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  1. Brettski

    Death rattle fix estimate cost for a 2020 LR?

    I had the death rattle in my 2018 and had it fixed (twice). I learned later half shafts with a newer design/part number fixed the problem and eliminated recurrence. That predates the intro of raven models - so I’m wondering, why is this still an issue? Also as to the diagnostic charge: the...
  2. Brettski

    Windshield, OEM or Aftermarket. Progressive Ins denied OEM.

    To put a little different spin on this - is your car leased? If it is, you could have a problem with non-OEM glass when you turn it in, if they look close enough....
  3. Brettski

    Summon failure

    Great question - I didn’t even ask. When I picked up, someone was covering the service advisor, so it was just a “here’s your key”.....
  4. Brettski

    Summon failure

    Thought it could be useful to post an experience here. I'm a rare user of summon; tried it for the first time in a while, and found that it wouldn't work - the app informed me that there was an error reading camera data and that it was disconnecting from the car. This happened repeatedly. I...
  5. Brettski

    Progressive rating for MS: no blind spot warning

    I have this - but it’s a lane keeping system to keep you from drifting out of your lane. Even though it helps steer you back, I’m sure there are instances when it would be too little too late if you left your lane and there was also a car in your blind spot.
  6. Brettski

    Progressive rating for MS: no blind spot warning

    I was, of course, happy when Tesla added blind-spot detection to the CID on Model S. But - despite all the superior situational awareness that AP cars have (yes, even yours, @Chickenlittle) , I don't like having to take my eyes off the road to look at the CID to make sure nobody is in my blind...
  7. Brettski

    Cracked my rear windshield (and possibly roof), cost of repair?

    I had a golf ball hit my rear window this summer; had it replaced at Tesla SC, and it cost $1016.00. They ordered the glass and a local glass subcontractor did the work there. Took the better part of a day. Part took ~6 weeks to arrive. Sorry the news isn’t better..........
  8. Brettski

    How can I protect my privacy with a Tesla?

    One thing that’s a little tricky is if others in your family have app access -which you’d want any other driver to have. But - if you’re somewhere on a stealthy errand (buying a gift?) or perhaps another scenario in which you’d prefer your location to be private - they could easily see your...
  9. Brettski

    Model S HW 2.0 to HW 3.0 Upgrades? (Not HW2.5 or Model 3 upgrades to HW3)

    As an aside, I asked about getting the HW 3.0 update (from 2.5) at the service center; they told me that the upgrade can’t be done until it’s “VIN matched”; I have an appointment for a host of problems tomorrow - will have to see what they say (i.e. whether or not my car is VIN matched yet for...
  10. Brettski

    Late 2016 / Early 2017 S Owners: How Are Your Daytime Running Lights Holding Up?

    My 2018’s DRL is fading out on the driver side from the top/middle to the inside corner.
  11. Brettski

    Strange noise on full throttle acceleration. Any ideas??

    There are some other threads on this with more info. In brief, it's a common issue. The first fix that I described above (axle nut and bearing replaced) was short lived. I had to bring mine in again and I actually had to tell them what I knew was wrong based on this forum. (Crazy, huh?) . They...
  12. Brettski

    Yellow Band on Screen UV fix - photos

    No kidding. I’m actually on a waiting list for the UV fix!!
  13. Brettski

    Another "Tesla killer" fading already?

    Etrons can definitely be seen driving around my area. I looked at one at the Audi dealer - typical beautiful high-quality German interior, but with such an inferior/impractical range.....
  14. Brettski

    Prospective return customer

    My experience with an ‘18 100D: Driver seat defective at delivery. Replaced. Replacement seat was like a rocking chair in 30 days. Replaced again. Loose trim and door panel at delivery. Before I even left my delivery I had a scheduled service visit to get that fixed. Resolved 2 weeks later...
  15. Brettski

    Enhanced Summon makes FSD seem light years away

    The first test was to back out of my garage, down the short driveway, and park alongside the sidewalk. Instead of going straight back, it turned and nearly backed into the garage wall. The second time was in a parking lot.... it needed to back out of the spot, go 15 feet and go right. It started...
  16. Brettski

    Enhanced Summon makes FSD seem light years away

    I have 2019.32.11 I haven’t watched the YouTubes.... but I tell you, I won’t attempt it again if there’s even one moving car in the vicinity...... it was that bad. It got perilously close to everything around it. (Such as the car parked next to it, the curb..... and in general it just never...
  17. Brettski

    Enhanced Summon makes FSD seem light years away

    I'm normally "all in" when it comes to Tesla, new features and the promise of FSD. However - I've tried enhanced summon a few times now - in areas with no traffic and no unusual obstacles. I'm sorry to say it has been an epic failure each time - not once did the car make it close to the...
  18. Brettski

    Yellow Border on the Small Screen...

    Just noticed last week my 5/18 build has the yellow border on the big screen, and noticed today I have it on the small screen as well. Called the SC and they don’t yet have the device for fixing this - they put me on the waiting list. I’ve fallen out of love with this car. I like it - but...
  19. Brettski

    Model S: White interior, with black dash lowers. Whats the formula?

    My May 2018 S has a black lower dash. I’ve only seen the white lower in the Model X. I actually prefer it! It adds to the contrast and the “storm trooper” sort of look.
  20. Brettski

    MS seat question

    I had to get my driver's seat replaced (twice actually) in my '18 MS. It actually took all day - they made a point of telling me it would take the entire day. I'm sorry that's not a direct answer to your question but it may suggest that it's not a quick sort of thing.......
  21. Brettski

    Model S Delivery - Issue Questions

    In that case - the door panel really is a quick/easy fix. I don’t have ay experience with the hatch alignment - I’d make an appointment and ask them to look into it while getting your door panel fixed. Enjoy the new ride!
  22. Brettski

    Model S Delivery - Issue Questions

    I think scratches WITH touch up paint are unacceptable on any new car. No scratch is good but the presence of touch up paint a) feels deceitful and b) may limit the ability of a detailer to remedy the scratch. Trunk misalignment is also unacceptable. Don’t decide to “live with it” - it will...
  23. Brettski

    FSD + tax?

    I paid tax (CA - 7.75%) for my FSD upgrade.
  24. Brettski

    Midnight silver chrome delete advice

    My gut reaction to your post is I like the suggestion to match the wheels. He’s right - everyone does black chrome delete.
  25. Brettski

    Supercharger Log?

    Careful with the settings. I started teslafi with my brand new model S when everything was new to me..... I thought it was normal to lose about 10-12 miles/day of range. I found out later the car was never going to sleep due to how it was connecting with teslafi. I tried adjusting teslafi...
  26. Brettski

    New buyer question

    Unfortunately your salesman was misinformed or dishonest. Air suspension is pretty quiet - some brands emit hissing sounds but Tesla is overall quiet except for a low pitch sound that’s hard to hear when raising the car. Hopefully it’s something simple - perhaps a dry bushing etc - but it could...
  27. Brettski

    Looking to buy my first Tesla...

    Keep in mind that the autopilot hardware is installed on every car, but the software is an option and may or may not have been purchased.
  28. Brettski

    Unlimited supercharging disappearing from used/cpo cars

    It’s as though they have a team of toddlers pushing and pulling demand levers to their sheer delight.
  29. Brettski

    Does my car have auto pilot?

    What are you driving, @Tam ?
  30. Brettski

    Does my car have auto pilot?

  31. Brettski

    Does my car have auto pilot?

    Just asking because I have a 2018 model S with EAP and that setting does not appear in my menu.
  32. Brettski

    How will Tesla Perform a Right Turn on Red?

    I think about those edge cases too. 25MPH school zones but only when children are present, parked cars partially blocking lanes (especially residential areas), backing out of parking spots with oncoming traffic which doesn't care to yield (wish Tesla had rear radar for this), two cars backing up...
  33. Brettski

    Does my car have auto pilot?

    That’s Model S, not 3?
  34. Brettski

    Service Bulletin out on Hard Acceleration "Shudder"

    Great job getting this!
  35. Brettski

    Terrible Bluetooth Call Quality

    No issues at all on my 2018. Voice quality is fine. (FWIW I have an XS max and do have an Apple Watch; carrier is Verizon)
  36. Brettski

    Model S Long Range now $5,000 cheaper

    Will this help? I dropped $115k on a 100D last year.
  37. Brettski

    One time (changing charge level) feature for trips

    I agree. I’d also like the same functionality for scheduled charging. Sometimes I’d be fine to wait till midnight for charging to start - but I’d hate to have my charging limited to less than I need if I plugged in and expected charging to start immediately.
  38. Brettski

    Long Long Term Storage (>=1 year)

    Only you know what’s best. I’d hate to take the depreciation hit but I’d consider it part of the package. If it were definitely just a year, I might store it. But since there’s a question mark, I’d bite the bullet and liquidate. Best of luck!
  39. Brettski

    Raven \ Current Model Comparisons with Previous Models

    So in a few years from now when we discuss models and versions, will the only obvious way to identify a raven be to check for adaptive suspension settings?
  40. Brettski

    Raven \ Current Model Comparisons with Previous Models

    I’ve wondered if HW3 has improved the animation of nearby cars so they don’t look like they’re dancing and jiggling when everyone is at a standstill - ?
  41. Brettski

    Raven \ Current Model Comparisons with Previous Models

    Strange. My 5/2018 build MCU2 does not have AM. Due to having a sunroof, XM radio was an option.
  42. Brettski

    Good Guys: 1 - Scammers: 0

    While I think that "caveat emptor" applies better to used car dealerships than almost anything else - reading your post and so many others recently makes me think it would be reasonably useful for a Tesla to be able to display a spec sheet or "features list" on the MCU.
  43. Brettski

    Bad Experience for car parts requiring

    In my case it took 1 month for a rear window to arrive after being ordered. But the worst part is they never had an idea when it would arrive or if it had been shipped yet. One day I randomly called and they said “Oh, guess what - it’s here!” And oh - they wouldn’t give me a loaner for the...
  44. Brettski

    Collision repair combined with 2017 facelift

    I can feel your pain - you wanted this for a long time and then the ownership goes from a joy to a problem. I like the idea of taking advantage of the situation to refresh the front. I hope that structural issues don't surface, and that it doesn't take as long as you fear.
  45. Brettski

    Wish We Could Submit Speed Limit Corrections

    I’ve wondered how FSD would handle 25mph school zones - both during when children are heavily present, and when they’re not. (?)
  46. Brettski

    My 2016 Tesla Model S 75D story - purchased June 2019

    Congrats - you’ll love it!
  47. Brettski

    Wish We Could Submit Speed Limit Corrections

    Same here. It’s ironic that Tesla uses computer vision yet doesn’t “see” speed limit info.
  48. Brettski

    Wish We Could Submit Speed Limit Corrections

    Totally agree - bug report didn’t seem like the right procedure to me either - that’s why I emailed Tesla.
  49. Brettski

    Wish We Could Submit Speed Limit Corrections

    I once read that you could submit a speed limit update as a bug report via voice control. I emailed Tesla customer service to learn more about that and weeks later got a canned “feature request” email saying they’d pass on the idea etc etc. As an aside, I noticed just a few weeks ago that I’m...

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