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  1. SalisburySam

    Crash Course for first responders

    We just had our monthly meeting a few days ago…I’ll bring this up next month. Thank you for the kind offer. The club you referenced is one of three each almost equidistant from me.
  2. SalisburySam

    Everything you've ever wanted to know about the heat pump

    I’d offer that legacy manufacturers do this to QUICKLY adapt to market whims to get a product out the door. But behind the scenes more rigorous planning and design efforts ultimately replace that. Two examples: GM and Kia/Hyundai but there are others. Both have developed ground-up EV...
  3. SalisburySam

    When will privately owned Tesla Robotaxis be operating on HW3 or lower?

    Glad for you and the experiences you’re having. I think most owners enjoy the same. But PB doesn’t happen to all, and maybe to not more than a small percentage given Tesla’s low priority of fixes for those of us for whom it DOES happen. The forums, including this one, report PB had NOT gone...
  4. SalisburySam

    Tire sidewall damage - does it need replacement?

    Only if you wish to drive the car. Sidewall damage, especially if punctured, is usually non-reparable. Carving out a hunk of rubber would seem to make that a weak spot. You may not want this in a performance vehicle.
  5. SalisburySam

    Crash Course for first responders

    This is wonderful, good job to your Owners’ Club indeed. Your club might consider packaging the program and licensing it to others. I’d certainly acquire it for use in our area.
  6. SalisburySam

    Bought a lovely 2015 MS, but now panoramic stuck

    The root cause of this sounds like more than the hinges breaking…more likely whatever stressors caused those breaks. To me that indicates an investigation into the mechanicals of the system from the hinges back toward the activation motor and all mounts. That is, it appears the troubleshooting...
  7. SalisburySam

    When will privately owned Tesla Robotaxis be operating on HW3 or lower?

    You’re right of course, they cannot. But they also cannot take something away, which they have done repeatedly. I know, I know, Tesla can manually update my car at any time they want for alleged safety reasons, but they’ve opted not to do so to date. Since delivery in July 2018, I’ve received...
  8. SalisburySam

    Everything you've ever wanted to know about the heat pump

    Sadly, agree. From my limited reading, Elon has never backed away from a hardware decision and only occasionally done so with some software UI issues that raised so much ruckus he likely felt forced to do so. I’m certain even that stuck in his craw though.
  9. SalisburySam

    When will privately owned Tesla Robotaxis be operating on HW3 or lower?

    Understand. I think more than a few of us who opted in on FSD half a decade ago and have seen price increases but little to show for it are feeling quite negative today. Certainly that’s how I feel and the source of at least my pessimism. It has been building up given the tenor of this and...
  10. SalisburySam

    Everything you've ever wanted to know about the heat pump

    Thank you for sharing this excellent video. The engineering, design, and manufacturing of the heat pump system is amazing and a showpiece for what Tesla has done better than others. Here’s hoping some of that genius bleeds into the AutoWipers team at some point.
  11. SalisburySam

    When will privately owned Tesla Robotaxis be operating on HW3 or lower?

    I remain skeptical, but I appreciate your optimism. We fully agree here, and the reason for my earlier skepticism. Musk seems unmovingly attached to that dream, reality (cost?) be damned. My Model 3 is a terrific car, and I can only imagine what it could have been today had the software...
  12. SalisburySam

    When will privately owned Tesla Robotaxis be operating on HW3 or lower?

    Probably the same poll really, with same results.
  13. SalisburySam

    Cabin Air Filter

    Not having any yoga-like flexibility nor any urges to disassemble any part of anything, I’ve had Tesla replace my cabin air filters on my 2018 M3LR biannually and I’m due next month. It has always been done in my driveway by a mobile ranger for about $65, includes two new Tesla filters, and...
  14. SalisburySam

    2020 MYLR climate failure - heat pump replacement out of warranty $$$

    @Marks321, I think this all boils down to what @Fourdoor mentioned: what choice do you really have? Other than replacing the car (always an option), having a car today without fully-working HVAC, especially in cold or hot climes (Florida), is a non-starter for me and likely most of us. There’s...
  15. SalisburySam

    car wash time

    I picked “Other” but the more detailed answer is #2 with a change. I used to foam cannon, hand wash, etc. my 2018 M3LR for about the first year, then said enough. Since then I’ve used the converyor style carwash with rotating brushes and haven’t looked back. I’m seeing no noticeable damage...
  16. SalisburySam

    seat belt chime

    Buckle the seat belt, either to the dog with an appropriate harness (safest approach), or behind the dog. Same with carrying any heavier item in any of the seats.
  17. SalisburySam

    Supercharger - Salisbury, NC

    @CorynNC thanks for the pics and update. Looks like this will be one of the first Supercharging locations I’ve seen with trash cans. I’m guessing they will be emptied by the on-site Culver’s restaurant folks, hopefully. Nice addition to this 12-plug site.
  18. SalisburySam

    Alarm.com, MyQ and homelink.

    I have all three (alarm.com, Homelink on multiple vehicles including Model 3, and MyQ on each garage door. All three work fine on all garage doors.
  19. SalisburySam

    Cruise Control on new Teslas

    Although it didn’t last long in the product cycle, early US Model 3’s did have dumb cruise control unless you added the EAP/FSD which delivered TACC. Given TACC’s vagaries, at least one of us wishes we could get dumb CC as an option.
  20. SalisburySam

    Need opinions - tell me I’m right

    As has been pointed out by sages over the millennia, if the wife ain‘t happy, nobody’s happy. Still true today, as witnessed by the OP in his first post.
  21. SalisburySam

    Prediction, in Which Year Will New Electric Vehicle Sales Exceed 50% in the United States "Poll"

    As others have pointed out, this is the situation for the US, not necessarily outside the US. I agree there is a relationship between number of dealers and number of cars sold, but doubt that it is the same relationship for Tesla. New ICE vehicles must be bought from a dealer, new Teslas must...
  22. SalisburySam

    Raise your hand if you feel forgotten on the trunk camera harness recall

    Note that for my cable, the broken wire was part of the bundle covered by the plastic strain relief conduit and not visible unless removed. I’m glad of the recall and resulting new beefier harness.
  23. SalisburySam

    Tesla readies revamped Model 3

    Thank you. I was replying to a post, not a thread.
  24. SalisburySam

    backslash \ button missing?

    Whew! Glad that issue has been resolved. Required too much popcorn during this now 36-post thread.
  25. SalisburySam

    Tesla readies revamped Model 3

    Ready? Today, and are operating everywhere, including developing nations. Affordable? Depends on your definition of affordable. The larger draglines are 9-figure investments, are assembled at the mine site wherever it is on the planet, remain in the mine until it is closed, then are...
  26. SalisburySam

    Tesla readies revamped Model 3

    Perhaps, though electrification is making inroads into both construction and ag uses: Suncar makes electric 16ton excavators and 55ton drilling rigs, among other heavy equipment, operating today. Bobcat has introduced electric skid steers, track loaders, and small excavators. Epiroc and others...
  27. SalisburySam

    Prediction, in Which Year Will New Electric Vehicle Sales Exceed 50% in the United States "Poll"

    Seriously? And you got an EV anyway? And having free juice to boot? Methinks someone doth protest too much.
  28. SalisburySam

    2023.12.1 Update - Large text - Finally!

    Indeed, and I have a pair like this and another that is progressive with the same results. For me, I don’t especially care for the rather narrow horizontal range of the Intermediate and Near regions of the glasses. As your diagram point out, both are maybe ⅔s of the total lens width, which...
  29. SalisburySam

    Hydrogen vs. Battery

    “Or not” sounds like the better path.
  30. SalisburySam

    Raise your hand if you feel forgotten on the trunk camera harness recall

    Absolutely agree: a beer is definitely a memory enhancer. Five beers on the other hand is a bladder stressor.
  31. SalisburySam

    Supercharger - Greenville, SC - Haywood Road

    And only 36¢/minute! Saweet!
  32. SalisburySam

    Raise your hand if you feel forgotten on the trunk camera harness recall

    That definitely was not my experience, but it probably varies from technician to technician. A I mentioned in post #42 above, complete harness replacement took 30 minutes, nothing was destroyed, nothing was damaged, everything was tested, no interior ruination, no trunk hatch cover clips were...
  33. SalisburySam

    Raise your hand if you feel forgotten on the trunk camera harness recall

    After over a year since receiving the initial notification of recall, I did see that the mysterious part was now available for my car in the Tesla app. So I scheduled the service. It was scheduled as mobile, and the technician accomplished the recall yesterday at my home. He said that given...
  34. SalisburySam

    Odd Software Issue While on a Long Trip

    Datapoint: Hyundai’s Ioniq5 has OTA software updates in Europe, and beginning to be enabled in the US. For those not yet enabled, the update process is done at home with a computer download to a USB stick, then update in the car. No dealership trip required. So far, the release schedule is...
  35. SalisburySam

    Autopilot car length control while on Cruise Control

    My 2018 M3LR can still go down to a following length of “1” but only because I’ve not “upgraded” beyond software version 2022.20.8. Subsequent versions disabled the radar and enforced a minimum following distance of “2” along with other “features” I found undesirable. And I agree this is not...
  36. SalisburySam

    Done with Teslas

    I’m guessing these “coaching messages” will come only from the rear speakers? Back seat driver syndrome.
  37. SalisburySam

    Got any road trip advice?

    Five additional suggestions: Get familiar with the HVAC system’s “Dog Mode” if you aren’t already. Others have suggested charging at the end of the day vs. starting out. Definitely agree. For my trips, I’ll hit a Supercharger hopefully near where I’ll spend the night to take advantage of a...
  38. SalisburySam

    2022.24.8 and automatic wipers

    In the release notes for v2022.20.9, TeslaVision was introduced and radar, if present, disabled. It is the reason I’ve stayed on v2022.20.8. The other notes including larger minimum following distance, lower autopilot speed limits, etc., etc. At least that’s what happened on the update...
  39. SalisburySam

    Phantom Braking Solved

    Not in my Model 3. Its frequency varies from software update to update, but never goes away. Been this way for almost five years.
  40. SalisburySam

    model3 FSD or autopilot for 300 miles commute one way

    Lucid Air - 516 mile range, but $138,000. Should be an enjoyable commute, at least once. After 2-3 times this becomes a “what was I thinking?” exercise, at least for me.
  41. SalisburySam

    Tesla replacing ultrasonic sensors with Tesla Vision

    This explains well everything I didn’t get with my EAP/FSD purchase. This trip down memory lane reminds me how foolish I was.
  42. SalisburySam

    Phantom Braking Solved

    I did chuckle at this, so thanks for that. I did downgrade the charging network from Superchargers to EA/others, and this is why we’ve kept the Model 3. But for us the vehicle itself is decidedly an upgrade especially the quietness, comfort, access, HUD, real controls that don’t move around on...
  43. SalisburySam

    Poll: How many are still using original 12V Battery that came with the car?

    June 2018 build M3 LR RWD…going fine on orig 12v. Five years in June 2023.
  44. SalisburySam

    I wish the headrests were adjustable

    The head restraint can be turned around by taking the back of the seat off. Lots of videos showing how to do this and several threads in forums. Yes, it affects the supposed safety of the restraint but for those of us who‘s head is forced downward by the delivered position, this is a great...
  45. SalisburySam

    Typical Range Degradation on M3 LR?

    My 2018 M3 LR RWD has supposedly 310 miles of range new, then upped to 325, now 295. Pretty happy about that part of the car.
  46. SalisburySam

    Why 42 PSI ?

    The 255/45R20 105V, Michelin Primacy Tour A/S is OEM tire on our 2023 Ioniq5 Limited, as well. Wonderful ride, very quiet. Hyundai recommends 34psi on the door jamb, max for tire is 50psi. Even with the relatively low profile 20” tires, the ride is also smooth and not at all jarring, though...
  47. SalisburySam

    Electric planes

    Sumo wrestler?

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