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    2020 Tesla Crashes in Ohio

    And a third failure-not only did regen fail, and the brakes fail simultaneously, but the brake lights also failed at the same time. It’s unlikely that the driver was pushing the accelerator, though-the car would have been doing well in excess of 100 mph in that case.
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    USB Music - cover art

    Oh my god, I would like to buy you a beer for that one. Just went out and checked, and this worked perfectly.
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    Best Widest tires for M3 18" OEM Aero rims (2017-2020 version), and LA rim rash repair (255/40 18?)

    I put some Continental ExtremeContact 255/40-18's on mine to improve rim protection. Pros: 1. Better traction 2. Excellent rim protection 3. I like the "beefier" look of the tires on the rims. Cons: 1. I lost a LOT of range - shortly after purchase, I measured a 15% increase in consumption...
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    New M3 owner- Nema 6-30 adaptor extension cord

    Ordered it from Amazon - remarkably pricey, but I don’t worry about it catching my house on fire. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B002XL2IG8
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    New M3 owner- Nema 6-30 adaptor extension cord

    I’ve been using a 25’ extension on my 14-50 outlet for 4 years. Get a quality one, and don’t worry about it.
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    Real World 5-15 Charging Speeds

    The load calculation is about a half hours worth of work, wandering around to all your major appliances to write down the power requirements off the manufacturer label, then plugging the data into an app that does the calculations ( There are several online calculators available). $150 seems a...
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    NEMA 14-50 vs 14-30?

    IMHO: The best approach to a new install is a Wall Connector, supplied with AWG 6 (or maybe AWG 4, depending on how you're installing) wiring with a 60A breaker. The middle ground is either a 14-30 or 14-50, supplied with AWG 6 or AWG 8 (depending on how you're installing) wiring with a 30A or...
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    Fast Charging!

    I don’t know if I’ve seen over 1000; I seem to remember 998 as the highest I’ve seen.
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    Real World 5-15 Charging Speeds

    I’ll certainly agree with you there. BTW, I ran some tests a long time ago to check charging efficiency v. Voltage/current. You can find the write up at: https://forums.tesla.com/discussion/168051/120v-240v-charging-efficiency-answers Final answer: V/Amps Efficiency 120/12 85.4% 240/06 90.5%...
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    Model 3 Home Charging question

    Don’t worry too much about the charge level - anywhere between 50 and 80% should be fine for a month, especially in New Hampshire. Leave it plugged in, life will be good.
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    Real World 5-15 Charging Speeds

    I hate to be disagreeable, but I think davewill has it right. I don’t know if the 400W overhead number is correct, but it will be more or less constant regardless of voltage. His point was that the impact of the overhead is smaller at higher voltage and higher current-it’s a smaller percentage...
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    Unplug 14-50 Adapter or leave it plugged in all the time?

    Even a good quality outlet will eventually wear out with lots of plug/unplug cycles. I have a couple of 120V outlets in the house that need replacement for that reason - I'll get to it someday. If you want to plug/unplug daily, assume you'll have to replace the outlet in 5-10 years. But...
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    Model 3 - P3D - total loss

    Remember that your insurance company has an incentive to keep you satisfied; the other insurance's incentive is to not piss you off so much that you sue. There are some fundamental differences between those two incentive structures.
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    Where to get accessory power with new 2022 lithium 12v battery

    Just remember that this is likely a LiFePO4 chemistry; which means a charging voltage of about 3.65 V per cell (vs. 4.2V for other Lithium Ion type batteries), and a nominal voltage of about 3.2V per cell (vs. 3.6 or 3.7 V for other Lithium Ion type batteries). So, maximum charging voltage for...
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    Model 3 12v Battery issues, monitoring, Aftermarket replacement

    It's far, far more likely that one car sounds different than the other, than it is that the battery makes a difference. Crap in the trunk or in the car will change the sound, a body panel that's more or less stiff in one car than the other will change the sound, a non-functional speaker in one...
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    Is Tesla still giving out the FSD beta to qualified drivers?

    Safety score has been working fine for me through all this brouhaha (well, except for scoring me lower than I deserve), except for right now-can’t pull up my safety score at all. Anyone successful right now?
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    Drastic reduction 110V charging

    Listen to Rocky_H. The car tries hard to keep your house from burning down. If it's charging, and notices a large voltage drop, it'll reduce the amount of current (Amps) that it uses to charge. I didn't realize that it stores that as a charging limit for that location, but let's go with...
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    Is Tesla still giving out the FSD beta to qualified drivers?

    I just reached 98 today after a couple of bad days dropped off (did you know it's possible to get a Forward Collision Warning in a McDonalds drivethrough, while rolling from window #1 (Pay Here) to window #2 (Pick up here)? I'm here to tell you that it is). I've been trained to be a less safe...
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    2 week old Tesla won't start [due to rodent damage]

    Hate those little bastiches. Did $2000 damage to my Ford Expedition a few years back. The Model 3 is nearly sealed on the bottom; we can hope someday Tesla assigns some engineer the job of finishing sealing it up so this problem goes away. A lot harder to do that on an ICE.
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    Suspected repeater camera defect that affects FSD performance

    Oohhhh, that’ll scare me - Junior-high name calling. I’m shaking, please don’t stuff me in a locker. Unless you have a background in image processing and understand the terms “temporal permanence” and “spatial permanence”, you are completely ignorant on this subject, and should quit making a...
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    Suspected repeater camera defect that affects FSD performance

    Is this really all you people have to complain about? Tesla's doing a great job then. There's no doubt in my mind that this is a flaw that needs fixing - as Tesla has done in later builds. It's still wild speculation to suggest that this will cause an issue with FSD - especially as spatial...
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    How do people determine/measure power usage while awake topping of 12V battery?

    All the reports I’ve seen have been people estimating using range loss divided by hours - e.g. I lost 24 miles of range overnight in moderate temperatures because I left Sentry on, which works out to about xxx watts on average.
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    Should I charge now or ok to wait for off peak??

    I wouldn’t worry about the car sitting at 9% for half a day waiting for off peak rates. The battery won’t care, as long as you’re not parked outside in frigid conditions.
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    Matrix headlight

    Run the light show in front of a wall and see if “Tesla” shows up?
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    Locked out of my Model 3 [failed rear drive inverter]

    If the frunk didn’t open with 12v applied, have the service center check it. That function shouldn’t be impacted by the other issues you had.
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    Tesla Light Show: Custom Show Creation

    The light show put a smile on everyone’s faces last night. Enabling owners to program their own show is even more fantastic; I’ll never likely do it, but I look forward to experiencing some of the hundreds of custom shows that your team has enabled. Thank you.
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    14-50 passthough ground OK or pigtail required by NEC?

    Hopefully one of our knowledgeable electricians drop in. I’m an accomplished amateur, and have opinions on whether what you’re asking about is safe (I don’t see a problem with it), but not whether it’s code compliant. Interested to get an authoritative answer.
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    Wait for light to come on before unplugging?

    Actually, I made the stupid comment and Gasaraki set me straight: Wall Connector charging Question
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    glass roof super hot. Any way to reduce it?

    As a matter of fact I do, which surely insulates me from heat at least a bit. Even so, once the glass cools (15 mins with the ac on), putting my hand up within an inch of the glass barely registers heat radiating from it.
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    Wait for light to come on before unplugging?

    I’ll echo jjrandorin-press and hold the button on the charging wand, about three seconds is enough, and it’ll light up and unlatch. I think I learned that in the same thread. Prior to that, I was giving the rear door handle a slight push-not enough to open it, but enough to wake the car so the...
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    glass roof super hot. Any way to reduce it?

    I’m just not understanding people complaining about the roof glass in the Model 3 (can’t speak for the S/X). I’ll put our sun intensity here in Phoenix up against anyone’s (well, anyone this side of Kuwait), and after four summers with my Model 3 all I’ve got to say is the glass works remarkably...
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    USB Drive for Music Only?

    Even the cheapest USB flash drive will work fine, and work forever, as a music-only drive. That’s a very low stress, low performance use. Buy a big enough one to put your music collection on and call it a day. Teslacam/ sentry usage is a different kettle of fish, and unfortunately requires a...
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    Electrician coming - final verification

    I won’t tell anyone if you don’t. 😉 Looks good, hope it works well for you.
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    Home charging continuously while plugged in?

    Yes, I can confirm that if you have scheduled charging set up, it will use that time for maintenance charging. My car starts charging at 1:00 AM, and if I go on vacation I can see that it starts charging at 1:00 every day for a short period, then shuts down until 1:00 the next day. There are a...
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    Scrapped a little piece off underside of model 3 due to road debris

    If you decide to glue it, use a flexible glue with a tenacious hold. I’m a big fan of polyurethane glues like “Shoe Goo” or “Household Goop”. They dry to a texture similar to silicone sealants, but unlike silicone they stick forever, and I haven’t found anything yet that they don’t stick to.
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    Want to absolutely confirm: I can charge off a dryer plug?

    If you use Tesla’s 14-30 adapter for your mobile connector, you don’t have to do anything-the car will automatically limit charging current to 24 A.
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    How does CCS generate high voltages up to 920V?

    In the middle stage of the circuit you posted, there are four FETs driving a transformer. The output of the transformer Is then rectified by four diodes to give the 250-750VDC output. To get 1000VDC out of the circuit would require nothing more than a different transformer with a higher output...
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    12V Battery Just Died - Total battery failure

    Actually, I believe that float charging or trickle charging liion batteries isn’t a good idea because it encourages the growth of dendrites in the cells, which is generally a bad thing.
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    Just thanks all contributors here

    Just remember that the guess-o-meter display on the screen isn’t the same as the amount of power stored in the batteries. Having the guess-o-meter displaying 20 miles less than you think it should doesn’t mean that you’ll actually be able to drive 20 miles less. Frankly, my advice would be to...
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    Where can I get help to restore a salvage Tesla 3 2018

    How much work needs to be done?
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    2019 Tesla Model 3 SP - Vacation parked drain

    If the battery drains too low, it’s not a big deal. The car will fully shut down, reducing vampire drain to zero. The 12v battery will probably fully discharge, which may make it difficult to get into the car when you get home, and may require a $150 12v battery replacement. If you don’t have...
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    Could Tesla and other EV's implement a flat towing mode?

    Gear ratio is immaterial; towing is no different than coasting, and vastly lower stress on the drivetrain than regen. The motor is likely driven by a classic H-bridge with numerous paralleled IGBTS/FETs to be able to manage the current. Disconnecting the motor should be no more than NOT driving...
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    Center of gravity/mass comparison with other cars

    It’s fairly easy to find out. Simply tip your wife’s car on its side, and use your Jack to attempt to lift it. Keep moving the Jack point around until the car lifts equally front to back and top to bottom; that’s the CG in the plane you’re interested in. Then tip the car back onto its wheels...
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    Windshield strength on Tesla

    I’ve had my Model 3 for 3-1/2 years, and the windshield is taking damage at about the same rate as my previous Honda. Hasn’t cracked yet, but the number of dings, pits, and stars is equivalent.
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    Could Tesla and other EV's implement a flat towing mode?

    To the best of my knowledge, there is nothing preventing Tesla from putting a line in the owners manual permitting flat towing. - for Teslas with induction motors, with no permanent magnets in the motor there is zero power generated under tow unless the inverter actively generates the...
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    "ev rate" [is a regular rate or time of use rate generally better?]

    You have to treat time-of-use plans like a game. The power company makes money if you make a mistake, you save money if you don’t make mistakes. If you can make (and maintain) some minor modifications to your lifestyle, you can come out ahead. As an example, my electric water heater and pool...
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    Long term being away, plugged or unplugged?

    Plug it in, set the charge level to 50 or 60%, and you'll be able to come home, jump in, and go for a ride. If it were me, I'd consider a set of 4 Harbor Freight jack stands to get the tires off the ground. Not necessary, may not even make a difference, but it'd make me feel better knowing the...
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    Programming key card

    You can program them yourself as long as you have a functional old card (or does it require two old cards? I don’t remember). The owners manual will describe hire to do it.
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    Electric install questions

    The standard outlet to use is either a 14-50 or a 6-50. Both of these are rated for 50A, so that’s generally the size circuit breaker you should use. #6 wire is good; it would allow you to upgrade to a wall mounted charger in the future, upgrade the circuit breaker to 60A, and charge a bit...
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    Do one of your trunk struts graze the rubber trunk liner/seal on your 2018 Model 3 when opening or closing the trunk?

    I’ve got an April 2018 build, and the gas struts on both sides rub lightly on the rubber seal. No harm, no foul in my book.

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