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    HV Battery Replacement Guide For Early MS 85kWh Pack Including Part Numbers And Prices (April/May 2023)

    Kinda bummed to see in the video that the peak speed wasn't higher with the new battery but def seems to hold higher rate for longer in the charge curve. Even my original P85D battery I'd hit peak speeds up to 130kwh recently on some chargers, while brief its def improved a bit since charge gate...
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    What the Plaid needs to win at the track

    Plaid doesn't need much to win at the track for the casual customer aka 99.9% of their customer base. The car wasn't MADE for drag racing. Having 'drag strip mode' is literally a byproduct of every performance model S before it with Insane+/Ludacris+ 'launch mode'. All it's doing is enabling...
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    Demo Drive done, couple of questions

    3. the car is speed limited to what ride heights it can use before it auto lowers. High will go up to 35 mph, 25 very high I believe the rest defaults to standard unless you have a speed set to trigger it to lower to the low setting. 4. its allegedly been in the works to split the audio but...
  4. K

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Those wheels really transform the car. I can't even tell it's a Model S anymore.
  5. K

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Yeah it's crazy to think how much a few degree of camber affects fitment. I think everyone's ideal wheel fitment for 'flush' fitment specs is based on the car having -2* ish of camber which makes sense for most stock applications. But when the camber is reduced with aftermarket arms the fitment...
  6. K

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    lol having similar issue after installing the n2itive camber and toe with the recommended camber. I'm at -.8 rear and now after installing my summer wheels have poke but my winter model x wheels were super flush.
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    Man fatally shot during altercation at Tesla charging station

    From the videos look like a nose cone silver model S and a bunch of 3's with Fleet plates.
  8. K

    Man fatally shot during altercation at Tesla charging station

    Heard there was a shooting there today over the use of charging. Curious to see more info as it comes available. Guessing it had to do with the stupid general parking vs charging.
  9. K

    The most unhappy place on Earth?

    Agreed, most of the other car forums I'm on are typically people requesting info how to mod specific things, DIYs, photo galleries, suggestions for specific mods. The model S is has less aftermarket support compared to the 3, also there's not much mods outside of cosmetics available. DIY repair...
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    Cannot disable tow mode on Model S 2017

    tow mode is not for doing the towing, its for enabling the car to free roll when the vehicle requires a tow on a flatbed or something.
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    Control Arm Safety Issue

    Prob because a famous person, Paul Walker, died in the same type of vehicle and Porsche knowing only other people of that status (celebs/rich people) can afford said car they don't need anymore bad stigma for a part failure.
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    any evidence rush for 2016 S 100's SC01 is becoming false fever?

    Agreed, 99.9% of the time I charge at home even with free supercharging the inconvenience of going somewhere to sit and charge isn't worth it. And this coming from someone who's office was walking distance from a supercharger, when I was in the office. When I first got my car I was like sweet...
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    Upgraded charge rates for older Model S

    Just recently roadtripped back from FL to CO and I'd see peak 130kwh on my P85D when at 6% SOC and hold to 58kwh +/- @ 50% SOC outside temp 36 deg. Def seems improved over the last year or so. I'll take what I can get.
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    Supercharger - Alamosa, CO

    I think it seems unlikely they would put a magic dock site in such a small town that already has chargepoint ccs chargers
  15. K

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    I got 6.8 yesterday but haven't gone for any drivers to see if the skipping is gone but glad to hear it might be with a roadtrip back home coming up in the next week.
  16. K

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    Seen similar "improvements" on my MCU2 car with 2023.2.x software
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    Model S facelift

    https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/oem-refreshed-bumper-retrofitted-on-2016-model-s.201219/page-1 https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/model-s-front-bumper-refresh-instructions.117088/
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    Caliper paint Tesla sticker

    I have my calipers painted on one of my other cars and have decals with clear coat over them and not had issues even tracking it. Just make sure you're using high temp caliper paint and prep correctly to not have other issues.
  19. K

    Lug Nut Recommendations

    If you're just in need of OEM wheel style lug nuts I run the Gorilla 6147CX on my Model X winter wheels. They aren't as soft and crappy as the stock nuts and haven't had any problems with them after taking them on/off for a couple years during wheel swaps. They are closed end so no need for the...
  20. K

    Apple Music - "Choose Media Source" every time entering the car

    I never used spotify in the car since I always had apple music but used my free slacker when driving before it was available and never noticed these interruptions.
  21. K

    2022 Model S. Condensation in both of my headlights, Tesla refuse to replace them.

    Most evap controls on headlights and taillights are on the back side of the housing to purposely prevent water intrusion so their logic is flawed how the PPF would prevent that.
  22. K

    2022 Model S. Condensation in both of my headlights, Tesla refuse to replace them.

    according to their logic when you remove the PPF and it still has problems they will replace it right? lol
  23. K

    2022 Model S. Condensation in both of my headlights, Tesla refuse to replace them.

    I had condensation in my taillight and they replaced it under warranty for my 2015. I can't imagine why they wouldn't do a headlights on a new car. Maybe reach out to another service center?
  24. K

    Apple Music - "Choose Media Source" every time entering the car

    I still get the choose your music intermittently on car start but also getting annoying audio interruptions during playback every now and then which only seem to be on apple music.
  25. K

    DIY Tire Rotation Ideas

    I don't think tesla specifically recommends it but it's common practice for vehicles that can rotate tires to do the x pattern. Also depends on type of tires if they are directional or not. some info Tire Rotation: How and Why to Rotate Your Tires
  26. K

    Supercharger - Flagstaff, AZ - US-89

    yeah that's my guess as well. gives them time to analyze the data and functionality of the site before directing people there and it not working correctly.
  27. K

    The beginning of the end of free Supercharging ?

    if you had data tools like teslafi tracking your data for long enough they have a charge summary that displays AC and DC savings/costs
  28. K

    Talk me into or out of buying Aodhan AFF7 wheels...

    Just be aware flow forged is not a true forged wheel. But it should be better than a basic cast wheel but wouldn't rule out bending one again in the future. The problem is unless your wheel was designed to use OEM lugnuts you should run aftermarket. The seating surface for aftermarket wheels/lug...
  29. K

    Premium Connectivity Stopped Working

    Just go into the MCU and look at the additional info. If you have Tegra its MCU1 and if its not then its MCU2
  30. K

    The beginning of the end of free Supercharging ?

    The fact they tried to unsuccessfully remove premium connectivity to legacy vehicles in the past without backlash I don't see how they would be able to successfully do the grandfathered supercharging. It's just a ploy to get people to upgrade but it's not even remotely enticing at the cars...
  31. K

    Supercharger - Alamosa, CO

    Allegedly permit has been filed for the parking lot of First Southwest Bank on Main St.
  32. K

    Insane Mode

    Are you talking just stabbing the throttle or using launch control?
  33. K

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    warranty gets refurb, out of warranty gets option for $x to get refurb or $22k for new.
  34. K

    Big Brake Kit Owners Question regarding factory warranty | BBK

    Pretty sure they aren't allowed to void your warranty for modifications. They are allowed to decline warranty repairs on items that they would need to deem caused the issue but can't outright just blame your HV battery failure due to you installing brakes.
  35. K

    Apple Music - "Choose Media Source" every time entering the car

    I have the lost source after I return back to the car since apple music came out. I usually have to skip track or hit play/pause scroll wheel to get it to play again.
  36. K

    Sudden stop

    if you lift your butt off the bottom cushion while not buckled it will also engage park.
  37. K

    2013 Model S spacers

    I had motorsport-tech.com v3 20mm spacers for my winter wheels (21" turbines) before getting model x wheels.
  38. K

    Cost? Windshield crack getting worse everyday - Bay Area CA

    Unsure what it cost but I think you can call your insurance if you want to pay your compressive deductible if its low enough to cover some the fee. For example, windshield = $1k and comp deductible is $500 saves you some money potentially. I have windshield insurance thru my provider state farm...
  39. K

    Wheel fitment

    I wouldn't feel comfortable with those specs they are super aggressive. You'll def be poking and running a stretched tire for an 11" wheel. Slightly less aggressive offset but same sizes for reference https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/posts/6064101/
  40. K

    Supercharger — Colorado Springs, CO

    The title of the person to contact is a "Sr. Leasing Manager" with Tesla. Guessing this is like previous issues with this location and Tesla failing to pay their bills and not a permanent closure, yet. Unless they finally are done with Tesla this time. I can't imagine Tesla knowingly would shut...
  41. K

    Supercharger - Colorado Springs, CO - Forest Bluffs

    Hoping there's some movement on this sooner than later seeing as the current Colorado Springs charger is closing this month.
  42. K

    Supercharger — Colorado Springs, CO

    FYI to everyone about the current springs charger. Saw this on local fb group so just sharing the info. After Jan 23, 2023 the garage chargers will no longer be available
  43. K

    Changing tires DIY?

    Been using one these on my cars for years. Just get a hockey puck or buy the jack pads. https://www.harborfreight.com/automotive/jacks-jack-stands/3-ton-low-profile-floor-jack-with-rapid-pump-red-56617.html
  44. K

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    Anyone on the holiday update 2022.44.25.3 notice that the follow distance has gotten annoyingly more conservative? I usually drive on 1 or 2 follow distance and now my follow distance even on 1 seems like I'm constantly on 3.
  45. K

    Model S is insanely safe.

    Agreed, I read it was a Model Y.
  46. K

    2021 Model S front bumper on older models

    saw it on IG looks good congrats
  47. K

    Supercharger - Edgewater, CO

    saw someone post yesterday on the local fb group that progress is being made. not my pic
  48. K

    Upper brake light bar partially inoperable

    I'd assume this should be covered under warranty on refresh vehicle as long as you're not past your mileage.

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