a way to do this? On my S, with 8.1, I was used to having the rear camera full time in the top half of the screen and the music in the bottom half. Now with 9.0, I can only have one or the other and that too in the bottom alone with nav taking up the precious real estate in the...
  15. gg_got_a_tesla

    Fiat Chrysler CEO stepping down

    Sad to hear that Mr. Marchionne passed away from complications from the surgery...
  16. gg_got_a_tesla

    Fiat Chrysler CEO stepping down

    Fiat Chrysler’s C.E.O. Steps Down Early The same Sergio Marchionne who once said this of the 500e: Fiat Chrysler CEO: Please don't buy Fiat 500e electric car And, recently: Marchionne: Electric cars not worth investment Don’t know where the new CEO Mike Manley stands on EVs...
  17. gg_got_a_tesla

    Tesla goes up in flames!

    Can’t say I was not bothered by the non-traumatic battery fire. Let’s hope Tesla investigates thoroughly and does the right thing after, as appropriate.
  18. gg_got_a_tesla

    Supercharger - East Palo Alto, CA (LIVE 30 Jun 2018, 20 Urban stalls)

    Yup, was there this morning and discovered this thread after. First time seeing this urban style pedestal: looked really compact and cool. Still not energized, of course.
  19. gg_got_a_tesla

    Whoomp there it is !!!

    Just chanced upon this after being off for a while. So happy for you, TEG!!
  20. gg_got_a_tesla


    Maps went black and white with 2018.18.3 :( Reboot didn’t help. Anyone else?
  21. gg_got_a_tesla

    Guess who just got pulled over??? This loser!

    @zackmilo, you didn't get ticketed for being too young to drive?! :) Love the goth look of your Teslas!
  22. gg_got_a_tesla

    Does Homelink work with your Model 3?

    Will it? The garage door obstruction sensor will prevent that, right?
  23. gg_got_a_tesla

    Model X Crash on US-101 (Mountain View, CA)

    Just wanted to say RIP to a fellow EA employee... Obituary: Former Visceral dev Walter Huang
  24. gg_got_a_tesla

    Jaguar I-Pace

    That gray is a nice color! Looks like you got the CNBC guys, Fortt and LeBeau in front of the Waymo one...
  25. gg_got_a_tesla

    Jaguar I-Pace

    Just saw CNBC's Phil LeBeau's interview with Waymo's CEO Phil Krafcik. This is great stuff! Waymo CEO: Our focus has always been safety Let's see where we net out - despite being in the Tesla camp overall, my money's on Waymo-Jaguar and their Lidar implementation beating Tesla and their...
  26. gg_got_a_tesla

    CA Special Plates question

    I don’t think there’s a process to switch like that... Each set of plates need to be ordered new and in isolation while checking for availability and hence, will run into a conflict with your existing ones.
  27. gg_got_a_tesla

    Red not the best color for Model 3?

    Indeed, Vern. This particular comparison had us sold on the red: Pictures of production Model 3s We chose wisely! The culmination of our Tesla (acquisition) journey! The midnight silver looks nice too; that was our second preference although we found it to be a bit dull in the end.
  28. gg_got_a_tesla

    Red not the best color for Model 3?

    My perception is the opposite - the red looks perfect with the smaller size and the proportions of the 3; it doesn’t work somehow on the larger S. It’s all personal taste, of course. :) Red’s definitely very popular with the 3; in about an hour’s worth of driving on the East Bay yesterday, saw...
  29. gg_got_a_tesla

    Door needs to be slammed to shut?

    In general, the 3’s doors need a bit more force than those of the S. However, you are suggesting that one of your doors needs even more force than the other 3; you can definitely have Service try to adjust this (I had such an issue with the driver’s door with my S when it was new and Service was...
  30. gg_got_a_tesla

    Model X Crash on US-101 (Mountain View, CA)

    This is very very sad indeed. :( Whenever I come this way and have to go on to 85, I almost always take this HOV ramp from 101 rather than have to switch many lanes over. And, yes, I most definitely have seen folks cut back onto 101 at the last second. The challenge also is that, at least...
  31. gg_got_a_tesla

    Homelink issue: Auto open and close stopped working

    A GPS issue? Do your Maps show the car in the right place? Just a theory.
  32. gg_got_a_tesla

    Station Wagon S spotted

    My thoughts exactly. This particular conversion looks like a hearse.
  33. gg_got_a_tesla

    Did you name your Model S, and if so, what?

    Our eleven-year-old son - a basketball nut and a huge fan of Kyrie Irving of the Boston Celtics, despite us being deep in Golden State Warriors territory - has named our Green S this:
  34. gg_got_a_tesla

    Station Wagon S spotted

    Tesla Model S 'shooting brake' station wagon conversions are a thing Someone's Building A Tesla Model S 'Shooting Brake' Wagon
  35. gg_got_a_tesla

    2018 Model 3 for sale, 71 Miles!

    Image of the sticker, please?!
  36. gg_got_a_tesla

    Supercharger - Santa Monica, CA (LIVE 18 Feb 2022, 62 V3 stalls)

    I hope it's not going to be a greasy fast food joint. Lima beans and tofu anyone?!
  37. gg_got_a_tesla

    Supercharger - Santa Monica, CA (LIVE 18 Feb 2022, 62 V3 stalls)

    What happens if one is a slow eater? Idle fees would be harsh if they are done supercharging but not done eating...
  38. gg_got_a_tesla

    Model 3 Premium Long Range

  39. gg_got_a_tesla

    2010 Non-Sport Roadster 2.5 Model For Sale

    Good move, Daniel. How could you contemplate letting go of that orange beauty?!! The Model 3 has nothing on it! :) The Roadster may be a great car for Maui too give that the distances there would be even more magaeable.
  40. gg_got_a_tesla

    Please help! About to configure but I don't know if I should upgrade to the 19" wheels?

    Yes, went with the 19s for looks alone but, they do handle very well too (never drove a 3 with 18s so, can't really compare). Don't worry about quality; there may be hiccups here and there but, Tesla will do right by you. The Dublin service center is not far from you. (Footnote: good to see a...
  41. gg_got_a_tesla

    Musk Says Boring Company To Focus on Hyperloop to Transport Pedestrians

    Just a bit like the highways from Minority Report but, underground?!
  42. gg_got_a_tesla

    New P85D owner has questions of other P85D owners

    Another data point: I was doing around 335 Wh/mile over 28k miles on the original 19s but, am averaging only 373 Wh/mile over 1k miles on the 21” arachnids. Also, I had to have my steering rack replaced in the first year of ownership when it would vibrate significantly while on Autosteer. No...
  43. gg_got_a_tesla

    Green Car Reports: Model 3 quality is terrible

    My only issue (with a 12/31/17 delivered VIN 1913) has been loss of network connectivity that needed the LTE board to be replaced. Otherwise, no rattles or groans, no panel misalignments, etc. It's possible that the real early deliveries from November and December got a whole lotta love during...
  44. gg_got_a_tesla

    Tesla Arachnid silver $2750

    Wow! The Tesla service advisor did warn that the tires on these wheels (the rears in particular) are prone to inside edge wear despite the best setup that Tesla can do, but, this is pretty bad.
  45. gg_got_a_tesla

    Semi takes its first business trip

    They seemed.... loud?
  46. gg_got_a_tesla

    Porsche Mission E

    :( The charging network isn't really going to happen so, I'm confident you'll stay in the Tesla family. :)
  47. gg_got_a_tesla

    What's all this stuff in front of me?!?!?! I'm getting claustrophobic!!

    Agree on the forward visibility but, respectfully disagree, @tomas, on the quality of the 3's controls vis-a-vis the S's. I drive my wife's 3 a couple of days a week and still look forward to getting back into my S. I've posted before about this: the S's controls are better thought through...
  48. gg_got_a_tesla

    Change on screen car image

    You can ask Tesla Customer Service to change the display on your car and app to the closest match in terms of OEM wheels. The Tesla 19" Grey Slipstreams are one option. There were once 19" Grey Turbines sold by Tesla briefly, only in Europe, as I recall. You could try to jog their memory on that...
  49. gg_got_a_tesla

    I hate Gas

    Gives new meaning to the idea of selling Snake Oil...

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