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  1. benjiejr

    Accident Damage Advice - Rear Quarter Panel?

    Came out from a grocery store when I first bought the car and found very similar damage. I figured it was a shopping cart, but maybe someone hit it. Anyways, I did PDR and it came out very good. The only part that he couldn't get out perfectly was at that crease where the two panels come...
  2. benjiejr

    Speaker static from some songs

    +1 only a handful of songs have done it and if i skip it goes away
  3. benjiejr

    Steering Wheel Vibration at High Speed

    In my particular case, it was a constant vibration if you held your speed above 75 mph or so. It felt the strongest at 82-83 mph, to the point where you could feel it shaking the steering wheel and the front passenger could feel it. It definitely felt like something was wrong. Service center...
  4. benjiejr

    Lug cap cover

    It's not removable.
  5. benjiejr

    Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap Kit

    Not cool. No, I don't think so because the center cap of the aero covers would be blocked.
  6. benjiejr

    Interior, headliner quality issues

    +1 Had tint installed and the solution they spray the windows down with so the tint can slide around until they set it in place left behind some faint water lines where the over spray occurred. There isn't a lot of over spray, but what little got on the headliner shows up. This was not an...
  7. benjiejr

    Just another Model 3 viddy

    Thanks @bnsfengineer and @Kuhz
  8. benjiejr

    Just another Model 3 viddy

    lol DJI Mavic Pro. I've had several and this one is by far my favorite, mainly for it's portability and size.
  9. benjiejr

    Just another Model 3 viddy

    Some drone and GoPro viddy...
  10. benjiejr

    Texas Hold Up!

  11. benjiejr

    For those with Ludicrous mode, how often are you in it?

    There's another mode besides Ludicrous? lol jk Use it all the time and try to stay out of trouble
  12. benjiejr

    Texas Hold Up!

    I was not told that my delivery in San Antonio would be a group delivery.
  13. benjiejr

    First Road Trip

    Yeah, I agree with @outdoors, but my wife shares your concerns. I was thinking I would have mine before our spring break road trip, but it's not going to make it in time. I guess she's worried that something might go wrong and she doesn't want to put rock chips on it so quickly (it is...
  14. benjiejr

    Texas Hold Up!

    Posted this in another thread, but in case it gets buried there I figured this thread might also be interested in my timeline. Just got a delivery date of 3/21 in Texas for Black/Aero configured on 1/18. If it holds up, thats 8 weeks & 6 days after config. Quick timeline summary: Configured...
  15. benjiejr

    No recent VIN assignments?

    In Texas, I believe you must pay while it’s in California before they can ship it to Texas.
  16. benjiejr

    No recent VIN assignments?

    Just got a delivery date of 3/21 in Texas for Black/Aero configured on 1/18. If it holds up, thats 8 weeks & 6 days after config. Quick timeline summary: Configured 1/18 VIN assigned 2/27 - 49xx (40 days after config) ACH payment 2/27 Paperwork received & completed 3/1 Delivery date assigned...
  17. benjiejr

    No recent VIN assignments?

    @nonstickrobot Yeah, I've spoken to him a couple times on the phone. Unfortunately, he isn't able to give me any more information.
  18. benjiejr

    No recent VIN assignments?

    @Sneakerbuddy Sorry, 49xx
  19. benjiejr

    No recent VIN assignments?

    Good data @McHoffa; I agree @dhu1 and @Sneakerbuddy I have the elusive Black/Aero combo. Configured 1/18. Got VIN on 2/27 (40 days later). Paid and paperwork complete in 2 days. No delivery date yet. Best guess is mid-to-late March here in Texas.
  20. benjiejr

    Foam Cannon and Air Compressor Recommendation

    @AdamHLG I’m honored! Lol That’s exactly my setup. I have quick connects on everything and only use CR Spotless for final rinse. Works amazingly well esp considering how hard our water is here. Good luck and have fun!!
  21. benjiejr

    No recent VIN assignments?

    Just got a call from my Tesla contact. Hope to get some paperwork started soon to pay for and deliver it. I did ask about the relatively low VIN (49xx) that I was just assigned and he said it's normal - they reserve the VIN ranges in color/configuration batches. Take that for what it's worth...
  22. benjiejr

    No recent VIN assignments?

    I thought that was strange too and didn't know what to make of it.
  23. benjiejr

    No recent VIN assignments?

    Got a VIN last night: 49xx - configured on 1/18 (black)
  24. benjiejr

    Texas Hold Up!

    Got a VIN last night: 49xx - configured on 1/18
  25. benjiejr

    Texas Hold Up!

    Not complaining - just another data point. No VIN or contact since configuring on 1/18. By chance does anyone here happen to have Andres Ramirez for their contact? I called Tesla last Friday and was told that he’s my contact in Las Vegas. He was supposed to call me this morning but haven’t...
  26. benjiejr

    Foam Cannon and Air Compressor Recommendation

    I have the following and they work great for me... MTM Hydro Foam Cannon/Lance - I've tried a cheaper version and it stunk! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004GNZYY4/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Sun Joe 2030 - Electric power washer. Connects to foam cannon without any special...
  27. benjiejr

    Texas Hold Up!

    That Veloster with a velociraptor sticker doe lol jk That truckload of 3's is an awesome sight!!
  28. benjiejr

    Texas Hold Up!

    @flyinghawaiian I configured on 1/18 so it'll be 5 weeks this Thursday, 2/22 - no VIN yet
  29. benjiejr

    Texas Hold Up!

    @GDNTX I originally planned to trade in to Tesla for the tax benefit, but as I thought about it more I felt like I might get a low offer from them that I would either accept because I'm lazy or not accept and have to sell on my own. Who knows if their offer + tax benefit would make up for other...
  30. benjiejr

    Texas Hold Up!

    Sorry this is off topic, but this might be helpful information for others looking to trade in. @gecko - Just FYI and YMMV - I didn't want to deal with a private sale, so I received 3 appraisals for my ICE car that the 3 is replacing: CarMax took 2 hours and they were the lowest offer. I...
  31. benjiejr

    Texas Hold Up!

    @gecko @asmith wanna start a sub-thread? "San Antonio Hold Up?" lol jk Hope to see y'all around town - or maybe even at our Model 3 deliveries!!
  32. benjiejr

    Painting (or Wrap?) bottom trim of MS to match body color?

    I've been told by the guy that did both my wraps that the texture on the older grey rocker panels isn't conducive to wrap; it won't stick very well. I'd say painting is probably the way to go on this particular piece. Be curious to know if others have wrapped it and had success.
  33. benjiejr

    I have learned to read TMC posts with a great deal of salt

    Great to hear the comparisons to the X. I have a similar story and my wife is so excited to get the 3! Since I've never even seen one in person, I'm really hoping we like it and it compares well to the S.
  34. benjiejr

    I have learned to read TMC posts with a great deal of salt

    Ironic post considering your name @Chickenlittle lol jk Congrats on all those Teslas and have fun with that new 3!!
  35. benjiejr

    Locked Out!!!

    Sorry to the bad start. Not sure why it happened other than somehow the fob was in a location that couldn't give a good signal to the car. Where was the fob? In the cup holder maybe? One idea off the top of my head... could have had your wife use her phone and Tesla app to unlock the doors...
  36. benjiejr

    Who made this wheels?

    I think they are ADV.1 wheels... White Tesla Model S - ADV10 Track Spec SL Concave Wheels - ADV.1 Wheels
  37. benjiejr

    Found the roadster in Malibu!...oh and it was BROKEN

    @Tech_Guy guess you saw it before this happened lol
  38. benjiejr

    Supercharger - Austin, TX

    I charged at the Austin Supercharger last Sunday, December 31 (Christmas Eve) around 10:30am. I used stall 4B and it wouldn't "hang up" as @Benjamin7062 stated. Only one charger was covered as you can see in the pic below. I didn't pay close attention to my charge rate, but I didn't feel it...
  39. benjiejr

    Help - I cannot switch off auto headlights

    A quick update re: this case. I went to court last week, the officer appeared and did claim to remember the event. I was pulled aside by the prosecution prior to a jury appearing and they tried to make a deal. I showed them some of my evidence including the Tesla manual and explained what...
  40. benjiejr

    Getting a baseline 100% range on 21" wheels

    Yeah, that's normal for it to take a while to get to 100% complete if you haven't done it in a while; it's balancing the battery pack.
  41. benjiejr


    Yeah, mine remains at the current height of the car
  42. benjiejr

    Bloodbath Chrome Wrap

    Friend put this together... thought he did a pretty good job
  43. benjiejr

    Bloodbath Chrome Wrap

    Thank you very much!
  44. benjiejr

    Bloodbath Chrome Wrap

    Varies a lot on material cost and difficulty. Chromes are always more expensive and much harder to install - can't stretch or heat as much as regular vinyl. This material was about $2000 and the install was about $2000. I helped him as much as I could with the wrap and did all of the...
  45. benjiejr

    Bloodbath Chrome Wrap

    Found it on eBay
  46. benjiejr

    Bloodbath Chrome Wrap

    If you’re curious and want to see some of the behind the scenes footage of wrapping the Tesla in Bloodbath Chrome...
  47. benjiejr

    Air suspension tilting when stored?

    Almost positive you have a slow leak in the air suspension on the driver side. It's not common, but does happen, especially in the newer Continental suspensions from what I understand. Service has a good way to test for the leak and fix.
  48. benjiejr

    Reproduceable bug that causes the main display to continuously reboot

    Perhaps on a related note, I upgraded to firmware 2017.40.1 e29b97f last week or so and since then I've noticed some random reboots. I was working on the outside of my car this weekend with the windows down and the music playing and it would randomly reboot the entire system. I noticed because...

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