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    Latest on S Plaid handling?

    I should have said about the same as the Taycan Turbo, less than the S, but more than the 4S, which can hit 60 mph in 3.4 seconds, fast enough for me.
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    Latest on S Plaid handling?

    Its cost will be around the same as the Porsche Taycan, albeit with better range. If Porsche can do better on the range and further develop the charging network (admittedly big ifs), I wonder how well the Tesla would sell.....
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    Latest on S Plaid handling?

    I drove an S a while back. It was quick off the line, but the handling left much to be desired. I have been hearing rumors that the new Plaid will make a big jump in the handling category, but have not seen anything definitive. Anyone know the latest?
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    Old and New Seats?

    I found the first generation 3 seats uncomfortable. I am not the only one, though I know others found them to be perfectly fine. Has anyone compared the next generation of seats with the older version? Any comfort difference?
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    Model Y Performance vs. Model 3 AWD+

    How does the handling compare?
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    Y have enough range for trips?

    Thanks. Sounds like there are ample Superchargers.
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    Y have enough range for trips?

    I am thinking about the Y performance. The range is supposedly 315 miles, though I have heard people say it is more like 280 miles. In any event, given Tesla's charging network, is that enough range to drive, say, cross country?
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    Model Y 0- 60 mph

    Are there lighter 21" wheels one could use?
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    How well does the glass roof reflect heat?

    I have been exploring the Y. I saw a video by one owner who said he planned on adding tint. See
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    Unplugged Performance to upgrade performance

    I searched for Unplugged Performance and found gobs of posts, but none that went to how good the company was to work with and the quality of its work (though with so many posts, I could have missed it). Feedback?
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    Steering Feel Model Y

    I know exactly what you mean. I have a Porsche Cayenne Turbo. I drove the Tesla S, X, and 3, but admittedly not the Y. In the performance versions, they make a great dragster. But cornering and handling is a different story. The S and X I simply found unacceptable. But the 3 in the...
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    Hoping more comfortable than 3, better handling than S

    I looked into this. No luck. Seats are too complicated these days, with airbags, etc. No auto guy wants to touch them. Too much liability risk. There is a video out there about someone who replaced the seats entirely with racing seats.
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    Raven vs. Plus suspension

    I was looking through the used Teslas on the Tesla site. I could not find one that listed a Plus suspension. Several had a “smart air suspension.” Is that the same thing?
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    Hoping more comfortable than 3, better handling than S

    I hear that the Y and the 3 will have identical seats. Bummer for me. I may have to check out the racing seats! On a positive note, Tesla apparently is planning a supercharger closer to where I live, The only one in my area, I live in north Baltimore county, is a healthy hike south.
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    Hoping more comfortable than 3, better handling than S

    There is a video on the internet of someone who replaced the 3 seats with racing seats. It is a bit tricky, if doable, but you lose an airbag. At this point, I am not ready to go down that road, but maybe someday, especially if the Y does not handle the way I would like.
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    Model Y or Mustang Mach-E

    Thanks for the feedback. A large competitive network with slow chargers is not competitive at all. To state the obvious, if I am traveling, a charger that takes 8 hours to charge my car is useless. I would think most people would at least want the option of being able to leave town in their...
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    Model Y or Mustang Mach-E

    How fast do the Electrify America chargers charge? Competitive with Tesla superchargers?
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    Model Y or Mustang Mach-E

    I like the idea of a better-handling car, and I assume the Mach-E out-handles most of the Teslas (perhaps not the performance 3--sadly, I could not deal with the seats). But I don't want to be the guinea pig on the Ford and Porsche is too expensive. Hoping the Y meets my needs.
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    Replacing seats with Ricaro

    I did not buy the 3 because I found the seats too uncomfortable. So have others. Still others think the seats are great. Must be person-specific. Anyone try replacing seats with Ricaros?
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    Major Flaw - No Charge Port in Front (towing)

    What about charging it at home? Will the truck be too long for the typical garage? Of course, could leave garage door open while charging. I wonder why it has so much more range. Is it as simple as a bigger battery?
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    Hoping more comfortable than 3, better handling than S

    Seats could be an age thing. I am 6’, my significant other is 5’2”, but I am 67, she is 68. I am not heavy, but found the seats kind of small. No problem with the S seats.
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    Anybody try the Nankang 21" tires?

    Thanks for the info. I found the handling of the S okay, but far from “Porsche-like.” Hard for the handling to justify bad tire wear, but perphaps extra range would.
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    Hoping more comfortable than 3, better handling than S

    I almost bought the 3. In the performance version, it drove like it was on rails, but I found the seats too uncomfortable. Did not love the handling of the S. Hoping the Y is “just right.”
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    Anybody try the Nankang 21" tires?

    Why do S’s burn through tires?
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    Versus Porsche Cayenne Turbo S

    FWIW, probably not much, acceleration in the S is much more satisfying than in the top of the line Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. It just makes a difference to not have to change gears. Now if I could just figure out a way to get the S to handle like the Cayenne.....
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    Porsche Taycan vs Model S

    The definition of von Sinnen is somewhat context dependent, but ludicrous in this context might be okay. It literally means from the senses. The way Germans use it would be closer to "just nuts," as in the way a car performs is just nuts (in a positive way). I too would like to know what the...
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    Autopilot, GPS, and Nav broken. Tesla can't fix it. Advice?

    I like both the suggestions that you try a different service center and at least threaten a lemon law if your state has one and not too much time has gone by. Some lemon laws require you to act within a limited time frame. This does not sound like an insurmountable problem to me, so my best...
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    Changes & Updates to the Model S over the Past 4 Years

    Sorry, what does „coil P85Ds are 1 in 20“ mean? Excuse the weird quotes. I just typed something on German and it seems to have carried over (German uses these form of quotes).
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    0-253km/h on the German Autobahn in a S100D

    Hast Recht Dir sorgen über die Reifen zu machen!
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    Just drove a loaner 2015 P85D (L?) today ..... OMG.........

    How does it do in Ontario in the winter? I went to Montreal in January once. I could not believe how cold it was. It laughed at my warmest winter parka. Luckily my hosts, after also laughing at my apparel, gave me a heavier jacket. I had to work out to be strong enough to carry the weight...
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    I responded to one of your posts, but it looks like it may have gotten lost in the system. You...

    I responded to one of your posts, but it looks like it may have gotten lost in the system. You provided an impressive list of Tesla changes. Given all of your knowledge, do you mind yet another question.Do you have an opinion as to the best handling Tesla? I have heard some speak well of the...
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    Changes & Updates to the Model S over the Past 4 Years

    Agree with Silver. Great posts. Do you have an opinion at to which is the best handling S? That is a big deal for me. I would have already bought the 3, which in the versions I drove was the best handling Tesla, except that I hated the seats. I even looked into ways of fixing it...
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    Just drove a loaner 2015 P85D (L?) today ..... OMG.........

    Thanks for the feedback. I guess the real question is whether it makes sense to buy a new one to get the extra range for an extra cost of, easily, $25,000. I have heard that the 85s have some of the best handling.
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    Just drove a loaner 2015 P85D (L?) today ..... OMG.........

    I am in the market for an S. I thought about the 85DL, but wondered if I could live with the range, 253 miles, which probably means 200 miles in reality, especially on road trips. Any words of wisdom out there in this regard?
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    Leasing/Buying? Lease Buy Out?

    I actually think the premium TLej paid for leasing versus owning to be worth it, given the relative risks at the time he bought it. In the US, if he has, say, 50,000 miles on it, it looks like he could turn the car in and buy about the same car privately for around $45,000, more from Tesla, but...
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    Unplugged Performance Lowering Brackets

    Looks sharp, though I would not want to give up the highest high. You never know when you might need a little extra height. How have the 21 inch tires and rims worked for you?
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    Leasing/Buying? Lease Buy Out?

    Thanks for the feedback. Tlej’s comments are what have also been going through my head.
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    Leasing/Buying? Lease Buy Out?

    Green Light's point is what worries me. Like P said, the leases are terrible, but a bit less risk, and with all the improvements likely to be forthcoming, depreciation could be a big number. Of course, if I was going to keep the car 10 years, buying is the way to go, and the only way I have...
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    Leasing/Buying? Lease Buy Out?

    It is, on a monthly basis, cheaper to lease than to buy. But, of course, at some point the lease expires, and you either have to turn the car back in or buy out the lease. But the buy out numbers I have seen have been crazy high, on the order of $80,000 for a car that might sell in the used...
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    Adaptive Suspension v. 3

    Thanks, LHS. Sounds like I need to check out the new S adaptive system.
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    Adaptive Suspension v. 3

    I loved the handling on the 3 performance model, but hated the seats. I loved the seats in the S, but thought the handling was decent, but not quite as tight as I would prefer. Does anyone know how the new adaptive suspension in sport mode on the S compares to the 3 performance model?
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    adaptive suspension

    The new system is physically different from the old one, so a software upgrade should not be available. From what I have heard, it might be possible to get the new system, but it would take buying a lot of parts, etc., and I don't know if Tesla would be willing to do it.
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    Handling 21" v 19"

    PS Where does one look up Tesla skip pad tests? I googled it, but could not find anything. Is that advantage in this regard for the 85 is the smaller battery when compared to the 90's? BTW, a Porsche 911 GT3 RS has a skip pad rating of 1.24!
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    Handling 21" v 19"

    Wow, very comprehensive answer Xeno, many thanks!
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    Handling 21" v 19"

    I have to believe this was discussed at some point, but I could not find a thread directly on point (though I have yet to visit a forum, this or anyone else's, with a decent search engine). At first I had my sights set on a 3, but I found the seats too uncomfortable. So then I checked out the...
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    P3D vs S100D ?

    Well, I went and checked out the 3 again. I just found it unacceptably uncomfortable. The S, on the other hand, I find very comfortable. Interesting how different people find different cars uncomfortable or not. I have back trouble and am over 6', but my girlfriend also found the 3...
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    Seat Fixes?

    I feel a little silly answering my own thread (again), but today I called a couple of upholstery shops to see if they might help me with the seat issue. Interestingly, both said the same thing. These days the seats have gotten so complicated, most have airbags, that they don't want to mess...
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    Back problems, anyone

    FWIW, I have a history of back trouble, and when I test drove the 3, both my girlfriend (who does not have that history) and I found the seats uncomfortable. Trying to figure out a solution ever since. See other thread.
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    Bought a used 2015 90D from Tesla yesterday

    I don't buy cheap tires, but I am an old man who drives like a maniac! :)
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    18" vs 20" wheels 0-60 times

    Thanks, bxr. Interesting post. Admittedly, my "everything else being equal" covers a lot of sins. I did not know about the over limited grip, bigger sidewalls are better. Does seem like more of an issue for those who like to spend time on the track.

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