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    Phoenix detailing/wraps

    On my MY they painted the calipers. On prior vehicles I've gotten suspensions and tints.
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    Phoenix detailing/wraps

    I drive up from Tucson to get my stuff done at Apex. Awesome work, fair prices.
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    Tires for 20" Inductions

    Has anyone confirmed that 275's, either /40 or /35, address the curb rash issue sufficiently? I could see where 265 might or might not do much, since you're only getting about 5mm more protection and the flex in going around a corner or parallel parking might eat the 5mm up, resulting in...
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    2021 MYP getting flashed by opposing traffic :(

    Turned mine down 3 notches and the flashing stopped.
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    Long distance driving from arizona to Colorado

    Sorry for the late response, just saw this thread. I did pretty much this exact drive 2 weeks ago (from Tucson to Colorado Springs) and last week (from Colorado Springs to Tucson). Here's what I did: Willcox is a good fast SC. It's at a hotel that let's you use their bathrooms. Other...
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    Grid Draw Grossly Wrong

    No. They called and said they can't see anything wrong. It still consistently does the same thing. Right now I have a Solaredge inverter down and will be replaced. After that I'll start pushing on this issue.
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    2 week old 2021 Model Y - SHUT DOWN while driving

    Happened to me in a Ford minivan in the middle of nowhere New Mexico at 1am
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    How long does it take for a newbie to change air filter to fix smelly AC?

    I paid $53 out the door 2 weeks ago in Tucson
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    "Long-term Parking Setting?"

    I'm interested in the answer.
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    SolarEdge Monitoring

    Same. About 1% difference.
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    Arizona Powerwall Installs

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    Arizona Powerwall Installs

    On my purchase agreement from June 2020 it was listed as Taxes after System Price and before being totaled up into Contract Price. I also saw this thread and Tesla removed the charge.
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    What did you own before your Model Y?

    2012 BMW 328i
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    Sense Monitor CT Placement

    Its more about where it's going as a consumption monitor.
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    Sense Monitor CT Placement

    I'm doing this: Moving solar CT to right where solar comes out of the solar panel. I had it in the TEG but that included PW power which confused the Sense. It expects solar to flow only one way. Put house CT on non backup leg. It will only measure consumption. Having it on the incoming...
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    Jeda Hub for Model Y

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    Gen 3 Charger Web Interface Issue

    Not really. You can pick to allow charging from either all vehicles or just Tesla. Mine is in my garage, so not really a setting I'll use.
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    Gen 3 Charger Web Interface Issue

    It's now 1.4.4. Got an access control option now
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    Gen 3 Charger Web Interface Issue

    I got thr same. The part about not being able to configure is new....
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    Updating wall connector firmware without data connection?

    No way that I know of. Maybe hotpot a phone temporarily to get a connection....
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    Wall Connector v3 Firmware Update

    Yep. Same exact thing. I thought it was just my unit. Seems to charge fine though.
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    Model Y PWS install and Boombox, info from Tesla Service Center

    Anybody know where to look for the harness or physical speaker?
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    Model Y PWS install and Boombox, info from Tesla Service Center

    Thanks. Just went to try out my MY Boombox and found its not there. June delivery also.
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    Today is the shortest day of the year... how was your production?

    58.8kW from 16.3kW panel all lying flat in S AZ.
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    Issues with Gateway Metering-Anyone seen this?

    X2. My money's on the CTs. Do you have a remote Neurio, and if so did you verify its turned on?
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    Finally Got Tesla To Add 2nd Solar Edge Inverter

    And layout shows two inverters
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    Finally Got Tesla To Add 2nd Solar Edge Inverter

    Two months after PTO and 4 phone calls they finally put the second inverter on the SE account. What a process. Was told twice it had to be two different accounts at SE. You can see the power jump mid morning.
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    Help, can I do solar without "grid-tie"?

    Great article. Makes you wonder if vehicle to grid as a chance....
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    Help, can I do solar without "grid-tie"?

    Attached is one of the 'saturation maps' where the local power co will deny a grid tie solar in AZ. As it was explained to me if there is too high a percentage of solar in an area the power co adapt their power delivery if sun or clouds suddenly appear.
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    First day solar production(12/5)

    Showing off, S. AZ. 61kWh today.
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    Grid Draw Grossly Wrong

    Called. They escalated to Level 2. Waiting to hear back.
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    Grid Draw Grossly Wrong

    PTO was early Oct. Started doing this after a Tesla service call that found a remote Neuro not turned on.
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    Grid Draw Grossly Wrong

    Good suggestion. Basically one small blip of 0.1 kW.
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    Grid Draw Grossly Wrong

    House always reads 10kWh to 20kWh of grid draw each day even when the house is totally powered by combo of solar and Powerwalls. Pic shows no appreciable grid draw but 11kWh of usage. Mode is self-powered 45% reserve. Any ideas what causes this erroneous data?
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    L2 EV charging only, in handicapped spot?

    Saw same signs in Oak Creek AZ at a hotel. Front desk said it meant either handicap or EV was OK.
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    Supercharger status on nav screen - bugs?

    I have seen that exactly. Also occasionally no status at all from a Supercharger location.
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    Gen 3 Wall Connector 3 red blinks fault code

    Exact same timeline and results. Called Tesla yesterday and they updated the firmware. It now throttles 1A at a time but basically works much better on a 30 min test.
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    Monitoring App Missing Solar kWh?

    I'd give it a full day 12a-12p and see what it says.
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    Monitoring App Missing Solar kWh?

    Any chance the TEG was reset today? I've seen that mess up the days report.
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    New solar inverter not charging battery

    Did you get access to the CT configuration screen or did Tesla do it?
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    How many days after inspection does it take to get invoiced?

    28 days and counting from PTO. Called billing and they said they'll get to it.
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    Tesla App Shows 50% Solar Production vs SolarEdge & Utility

    I have 1.50.2 and can access via a browser.
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    What's the max generation you've seen for a 16.2kWh system at any given time?

    Installed in Oct, max so far is 13.5kW during some lensing. Without that about 12kW.
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    V2grid (Vehicle to Grid) and Tesla

    Exactly. Its a resource that is not being used to its full potential.
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    Speed up PTO?

    Gotta be the squeaky wheel

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