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    Swapping Gen 3 Wall Connector (48 Amps) to Gen 2 (80 Amps) - What's Involved?

    The main question that no one asked is how long is the wiring? How far away from the main breaker. If it’s a short distance then upgrading the wire will not be a big deal or cost.
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    Model 3: Louder Horns

    Finally got them installed, but on the model Y. The only thing that I was waiting for is to find the right kind of harness.
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    Model 3: Louder Horns

    How did it go? Did you create a harness or just spliced the wires?
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    Issue related to car delivery - Anyone have escalation contact information?

    So did it have the matrix lights? (my guess would be NO)
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    Comfort Suspension Not Much of an Improvement

    I agree. Rented brand new cx-9 and the suspension harshness almost not existant.
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    How much power does each USB-C port provide (2021 Model Y)

    What do you mean "Power" the ipad? It will definitely charge it. It may charge slower than on a home charger, but it will DEFINITELY charge it at some speed.
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    Review/Installation/Comparison - Mountain Pass Performance Comfort Adjustable Tesla Model Y Coilovers

    Just change to softer swaybars. That will solve 90% of the problem.
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    Comfort Suspension Not Much of an Improvement

    Rented a new CX-9 and it was very very nice and cushy.
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    Installing Wall Charger vs Mobile Connector

    not if installing nema 14-50 outlet
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    Need assistance on installing Tesla Wall charger ver 3

    #6 individual wires will handle 48 amp no problem
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    Need assistance on installing Tesla Wall charger ver 3

    This site is similar to wires and cables your way but cheaper prices. https://nassaunationalcable.com/collections/all/products/4-thhn-thwn-2-stranded-copper-building-wire
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    Return HomeLink and Go with MyQ?

    The e The exact same commands that we can send all we want from the phone already.
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    I had a call from as sales representative at Tesla today...

    Steering wheel is also much thinner (grip is thinner) than on model 3.
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    Tesla and MyQ

    Depends on if your motor has myq/wifi vs the myq being on the botton (like 888lm or 889lm)
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    Tesla and MyQ

    Do I just need to pay for one subscription and use it on multiple cars?
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    Illinois rebate program

    Which document is the "purchase agreement" ? I don't see anything with that title or showing it's an Illinois seller. I have loan documents. Which document did you use that was accepted?
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    Pickup owner's door hit my Model 3, Sentry caught on camera. What now?

    Carfax would say Damage, it would not say Accident. That's a major difference.
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    Picked up my Tesla in early December, worst car I've ever owned.

    it's defective for sure.
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    Driver profile change not moving a mirror

    I still have this issue up to today! Tesla may be a software company, but the software has many bugs.
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    Disappointing experience with lease return

    They overcharged for repairs. What if they said $14000 for same repairs?
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    Repeater camera feeds are mostly useless when turn signal is on at night

    Someone posted that Tesla will replace the cameras under warranty if you have this issue.
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    Has anyone ever gotten Tesla Service to replace a battery due to degradation?

    You are completely wrong. Warranty states 75% battery capacity. At 74%, that is when the failure occurred. They will replace with at least as much capacity as before failure occurred.
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    Has anyone ever gotten Tesla Service to replace a battery due to degradation?

    Hook up Scan My Tesla. It will show you the EXACT degradation as provided BY the tesla computer. It has nothing to do with miles, just plain and simple percentage degradation.
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    v11 software update SUCKS

    It’s not the safest car. Yes it can protect you in case of accident but accident avoidance is complete trash.
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    $12K for FSD is insane

    I agree that it’s literally a scam. You can pay $200 per month for the subscription and be better off. You can cancel it at any time, Schick you definitely will when you see that it drives far worse than you would drive.
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    Speed limiter mode should be uncoupled from Chill mode

    Speed limiter mode should be uncoupled from Chill mode
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    Help me decide: Model Y or Mach-E

    It’s about the charging. Without supercharger, charging on a road trip will be a nightmare
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    Made In China Model Y has 15.5 Lithium battery to replace 12V lead-acid

    It's annoying that ohmmu is so expensive given that you can get a huge 100ah Lifepo4 battery for like $350. This tiny battery should cost half that.
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    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Since it's recommended to charge max 90% capacity for daily use, does that mean if my battery is already 10% degraded (from July 2019, 18k miles), then I can charge to 100% and still be at that 90% original capacity?
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    Model Y Bio Defense filter question

    It's a standard procedure, the same with every single model Y they sell. Why does it have to be a QUOTE? it should just be published price.
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    End of quarter delivery disruption coming up?

    Yes, the greedy price increase is to offset the incentive.
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    8% degradation after 9k miles, wtf?

    They should throw out the rated range. That is the range when it's new and drops by 10% very very quickly.
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    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    My battery has around 10% degradation after 2 years and 18k miles. The car shows 282 miles if I were to charge to 100%, AND scanmytesla also shows 10% degradation. If the battery already lost 10% capacity, then shouldn't we be able to charge it up to 100% and have that effectively be the same...
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    Battery calibration does help!!!! (At least for my car)

    Mine is at 280 (from 310) after only 19k miles.
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    Factory Brake Pad Material

    Spending several hundred not to have to wipe them 52 times per year or pay for spray?
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    How's your experience of Model 3 viewing the speedometer?

    500k people got used to it somehow
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    Dashcam in Auto

    that's the problem
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    why no beep for backup sensor in Model 3? [rear cross traffic warning]

    The research for rear cross traffic alert is too difficult for Tesla. I think they didn't figure it out yet.
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    Model 3 12v battery dead

    I keep a small 12v lithium ion jump start battery in all cars. It’s super easy and never know when you would need it for yourself or do someone else.
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    Model 3 12v battery dead

    Literally, just get a $50 lithium ion jump start battery to keep in the trunk. Yes, you shouldn’t need it, but it’s extremely super easy low cost low complexity, never get stranded solution,
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    Had an accident..

    For sure you had plenty of time and space. I see almost all cars everywhere made wide turns. No one turns left into left lane and no one turns right into right lane. So you can pretty much assume that someone turning will cut across lanes.
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    Had an accident..

    all you had to do was stay straight and brake.
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    Running the fan

    I really like the smell. Is it possible for you to bottle it and send it by mail?
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    Understanding The Decline In Tesla’s FSD Take Rate

    I agree with you. There is also the risk that it will not become available at all within the ownership period and then having to sell the car with FSD but only getting a smaller portion of what was paid (and not used). Also the price of the car and the price of FSD both increased a lot...
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    New owner and some things that I do not like

    I completely agree with the deadspot/blindspot issue. Lack of good blindspot monitoring is what will be the demise of this car.
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    Bought a Tesla Friday and its Screen states it's an Model 3 Long Range SSE

    I repeat, service center employees know Nothing and are useless.
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    Radar deleted on all new Model Y and Model 3. Is FSD worth it?

    FSD is never worth it
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    Refilling M3 with Windscreen Fluid

    Rain-X windshield washer fluid at costco.

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