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    Tesla App, Cannot Schedule Service Appointment, 404 code

    Thank you for replies. Appears to be WORKING now, scheduled Service Appointment.
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    Tesla App, Cannot Schedule Service Appointment, 404 code

    Tesla app has always worked when requesting Service Appointment. Now when selecting Service, my VIN comes up but GRAYED out then "Request failed with stats code 404" and cannot schedule service. iPhone 12 Max Pro, T-mobile, but using home internet. Troubleshooting steps: logged out and in...
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    FS: 19" Model S Sonic Carbon Slipstream Set - SEA

    keep me updated if/when you can ship.
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    WTB: Model S OEM wheels local FL or Shipped

    GOAL: 19 x8 wheels in gray, carbon or charcoal Do not need TPMS, can use from my existing wheels. Do not want silver. Goal is: 19" OEM wheels: 5 spoke Slipstream Sonic Carbons Can pickup locally in FL up to 150 miles or will pay for shipping. Thank you
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    21” Grey Turbines with almost new continentals $1850

    If willing to ship, let me know.
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    FS: 19" Model S Sonic Carbon Slipstream Set - SEA

    if willing to ship to 33458, let me know. depending on fee, interested.
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    For sale: Tesla Model S wheels and rims

    Where are you located?
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    2013 Audi S7 Prestige low mileage

    STILL available?
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    2015 P85DL, 52k miles, $80k

    Location, glass pano roof?
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    BlackVue in car (front & rear) cam

    I would be interested in Group Buy for BlackVue 650.
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    4 21' Gray Turbines with OEM Contis - SOLD

    Where are you located? How much to ship to 33458?
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    Auto Parallel Parking feature working for anyone?

    Finally got Auto Park to work! Could be sensors have to get "used" to surroundings. I drove around my neighborhood today with normal curbs and just could not get Auto Park to operate. Read this thread and drove to the front of my house...where it "failed" numerous times today by NEVER showing...
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    Vendor The Tire Rack and Axis wheels bring you the new Model MS in 21" !

    doc, TireRack has the 21" Axis on closeout. 1. Does that mean once sold out, no longer offering the Axis MS? 2. Is the Titanium Gunmetal SAME color as OEM. The Axis MS almost looks "lighter" like the original Model S gray. I now have a Midnight Grey Tesla.
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    21" Wheels - used - set of 4 - SOLD

    Pmed. Any issues with bends/cracks. Can you get some close ups?
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    Need advice on how to price.

    I am sure others will weight their opinion here but I believe it is more challenging to sell a Tesla privately esp. with all the CPOs coming around as Tesla buyers are scooping up newer models..I am just as guilty. I sold my 2013 Tesla S60 and thought it would be a breeze...was not. My opinion...
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    Need advice on how to price.

    Not sure what happened tried to reply. If this is repeat post sorry. Look up Tesla CPO: Pre-Owned ModelS | Tesla Motors then this is a GREAT website that you can change columns to see how much other S85s are going for...granted they are also CPO but consolidated: http://ev-cpo.com I think...
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    Backed into at Home Depot - Interested in y'alls input

    You do NOT have to wait for your Tesla service as they do not do bodywork. Call Tesla and asked them for name/number of certified Tesla repair shop and make an appointment for a quote. My understanding is you will have warranty on the repair and if you ever sale, you can show them you went to...
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    Looking at a 2012 P85 tomorrow

    Most private lots do not know much about Tesla in general. I would compare price of this MS to the CPO Tesla website to see if deal is decent. Check CarFax also just in case.
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    Slacker/Tunein not working

    interesting. let us know if that has been causing the whole problem. Hope that swap out is done quick!
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    WANTED: Model X Signature will pay over MSRP

    Model X will be delivered in 2015. in for sale forum
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    Owners putting a higher trim badge on is one thing but this is pretty funny

    That is AWESOME! Gotta be faster with that badge.
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    Vendor Paint Protection Clear Bra for your Tesla!

    Great info...will look into shops here in FL. Thanks
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    Taking the plunge for the 2nd time!!

    I went from 2013 S60 to 2015 P85D. I really cannot tell difference with Air Suspension BUT glad I have it. Rationale for air suspension: 1. remembers if needs to raise at location you program 2. lowers at pre-determined speed for decreased drag 3. or lower/ raise manually I like upgraded...
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    Happy Birthday to me... it's a P90D

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    Triple Test Drive Experience - 85D, P85D, P90DL

    Absolutely AGREE with everything OP stated. Great write up. Imagine going from a S60 to a P85D (like I did)...HUGE difference! I stated in my posts also. NexGen seats feel much more secure. I do like UHFS but aftermarket would most likely be better but I think many Tesla owners just do not...
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    Happy Birthday to me... it's a P90D

    What is difference in "updated" lights?
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    Slacker/Tunein not working

    This get fixed?
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    Consumer Reports gives perfect score to Model S P85D

    Love the fact CR gave this score. I am a subscriber and do like the fact they are non-biased. Others may disagree but hope this just helps the Tesla name moving forward.
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    Man Down!

    Sorry this happened Pete90D! I do not think you would be hiding anything if you did not have to go through insurance. Really depends on the deductible. This is only my opinion: 1. DEFINITELY use Tesla certified Shop for repair. 2. Too variable if reported on CarFax but I would not want to...
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    Slacker/Tunein not working

    I had same issue with Slacker not working today BUT instead was getting error. I called Tesla and they cleared cache and worked fine. 877-798-3752 and listen to prompts. Maybe press #3? Have you tried to go to Apps, Media and select Restore?
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    Navigation/Range Anxiety Glitches on Long Trip

    agreed. Happened to me once from Chicago to Florida and also once IN Florida, kept re-routing me to prior SC. I also believe Nav app has a 20% safety margin, falling below then Nav will tell you to turn around. Just like OP, cancel trip and manually input address for next SC. Hope this does...
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    Range Estimate

    LaTache: That is great you had a good road trip. Do not let an ICE tick you off..in due time there will be a 120kWh battery and more efficiency. At least we KNOW we can do a national road trip if needed and mkjajakumar brought a GREAT POINT up... 2.5 hours but at what GAS cost. Of course...
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    Thanks for the help

    That's great. I would not have made my trip from Chicago to Florida if not for this forum also. Nice.
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    2014 S 60 for sale (only drove it for 6 months)

    Depends on build date for AutoPilot. Started towards end of Sept 2014 and VIN seems to be around P54000 but VIN not as reliable. Could look at driver door sticker for build date.
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    P90D reaction videos... volunteers needed

    LOVE it, keep the videos coming!
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    Range/Route from Milford SC to Naples, FL

    Play with the EVPlanner settings where you can change outside and inside temp, tire size, etc. I have not looked at this yet but may help: Tesla Supercharge Time Calculator - Google Sheets I think you will be pleasantly surprised and also believe there are enough SC on the way. I am almost...
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    Range Estimate

    GNXS: sounds good. There is WPB Tesla sales/service center with SC but about 5 minutes off I95 or Turnpike, whichever way you decide. May need to do good charge at Fort Drum on Turnpike and you should make to Boyton. Hit me up if you need anything.
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    Range Estimate

    definitely get better before that trip. Where you headed to and in which Tesla GNXS? Hiroshiy: how do you like your dash cam?
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    Range/Route from Milford SC to Naples, FL

    Helping out ArtInCT: He is expecting delivery of P90D or P90DL in March 2016. We have all been there, new Tesla and range anxiety. Planned is a route without stopping at every SC. Any other advice will be helpful. Art: be sure to create account at http://www.evtriplanner.com, great info...
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    P90D owners - why no good videos? Aren't you liking your cars?

    Pete90D did quick iPhone video of speedo. Post #37. Sure more will update though. Happy Birthday to me... it's a P90D - Page 4
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    Happy Birthday to me... it's a P90D

    Happy Birthday and that has to be one of the best presents you ever received!! When you went with 21"s...did you have the choice for staggered or not?
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    2014 S 60 for sale (only drove it for 6 months)

    List on cars.com and auto trader.com, craigslist also...just for exposure. My experience was a challenging one. Tesla is a unique car and for a "newbie" to buy one from an individual was the challenge due to main fact Tesla CPO site has compareables that may be slightly more expensive but...
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    Range Estimate

    ArtInCT: saw your other post. So here goes. I did the trip SOLO. The NexGen seats just feel like they envelope and conform better. I would say I have never found the perfect seat position in any car BUT my back never got tired though. This COULD BE attributed to stopping every 1.5 hrs...
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    Week One Observations - Nashville P85D

    ArtInCT: do not want to hijack thread. Will reply on my Range thread.
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    Set (4) GREY, 21" Turbine Wheels, Tires are optional

    Wanted: Tesla 21" Turbine Wheels, GREY, NON-staggered, with TPMS sensors. VIN needs to be above P50900 for TPMS sensors. Prefer whole package with tires but not mandatory to have tires. Consider trading towards my current Tesla 19" Stock wheels, TPMS sensors, Michelin Primacy Sport mxm4...
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    Negotiating on CPO

    Schmidty: that is correct. Tesla has some wiggle room on that 72 hrs and they will do great job at helping you locate another car.
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    Week One Observations - Nashville P85D

    great explanation. I just got back from 26 hr road trip picking up my P85D from my first S60. HUGE difference in the two. My opinion is there is a substantial difference in UHFS versus the Stock. Really enjoy the UHFS. Are you getting the Tesla Wall Connector? Keep us posted.
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    Negotiating on CPO

    EV-CPO is a GREAT website and Hank responds quickly to any questions. Stays up to date and basically summarizes everything VERSUS what I was originally doing...going to Teslas pre-owned page and going through every pre-owned location to see if had Tesla I wanted. EV-CPO sent alerts based on my...
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    Set of 4- 21" Grey Turbine Wheels & Tires - No Longer Available

    Can you post pics of each wheel?

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