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    Interior trim gap

    I have this exact trim issue on my blue MY. Same location and same amount of gap.
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    Progressive insurance Model Y

    Are you saying that your renewal is nearly twice the amount that your 1st premium was?
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    Progressive insurance Model Y

    Agreed. It will be very interesting to hear from those that are coming up on their first renewal with progressive. You know the saying... If it sounds too good to be true... It probably is.
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    Progressive insurance Model Y

    I've been with state farm for 20 years (2 vehicles). When I bought my Y I had state farm do a quote and it came in at $770 for 6 months. I had seen the posts on reddit about progressive and the MY and figured I'd get a quote. They came in at $477 for the identical coverage as state farm...
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    Loose nut on tie rod!

    Interested to hear what the SC does for the under 10mph clunking sound. I have noticed that sound on mine as well. Haven't made an appointment yet tho. Please keep us posted.
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    phone sound quality

    Not 100% sure this is the cause in your case, but there has been much discussion about phone call quality issues while the phone is on the wireless charger.
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    Service Notification "Your Vehicle is Ready for Pickup"

    Random "Service Complete" push notification in app Yup...
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    Inductive Phone Charger?

    No. You need a spacer to increase the lip at the bottom of the charger so the phone will "seat" properly when using a thicker case. You can order one from a 3rd party, use eBay, or have a 3D printer make one for you. This issue has been discussed at great length on this forum.
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    How Tesla ships by rail to East coast

    It's not as simple as putting your car on a truck and sending it on its way. There is a very complex logistics system behind the scenes. The idea is to have a full trailer when it leaves the rail yard. This is followed by taking the most efficient route to the vehicle's destination(s). But...
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    Repeat buyer perks

    If you refer yourself (which you can do) you only get 1000. If you have separate accounts for say husband and wife, then you could probably both benefit from the referral and each get 1k.
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    Repeat buyer perks

    You have lower expectations so you're not as disappointed on delivery day the second time around.
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    Tesla wireless charging pad poor performance?

    Here's the one I ordered. Printed on 3d printer so the texture is not piano gloss but you can't see it once it's installed. I offered $13 and seller accepted. Tesla Model 3 / Model Y Phone Charger Dock Extension/Adapter | eBay
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    Tesla wireless charging pad poor performance?

    I can confirm this. I purchased a spacer on ebay $13 and haven't had the problem since on my s10+ with otterbox case.
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    How Tesla ships by rail to East coast

    Yes and my sales advisor updated me at every point during transport (he did it voluntarily). When it was on the train, when it was on the truck, and when it arrived.
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    How Tesla ships by rail to East coast

    When I stalked my SC a couple days before my delivery, there was a row of 17 MYs (mine included) all still wrapped. They all had "AL" written on the windshield in wax pen. I assumed that was how they marked them for rail to Birmingham, AL.
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    What USB are you using for sentry mode?

    I have the exact USB drive the manual suggests and states is compatible with sentry/dash cam. However, every couple of drives I will get a notification stating the USB drive is too slow. Not sure why they would state in the manual its tested and then have it still throw up error notifications.
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    Model Y Auto Wipers

    Yea sane experience for me here in FL.
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    Re: Financing. How again do I get 2.49% reduced?

    Great information. Thank you for sharing. Definitely a unique process tesla has compared to traditional lending practices where your credit gets ran a number of times through different lenders by the dealer.
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    Re: Financing. How again do I get 2.49% reduced?

    Not saying you are wrong, but hmm that's interesting since the credit inquiry is bank specific (or at least it was for me). For example, my inquiry reflects on my equifax report as "Wells Fargo Auto Finance". Assuming that I declined that rate offer from WF or asked tesla finance to check with...
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    Model Y Auto Wipers

    Hmm yea same here
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    Model Y Auto Wipers

    What software version are you on? I wonder why results vary so much on this... If I leave mine on they never turn off and run on high 95% of the time.
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    Had to reset Eliza today

    Ctrl + Alt + Del... Totally normal and needed once in a while. You are driving a computer on wheels. If it becomes extremely frequent then make a service appointment.
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    Model Y Auto Wipers

    I'm on 2020.36.3 and why do the auto wipers suck so bad? They turn on high with a just a mist in the air and will continue to run on high forever on a dry windshield with not even as much as a sprinkle. Nothing says convenience like having to adjust wiper speed manually every 30 seconds...
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    Suggestions for Cleaning Headliner?

    Has anyone tried cleaning their headliner? What did you use? What do you recommended as far as cleaning solution? I've got the factory dirty fingerprints and a couple light smudges I'd like to clean. It's funny, I didn't notice them on delivery but sat in the back for the first time yesterday...
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    Y Upper A pillar interior trim / seal

    My drivers side A pillar trim has a gap at the top.
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    Driver's side wiper making a thunk noise on the downstroke

    I know what thud sound you are referring too. I noticed it yesterday when it was pouring. For what I can tell, the sound is from the wiper making contact with the black trim piece where it "parks" when not in use. I thought it was "tesla normal" but would be interested in what mobile service...
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    What would you give up?

    Especially bcuz the AC is crap lol... Need to keep us cool somehow!
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    Rattling Noise - Third Party Service

    Check the rear hatch glass. On mine, I noticed a rattling sound coming from the back. I checked a few things and couldn't find the source. But when I went to wash it for the first time, I pushed down on the top right corner of the glass and heard the sound. Now... How to fix it cuz I have no...
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    Waking up the Model Y

    The only issue I had was that the app wouldn't connect to the car at all. I kept getting the network error. I had to toggle the "allow remote access" setting in the car and log back in to the app. Haven't had the problem since.
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    Just took a 30 minute drive to work. No noticeable changes. Although, it only detected about a third of the speed limit signs...and I got a nice hard phantom brake while passing a semi turning in the left lane :) B-E-A-UTIFUL
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    Just got the alert and downloading now.
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    Driver Seat Creaking Sound

    Has anyone noticed a creaking sound from their driver's seat when your body weight shifts? For example, while slowing down or accelerating. It's almost like it's loose in the track or something. Full disclaimer, I am 6'4 200lbs. Wouldn't consider myself overweight.
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    Fish odor in car

    Glad that worked for you.
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    Driver Seatbelts

    My wife said the exact same thing. She complains every time...
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    Fish odor in car

    This stuff is amazing. Took dog urine smell and stain right out of carpet. And not just the surface. It got deep. It's got enzymes which eat the bacteria. I've used it on stains from the kids as well. It's tough but safe and the smell isn't horrible either. It's marketed towards pet odor but it...
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    Autopilot not available issue

    Have you tried to "calibrate" the cameras again? It does it automatically in the first 25 miles or so after delivery, but I believe there is an option under service menu to do it. I'm certainly no expert on the subject but that's what I'd try. It sounds like a calibration issue to me.
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    If you're buying in South Florida...

    Shout out for North Florida... Keith and David in Jacksonville were outstanding. Ask for either of them and you will be happy you did.
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    Random "Service Complete" push notification in app

    I thought someone would say they remotely adjusted some panel gaps...but you're close enough.
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    Random "Service Complete" push notification in app

    I just received a push notification through the app letting me know my MY service is complete and ready for pickup! Would be a great message to receive... If my car was in service and not parked sleeping in my garage Anyone else ever have this happen? The VIN the notification shows is...
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    Model Y condition was without any problems

    I agree... The Jacksonville team (both sales and delivery) were outstanding to work with. Hope the service folks are just ask good (if/when I need them).
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    Dollar Amounts "off" on my account?

    Assuming your loan is arranged through tesla... Have you tried emailing the finance department at [email protected] to see if they can help? Since part of your purchse is financed they should be able to see transactions and/or put you in touch with the right department.
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    First Tesla Buyer Question

    Experiences may vary. For example, my first sales advisor was non-existent. Never replied to anything. I only had a couple post-orsr questions. I was getting mad to the point of almost canceling... I randomly got an email from a different sales advisor saying that he was taking over my account...
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    Model Y A/C issues

    Not to sound dumb... But where is the small back seat button your referring to? I'd love to be able to turn on the back air.
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    Wi-FI Connection issues

    This exact thing was happening to me right when I got notified of a software update. Every time I tried to connect to wifi it did exactly what you described. I thought I was going crazy. I did a power cycle (hold down both scroll wheels) and it hasn't happened since.
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    Please pay off your remaining balance prior to delivery

    I just took delivery over the weekend. Had everything done in my account ahead of time except for final payment of tax/fees. The delivery advisor said to take my time looking over the car (it was inside and unlocked). When I was ready just had to upload bank info. When I was done inspecting I...
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    delivery fees in Florida

    Florida Delivery a couple days ago. Total fees listed on my lending agreement was $455.90 which included registration, government, and stamp tax.
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    Software Version after Delivery

    Delivered yesterday. Factory 2020.11.51 version. Been connected to my wifi since I brought it home. No notice yet.
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    Insurance question

    Don't let insurance coverage lapse. Are you switching insurance providers? If not, then the provider will simply reprice your policy once you notify them of the vehicle change. Monthly Payments will be adjusted for the remainder of the policy period. If you pay in full, you will owe any...
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    Pretty aweful buying experience so far.

    I'm taking delivery of a 339xx on Monday. Build date of 8/6.
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    Florida Delivery Question - Final Payment

    That's perfect. I don't have a problem letting them do ACH, I just didn't want them to have it until I saw the car. Were you able to look inside your X before you paid?

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