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  1. Pugg5ter

    Park Royal Service Centre questions

    Suggest you write a request for a loaner in the app, at the same time as logging the issues. If you haven’t done it, go back in and update. They do check. I have never been offered Uber vouchers (Brooklands SC) and am usually contacted the day before to confirm loaner and appointment - been in 4...
  2. Pugg5ter

    Charge Variation At Scheduled Departure

    Planned a trip this morning at 7.30 but couldn’t sleep so decided to leave earlier. Scheduled for an 89% charge at departure. Actually was ready to go at 6.30 - with charge at that time 93% and completing. is it the case the car ‘overcharges’ to accommodate energy needs including preparing for...
  3. Pugg5ter

    It’s a sad day

    I have developed a leak since I had the rear glass replaced due to a stress fracture. Had hoped it would be an easy fix...
  4. Pugg5ter

    Interior Squeaking: MP3

    Given I’ve read a couple of horror stories over the last six months, this is a pretty benign complaint. But 11K miles driven and my M3P has developed a quite irritating squeak on drivers side, from front dash area. I don’t think it’s the speaker...seems to be the whole right side of the front...
  5. Pugg5ter

    High business mileage - is a Tesla the right choice?

    Use the car for business trips all the time. Have to modify some overnight locations to ensure in proximity to (free) chargers. But really is manageable. Got about 250 miles out of the M3Pin one go on a trip to Blackburn. Range extended by some careful driving - does make a massive difference if...
  6. Pugg5ter

    High business mileage - is a Tesla the right choice?

    Can’t you get a second grant on the new car? As long as you owned your hybrid for six months after your charger was fitted...you will qualify (I think).
  7. Pugg5ter

    USB controller for games

    Couldn’t get Switch Pro, PlayStation 4 or Xbox 360, with usb cable to link...but car ‘found’ Xbox OneS controller (without usb cable) immediately and controls worked across all games. Sheer luck I think.
  8. Pugg5ter

    Model 3 Windscreen Replacement

    Unfortunately I was on the wrong end of a stone today and windscreen chipped, with spider cracks. Not critical at this moment I think, but did get me wondering if anyone has experienced a windscreen swap and were there any associated issues? Can’t believe my bad luck - impact damage was a lot...
  9. Pugg5ter


    I picked up my P3 yesterday from Heathrow. I was early, so time to do insurance etc. Had to wait for a reg no...but all ok. Around 50% charge, enough to get home. Handover was distinctly average, not much useful info - directed to the manual! But I got all the cables I was expecting and loads of...
  10. Pugg5ter

    Final invoice for P-

    So payment cleared today and miraculously I have a Nice one. I got Thu 8th today!
  11. Pugg5ter

    Final invoice for P-

    Same for me. Good spot - I had missed it. I am going to cough up the cash ASAP...don’t want to create any excuses for further delay.
  12. Pugg5ter

    Delivery on Monday!!

    So I went down to Heathrow today. It was dead as all test drives etc have been moved to Park Royal - it’s effectively a handover hub. Chap down there said they’d shortly be processing 100 cars a day. They had some off site storage...but it will be carnage...especially if you are delayed.
  13. Pugg5ter

    Delivery brought forward?

    Yes I’ve also had the same yesterday. Was tempted to pop down to Heathrow to have a chat...these latest dates don’t work for me at all. But nagging feeling that whatever they tell me will not ultimately be of any value and contradicted by more spurious comms over the coming days.
  14. Pugg5ter

    Pod Point installed today - they were excellent!

    Same issue. I ordered the 7KW non tethered box which creeps around the side of the house (out of sight). Instead of a big black cable nailed to the front walls, i use a 10M portable charge cable instead. Can be a pain retrieving if it’s pissing down, but house frontage is unaffected...Job done.
  15. Pugg5ter

    Pod Point installed today - they were excellent!

    Yep I also have Pod Point - use on BMW hybrid that I’ll be trading in. Wholly positive experience from order through to installation. Had a slight issue with set up at their end which one call and follow up email resolved.
  16. Pugg5ter

    More Uk-bound Ships?

    Why dont you email or request confirmation through the contact area on the order page to chase (which should see you receive a text in response). I did both when the latest price changes came through, because an initial discussion with Heathrow resulted in being directed to cancel my order...
  17. Pugg5ter

    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    P+ Red Black interior No FSD Original order 1st May. #1600ish Heathrow Includes trade in
  18. Pugg5ter

    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    Said goodbye to my LRAWD VIN today as P+ changes came through
  19. Pugg5ter

    LR AWD... it's back? (and cheaper?)

    I’m going to max out - it’s what I did on May 1st then switched to LRAWD, in part as cost was a bit too much for me. Hopefully offers best chance of a configuration on that boat...
  20. Pugg5ter

    LR AWD vs P3D-

    Or so I was told
  21. Pugg5ter

    LR AWD vs P3D-

    Zero chance of being reinstated at a later date
  22. Pugg5ter

    LR AWD vs P3D-

    It’ll be a rare collectors item according to Tesla Heathrow...and that’s a real world quote;)
  23. Pugg5ter

    Anyone Else Ordered Lr?

    Have any of you an allocated VIN yet? Checked today and for first time the number in the source was actually a Model 3. Appreciate not wholly reliable...but a M3 is progress! Ordered LR 1st May (circa 1600). Was in Heathrow in the week and the guy was pretty certain early August. He reckoned...
  24. Pugg5ter

    Tesla Q2 2019 Vehicle Production & Deliveries - UK Model 3 perspective

    The debate about AWD LR interesting for me. I ordered on 1st May and went for P+ then couple of days later downgraded to AWD LR, which then disappeared. I’ve been trying to fathom where the best value lies - have original invoice for P+ and new invoice for AWD LR...and been playing with the...

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