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    PG&E Green Button data no longer available...

    from the Main Account page, there is an item "Energy Use Details" in the middle of the page It shows you daily, monthly, yearly view of Electric and Gas usage. When I got PWs, the Electric charts stopped working. It has now started working again and surprisingly, it shows the data back in the...
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    PG&E Green Button data no longer available...

    wow - my charts just reappeared as well
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    3 months since PTO: Pleasantly surprised by system output vs initial expectations. Pointless nerd stuff inside.

    you have a really steep production curve. do the other houses shade you during morning and late afternoon?
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    Catwalk to rinse off panels?

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    SGIP Survey

    just got this; anyone else? Thank you for participating in the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP). At the request of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), Verdant Associates and Enghouse Interactive (Survox) have been contracted to research SGIP applicants’ experience with...
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    PG&E Green Button data no longer available...

    I have 3 PWs and solar. The electricity usage graph disappeared when I got the PWs, but the green button still works I'm on an EVA-1 plan and I get the 12 page B&W bill
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    Help with understanding PowerWall 2 available energy hours ?

    seems like you guys need more insulation in your homes I have a gas furnace for half my home and heat pump for the other half My house is on a hill and the 2 stories go down rather than up. Top floor is street level and has gas furnace. Lower level is heat pump We set upper at 74 and lower at...
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    Tesla App Question

    yes, looks low. My peak with 11.8 kW system was 6.8 kW and my config is East/West panels What is your panel configuration? I still think it is the CTs. Maybe only half your system is being reported?
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    Tesla App Question

    what about the graph in the Tesla app?
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    Tesla App Question

    this is when my CTs were not installed correctly
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    Tesla App Question

    were there clouds to explain the drops? Otherwise, it has to be CTs. Depending on how they are installed wrong, they could report very choppy production and usage.
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    Tesla App Question

    I have a slightly smaller system (11kW) and produced 43kWh today. What does your solar production curve look like in the app?
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    Tesla App Question

    how big is your system? In any case, the tesla number seems very low. Probably another case of CTs installed incorrectly. Many people have reported that issue
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    Setting Powerwalls to discharge during peak times

    should take hold right away One thing to note is that in Cost Saving, it will try to optimize the cost savings and does some things that I didn't like. For example, on Fridays it will start discharging in Shoulder to get SOC low for Off peak Weekend charging. So I eliminated all shoulder in my...
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    Being moved from PG&E to East Bay Community Energy

    they cannot deliver only green power to you No green traffic cops on the grid if the rates are better go for it
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    Assistance with configuring Powerwall (Advanced Cost Saving Mode) for SDG&E

    I set mine for just peak and off peak, i.e., made off peak go all the way to peak with no grey (shoulder). I did not want my PWs discharging during shoulder time which it will do under some circumstances in cost saving mode. Do you have 4 different rates, i.e., shoulder in addition to super...
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    Help with understanding PowerWall 2 available energy hours ?

    get one of these Sense: Track energy use in real time to make your home more energy efficient.
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    Help with understanding PowerWall 2 available energy hours ?

    I agree, 3kW/h overnight is a lot unless they have electric heat. But what about that spike? That seems equally odd Be good if OP could post pics of the consumption from the App I have a heat pump for half of my house. Unless its less than 45 degrees out, it will spike my consumption to 3 kW...
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    SocalGas & SGIP for 3 PW

    I have 3 PWs with PG&E and I never had to prove 15 kW/h. I received SGIP
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    Tesla app showing zero home consumption after solar upgrade

    I mean has your production gone up from what is was before you added more panels?
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    Tesla app showing zero home consumption after solar upgrade

    that makes sense to me. to the OP, has your solar production gone up?
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    Tesla app showing zero home consumption after solar upgrade

    probably another CT installed wrong issue
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    PG&E Customers with 3 or more PWs: Interconnection NEM2, NEM2-MT, or NEM2-PS

    Odd, I had to upgrade to a 200 amp Breaker when I installed the PWs
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    TEG/PW/PV odd behavior

    what is your peak period set to?
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    Inspection & PTO process when adding additional powerwall(s) & panels

    I added PV and then later added PWs Did not wait for PTO to turn on either
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    FYI - Managing Power during an Outage

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    Need advice on PW storage vs NEM use

    I'm confused too. If he produces less than he consumes, he should never be getting the $.03 credit. It will mostly be credits at Peak if he is using Cost Saving mode. I doubt his annual NEM will be negative
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    what should I make sure happens when batteries get installed?

    why would you be able to power the house from the generator. I'm thinking they are disconnecting your main panel
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    Battery management or CT clamp issue?

    are the CTs Nurios? I had one fail. Installer said he has never seen one fail before. The behavior was the app started reporting strange flows
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    Refrigerator 38F vs 34F

    thats the rate, but not the net amount of heat transferred. The net heat transferred has to equal the net amount of cooling
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    Refrigerator 38F vs 34F

    ok, thanks I was really replying to MSWLogo. I realize that wasn't clear
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    Refrigerator 38F vs 34F

    you don't believe my math? U and A are going to be the same. So the difference in heat loss is proportional to outside temp minus inside temp or (65-38)/(68-34). The heat loss has to be made up by the electricity used. Nothing else in play except if there is a defrost cycle Heat Loss...
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    Refrigerator 38F vs 34F

    It should be proportional to the difference in room temp to refrig temp, i.e.: (65-38)/(65-34) = 1.15 or 15% assuming efficiency is the same for 34 vs 38 degrees. Efficiency loss probably claims the additional 2%
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    Should I go to EV rate plan?

    Lease address is not a factor. We just turned in our i3 from lease. We have EV1-A plan. Overnight charging at ~$.12/kWh is great. You would go to EV2-A. I think the overnight low rate would be beneficial to you if you get another EV, but would want tp do the math.
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    Which is the best PG&E TOU Rate for New Installs

    My average rate was $.20/kWh. Not bad. Combo of shifting with PWs and having an EV plan Actually, $.23/kWWh including the NBCs
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    Which is the best PG&E TOU Rate for New Installs

    I'm on PG&E and have 11.8 PV with 3 PWs. My 12/21 thru 1/20 was: Total grid use = 1064 Exported to Grid = -153 Net = 911 for a charge of $186.11. Additional NBCs of $21.64 I time shift with the PWs, but in the winter I'm very conservative with the reserve. I adjust from 70% to 80% depending on...
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    Storm Watch - what triggers it?

    Storm watch also activates with PG&E PSPS events. Not sure if they get an automated feed from PG&E or they monitor. I would suspect a feed.
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    PG&E Letter - Paired Storage Billing Update

    It would be hard to export PW power to grid with normal configurations with a reasonable reserve set. In winter, I barely make it through Peak from PWs albeit I have my Reserve set high in the winter. In summer, with a much lower Reserve, I cannot always make it through Peak on hot (100+) days...
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    PG&E Letter - Paired Storage Billing Update

    First priority is to power your house with PWs after the sun sets to eliminate drawing grid power at peak rates.
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    PG&E Customers with 3 or more PWs: Interconnection NEM2, NEM2-MT, or NEM2-PS

    That is referring to export from PW to grid is not allowed
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    PG&E Customers with 3 or more PWs: Interconnection NEM2, NEM2-MT, or NEM2-PS

    in Section 2.7, it has my PV system as allowed to export and my PW non-eligible
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    PG&E Customers with 3 or more PWs: Interconnection NEM2, NEM2-MT, or NEM2-PS

    Satisfying the SGIP discharge terms is trivial. You could totally cover that in the summer
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    PG&E Customers with 3 or more PWs: Interconnection NEM2, NEM2-MT, or NEM2-PS

    I signed NEM2MT Agreement as well, but none of the boxes in App I are checked.
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    Interesting battery testing

    What can 6,000 electric vehicles tell us about EV battery health? | Geotab
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    Difference Between App From Grid kWh and Utility Energy Use kWh

    is it a fixed percentage difference?
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    PGE: TOU rate, 4pm to 9pm - good?

    because the rate is very low after 11pm
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    Understanding PGE/SVCE electricity bills/TrueUP

    the NBCs show on my 12 page B&W bill