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    Can anyone suggest me good body shop in NJ

    I have had good experience with Benner's in Cranford for 2 minor body work repairs. They are also a Tesla certified shop.
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    New Jersey NJ EV Rebate

    mine was approved on 10-5
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    NJ EV Vehicle Rebate Budget Cut

    Here is another data point for those waiting on rebate checks. Applied for my rebate on 9/5, approved early October and just got a email n 12/9 saying checks is being cut. So looking at just over 90 days from application assuming I the check comes within a week or so.
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    Who should buy second Tesla?

    Also have a 3 and a Y coming on 9/8 for my wife. Are you saying if we add the Y to the current account we only get 1,000 miles? I was under the impression that I'd get the 1,000 miles for the referral and also get the other 1,000 for the new car and it would all flow into my current account.
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    August/September VIN Notifications and Deliveries

    Yes hopefully yours is coming too. Seems like they come in batches. I did the test drive and ordered online myself about a week later. Alex was my rep - called me right after the order was placed to attach the car to the Princeton location.
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    August/September VIN Notifications and Deliveries

    Ordered 7/28 - White on White with 20's - just got VIN # today and notice that car finished production and is on the way! VIN is 40500 range. Picking up in Princeton NJ
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    LR AWD Waiting Room

    oops - this is a Y - will need to move this post over.
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    LR AWD Waiting Room

    Ordered 7/28 - White on White with 20's - just got VIN # today and notice that car finished production and is on the way! VIN is 40500 range. Picking up in Princeton NJ
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    We expect your delivery in 3 - 6 weeks (LR AWD)

    same here, got the 3-6 week text today. White on White with 20" wheels/no hitch
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    FS: NJ - 19" Continental Procontact RX - OEM Tires x 2

    I have 2 of the OEM 19" 235/40 Continentals with the acoustic foam inside. 7-8 32"of tread left. Never patched or plugged. $215 for both. These are $250 each from Tire Rack. Local Pickup
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    Anyone using the Seasucker Mini Bomber bike rack on their Model 3?

    I have a mini bomber that I use on occasion, usually when I need to bring 2 bikes (my car is Sept 18 build). Have used it 10-12 times over the last 18 mos. I started to mount the fork to the rear trunklid after SeaSucker put out the advisory and have not had any issues at all - knok on wood...
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    My 5th service appointment concerning my horn not working.

    I have had horn go out twice, both times was the high horn. Mobile service fixed it first time and brought it to the svc center 2nd time.
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    2 OEM 19" Continental Pro Contact RX 235/40 Tires -NJ 7/32"

    These are the OEM tires that come with the 19" wheels for the model 3. I bought these brand new from Tirerack and tires include the the road hazard warranty - I think it is transferable and happy to give a copy of the original receipt with the warranty in case you need it. Had to buy these...
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    Decent Door Dent - What Am I Looking At $$?

    Same here - had very similar dent right on the crease from what I believe was a shopping cart hitting the door. Took it to a Tesla certified body shop and since I had a low deductible of only $100 I ran it through Geico - they billed Geico $1600 for the repair. No increase from Geico on...
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    Store/Service/Delivery Center - Central Jersey - Lawrenceville NJ

    I did drop off first thing in the morning, they told me it should be done late afternoon. Tried calling around 3 and could not get anyone on the line so I Uber'd back over. Was told that the hardware install is a quick process but they tried 3 times to get the software uploaded and it wasn't...
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    Store/Service/Delivery Center - Central Jersey - Lawrenceville NJ

    They did my FSD upgrade last week, wound up leaving it overnight as they said they had an issue getting the software to download. VIN # 97k
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    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    Exact situation here, have an appointment to fix my horn - 2nd time it has gone out, just makes a meep meep road runner sound now. Also requested HW3 upgrade and scheduled for 2/7. Now if I can only get rid of the rattles coming from what sounds like the rear doors....
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    Effect of Acceleration Boost on insurance rates

    I saw another thread about reporting the FSD purchase post purchase and it made me nervous about having it covered if my car were to be totaled. Went onto the Geico app and under the "other" heading put in that I had added FSD software for $3,000. Couple hours later I got a quote from Geico...
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    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Count me in - 8/18 build LR AWD, I am at 11% degradation, max charge is 275 now, 90% at 248.
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    High mileage Model 3's

    About 19,000 in 11 months for me - LR AWD and my 90% charge is only 256 so down about 9%, hope it is just software issue.
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    19in tire replacement?

    Thanks. Will try another shop. Should I be concerned that they now put sealant in the tire - will that soak into the foam and cause issues?
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    19in tire replacement?

    I see a lot of discussion around people replacing the Michelin 18in OEM tires but not much about the 19's. Got a nail in one of my tires, brought it to a local tire repair shop they said it can't be plugged because of the acoustic foam in the tire. Is this true if the nail wasn't in the...
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    Referral Program

    Curious - is there anyplace that tells you when you miles actually expire?
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    Anyone using the Seasucker Mini Bomber bike rack on their Model 3?

    Have had a mini bomber for the past 6 years and have not had significant problems. Love the rack, so easy to take on and off and it is the best solution for me because I don't use the rack that often. Began to use it on the model 3 last fall and mounted it down near the trunk glass with the...
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    Free Supercharging Miles Dissappeared

    Is there any place that shows the exact expiration date of the referral miles? I have a general idea of when they expire but would be nice to know the exact date
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    Should I buy the "full self driving option"?

    NOA is useless in my opinion, it ping pongs in between lanes and just irritates other drivers. For example if you are in the middle lane with 2 cars in front of you it will change to the left lane pass one car then go back to the middle lane and then attempt another lane change to pass the 2nd...
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    $1500 Door Ding / Blend Pearl White Paint On Other Door?

    Agree, I pay a lot for insurance so might as well use it. The low deductibles are so cheap that is doesn't pay to carry a high deductible. Through Geico it is only a few dollars difference between a $500 and $150 deductible. I'd be pretty pissed if I had to spend 1600 out of pocket to fix a...
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    $1500 Door Ding / Blend Pearl White Paint On Other Door?

    I plan to keep the car for a long while so not worried about this. If sold privately it would be an easy explanation especially with the paper work proving that it was a door ding and not anything major.
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    $1500 Door Ding / Blend Pearl White Paint On Other Door?

    Very similar door ding on my car. 1600 to fix through Tesla approved body shop. I had a low deductible so ran it through insurance.
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    Free Supercharger Miles inaccurate deduction

    Opposite for me too. Charged 42kw in NJ which added about 175 or so miles and they only deducted 105 from my free miles.
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    Walkaway lock at home ... I don’t want it

    Exact same situation for me - very annoying that I can’t set it not to lock in my garage.
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    Does your Model 3 sound like a crunching waterbottle?

    So I have read through some other threads on interior rattles and haven't seen what I am experiencing. I am getting a crunch sound, kind of what an empty plastic water bottle would sound like, when I drive over any uneven surfaces or bumps. Almost sounds like it is coming from the pillars in...
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    Supercharger - Farmingdale/Wall Township, NJ

    This is a good location for those in Monmouth County/Central Jersey, if you are traveling back from Atlantic City/Cape May area this is a good stop to top off to make it back home.
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    NJ recommended body shop

    Benners in Cranford fixed a small ding in my chargeport and a gouge on the hood which included painting a good portion of the hood. Came out great, for me it was easy because they are a Geico ARX approved and Tesla approved so was a quick drop off and they have a Enterprise desk on site and...
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    Puddle Lights

    Exact same thing happened to me last night. Shut down as soon as I disconnected the light. When I plugged in the new one the alarm also went off.
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    NY/NJ Waiting Room

    So wound up calling and was able to pick up a day early, went to Springfield Tuesday afternoon and it was empty, just me waiting in the delievery area. Waited a few minutes then signed the paperwork, 15 mins later they brought the car around for inspection. Said I had 72 hours to report any...
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    NY/NJ Waiting Room

    Picking up in Springfield, NJ Wed morning. Was contacted a couple weeks ago by someone in NV about verifying some info, but could not get a delievery date assigned. I kept emailing him and told him today I'd be willing to switch from Red to Blue/White interior AWD and 20 mins later got a call...
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    Bike rack that fits a Model 3?

    Second the Seasucker, you can mount on the trunk lid with the rear wheel on the roof, so you are not lifting up the bike too high and keeps the center of gravity lower and the bike a bit more shielded from the wind. I have had one for past 6 years, it's great, no problems and goes on and off...
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    AWD delivery thread

    I also called the main CS # today, also had a 30 minute wait. June order as well. Explained that I was contacted last week to verify my delievery location and zip code but got no replies to 2 emails asking for some further update. CSR said I should have been assigned a DA and my order should...
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    Strange Delivery Communication...

    I have had no contact at all since configuring 6/27. On Tuesday I got an email from a DA in NV asking me to confirm my zip code so they can select the nearest service center for me to take delievery. I responded back immediately and have heard nothing since. I tried calling and got the google...
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    East Coast Waiting Room - AWD - Non-Performance

    Have to admit seeing everyone get delievery dates and picking up their car is getting me down, feels like it is never going to happen. I reserved 7/2017 and ordered 6/27/18. Red, AWD, EAP, 19's. It's been crickets since 6/27 and have not had an edit button since early July. Finally called...
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    AWD delivery thread

    Lucky you! Exact same configuration here in NJ, I reserved 7/2017, configured 6/27 - still waiting.......
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    Let's talk financing rates

    Also should have added, the original pdf doc that was sent by Allegacy didn't have the rate/term on it, I think they do this by design,I was told of the rate on the phone by the rep. I edited the PDF and added the rate in when sending to LS.
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    Let's talk financing rates

    I used Allegacy to get the rate beat and got 2.19 for 66 mos.
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    Let's talk financing rates

    Well I called and explained that I can't get anything further besides the pre-approval I sent them without moving forward with the other loan which would require getting an MVPA and VIN and at that point I would just go with the credit union. The CSR called the underwriter and explained the...
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    Let's talk financing rates

    I also applied to LightStream and got a near instant approval. Got a better credit union rate and sent them the letter which states all of the terms but is marked as pre-approval and they are giving me a hard time about matching the rate. Been back and forth with them a few times this morning...
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    Store/Service/Delivery Center - Central Jersey - Lawrenceville NJ

    Any progress on the Princeton service center?
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    Fit bike in trunk

    I haven’t tried but looked at one yesterday at the Cherry Hill, NJ service center. I don’t think a road bike will fit without laying the back seats down. I usually pop both wheels off and put the bike in the trunk I don’t think that will work either, the wheel wells come too far into the trunk.

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