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    Tesla Wall Connector load sharing protocol

    RS 485 can be used full duplex but it is quite often setup for half duplex operation.
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    Another Funny Ad from the Australien Government - carbon capture and storage

    All about carbon capture and storage... Honest Government Ad | Carbon Capture and Storage
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    UK’s solution for home charging…guess will apply to Teslas there too

    Note that this will be a default setting and users will be able to override it, to force charging within the peak periods. In the UK, there are special tariffs available which offer very cheap rates overnight, balanced by high rates during the day and many EV owners are already taking advantage...
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    Suspension Arm Broke off

    At the end of April, as I was reversing towards my garage and put the car into full lock, the link broke on my 2015 MS. The car is under an extended warranty and I had also mentioned a "click" from the area of the front right suspension, so Tesla replaced fore links on both sides and listed the...
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    Preventive eMMC replacement on MCU1

    When my MCU failed, I made several short journeys over the period of a week or so (while waiting for the SC appointment to replace the MCU) - but I had no control over the lights or climate control. In my car, the indicators did work but not the sunroof - luckily, I had closed it when the MCU...
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    Preventive eMMC replacement on MCU1

    Tesla Owner's Group UK has been discussing the issue of MCU1/eMMC failures with Tesla UK (the rate of eMMC failures in the UK seems to be incredibly high this year). Tesla UK indicated that they were now offering refurbished MCU1s for out of warranty eMMC failures at a price less than that of a...
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    Problem with Wi-Fi connection between Model S and Ubiquiti AP AC Pro Access Point

    Yes - my MS is happy to be in the same subnet as other devices but seems more reliable with it's own SSID. Like you say, that seems to be a WiFi issue.
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    Problem with Wi-Fi connection between Model S and Ubiquiti AP AC Pro Access Point

    I use a cheap TP-Link extender in my garage, to provide connectivitiy for my MS but I found that with this extender or an older no-name extender that the MS could not complete conenctions unless DHCP was handled locally, by the extender. Every other device that I tried (mobile phone, security...
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    Can someone drive your car if unlocked remotely?

    Tesla ought to introduce 2FA and then make it a prerequisite for Tesla online accounts.
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    Can someone drive your car if unlocked remotely?

    After unlocking the car with the mobile app, you would next have to start the car (also from the mobile app) - and the friend has two minutes in which to start driving. I don't think they need your PIN for this - but the mobile app will ask you to confirm your Tesla login credentials.
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    EU Tesla Wall Connector for other EV charging

    The Type2 connector was designed to support 3 phase AC at 16A per phase => each pin is not able to carry 32A. Tesla got around this in the MS and MX by using a non standard pinout for single phase use, with two pairs of pins connected together, sharing the 32 over two pins. With the 32A...
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    Here's how to charge with 32A commando in UK

    With the adaptor for a 13A socket, the UMC will draw 10A but you should look for extension cables rated for 13A, normally designated as "Heavy Duty". I have one of these, from Screwfix: PRO XT 13A 1-GANG UNSWITCHED EXTENSION LEAD 10M Toolstation have this one: Extension Lead 13A 230V It not...
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    Kids in Car

    I have some from these guys: https://www.seatbeltextenderpros.com/ Mine where shipped to the UK from Hungary.
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    EU Tesla Wall Connector for other EV charging

    Yes - the Tesla Wall Connector will charge any car with Type 2 (or CCS) socket. The Tesla UMC can also be used with non-Tesla cars with one caveat: Don't use a Tesla UMC with the 32A Commando adaptor and any non-Tesla car.
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    MCU shut off every morning

    If Tesla replace a dead MCU1 with another MCU1, it will likely be a refurbished used one, with the same small consumer grade eMMC chip. Tesla replaced my MCU1 last August (under warranty) and the replacement is already showing early signs of dying. I reckon a third party eMMC replacement is a...
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    Hit by parking charge at Northampton UK supercharger

    If POPLA doesn't decide in your favour, you can either choose to pay up or tell ParkingEye that you will see them in court. If you have proof that you used the supercharger there, ParkingEye might not want to risk the costs of losing in court, for just one PCN. But IANAL.
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    Need advice on 2016 Model S 90D

    That link gives the VIN as 5YJSA1E22GF147034. Googling that VIN turns up this link TeslaScout- 5YJSA1E22GF147034 - MODEL_S ...with this option code list: $BP00, $ADPX2, $GLFR, $AU01, $DA02, $APD2, $X028, $BTX4, $BS00, $BC0B, $CH05, $CW02, $COUS, $X040, $IDBA, $X027, $DRLH, $AF02, $FG02, $DCF0...
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    Have there been studies on possible health effects of ev's?

    According to the World Health Organisation, in thousands of peer reviewed studies carried out over the last 30 years, exposures below the limits recommended in the ICNIRP (1998) EMF guidelines, covering the full frequency range from 0-300 GHz, do not produce any known adverse health effect.
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    Questions. Moving back to the U.K.

    AIUI, the rollout of superchargers in the UK has been impaired by difficulties in getting wayleaves for electrical supplies, at several proposed supercharger sites. As regards insurance, if you shop around and perhaps try using an insurance broker familiar with LHD cars from Europe, European...
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    Ropey charger install

    When the installation was completed, did you receive a Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate? Electricians who are registered with recognised professional bodies are able to certify their own work but others must use a third party inspector or building control at the local council...
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    Rodent damage

    The marderschutz systems are built into the car, with the wires run along side the car's wiring loom and any pipes or hoses that might get chewed. Normally, this would be in the engine compartment but on a Tesla, I would think in the areas around and under the frunk box.
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    Rodent damage

    When I lived in Germany, I learnt that many folk there have problems with pine martens (Marder) chewing through wiring, pipes and other components on vehicles. I didn't have problems on my own cars but I understand that high voltage repellent systems (like a miniature cattle fence) are...
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    How do I get an Ulez for London?

    I didn't know that - they weren't using them when I had a German registered vehicle a few years ago. Try the contact info on this page (specifically for ULEZ): Contact ULEZ
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    How do I get an Ulez for London?

    That appears to be wrong - you should probably contact TfL, to get the ULEZ status corrected.
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    How do I get an Ulez for London?

    Who is EPC and how are they involved? AFAIK, you should only be dealing with TfL (Transport for London). You setup a personal account with TfL and add your car details to that account. That should handle both ULEZ (vehicles better than Euro6 are exempt) and the Congestion Charge (EVs...
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    How do I get an Ulez for London?

    Yes - you should only need to deal with TFL. Third party companies may offer to make registrations on your behalf but they will charge for this.
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    How do I get an Ulez for London?

    Especially as, for the ULEZ, TFL automatically deduce that your car is electric from the registration and by looking up the DVLA records - they could do the same for the Congestion Charge. They £10 annual registration is just a money making scheme. They also hide the renewal section on the...
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    Tesla charger - any known issues with occasional low supply voltage?

    What worries me is that your electrician(s) seem to be dodging the question of why the voltage at the charging point has dropped so much.
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    How do I get an Ulez for London?

    When I lived in Germany, I brought a German registered Prius to London - I was unaware of the need to register and had not registered the car with TfL. I subsequently received a fine in the post, to my German address - it was even written in German.
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    Preventive eMMC replacement on MCU1

    They could see the real size of the chip, if they went looking for this information but it would not be immediately obvious, if the partitions are the same sizes as before the eMMC replacement.
  31. .jg.

    Preventive eMMC replacement on MCU1

    In Europe, anti-competition rules (Block Exemption) mean that a manufacturer could be in difficult legal territory if they "punished" an owner for having a third party repair. They could argue that non-original components are in some way bad - but they might then have to be able to prove this...
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    Another SC cockup - any suggestions for painless remedy?

    Drive the car a short distance from home and park somewhere sensible. Call Roadside and tell them that it started raining while you were driving - and that the cops stopped you and told you to get the car fixed or recovered.
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    Homelink - but with 2 button gate control

    If you have a non-compatible gate/garage door setup, you can add another receiver that is compatible with Homelink (and your Tesla). It may be best to buy a garage door receiver that comes with it's own fob, so you can program the car. These garage door receivers have relay contacts that open...
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    16A home charging while visiting in France

    Yes - when we used our Schuko setup, it was the all socket that was getting warm, so I just kept the current down.
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    Kids in Car

    We have a child and a dog, so I use a dog hammock on the back seats - this hangs from the backs of the front seats, heads into the footwell and then completely covers the rear seats. I mount the child seat on top. There were already holes for the seat belt anchors but I had to add some more...
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    16A home charging while visiting in France

    I also have a 1st Gen UMC, with the 32A Commando and UK adaptor. I made up a Schuko to 32A Commando cable and used this in conjunction with a heavy duty Schuko extension cable from Germany. (German sockets have springy earth terminals, instead of an earth pin, as in France - but Schuko pugs all...
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    Preventive eMMC replacement on MCU1

    I have read elsewhere a post that suggested updates since 2019.40.x.x may have closed off backdoors/access in the MCU. Does anyone know if there is there any truth to this and if would it have any impact for eMMC replacement?
  38. .jg.

    Browser won't download pages

    The browser on my MCU1/AP1 MS was really unresponsive on almost any website under 2019.32.12.1 but has been much better since it was upgraded to 2019.36.2.1. It was even working with TeslaWaze today.
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    Looped Supply - Home Charge Point Installation

    The electrician who wired my house a couple of years ago told me that he has recently worked on new developments of small houses, where properties each had a total of only 32A. (They weren't looped though).
  40. .jg.

    Looped Supply - Home Charge Point Installation

    Looped means that one house has a cable from the street to their meter but the connection to the meter in next house is run from the same cable, run through the neighbour's property.
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    What to do if you got a puncture?

    I've been using one of these for a while, without any problems.
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    Give me a counter argument to this article. Please!

    For starters, the subtitle: "EVs produce more CO2 than say diesel – it’s just they emit via the power plant not the exhaust pipe" This only works if one makes the utterly daft and erroneous assumption that the extraction, refinement, storage and distribution of diesel (or petrol) is carbon free...
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    What to do if you got a puncture?

    Roadside for the UK can take a while to answer calls and provide assistance - they seem to be a bit overloaded at times. As Roadside doesn't cover a number of non-warranty issues, it may be sensible to have proper breakdown cover (AA, RAC, etc.), so you can get the car recovered to your home or...
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    Can I unplug 12 volt battery for a week?

    Do you mean you intend to disconnect the 12V battery from the car or just that the car won't be plugged into any charger for a week? Disconnecting the 12V is not recommended, except when someone is working on a car. If leaving the car not charged for a week or more, ensure that the main...
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    Preventive eMMC replacement on MCU1

    Leave the original partitioning. The unused space will be used by the chip for wear levelling (it is similar to the way a disk interface remaps bad sectors to unused areas of a disk).
  46. .jg.

    Preventive eMMC replacement on MCU1

    Maybe the size of the firmware build for non-AP cars is smaller. My understanding is that the eMMC failure is caused by a combination of excessive logging and ever larger firmware builds, which fill up the stock eMMC, leaving less empty space for wear levelling.
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    Leaving car untouched for several months

    The only reason I could see for using scheduled charging would be if you get cheaper rates at certain times of the day. Otherwise, I would just let the car decide when to charge, which is what the owner's manual recommends.
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    Refund on CPO Model S in the UK

    Yes - which means he could return the car within 14 days, without demonstrating any fault or reason and Tesla would be obliged to return his deposit.
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    Part ex UK M3. Pathetic.

    You could have a word with Richard Symons - they are on the south coast and have a good reputation for trading in EVs and specifically, Teslas.

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