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  1. meteoro

    Cracked windshield wait time

    no issues with AP?
  2. meteoro

    Cracked windshield wait time

    Thanks! Will call Tesla tomorrow to inquire. I have read that in other threads that Tesla is directing customers to SafeLite to fix.
  3. meteoro

    Cracked windshield wait time

    What did you end up doing finally? I am in South Florida too, mine cracked this afternoon.. Thx in advance
  4. meteoro

    Windshield cracked - Any suggestions to replace in SFL

    The windshield on my M3 cracked! Perhaps it was a rock or something. In the morning there was no crack, when i got back to the car in the afternoon a crack appeared at the base by the windshield wipers and runs up. There seems to be a small nick at the base. I assume that is where it started. I...
  5. meteoro

    First Autocross in the Performance....

    Nice run!! I think i am going to give it a shot too! Regen, do you keep it on?
  6. meteoro

    SCCA Autocross Class for the Model 3

    That really sucks, all M3's in SS. I havent auto-x in years, the X class sounds like fun, especially since i probably will not do an entire season anywyas.
  7. meteoro

    Charge Limit Issue (89% or 99%)

    Same here, gets to 89% and stops, though it's set for 90%. I got mine two weeks ago.Didn't think much about it to be honest.
  8. meteoro

    light hearted request... your car name? - and why

    Mach 5 of course! After all my nickname is Meteoro
  9. meteoro

    Unexpected deceleration in autopilot

    Agreed, it is a bit alarming. I was on the highway and all of a sudden it slowed down to 45mph from 70. At some point that area of the highway was under construction, but it's no longer under construction. Luckily I had nobody behind me, but I can see how someone can rear end you.
  10. meteoro

    Model 3: Wind Noise

    Yup same issue on mine, picked up 3/18. Drivers side. It has gotten progressively worst. Almost as if opening and closing the door pushed the window further out of misalignment.
  11. meteoro

    Fit & Finish Issues - Which ones would you ask to be corrected?

    Totally get you. Coming from multiple Lexus for the past 20 years or so, you see the difference. That was my original hesitation to getting one. But Tesla has come a long way and steadily improving.
  12. meteoro

    Shipped with 2019.35.108, and still no boost?

    Update. Yesterday I received a text from my service center that I was on the latest SR for my car, that being 2019.35.108. I had so bmitted a service request the day before btw. Oddly enough shortly after receiving that text, I got a notification that a Software update was available, 2019.36. It...
  13. meteoro

    How many of your guys cars came BEFORE your original delivery date?

    Mine did. I ordered on 3/1. I was scheduled to pick it up on 3/21. Came in on 3/18
  14. meteoro

    Fit & Finish Issues - Which ones would you ask to be corrected?

    Just got my M3 AWD LR last Wednesday. Found a few minor defects so far. I"m sure I will find more as I look at the car closer. The biggest one is the drivers door, either the door or latch is a bit off. It makes it hard to close the door. As you close you can feel it hitting the latch One of...
  15. meteoro

    Shipped with 2019.35.108, and still no boost?

    Check this post out. Seems this is normal for it to take long. Someone suggested opening a service ticket. Going to try that now.
  16. meteoro

    Internet connection speed

    I have not tried checking DL speeds on LTE. Though i did find it odd that I was getting around the same on WiFi. Around 6mbps. My connection at home is 100mbps. I tried both 5ghz and 2.5ghz channels. I'll try LTE and let you know how it goes.
  17. meteoro

    Shipped with 2019.35.108, and still no boost?

    For sure will let you know. I tried all the different hacks folks have mentioned on the forums, but no luck. What I do not get is why would you not put the latest and greatest software before it leaves the factory. Find that strange. Ours is what, 4 revisions back.
  18. meteoro

    Unable to login Youtube

    Thanks for the workaround! Worked like a charm.
  19. meteoro

    Shipped with 2019.35.108, and still no boost?

    Same here, took delivery 5 days ago, I'm on the same software version as you, and no luck on the upgrade. Glad to know I'm not the only one.
  20. meteoro

    I'm on 2020.4, and still no updates. Is there a way to force my M3 to update?

    Just took delivery of a 2020 LR AWD Monday. It's on 2019.35.108. I've tried some of the suggestions but no go. I hav to set up an apt for a couple of minor things that need adjustments. Should I include the software request?

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